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- 6-17-17















"past to future they playing funny prank hopi and/or silly yogi style 

and so also future to past

present to both etc.

it a clown show beyond the three dimensions

beyond 4 etc.

so why he and/or she serving tacos

that only clowns can understand

that why we very fortunate they still playing with us

they not good at no laughing and can't believe center of comedy be at a distant planet called earth


- this a script for movie

the idea that we all look alike past and/or future

if from view of another planet

so we pretend to be this and/or that

when visit their planet

e.g. table chen

and when they .. we are well known kung fu masters from

they need our help in fighting denser energy beings


because humans are physically stronger 

but lack knowledge of the force

so they must teach it to the visitors from earth small and brave enough to enter the underground cave where entrance to another world awaits  

the gatekeepers must know you know the force before opening the door


then once in that world

they shift into adult body


becoming three times the strength and density of the e.g. 30 pounds hungry ghost

"we so weird we make you all feel normal ...  "

"yes, ...

thank you

but why ?"

"because he makes you feel normal ..."

those beattles look alike friends

in 90's

all feel normal but act more goofy 

they chu's teachers on mischief

after awhile

one learns to act more goofy while still feeling normal

they'll tell you they don't remember

but at least they thinking together


"drill a hole into space 

by making space more dense than the hole"

- ivars whitehorse

he into paradox thinking

"This refers to the involuntary influence of a man's inner being upon persons of kindred spirit. The crane need not show itself on a high hill. It may be quite hidden when it sounds its call; yet its young will hear its not, will recognize it and give answer. Where there is a joyous mood, there a comrade will appear to share a glass of wine. This is the echo awakened in men through spiritual attraction. Whenever a feeling is voiced with truth and frankness, whenever a deed is the clear expression of sentiment, a mysterious and far-reaching influence is exerted. At first it acts on those who are inwardly receptive. But the circle grows larger and larger. The root of all influence lies in one's own inner being: given true and vigorous expression in word and deed, its effect is great. The effect is but the reflection of something that emanates from one's own heart. Any deliberate intention of an effect would only destroy the possibility of producing it. "

- The I Ching

"we are never late , it is you who arrived early, for time is relative for the one who is late but not to the one who arrived too early ..."

if future is better actor for past 

then ivars be a better actor to play john lenon of 90's

than even the old beattle himself

kind of like taylor today

plays a better taylor of her teen years

because she understands from both past/future

that ancient yogi stuff i really not know - how you verify even if they tell you ? if they are as gompa friends seems to imply, then who they are is a small circle already well known in asia - there no new discovery 

how you talk to ancient yogi from nepal ?

NBA basketball

for our script : e.g.  NBA players ; summer basketball league - in the script -  they no how to play , but the ancient yogi / team captain does ; they no know how to trash talk e.g. 20 year old vs. lebron - but the assistant coach does

and the cheap tacos team got some of the loudest cheerleaders and fans

starring ... as the hopi gandhi

in our script : he also voice behind gnarled barkely

and is part native american

that how special this dude is

in our script


chewpi travel


ivars offer to take us

there a place he meditates

phil's father is not bill's father

bill  father is not phil's father

if there inner movement

principal is the principal

if there an outer movement

"i am the war chief "

- ivars whitehorse

maya and mickey the princess

in our script

reverse density is ivars new project

what empowers here is an asian female lawyer taking on top western litigation lawyers in real life

with chu advising behind 

she is my student on this - worked 03-11

i jokingly said once that she - andrew tien  be lawyers of the year in 2017

representing our office -  serving the legal profession - who else has done more than our office ? that person should then be entitle to the award

on the commercial side

people would pay to watch a replay - we'll call it 90's

this no fiction -  she is also behind this editing and has  license to practice law in washington state  - it took courage and a great inspiration

she found the right mentor in john chu ; he there to get mean if they not nice ; she there to get nice if they get mean 

she my teacher on power of humility ; john chu no want to lose in this contest so keep compressing



three circles

"if view from inside contracting universe

the circle which not moving may appear to be expanding

and the one expanding may appear to go other way"  (reverse)

chu schutlze tien and grega

a law firm specializing in entertainment law

with client list that ranges from star musicians to royalties from distance

pg- 13

starring alec baldwin as grega ; maggie as andrew tien and shai woodley as kim schultze 

the place - seattle lake washington waterfront

time period - the 90's

ivars is into reverse density

he wiser than even 20 years ago

and one of first feature clients

daughter maya and her daughter taylor

they start PVF production company called ...

