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NOTES 2017

The Triple World



"The war has ended successfully, victory is won ... but it is important that inferior people should not come into power. If they have helped, let them be paid off with money, but they should not be awarded ... the privileges of rulers, lest power be abused."

- the i ching

future to past : venice beach july 2011 a beacon

 when old man try to scream down at young and/or women and know he wrong but instead screams harder 

if they get away with abuse the patterns repeats hollywood next generaton

so the rated R ... stops here/then with us

there three others "celebrities" there and video

if you also feel it must be told ...





further notes from conversations with the trusted Hopi friend (first mesa, Hopi reservation)


“… when time and place is right… it’ll appear…”

“yea, if one accumulates enough inner personal power, the shift occurs naturally…”


one of chewey’s first visits to Hopiland, overlooking the vast open desert from high mesa cliffs of ancient village  Walpi, near sunset:


extending two arms out to the sky and earth,


“…you see… this is freedom…”

“this (liberating force) is what I meant by  power of compassion…”

- writer

(pause) “…remember this moment…”

​- notes


Oct. 2017
- hidden lake cafe
"i had the passion then but was few steps ahead of the time
now, they keep pace
but one is without the passion"
- writer of 2005
"maybe if you write it down
it'll come back ..."
- carolyne 2005
aka sophie 2017



personal power


personal power is not possessed personally and has no identifiable origins. It emerges only upon one opening to the unknown. 


personal power is what holds our world together. Because we are shaped by the mold of our generation and our history as human, we are mostly living the story of others, and not fully aware of the real personal power that holds our life together. Like a dream, our personal power makes the dream possible, but the content is subject to stories of many influences. 


Without personal power, we are subject to the false programming of what we called real world. We cannot escape the limitations imposed because we do not allow real personal power to enter to re-shape and transform our world.


There is relative personal power and absolute personal power. Relative personal power is the personal power we need to survive in our relative world. It is the struggle within ourselves between what we are and what we are told we are, or between what is real and what is false; between our original self and the world structured by the collective mind.


Most are drained of their relative personal power by the conditions of everyday life, such that they have become virtual energy machines feeding the parasites of the society by time they become so called adults. Success or no success of worldly gains, they have little inner freedom and the freedom they call such is but convenient way of deceiving themselves to live the remainder of their life subject to the false structure. 


They are made of fear, most deeply the fear of death, which is but another disguise of the parasitic false programming to keep itself feeding on the body and mind. One holds dearly to an illusory sense of inner and outer personal possessions that one has accumulated throughout one’s personal history. Once one loses one’s personal power, trying to reason by oneself or through another’s help does not eliminate the real underlying cause of the fear.


Without the fear, one’s concept of the world and its meanings transforms instantly. with relative personal power abundant within, one learns to live life fully.


The more one attempts, no matter how diligently, to overcome the fear once one’s personal power is drained, the more one deceives oneself and merely creates another deceptive form of fear to make living more convenient.


One truly overcomes the fear not by dealing directly with the structure of the fear, but by allowing the unknown to enter to transform the fear. Fear cannot be resolved with the same intelligence that formed it.


Personal power is not a concept nor is it something to be taken from the holographic like world. It is within oneself and the reservoir is so dormant that most do not have any awareness of its existence. It may be awakened from something on the so called outside, such as a place, event, symbol, or a person, but its real source is beyond our understanding and is not really attributed to the images. But if we attach images to personal power, that image or object may hold a part of the power.


With accumulation of relative personal power, one has a chance of gaining freedom and/or attain one’s will or desire in this relative world. Only with sufficient personal power is one truly protected from the sufferings of this relative world.


Relative personal power can be accumulated and gathered through diligence and patience. It is rooted in earth, the source of our relative existence, although its real source is unknown.


Absolute personal power is most sacred and cannot be described with words or obtained through any actions, images or rituals. It is passed effortlessly in deep silence.


Relative personal power is in part marked by self-sufficiency and a sense of fulfillment. absolute personal power is in part marked by a deep silence and/or crazy joy.

