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Airball 6

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"rise and applause"


this song fong fei fei

is singer reflect 35 years back into when she first time on stage alone - singing to herself then from now

ends with

"rise and applause

my heart even more clear

music sound  links you (and) my love ..."

future to past : she is very humble

Timeless Compassion (3)



Northern Canyon



March 15, 2009



A Message of Good Health



At present. I am writing this and at present, you are reading this; different time but the same present 






And  if you are reading this 10 years from now etc., it is still in the eternal present moment 






And if you are reading this  a hundred years from this present moment… may you look back to this moment and say  

“parle vu fransue?!”

- The Eternal Fire

those words just spontaneously written

if writer had seriously thought about publishing 

likely would not have included in a mainstream book

maybe it future linking back

if today to that day

we tell him

just write it down ...


unlike today

he not have the future to past understanding

like today

we also not have the clarity of ourself looking back  next year

it may not be details

but just guiding the direction


he started 2009

past to future - few will read it 

future to past - leave all behind ; do it full-time

remember telling andrew that if i keep take one step back for every two forward then after three steps only net one step forward

and now the future seems pulling the office back with same old happy feeling ...


and that the clarity we have today

we need to find new ways to link our present with our tomorrow

we may not be linking in from this website or chewpiland in future

but we will need to link it into chewpiland from the future

it goes back the farthest

back to our 2008



"death hunters are really  ego hunters because only the ego fears itself"

- the exorcist/bodyguard 

future to past :



unlike 60's culture

this is 21st century social media culture

people not that fascinated by celebrities

unlike taiwan 1975

where if the real long kong fu walk down street

ladies would faint

today the young may not even care

about taiwan oldies legends

the fans all older

and may not even scream anymore


if they see william su

but they will reminiscence

and it may even awaken memories of yesterday ... 

"if it further universal compassion ...

i will sing this weekend"

- long kong fu 

fans worldwide rise to cheer


future to past :

just write

need not explain the new to old

when the old accept new

the new already old

it a personality things

many who doubt most also believe most


lights rainbow nov 2005

if look back today

we still talking to him

but the other three 

maybe already knew ... ?

and so if that what it is


lisa showed the rotating three lights - stations

with binoculous

she likely know what it is 

be thankful ...

they are friendly and joyful


and it took writer

this long

to say ..

after 10 years

they have taught me the wisdom of emptiness and the three circles


if had to guess

circle of rainbow beings from earth


if high tech want hopi to move to 

expensive box house high in sky

far far away

maybe hopi stay where they be

because they already have the joy

and their universal compassion ... stay where they feel joy

how to anchor PVF into our  matrix ?


maybe 10 years from this day

we know more about the rainbow lights



writer told leroy 

two times

"we sending this from our future "

but didn't  understand  why  ...

just that it had be said ...


that in e.g. 100 years

they all be standing there

using some tech and/or inner focus using this link back

to create the light display

the joy is from future 


we don't know

"just write it "

- writer of next week


three time zones

forward reverse constant

once quantum field usable from three angles

then,  unlike forward one way field 

constant can move in different directions

reverse is then discovered and utilized


they can't be there as outer and/or inner

but can through a medium (third corner)  influence the wave

and/or sound from distant faster than movement of light 


 it like a funny middle circle

the outstanding young people reading this today ... are sending to themselves from their future   ... through this  ...?

time will tell ...


write a message to yourself 

receive message to/from yourself


your own character in airball 15 to airball 5


sheila to sheila

that the one being we can each count on

our own unconditional compassion

to ourself

past to and/or from future


like there be a circle

a large one

full time duty it is to link into this present

what they take as serious

we as weekend game

vice versa

The power of abundance is silent

The Power of Abundance
the longer one waits and observes
the less attached to the over capacity
it simply dual movement of inner / outer mind
it takes money to make money ?
no, but it takes money to lose money
as inner 
if we allow over capacity circle  to hold
what belongs to under capacity
then it a one way flow into over capacity
at no fault of their own
how to strengthen flow of both circles 
so they can all share in the upcoming prosperity that will cover the earth
paradox is that more they create and have confidence 
the more they share
their calling it is to create wealth 
but not to over capacity
how to strengthen the reverse ?
How to deepen the constant ?