the ivars whitehorse foundation - research and development to strengthen nucleus of all physics

his humor is more native because he hangs out 

"you don't need hold up an umbrella if it not raining 

and if it raining, you don't need to hold up an umbrella if you are inside" - ivars jokes to grandkids on why he doesn't carry an umbrella indoor

they would all laugh

"patience cannot be moved, but the mind can lose patience"

- ivars 

on power of patience 

office staff bow with honor and respect

starring master hu as client master lu 

in our script - andrew tien shifts into actress to imitate maggie cheung ; tony into alec baldwin ; kim into shai woodley and john chu into zhu ren zhang  

dana would be next featured client

she and her sisters starts a new PVF production company called ... the three sisters (stock symbol "QQQ") 

followed by meeting with fishers to discuss formation and business plans behind PVF production company called ... Fisher Exports

office staff bow with honor and respect

the shelley and phil bailey foundation is designed as a PVF first motivation company - the more it profits, the more it loses the profit - so it a for profit intending to lose profit the fun and easy way - that is - by receiving honor and respect

kim and andrew carefully preparing the paperworks with staff while tony discusses details with each clients over the phone and/or in person ; it was happy teamwork

office staff bow with honor and respect

march 9, 2005

first morning back to office

arrive early , wrote down a story already gathering at canyon 

which became chapter one of the book eternal fire

andrew then came in

chatted about  getting lost

tony called chatted 

another day

the lawyer is impersonal

we'll begin another matrix from here

"hey you look younger ..."

"you joking with me ..."

"no, but you can give me more extra fries for same buck ..."

"The inviolability of natural laws rests on this principle of movement along the line of least resistance. Theses laws are not forces external to things but represent the harmony of movement immanent in them. That is why the celestial bodies do not deviate from their orbits and why all events in nature occur with fixed regularity ..."

- the i ching

 that which brings  passion move in line of least resistance

if future look to past like we today look to 50 years ago

they know what which brings passion vs. which has no future

that why ivars and old friends ask us to send message to book readers of 50 years ago this summer -  from where you are - we already won - he wants to record then an old song and a music video to honor those friends here then and there now 

when it comes to cleaning up the deeper dimensions of ancient past

that when ancient yogis at their full value


in our script

given the attention

the old band linked in through "liaisons" as to say cheers/good bye from a circle of old friends

lightening their fire from this end

we thank them and wish them well ...


that rock is also our protector

​vs. deeper reptilian intelligence ...

descrambling it and more

​the human protector

it was a companion to the law office

past to future - it sits there

future to their past

they'll have to enter first the gatekeeper

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what we put into river today future receive and recycles back to us

future to past :

anchor this down :

we cannot prevent robot army 

but there shall be no robot cops and/or jurors

no machine should ever preside over any humans ...

traffic cameras the first beginning of robot cops

unlike humans, they no future to link in ...

on this

we need to deprogram (get out of way) our  past

and link (listen) into our future


we can begin  counter ordinance with limit of few only in each ... just to slow them a bit for the next beacon ...




power of humility


the creator had a friendly debate with humility to see which is more profound. The creator expressed the greatness of the creation, and asked humility to express its wisdom. Humility humbled to the creator, and that was the end of the debate.


power and strength also want to debate with humility. Power and strength first showed their might and asked humility to show its might. Humility humbled to power and strength and easily triumphed. One cannot overpower that which has understood oneself.


The only wish of humility is to understand, or to stand under. As incidental result, it gives and receives nourishment from all that which it has understood.