- notes 4-28-04



the reverse world movie


 past to future :

what is this ?

it takes money to make movie 

 future to past :

the longer we wait

the stronger the current

they may even want to pay you  ...

if future link is strong

we need not compromise with past

it may never reach theaters

- not one's call

but chewpiland future will all be watching

we looking only those feeling the calling

not just little passion

but they no want to lose this

for the table is now clear

the creative "moves with the time"

a shift of perception can change everything


personal power (2)


personal power, which is inexhaustible, lies beyond the construct of this world, yet it is the force which holds our world together. 


most lives the relative personal power which makes up the human history, or human story, and is therefore subject to the limitations. Few learns the way of the real personal power.


Relative personal power comes from the personal power which created this relative world. If one succeeds in tapping it, one learns to master the forces of this relative and temporal world and thereby attains a sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction. But this is merely convenience in living this world, not real knowledge or wisdom.


Relative personal power can both benefit and harm, depending on the intention of one utilizing, if one has learned its ways. For those intending compassion, relative personal power gives compassion; for those acting in love, it gives love; those acting in joy, it gives joy; for those acting from confused state, relative personal power merely reflects and enhances the intentions set forth.


It can be said that justice is whatever happens to a person, because it is merely a reflection of qualities of one’s intentions. By the time one makes a movement of actions or words etc, there already precedes the action numberless influences which in a sense makes one unable to make a choice in any other direction. All the influences which lead up to any action are rooted in the qualities of one’s intentions. 


If one intends from state of compassion, the numberless influences which stream from that intention will eventually lead to a movement within this holographic universe of a similar quality of experience. Two people may experience the same action, but if intentions are different, the qualities of the experience and also the direction where that same action is taking that person will vary significantly.


Real personal power lies outside space and time and is really not applicable for those who wishes merely to live a life of relative comfort and approval. To experience real freedom, real personal power is indispensable.


Real personal power has no center, and so therefore cannot be located or identified. It is like a bottomless chasm. It has no direct relationship to the holographic world, so any images within this relative world is but a poor representation of real personal power. 


It is personal yet it is also universal. it is equally accessible to all. The largest and most clever being or object will not necessarily possess more real personal power than the smallest being in the universe. Size is a mere illusion of our senses and is of no significance to real power. 


It cannot be possessed physically or psychologically. Therefore, anyone thinking they know or have real power do not. Anyone talking about it do not know either, including the writer himself.

- notes



 the codes/ the energy

 the constant



"... the constant juxtaposition to be observed ... of inner, mental states and external actions and events, of subjective and objective experiences. From this also arise the frequent comparisons between ability and position, form and content, outer adornment and inner worth"

- the i ching




the mischievous grandkid trickster snuck into grandmother’s house and stole the book of medicine power. He ran out of house as fast he could so he could bring the secret book to his trickster classmates.


numerous grandmothers caught the grandkid trickster stealing the book and pursuit him. Because grandkid trickster was clever, he was able to avoid the pursuit with his trickster power taught to him by the grandfathers. All this time, the grandfathers gathered on the side laughing uncontrollably.


By the time grandmothers caught up, the entire class had read the book and everyone was delighted. The grandmothers came in yelling that the book is a secret book from the ancestors and they have been sworn to protect its secrecy and not pass it on to anyone. Grandmothers asked which kid stole it.


All the kids responded in most innocent and mischievous tone: “not me, he did it”; “don’t look at me, she stole it”; “oh no, I am just a simple kid, it was him!”; “who me? No way, she read it”; “me? what book? I don’t know anything”


Grandmother picked up the book from the ground and scorn them one more time and turned around to go home. 


As they head home, one can hear the giggles coming from the grandmothers, along with the loud laughter of the grandfathers and the delights of the ancestors.


This has been the way the secret medicine power has passed down from generation to generation in this world. 