corner to this PVF page

is that we simply have to turn around and look at the past


the next beacon may be PVF into hollywood

followed by hollywood into PVF

as this is PVF from chewpiland

shifting from

chewpiland into PVF

the original circle stays with PVF to chewpiland  direction

The power of beauty is empty


in our script

money / death



high tech / massawu


it is the death circle

the dark energy

which preston alone can handle within compassion

regenerating what is otherwise unused energy


machine want one way money flow

another force from another circle won't let it

it wants to rotate it with other circle

padma represents a deeper emptiness

the one which motivated by compassion

reverse flow of empty circle

they remain simply to share it

so as ... can see​

preston really a kid clown but every time writer speaks of him

he able to hunt death​

so that why  the earth protector


death and/or compassion






"death enter life

when body emerge ..."

- humble


"life enter underworld

when it returns"

- preston


"when life is without death

it returns to it"

- reverse i ching (central)



how to strengthen  the middle circle ?

"always in motion, the future is"


" what strengthens past

future also strengthens "

so we in airball 15 will be more firm and/or soft than we in airball 5

wiser and deeper compassion

but it will be this first airball 1-5 

that we will most honor and respect 

and send most compassion

it like we saying

it is we who are watching after  ourselves



another paradox of universal compassion

more universal accountable  - less/lighter the inner burdens

"compassion transforms the personal into impersonal

only the personal caught in binary

yet the personal feels more abundant

because the impersonal shares"

like us today freely sharing with our personal past

we transform them  into deeper compassion

"compassion cannot be defeated "

- notes 2004

if you starting school

​what would you yourself in 20 years tell yourself ?

​maybe ...

"study hard and respect to your teachers..."

if you at reunion looking back 20 years to school 

​what would your present tell your past ?

​maybe ...

"study  hard  and respect your teachers ..."



if view as one team

our past to future at 20 30 40 etc.

then we would know what to do more/less at each beacon and what to save and share with next/previous beacon

then 30 would want to buy a house for 40 to live in etc.

40 would want to look out after 30  past etc.

vice versa

one may be alone but never lonely

this labor day to last year

what we tell ourselves ?

what we tell writer ?

"do nothing

let the storm pass ..."

future to writer 

2017 to 2009


2025 to 2017


- if given choice what to take 

we would  compress  to zero

let it flow back  into into chewpiland

the foundation abundant

but we have to work to receive

to "just get out of the way"

if this agreed

then writer free to go

once the rights are assigned

- PVF beacons

chewpi travel

redondo beach

casa aligato

five star japanese restaurant 

momo an enlightened being

people circles to her

​sometimes the customers speak japanese and simple assume those who speak it like

writer would not understand

they have unique humor outside serious day time


mr tamakoson 

walks in say in japanese ...

"a man eats

it is good ..."

and laughs

while .... (in japanese)

"if  eat like you one is 

then laugh like you one can"

- mrs tamakoson

they both would laugh

and toast each other

the logic may be different

but it the result

"if it works

then it is logical"

- kelly

saying hey you look younger

at first it takes effort

then something funny happens

writer notice with few who also playing game - 

the  new channel opens ...

saying it becomes effortless like yo what up


cheap pizza

"you eat here everyday

what do you like most about our food ...?"

- manager

"everything ..."

- an old customer who use to work nearby but now retired 

"then why do you only order a scoop of ice cream every time ?"

- manager

"well, life is full of paradoxes ..."

- the old man bows

the manager bows ...


model cheap pizza customer #2

"hey you look younger ..."

- customer 

"oh ... i don't feel it etc etc ...

- waitress

"it is the opinions of the customers which matters most  ..."

- customer bows

the waitress bows


if you ... e.g. i don't know (your name)  of 2017

and e.g. i don't know (your name) of 2015

how you get the 2015 to listen ?

when we 20 and we 40 

maybe 40 tells 20 to just hold own anchor

and future will take care itself



in reverse world

top kung fu school is master hu school 

they lose every fight especially against little kids

come last every competition

and because they look tough

they also get people to laugh most when they lose

and run back crying to master hu students 

they all expecting/bragging for certain victory every time

yet they never win

there legend of auguchi , the pitcher god

once met ...