Next came worldly wisdom, it wanted to debate with humility. It first showed what it has learned in its evolution throughout history, but humility could not hold a straight face and broke down and laughed like a little child. Worldly wisdom then understood the lesson.


Next came descendents of world wisdom – morality, family values, and social rules – they want to learn from humility after hearing the great debates humility has won. Humility humbled to them and became their followers.  Seeing this, the descendants also became the followers of humility.


Hearing this, the unwanted of the society also came to learn from humility. The beggars, dropouts, rejects etc. they quickly humbled themselves to humility, and humility humbled deeply to them. They no longer feel like the unwanted.


The rich and powerful descendants then came for a visit. They glorify humility but could not humble themselves. But humility humbled to them and they felt that their pains have finally been  understood.  Once they open themselves to understanding, they open themselves to humility.


Sickness and poverty also paid visit to humility. They said to humility that they do not want to be the unwanted in the world, that they have no friends and everyone hates them. Humility bowed deeply to them and their pains were released. They finally gained the respect they have longed for.


Then the twins, life and death, came to humility for a visit. They complained to humility that people do not understand the loving bond between themselves. For those who follow life, they avoid death. For those who follow death, they have given up on life. They believe that if people follow humility, people would love them both.


On the last day of humility’s visit in town, love, compassion, wisdom and humor all came for a visit.  Once they were in the room together, no one had the discipline to hold a straight face and they all broke down laughing like little kids.  "


- notes  

now we have private 747 charted jet to asia


writer home eating burrito alone - all this time



this websites start out as prank to my friends 

so if they want imagine we at shasta partying with beatlles - that our party

so anyone can create own website for free on and play along own ship and staff


if it helps passion'll link in  

the crowd rise to cheer the top acting award

those know but don't know

help us by knowing they two different actors


how many 50 years ago believed then

they likely believe it now 

last publish 6 days ago

did it seem meaningful future to past ?

like your future next week wanting your present this week to link to last week etc. 

 your present want to link to your future next saturday

maybe we each have a game plan from the future

just matter how well past can receive 

we don't know

but this is the (4th) segment of this new style

publish on weekend likely sat - if it overflows ,  maybe into sun - but that be  working OT

 i am old

"we just had a vision of ourselves 50 years in the future  ..."

- the beattles

but no one would believe them and started laughing at them like crazy

write what comes

future to past  theme is

- the binary robots (buxins) 

humans geting less perfect than machines and all the new standards and rules

like we no want every act monitored if we reading books as  adults in seattle

- pacific northwest has a culture 

that deeply rooted in its native link

- warriors protect the integrity of the culture

the joy which keeps the fire burning

because they have feeling / a calling to serve /protect humans





kung fu movie script

planet chewpiland

kingdom in decline

under mounting invasion from north

this world of power and magic, it not about the numbers

the dark lord power has grown beyond ...

the queen and her three daughters and the rebel army

battle the witch dimension they can, but the powerful beasts of the physical dimension ... like herds of lions which no weapon can ...

there elders they seek  help

a wise sage named old man zhu and wife old lady zhu

but the clan disappear centuries ago to a distant planet called earth

quietly accumulated the earth power 

they be  three times stronger  if  at  chewpiland

would it surprise you that abel is 

Akedashi Kohomiru

the 19th century sumo grandmaster




if wearing full  armor

someone 100 pounds can easily outmuscle wrestle a 200 pound lion -

"just tackle back legs"

- lewis

that inner kung fu

it an inner movement yet require strength which is real 

"we may live inside rock house

think we in a rock house

but still not feel it

vice versa


"if inside constant

there no ground to stand over

e.g. inside hopis kiva

energy emerges of its own


if rising from constant

but believe it the constant

the constant appears retreating

getting smaller"


if compressing from constant

but believe itself the constant

the constant seems expanding"

the point is

if we are not using all three circles

even a rock will melt

and vice versa"

- master hu

discussions with ancient yogis

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he an universal treasure

as inner

the constant of the constant

last of the mohicans and one of  few within a small circle willing to share with us

two wisdoms :

 taoist reverse chi  and/or

the tibetan vajra body

the vajra anchors it down

but it the humility which spins the reverse

 pride is very fake because humility too deep

his own description seem be :

body/mind anchors within a point which also anchor other worlds

it like those friends in high school

already graduated but returned 

they here "just to help ..."

inside the main shrine of gompa

there photos of the revered lamas of past on the wall

- there always just drawings of humble rinpoche

as though they still among us

with these retired celebrities meditating to them as gurus etc.

