New matrix (12)

1850 bc


once veil lifted

the primordial ground appears

"Now that the features of the ground and path

Have been correctly comprehended,

The ultimate result will come :

The kayas and primordial wisdom"

- Jigme Lingpa


At this point, aside from that, the phenomena or appearances of sambhogakaya do not exist externally from the viewpoint of those who are to be tamed. This is the time of solitary dharmakaya

- longchenpa

it is here that adventitious stains are naturally cleansed away"

- treasury of precious qualities

next stop (1)



the final chapter


we be grateful if someone can show us the way back home base

"to go only when bidden - this is clarity"

- i ching


at first we thought we would return to old body/place - like waking up from dream

or  if we had passed on from old world

the continuity with it be no more 

but this is something different ?

"you may see them again"


new world emerging

"your body be similar but different

you keep the memories"\

"dont need eat sleep"

"After I have entered extinction, ... At that time I will be a buddha in another land and will be known by a different name."

- buddha


"this a transfer station"

"your consciousness transferred"

into a new body/place

- bison

"you like particles in space"

they taking you to a place

- glen

"this place you alone

it gives you chance to be independent

you no need to work for others"

- la lady

a bridge then another bridge then you there

we getting close


so there a future ...

where this present body is no more 

but a new body of another kind replaces it ?

we dissolved into sambogakaya and not even knew

it just simulation which replicates our old world

looks somewhat same but feels different

but this be a new body/place 

so the transition may be different ?



like taking the virtual reality goggle off

then you back at the source

don't think in terms of /sequence time 

 it just a simulation

it been that way since you started writing

once back

can enter any point within the past

what that place is like  can deal with it when get there

- mei


the lens of compassion

in this consciousness, we see no suffering​

it a choice we can make vs. getting pulled by memory we see

"Total pure perception is the unique preserve of Buddhas, who never experience anything as impure ... impure perception has no effect on the actual purity of the mind's nature ...

As long as one is apt to apprehend suffering, suffering appears"

- treasury of precious qualities

without the "i am the body" thought as base, there is pure vision


in dream/vision

the outer world we see is subconscious

dharmadatu (6d) becomes the primary (inner) body ; the 3/4/5d secondary body

- as inner experience


we already landed ground/dharmadatu

just looking for home​


the difference is that place is permanent and so is your refuge

this place will just disappear

- bison



if you do not waver from the natural state

all qualities of the refined sense powers are gained

settled in the dharmakaya ... good thought, bad thoughts ... therefore there is no need for antidote

in the expanse of awareness - and this is a great wonder - they (defilements) collapse all by themselves"

- jigme lingpa

"one comes ... to the primordial ground as it truly is. Thus one attains the level of the result : the kayas ... and the primordial wisdoms"

- treasury of precious qualities

"there not much going on there ; you wont want to stay long"



once the primordial ground is reached

 the kayas ready to appear

"go where we can see clear

and then advise ?​​

​we then go where that future directs

and clear out this past from that future

​​... yes there is a solution

- future to past"

march 2020

new matrix (8)


"to go only when bidden - this is clarity"

- i ching


maybe it this past week we entered new/natural state ?

writing points to something new



"Although those with special affiliation may actually be able to go there through their karmic connection, nevertheless it is not a physical place that we can actually find. We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there."

- the dalai lama on shambhalla


dream of entrance  of cedar mesa

it not this cedar mesa (canyons)

but feeling of a sacred place similar

very excited  but didnt yet enter

return to find mic 



so once source is reached the city of the spontaneous kayas appear


like the dreams (of the city)  you been having

- bison



"...  the everlasting kingdom of the primordial ground ... passing swiftly beyond suffering into the city of the three spontaneously kayas, which are supreme peace"

- treasury of precious qualities


write back once in awhile to let us know you are fine

- la lady


we are fine ; at a (inner) peaceful place

waiting to enter the next stop




like waking from dream 

will forget this place as time goes

- bison

there is no body here not even our body

just consciousness/empty luminosity


difference with that world is this body is based on qualities (dharmakaya) and the old body basis is energy and/or physical body

the qualities of dharmadatu  is substratum of the appearance (body/world)  we see here

there not an energy body underlying the physical appearance

there is energy/luminosity but it not the ground

there are inner movements/thoughts but it not the base

eventually the qualities melts/over takes the energy body/appearance/world

then appearance and ground qualities are inseparable 

polarities - body/space - not polar because they are of  the same quality


"there four kinds of samboagakaya"

simplify it

it a deepening of compassion



inner vs. outer luminosity

the three kayas of inner luminosity are considered to be part of dharmakaya ...

outwardly radiating luminosity re but the display of the creative power of inner luminosity ...

the importance of distinguishing the sambogakya and nirmanakaya of inner luminosity from sambogakya and nirmanakaya of outwardly  radiating luminosity (the rupakaya)"