(your name) - the god of hitters

auguchi , as stahdard greeting

bows and apologizes

"i am sorry i will strike you out in three pitches ..."

(your name) also bow and apologizes

"i am sorry i will hit your first pitch out of the park ..."

what happens next ?

(your name here) , the god of umpire

threw them both out for taunting ...

welcome to chewpi league

the hopi book club  from earth

​arriving yesterday 

​this max height of 5'10"

8 feet basket

smaller size ball and humans jump 2-3 inches higher here than on earth

dominic is center

leroy  handles the point   forward

preston / rodney small forward

cass / lewis the shooting guards

chu comes off bench

to defend the top scorer

ronnie james jr 5'7" 160 pounds

ms t's soaring jam over ronnie jr 

knocking ... to the ground

was of the highlight

this is intergalactic final four

​serious business in chewpiland



the hopi book club

one of two earth humans clubs in this tournament

arriving this afternoon

after winning the basketball final four match against the ducks of pleidians

compete in the long distance relays

leads off is lewis ...

followed by casandra and then zigor

while rest of staff gets ready for the main event 

the one where most points counted

- the fong chi contest vs. "the original chicken people " team of carians

the hopi book club brought their first team (certified)

of fong chi all pros 

chu the promotions manager

 triple body returns to/from future

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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past to future to past

gets hotter





before sun sets : light a fire

before fire lit ; find a place

before place is found :  discover the trail



future to past


getting hotter was then


- it not the issue



as inner

so just hold our own anchorthen (now)

which is most important

as outer

that anchor can then link to this future



so if the last fire beacon 3-16 (10-05)

this the end of PVF (1) beacon 9-17 (4-04)

those at PVF (2) beacon , maybe few years away 

directs their attention on  those at PVF (1) beacon

past to future : writer to find funding to sustain next PVF beacon - like generation to next 

future to past : we have it ?

no  ...



here the update on the siege


canyon to fortress has but one descending entrance/exit


the 10000 mayans


if the 5000 ... were to blockade the entrance


and 800 chewpis to enter seven kivas to strengthen fortress with their new supply

and armor

they mayans also under siege ...


with words of counter siege and chewpis

freemonts doubles supply delivered 

and nearby villagers and those not so far

begins to hike toward the gathering place


"the turning of the tide took place

according to the historians

not when the blockade 

but the first desertion of mayans

for their future could give no passion ..."

- the story teller

"if mayans to take over seven kivas

the anasazis can retreat to under cave and out of tunnels miles long only they know

for mayans to exit

they still must go through the blockade 

as outer

the two sides may seem even

stronger will shall prevail

the battle both they know

is in the  inner realm  

and their shamans see far

know the tide has turned

"returning from signing the  peace treaty

the freemonts agreed to mediate 

 the terms agreed to

including not disputing mayan claim to victory and they not to return

the chiefs simply look into each other and knew there honesty ...

that how it was in the old days "

- the story teller

oct 7, 2017

"the peace treaty also led the chiefs to create a defense alliance should the mayans ...

​which they never did ... 

because columbus discovered them "

​- the story teller

they all start to laugh

if there something missing  our future to past
want to say to writer (and/or you)  of today ?​
(your own notes)
what can be changed 
what cannot 
of the past in the present ?
we are still underestimating our ability to change our past
the way our future knows it can influence the under currents of our present
only to those with link to our future
if they miss chance in past
what they can do on their own in their present
how much of it depends on their willingness
the importance is that their future can influence their past to link back in
like the writer
took little time to figure out that the little circle moves of its own
all that  patient and wise and power stuff go out the window
you become a silly little kid inside 
calculation and profit motive not part of their energy link
yet the earth protector may also be very abundant
he asks you be the spoke person 
along with the outstanding team of actors

younger people more optimistic because they have a future and so have to link in

same way the hippies of 60's helped themselves in past from today

if we can do that

then they can also strengthen us in 70's  from their past ?


those in round one of circle hope it continues

those in round ten knows it continues

no matter what we do

so better take care of our future/past 

it may seem we share same outer future

even if different inner intent

but for hopis who assume responsibility for their own future

the future/past also responds 


and it it 75 and past to future over push at 80

then we keep linking in to our future

whether or not our past programming disagree

how to deprogram our past to future over rise ?


step by step

we all can feel that next fire beacon getting warmer

just matter of time before it emerges 



 we can can receive and relay to the previous beacons etc.

to continue the link into e.g. 