- in our script


- future to past

the wave sent from us  is pg - 13 

do not allow any past inner guilt/shame to enter

that false programming and of no use to future

and that the end of  R racism

- chu office

master hu said it the outstanding african americans that have most enlightened per capita  because there less restriction of inner placed upon themselves

writer always believe their humor skills  very evolved - they very happy when gathered and joking among themselves




 the taiwanese  americans gathering  - they just sit and act asian when people walk past

the two cultures can't bridge because they no understand each other humor 

some months ago

evan and circle friends hanging out after work sat night

there this outstanding african american lady ...  she cracking all these jokes got chubby all laughing etc.

then few months ago, she starts working at ...

and she act walk now just like a ordinary outstanding female caucasian american

in our script


starring ... as jerry

in the 90's 

monday night book reading club

that where she met ...


the idea that actor married to another actor as actors with actors as guests is ancient culture 

the idea creative talented performer re create their act with a new act is also ancient stage culture

they here to entertain and share fun

so we watching also have fun and share fun

so those watching us from future also ...

we one circle vs. the future/past

as inner

artificial intelligence 26th century may give us same respect we give to old useless machines of yesterday

and vice versa

it is linked to it the same we are linked to our ancients the same our ancients is linked to it

"with honor and respect"

- francis aveuir

18th century


- 21st century

"imagine a projector using three rotating round crystals to create a 3d dreamlike experience ...

at core, it is all empty"

- thubten gyaphal

(maybe no fear sr the source and others merely "representations" - bridge of the energy )

- but that not our script

in our script

he simply preston the unwanted native clown


chewpi travel



"cooking burrito tonight "

- mickey text 


- chu text back

"nice very nice "

- mickey 


imagine preston as the very old man

chu acts as fire clan trickster 

dominic as chewey 

lewis as andrew

three fong chi circle

there a circle who know and/or circle who know but don't know ; and circle who don't know but pretend they know

- they dance opposite of other circle

 circle who think they know but pretend don't know

- they dance one direction

and the rest (constant)

if they see old bowl as constant too long

then  what it contains cannot be let go

the deeper awareness people may see plunger as the reverse and toilet as the constant


how to anchor and use the middle triangle


how to strengthen support for the reverse ? 


"getting dealt these cards

if in the reverse world

the gambler would act very humble ...


can they maintain the same composure if this the forward world ?" 

"four aces but we in the reverse world ?"

it the fong chi contest

contestant randomly draws a card

and these professional actors have play the silly roles as seriously as their job duty requires

"our heavenly sabre for your fisher plunger ..."

- ermei clan  


"no thanks

but we are flattered ..."

- fisher exports

this a fantasy kung fu script based on characters from jing yong novels

the five ancient grandmasters

of kung fu world

they meet every 10 years mount hua

northern beggar 

eastern eccentric 

western poison 

southern king 

center clown kid 

lao wang tong (center clown) has an older kung fu brother who is retired

and whose kung fu is above and rivals that of the old shaolin monk 

and in our script

they continue to live in 21st century as ordinary ...

do i look like the eastern eccentric to you ?