- treasury of precious


reaching the ground/wuchi


"when the fundamental nature of the ground  of the natural great perfection has been established, and when its extraordinary path, characterized by a total absence of deliberate action and effort, has been understood, one comes, through training, to the primordial ground as it truly is"

- treasury precious qualities 



it is self purifying

"it is here that adventitious stains are naturally cleansed away"

clear the root. the rest (outer luminosity) takes care itself

in vision - the illusion/appearances (apprehended objects) are from another illusion /appearance (apprehending mind) - inner body


"the link that joins the apprehended object to the apprehending mind is severed"

- jigme lingpa

five sensory vs. non sensory world

"this world is five sensory

that one is not"

- mei

4 Audio Track

it a apparitions world (since canyons)

so even your family is something else

- bison


time moves here differently than old world

saying good bye the most difficult part of journey

above song "distant love" 遥远寄相思 not just romantic love but reminisce  of those  distant/far away in time/space



i feel you are very close

you may need go somewhere to making crossing

this one may need a key (a door)

it useful to have a guide

people past may have passed

but this place is unique/moves in circle

you never know if they appear to you again

- calvin



"you dont need a guide

you are from there

the buddhas of many now surround you as spirit guides ; you have learned/gained their qualities​​

you will return to this place

but if first best to drop off (the adventitious body) there

quantum is the word to describe that world

your body there is very light

almost without form

- teresa


you here to create a bridge

not for yourself because you don't need a bridge to get back

- patty

my task is complete upon writings here

after that, may take a journey

alone and/or with friends

- john

that's right, your task is complete

and you can use a break

- patty


third body and/or compassion


binary/two body people focus their time either on outer (walking eating) or inner (talking  ; watching tv)

trinary/three body people have one extra body to focus on and it can become their primary

so they may spend much time doing things binary people dont do - e.g. just sitting there


so long third body is strong

the inner (energy body) will endure

with inner there can always be an outer


"for the one who has realized "i am not the body" death and suffering do not exist...

if this is uprooted everything goes with it ... then pure awareness (third body)  alone remains "

- ramana maharshi


since the the line is not attracted by the ... it is free to follow the one above with undivided allegiance"

- i ching​

since the line is not  attracted by the artificial light, we are free to follow the natural light



when we return

teresa and michael putting on a seminar

maybe sedona

subject/title is...

there is a world created by the natural light

there is a worlds created by the artificial light

the world created by natural light is not of five element

the two worlds coexist here and now

think quantum

- michael


this not dharmakaya

this not not dharmakaya

it something new writer learned off the web



the 5 mega watt club/hotto club

they same way we believe everything main stream media says

"yes, we believe it ..."


it may be bit not easy to believe the front row ladies would rush stage after william sing the song "women you me hot" ? ...

now ...

imagine them to be 20 years younger ...


wow ... we believe it ...

- hotto club


so from 2005 world view - we entered another world at cedar mesa

yet they cant find the body 

you simply disappeared

- mei

you were born but yet to die

the hardest was that door you went through ; the rest is easy

- hu

you walked through portal into this world

the body was not left behind

- teresa


we entered world of compassion 3d/6d 

just as our 04 notes says 

the five element flesh/3d 2005 is no more

the body 3d/6d here is new but based on the old inner movement 6d/4d 

our inner world continues - so it not death to our inner 4d/6d ; nothing moved/changed 4d/6d

same memory 

the 3d body/world was replaced by 3d/6d body/place 

it was done so subtle ... the 4d didnt know

the 5d felt the shift



by reaching 7d others 4d shifts more easily to 6d - everyone shifts one up

- 04 notes

the ultimate medicine

- the outer is the past ripened 

the inner is the present past

"all impure samsaric phenomena are the display, or subjective experience, of the ordinary mind ... all the phenomena of nirvana, the buddhafields, etc. are the display or self experience of primordial wisdom ...
they are not different, for both are grounded in the principle of dependent arising

- treasury of precious qualities


- all within the field of waves
"Everything is a wave "

- particles is a condensed wave

"the electron is also a wave

...  electron wave typically has a very short wavelength. Thus we cannot resolve the up and down motion of the electron wave unless our measuring device is very precise."


- they can now measure particles as waves

With quantum theory, we find a beautiful unification: instead of there being two fundamental entities (particles and waves), there is only one fundamental entity: waves. All objects are waves, though in some approximations this wave might look like a moving ball; i.e. a particle.

-  online

- waves are fundamentally empty

without waves of false inner body 

there no inner body to be found, even if one looks for it
"once the emptiness of all phenomena has been realized, no impurity is found, even if one searches for it"

- treasury of precious qualities



inner three dimensional body seems more real than inner 2 dimensional thought 

inner body is "the universal ground"

the ordinary mind

it arise because "it failed to sink back"



self subsiding of extremes/polars

the two dimensional thought not get confused as second floor appearance 


"Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that world.

He was on his horse in that world, and the horse and himself on it and the trees and the grass and the stones and everything were made of spirit, and nothing was hard, and everything seemed to float.