1970's beacons etc.

"columbus didn't discover us and  your ancestor is not an ape "

-  future  hopi  beacon 

"  i don't believe it ..."

- city natives today

you can read our offense

but not our defense

“Do I think sign stealing is wrong? No, I don’t. I guess it depends how you do it, but I’ve never thought it’s wrong.

- Red Sox president and GM 

as rep of baseball

you gonna tell kids that ?

future to past : this dude and those of us ever  ...  cheering us

they  wants it here kept

that something made him (her) to misspoke so  .."took a pitch to save baseball "


first team defense catcher

in seattle - he be out of here

future to past

there three teams gathering

a group of musicians ; group of fong chi actors (reverse)  ; and circle of old hippies  (constant)

their passion links in from our future

that why it has continued without needing past to make push ; and the past has made less resistance  (more open minded)

our own army from or own future 

each person strengthen their own link

we all get stronger

chewpis the small army which links into the past

by confronting it  - strengthening the resistance of the hopis

pulled/pushed by the army of future

as we film our reverse movie from the other side

so there be a movie for themselves to link as beacon and one for us to make as a movie for presentation at the  fong chi festival


future to past :

fong chi  cinema  inside e.g. ... disneyland ... ?

if ... it could have be here by now

 but now passion not there  maybe because future gives no more

maybe more important to link into joy than over rising if your business centers/caters to it


it is one ... yet thousands  of third corners synergy


as inner

future to past circle/past to future circle



there is awareness (compassion) ;  the mind (constant) and its dual movements

"the nature of mind is empty"

where there is emptiness ; there is compassion


as inner

traffic jam/no traffic jam


there always three


writer thanks the staff

and the readers

we will look back to this period

and say we under estimated our value

and contribution

we have brought the writing to a point where you no longer need us

and in long run

will thank us more for letting go


the triple body is here

what next ?

like returning from canyon

it'll take some time to look back and understand this journey ...

one is ready for a new journey 

"you only person i need to talk to 

- we started this plan 

so if this six months ago

you say keep writing?"

"yes yes "

"if this 3 months ago

you say enough"

"yes ...

writer bows


"there a retreat

where you can learn ..."

- gyaphel


writer bows ...


"and so it is ..."

smiles does the anasazi chief

"our qualities dictate our destiny"


staff meeting

the year ...



four corners at peace

what happened ...?

people found a win win

a group of new employee team

introducing themselves

along with photo of them at a restaurant 10 years ago

as classmates

they here to perform their fong chi routine ...

to send message back to 2017

when they were in school

goofing around

"we must be more inner silly  than outer serious ..."

Chewpi News Network


"if more women replace top business positions hollywood

standard of ethics elevate ?

they care more about how we are programmed ?

how the content has projected

sometimes solutions may be simple


if this an international market

in a city of diversity and gender equality

something not in balance inner hollywood

it the results

how to exorcise the inner obstacles ?

the inner bitterness which then want share/project

how to counter balance ?

like venice beach

first intent rise to project bitterness

"i am gonna ..." 

 from future and/or past - we clamp it down

"Hello my friend ...!"



nothing was lost bc nothing to lose

one's task done so no care much

it is there to  protect the region

so should be  protected

just had to write what comes

we send them/us compassion

from our/their  future

that the best way to eternal peace


Chewpi Culinary Critic


either writer creating funny japanese and/or it google translation

because some  japanese terms can  fong chi when translated



Anata no tabemono wa Nihon de hijō ni ninki ga arimasu

your food is very popular in japan




Anata no tabemono no aji wa hijō ni yoidesu

your food taste very good in japanese

"domo arigato ..."

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Chewpi Sci Fi


pg - 13



venice beach, ca



the return of the ancient ones


they've built fastest ship ever

faster than light etc.


it traveled up towards the stars

a short times later 
but 42 earth years 


it returns from the stars


the ship captain and staff surprised to see earth


"we went as fast and far west as we could ..."