"it is ok ..."

our future to/from our past

the lens of compassion

because we have all once been young and literate

maybe we suppose to help

but they ahead of time


maybe by the time we realized it

we were behind the time


so maybe when we make future decisions

we may look at it from third side 

- ahead of time


there be a point where tide turns

and when we see the rising sun

we already behind the time

resource belongs to the past

passion from future

nothing can change the behavior of humans faster than future longevity



personal power (3)


not that personal power requires one to be obliging to fellow sentient beings, but the heart is the gateway to personal power and the depth of its openness dictates the expanse of the personal power. If one does not deeply care about anything, then heart is not open and personal power cannot flow either. It does not mean one needs to love humanity, but there must be something or someone in the world that one loves far more than oneself - this is the compassion and openness needed for personal power.


the potential of one’s compassion determines the potential of one’s personal power. If one’s compassion is five feet deep, then one’s wisdom and personal power can only go that far - trying to get any further would only make things confusing and counterproductive. This is why some people can make strides so quickly with so little effort and instruction, while others may work for an entire lifetime within the best of environment, and get very little or even harm themselves. If one works within bounds of one’s compassion, one is safe. This is why the additional warning of not striving past what is natural and to only take what belongs to oneself.


if one builds genuine compassion - which is not necessarily how nice one is to others, but how lack in self-importance one is, which naturally makes one kind to oneself - then personal power will naturally grow and develop. With personal power, the capacity of one expands and thereby the natural abundance of life expands.


Personal power, wisdom and compassion are therefore interdependent. But compassion holds the key and is the parent of the first two virtues. 


The universe flows in the direction of compassion, not self-importance. 


Some with great compassion may not choose to walk the path of personal power or take the time to learn wisdom, but they are always surrounded and protected by great personal power and great wisdom, so long they walk the path of compassion.


like the temperature, so long one is under freezing temperature, the ice cannot melt and one is restricted. The deeper the compassion, the higher the temperature - anything which falls within melts and merges with everything; becomes easy and fluid and warm. Gets too hot, it turns into vapor and is even softer and steamier - joy.


Once one holds sufficient personal power, then the realization or insight or shift in perception will arrive naturally - like ice melting upon reaching certain temperature. One therefore has the personal power to hold such piece of the universe. 


To solve any problem, one simply needs to have a level of personal power that exceeds the energies of the problem. Or one simply needs to have total compassion for the situation. Both ways allows the unknown to enter to initiate transformation.


If one truly has the capacity to hold personal power, it cannot be taken away. Without actual capacity, it can be drained - like a mountain person losing power upon entering the city. 


If one truly has capacity, then real personal power shared is real personal power expanded; just as love, compassion and joy shared is such qualities doubled. 

"retype notes ; send to our past as reinforcement"


if one builds genuine compassion - which is not necessarily how nice one  is to others, but how lack in self-importance one is, which naturally makes one kind to oneself (your name here) - then personal power will naturally grow and develop. With personal power, the capacity of (your name here) expands and thereby the natural abundance of life expands.

- (your name here)






it could be said that prior to the creation of forms, we are pure light, which is personal power at source, and pure awareness, which is real intelligence. It is the light which creates the world we experience, and it is the awareness which makes the light meaningful.


The forms our senses experience is govern by the root pattern of our physical universe/space and time. It is merely one of the perhaps infinite number of worlds the light has created. It is sustained by a certain personal power which  governs the operation of this world. This personal power is subject to the greater personal powers closer to the light.


This personal power can perhaps be called the root patterns of this world. It is the rule maker of this world and all which has less personal power than it must subject themselves to its rules. 


This personal power is not the source of our suffering. Rather, it is the protector and nurturer of our awareness. It protects and nurtures us from the incomprehensible worlds that is outside of our awareness. It makes the world we live in meaningful and comprehensible. It allows us to make sense of the world we experience, even if it is just a relative understanding. If we can live in harmony with this personal power, then we are at harmony with nature and our universe. 


The suffering we experience comes from the programming of human history, which is the social rules that makes up a false social center within us. This false programming disconnects us from the personal power of this world and instead drains our personal power in order to sustain itself. Without our personal power, this artificial power has no other means to sustain itself and must collapse. It is the root of social duties, fear of death and desire. Without them, one connects with the personal power which governs this world.



something is at the beginning

 before there a name

something is at the end

after there a name





having sufficient personal power is like having sufficient light to properly see one’s surroundings. Once one has the power to sustain the patterns that surrounds oneself, then the pattern in a sense breaks, and/or no longer has the ability to influence one, and/or becomes one’s ally, and/or is transformed by the power.


personal power is both quantity and quality. One may have massive power at a very low frequency – those who lack compassion. or with great power at high frequency – such as the dalai lama. Low frequency power can only affect low frequency patterns – it may help one attain power over others and over material things, but it does not allow one to touch a deeper and more meaningful power, which requires compassion.    