this ongoing legendary kung fu novel script :

earth inner is chewpiland outer

chewpiland inner earth outer

both dimensions out of balance seeking help from both sides

- chewpi inc., with offices in both worlds, is their link

but the lone branch office on earth down down to two staff in a siege

and those with knowledge of force scattered

yet the mission team sent away to train new talents in the trinary potentials of the force and help bring balance back to the triple world universe

the chewpi big foot women

is a group of  women

with super normal powers hunting demons crossing into human dimension

they eat this spinach from distant planet earth that turn them into big foot three times stronger and quantum force shield so dense  no weapon/force can more dense ...  - yet light/warm as black alcapa jacket

so elastic it stretch three times bigger/smaller

day time they work for law office 

pg - 13

contains fighting scenes with big foot

parental discretion is advised

there a character called

"the fake guru"

that what he calls himself and walk and talk like a fake guru

he tells you that he is fake if you think he a guru and a guru if you think he fake

coming from wherever survey says a fake guru is most expected from

there nothing about him as a guru that is not fake 

the fake guru

chu and disciples bow with honor and respect

Vajrayana sometimes refers to a fourth body called the svābhāvikakāya (Tibetan: ངོ་བོ་ཉིད་ཀྱི་སྐུ, Wylie: ngo bo nyid kyi sku) "essential body", and to a fifth body, called the mahāsūkhakāya (Wylie: bde ba chen po'i sku, "great bliss body"). The svābhāvikakāya is simply the unity or non-separateness of the three kayas.

Trikaya - Wikipedia

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and the defense of the chewpi inc.  earth office is down to four lawyers and the old staff

others at chewpiland hunting earth's inner demons





"what inner kung fu clan and formation can a small office from earth  create to defeat us ...?! ha ha ha !"

- imperial dragon clan at chewpiland all laugh

"on the outer - people wear different attire to a gathering

on the inner - the gathering of the death hunters"

- the story teller bows with honor and respect ..


the triple body


it like three sisters reunion

three circles in harmony

clowning rising and/or reverse

making three bodies a triple body

same yet different

and maybe for ...

that too many circles to divide 

so calls it just one circle

and others outside calls it the fourth (compassion body)

fifth (PVF body) etc.

in our script -


in chewpiland

the chewpiland kung fu movie world is same as that of earth's kung fu movie world

outer is real when inner is not

and vice versa

that their inner inter linked  can influence/help each other

the more they help the more inter linked

and vice versa

so lawyers in chewpiland are the protectors of earth

staff from  working on earth are also the  protectors of chewpiland etc.

only  lawyers are licensed to physically fight the opponent lawyers 


with weight class and female divisions etc.  - top lawyers of each division

everything goes through the inner office


we/they cover our ground

 we be fine


chewpiland outer world is protected by two branch offices on a distant planet called earth

north/south gate

if manut bol is same height as lebron, who wins ?

long pause ...

"lebron ..."

wow , athletic

if manut bol is same size as chu ..."

in our script

the more different outer world converging in density is , the stronger the three circles unite

the chewpiland sisters 

three human circles

there human re-evolved from below earth (lazy bisons)

there humans who re-evolved from above sky

(the flying chickens)

chewpiland the other circle

"only the earth beings can rival the density and strength of these beasts and no man can destroy the female beasts "

-  the fairies queen

"yet few can withstand the spell of the imperial dragon witch, until that is, the descrambler was created by the chewpi inc. team of engineers - it creates an invisible force shield which sees and guards against other density levels - everything of other dimension must first go through office matrix"

- chewpi inc. chief engineer cassandra 

- starring emily and jason as the engineers

make this very clear

when writer has spiritual question

he goes to andrew

but when it comes to lawyer

he can't sit on my seat yet

when it comes to exorcism, mickey the deeper

but add on the lawyer strength as helper ...

when master hu and pastor shen visit our office

they smile first at andrew

because they there not for law

there another candidate for southern monk king

with humble being the eastern eccentric

he a client and a monk from southeast asia

saw look alike when amchi at bodh gaya introduced "he very high" - look little like the king in his 40's

last saw him 10 years ago

but likely still here


"if a chicken flies over you and calls you a fool,

am you going to cry all day just because you are super sensitive ? ... i think not ...! "


wiping away tears

some birds 

alpine swift

can stay in air 200 days without touching ground

eating and drinking and sleeping

chickens only three seconds in air

gravity as inner take on different meaning

same outer density

different middle and/or inner ?

the point is :

it may not be our outer which limits us more  ...