- leloy smiles


venice beach 70's

if writer is 65 years old

then he was around then ...

where them today ...?

is the point of this documentary in 2017

chewey returns to venice beach 70's

writer in town 2 weeks

looking for a camera person


i am old and maybe someone to help carry my equipment bag


and someone who knows the area to  guide tour a senior citizen from seattle

then  pvf with it ... 


everyday fong chi live

"you look like tyler perry ; i met the gentleman a few times ; he is very elegant and funny"

- mr chu

"oh ... if i only have half his elegance i be funny ..."

- the gentleman wipes away tears of inspiration

"oh ... dont say that. you are very elegant ..."

"thank you madam ..."

- the outstanding gentleman once again wipes away tears of inspiration 

the audience rises to cheer 

wiping away tears of inspiration

"this how trumpiland want the world to see us ..."

- trumpiland resident

- people good vibes whatever moral


two directions
one outer non serious
one contemplative / wrathful
- removing inner obstacles before it ...
so no compromise
"should have been tougher on them before"
but the wait emerged their real intent
we'll do best to keep up pvf
with little help from old friends here
we'll keep removing stagnation of inner 
with little help from our friends here
it is only southern california
now free inner movement
can transform the world 
and every movement stagnated
may only seem waster to past
for the future
it may be more 
future to past :
writer  personal effort a 10
intention 8
so no regrets
we grade ourself and see if yesterday inner  reflects outer quality  today ?
cant cheat ourselves 
life is fair even if we not 
notce from our perception chewpiland the setting  sun ?
and they the rising ...
how to shift perception until chewpiwood/hollywood
find the same constant ?
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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the root of all problem is the fear of being laughed at

and our society not allow it

if 21st century liberated southern ca cannot less fear of being laughed at

then there no courage left in this region

 we too up tight as a society

e.g. saw what seems ... jennifer aniston riding bike along ocean drive

slows down as oncoming traffic

then get honked at behind

writer sends compassion


 "a man in LA has courage

and that be me"

- your name here

wiping away tears of joy

(your photo here)

i thought it be easy to be a  clown

but there jealousy there too

from other clowns 

so maybe it best to chill 


once pvf goes over capacity

party poopers always there be


as a lawyer

i always over humble because it not play into game

and accumulates reverse credit

over humble means you take over blame for everything

apologize when there no reason to apologize



as inner

"like corpse arising after being abandoned from a charnel ground ... signifying a state of total self-abandonment"

-  buddhist yogic text

as outer

"just like yesterday ..."

- modern LA blog

starring ... as
Master Hu

"If one does not have compassion ...

one is patted from the life power

the other sense powers do not function"

- Khunu Lama

clever of the 

this one complex

past to future : be nice and respectful

future to past :

and it usually the other way

that why writer keep retreating

but it gained no distance

the dark side of the force is insignificant compared to the power of compassion

one simply write what comes

the content and the form

trust the feeling not the image


compassion is the best insurance/protection

"an enemy's natiness, though small, is noticed

a friend's kindness, though small, is noticed

 the wise man turn them both to benefit

without any distinction through compassion"

- khunu rinpoche


This marks the consummation of the effort to attain tranquillity. One is at rest, not merely in a small, circumscribed way in regard to matters of detail, but one has also a general resignation in regard to life as a whole, and this confers peace and good fortune in relation to every individual matter.

- i ching

e.g. tao te ching in english

it be like reading the reverse i ching in chinese


"Those whose mindstreams
have been moistened continually
caring deep about compassion -
who could prevent them from going joy to joy ?"
- Khunu Rinpoche
next beacon east
this place writer always return
time here this round destined
so we do our best to help
first to clear the inner obstacles
second to deepen the root
"from the firm root of compassion
the branches of well produced activities
The fruit, the activities of compassion, is amazing
in fufilling the hopes of sentient beings"
- Khunu  Lama

went as far as future and past would advise  and writer agrees it  time to stop and rest 


tonight the last night for this PVF season


we brought the battle to even


how it proceeds is up to you


writer and staff  bow to our readers


 9 - 6 - 17 evening


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