Depth of compassion dictates the depth of quality of power. Beyond a certain point of depth, powers do not compete and do not take from one another, but adds to one another. This is the power which is centered in compassion, not in one’s desire or needs. it is the power of compassion.


This power of compassion is not accumulated through gaining, but through receiving. One cannot seek it, but it comes as effortlessly as air entering one’s body. 


It is far more powerful than any conventional powers that exist in this world. Yet it is so subtle that its effects are quite and often without anyone’s notice.


It does not attack, but defends. no higher power will attack it, only lower powers seeking to gain more power. If it is attacked by lower power, it merely absorbs the energy and become even greater in quantity, or it effortlessly reflects the energy back to the source of attack. It freely shares its power with others who has the capacity to understand it. 


If it comes across suffering, it effortlessly absorbs the energy of that suffering and expands in power, while the one suffers becomes connected to this compassion and elevate in frequency. it is a win win situation for both. 


One here does not take on the suffering of other, as many suffering pains of others like to claim – this is not compassion, but merely one gaining sensitivity over another’s pain. This actually hurts oneself and the other – a lose lose situation. One here may have good intentions, but lacks in power of compassion, which implies self-importance.


One with great power of compassion is well liked and people feel safe in his/her presence. One who has this does not intimidate like those with conventional power, but makes the surrounding feel at ease.  Needless to say, one with this power does not compete with anyone, yet the power allows creation of accomplishments that are fulfilling.


Its movement is receptive but its fruition is effortless giving. The receptive allows the unknown to enter and expand on the power and unceasingly elevating the frequency and transforms those energy of lower frequency. At the same time, it becomes so over-abundant in compassion that it wants to share the overflow of compassion/power with others, and thus the effortless giving of power/compassion to others. 

"do not be seduced into believing in the existence of what does not exist"

- longchen ranjam

compare this

situation to writer vs circle surround seeking to whatever for personal gains

past to future

nothing to lose and they having fun

future to past :

it is only when the value plunge that ...  

the time to fix it is in the past

there a circle

maybe they call themselves a name like a company etc.


which side stronger outer wins past

which side stronger inner will win in future

"despite the lack of will

the mayan proclaims over rising strong

but  to those aware

they know the tide has turned

they can feel it ...  "

- the story teller

"when ... enough personal power ...

pattern naturally breaks "


"returning from signing the  peace treaty

the freemonts agreed to mediate 

 the terms agreed to

including not disputing mayan claim to victory and they not to return

the chiefs simply look into each other and knew there honesty ...

that how it was in the old days "

- the story teller

oct 7, 2017





the source of our personal power lies in the unshakeable ground, the indestructible foundation. This unshakeable ground is groundless and impersonal, yet extends to the personal and provides a firm foundation for the individual. It is analogous to a bottomless chasm, with power that is inexhaustible.  


The body conventionally experienced is merely a concept, a sensation. The more gross one’s experience, the more one is attached to the bodily sensations we call emotions. The deeper the experience of the body, the deeper the experience of emotions, and thereby purer the sensation, which also implies free and unrestricted movement of emotions/sensations – our natural biological state. 


At a certain depth, feeling is sensed by the depth of the body - emotions supported by love. one’s senses, thoughts, feelings function from same source.  Here, being fully an individual, the impersonal unshakeable ground opens consciously and one absorbs the power as it deepens its connection to the one - the depth of connection only limited by the depth of one’s compassion.


Once one has accumulated sufficient real power, then those parts of the unnatural structure of lower power naturally breaks and the next layer effortlessly emerges. Eventually, one’s sensations, feelings and thinking are no longer subject to limitations placed by the false structure. Here, suffering in the conventional sense ceases and one enters fully into the world of love, the fifth world. one is no longer a slave to restrictive emotions - therefore opening to the unknown and its limitless possibilities.

death hunters move the circle counter

allowing other circles to link in

money circle cannot take its credits 

unless death circle open its door to it

otherwise it a one way flow into emptiness

why would under world recognize over credits from the upper world ?

and vice versa

unless there is a middle currency



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