we should go now to the chewpi inc. office while chu and johnson staff fight them  demons - there they cannot get past the guardians

in the script

law offices are like kung fu clan  protectors of dark world - dragon inc has theirs lawyers , chewpi inc. has their own

they have code of honor 

and mutual respect

for those agents gone wild

they share codes and help de activate their power

here, bring this letter to the chu office , they will help you  fight the lawyers of  mr smith and staff

future to past

beacons lit from everywhere

sending compassion​

needing past beacons to receive as far back as ...

the further past they can receive

more we must encourage them from future

one beacon at a time

one month to next

one year to next

we can cover the 90's from here

to cover 80's

we will first need to strengthen our link to our 90's

 - deprogram the buxins

how to strengthen our present perception of our reverse in 90's



 (your name) was a star taiwan oldies singer (your weekend gig)  in the 90's

the more 2007 can receive from 2017 is what 2017 can receive from 2037 etc.

too much humor/too little humor

fong chi

The Hopi Clowns Matrix

"when spaniards first arrived

hopis told earth flat - but they not believe

later when ... arrived

hopis told  humans evolved from apes 

but  hopis not believe"

- the story teller

the trickster gate

you have to out talk the trickster gate keeper to enter the trickster world 

chang shan fong ...?!

never heard ..."



"well then, have you heard of


william su ?"

- looking all  confident

"yes , i am only human

but  you are not william su ..."

- smiles and sips tea ...

Wa Ga Li Gong


"za mo ...

ni ga wa rau"


- "woman 

you and I hot "

was another taiwan romantic oldies of wa ga li gong band

we didn't get far ; but it was fun 

"the sun may not shine forever

but za mo ni ga wa hot

the rivers may not flow forever

but za mo ..."

Chewpi Comedy

phil has a real CEO presence and still does ...

his money presence over shadows his comedy presence ...

his comedy over shadow his compassion ...

long pause

where the drum roll ?

(drum finally rolls ; crowd all then laugh)

continues does the actor

reading script

"phil is so funny he can sometimes makes us feel intimidated by his humor ..."

drum roll ; crowd rises to cheer ; looking business like inspired 

(crowd here are certified fong chi masters paid for this event)

starring frank as the comedian and ... as the real long kong fu and ... as karlie

one will say this

our office protect the queen in the dark world

they have to get past us first before they can even get to the gate keeper

"too many cross dimensional visitors ... so even if OT and you got plans for vegas ... the real death hunters get to work  "

dark world

chewpi inc. 

the queen shape shift

as a tiger inside hidden  jungle

the sorceress can summon and command animals as scouts and protectors

we move in circle of three with another circle ready to link in "

-  chu office morning coffee circle

1850 b.c.


"if it not ground floor

the more the forward think they evolved from apes

the more the apes  in reverse world begin to also believe that they were once human ..." 

- the story teller

The Legendary Kung Fu Novel

pg - 13

from future to past

"we do the same"

just for our script

chewpi legal

what if they all actors   ...  ?

we don't know

but if feels like many do


u penn basketball

pete jones puts body on the point guard forcing dribble right ; chu waits step behind to the right ;  wager and costello converge as safeties



這將是所有外國文化模仿的中心矩陣 。




“Zhè bùshì qiǎohé, jiùshì dàole 1975 nián de zhōng xiǎoxíng wénhuà, zhè jiāng shì suǒyǒu wàiguó wénhuà mófǎng de zhōngxīn jǔzhèn .


Suǒyǐ wǒ dūncù nǐ jiéchū de niánqīng rén chéngwéi wǒmen táiwān rén zuì hǎo de bǎngyàng!

for it be to no coincidence that it is to taiwan 1975 zhong xiao  culture which will be the center matrix for all foreign cultures to imitate .

So i urge you outstanding young people to  be the best role models we taiwan people can be  ... !"

- google translation

"cheers ! cheers !"

 those attending majestic ceremony   all rise to cheer 

"if so 

we yet to concede round 6"

- chu office staff rise to cheer

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