- online


dharmakaya vs. the ordinary mind body



talking with ex-neighbor steve

he was on one side of wall

i was on one side of a different wall

there a 3 feet space between two walls

we talking through a crack/opening


like the wall is the veil between two worlds

the space between is gateway

"you probably not want to stay in that space too long"

- bison


walking down below ground parking lot driveway spiral

then all of sudden it turned all dark

i kept walking but there nothing but dark

hoping to see a light but it kept/stayed totally dark (not darker, but pure dark)

wasn't yet scared but felt anxious

then woke up


the insight upon waking was clear -

this world we see is made of light in contrast to dark

even our body is made of it

once the light vanishes

the world returns to dark space

- natural state ?

then from there a world may appear 


the deepening of compassion

likely we already inside the pure darkness

 the dark sea of compassion

mic is our guide

the invisible light which appears as our body/place to keep comfort

our mind is without a body

surrounded by a ball of light within pure darkness

called compassion


if you enter the black hole without anchor/basis you will be lost

so this inside black hole ?

was it august ?


not august, but recently you entered

- bison



you are deeper into the vision

this place is timeless ; there really no time

people not really age etc.

there still  more to go ; the path may be zig zag

so far you have stayed on course

if you fell off, may have to start vision over

you may see light at end of tunnel

you may need to do something different

seek out/meet that wise person etc.

there a destination 

we known each other since ancient time

- glen


another possibility -

that the vision exits us not us exit it

whoever/whatever creating vision is all equal within dharmakaya

maybe you playing chess with (vision maker)

- glen

that a feeling from within that there part of us not subject to the vision

but need first to get anchored within dharmakaya

dharmakaya is dharmakaya no matter which vision where we are


i think you are almost there 

(anchored into dharmakaya)

- glen


if you reach destination and return here ; this vision may be different

- glen


that world we see is malleable 

the vision can simply renew /change/start over etc.

so we dont have to "accept it" as unchangeable fact

"This foundation or ground for the arising (of outwardly radiating luminosity) is called the peaceful dharmakaya, the body of peaceful ultimate reality"

- treasury of precious qualities


1850 bc does/can not exist in our future because it is beyond three time (past/present/future)

so no future



dissolution of phenomena into natural state​

"Then they all dissolve into the Natural State... our physical body also dissolves because it is just one manifestation of our impure karmic vision. "

- Lopon Tenzin Namdak

the dark ocean of compassion


"you will anticipate it

it happens instantly (the shift into it)

but the process (of preparing) takes awhile

- bison


it all dark energy

then likely we wont want stay too long


they say world made of energy/matter

but this dream says it made of light/dark contrast

energy/matter is same wave/luminosity differentiated

"luminosity = energy/matter"


union of emptiness and luminosity/appearance is how dharmadatu is described

"the union of luminosity and emptiness” when they describe mind. That is the subjective side of the whole thing. On the objective side, when we talk about our percep­tion of the world, it is described as “the union of emptiness and appearance.”

- online

there a light/luminosity but it not seen

until it appears/seen as light form

(rainbow body)


don't let inner 2d thoughts become inner 3d - keep it off first base


"... practitioner who have realize the unborn nature, no matter how the unceasing creative power moves within the space like nature (of awareness), it is just as if one were drawing something on water, it immediately vanishes back into the water"

"for even though the display of appearance occurs unceasingly just as before ordinary, solidly appearing thoughts are no more"

- treasury of precious qualities

if see inner 3d  as outer 3d  

then we see only what is not there /illusion

if you fail to recognize the nature of these appearance and if one clings to them, one does not see what is really there, namely, the ultimate reality, an instead there appear uninterruptedly  what is not there : the illusory phenomena of samsara

- treasury


see vision as vision

"... awareness whatever arise sinks back into the unborn nature ... practitioners never take the activities of body, speech and mind as really existing, no matter how they appear. They overpower them with awareness"

- treasury of precious qualities

sambogakya/nirmanakaya of inner luminosity (the dharmakaya)


sambogakya/nirmanakaya of outwardly radiating luminosity (the rupakaya)"



follow the path

path is zig zag - glen

say if you  follow chewey's path night lost

then even if it seems zig zag

and night is long cold and dark

the trail takes you to the place of that fire

so it same idea with this writing

we searching for that ultimate anchor


we feel closer each step/day

because it is already there in our future


quantum world has no limit

no population no size no distance no measurement 

like humor

there no reason not to share it


there may even be a certain date we look back and say it the starting point

when you think that date be ?

months/years later 

or "at an hour you do not expect ?"


the moment wee exit this vision = moment we return to that space

so there no hurry

we not just passing through to go somewhere

e.g. go to pureland after death etc.

we here to create bridge

to/from this world to/from that world to from their world



i feel you are on a circular journey and it will return again to beginning/where you started

- bison shaman



glen also spoke of  "do you think you are on a different planet ?"​


write back once in awhile to let us know you are fine

- 8-2-21

we are fine

deeper/more peaceful place

edge of the gate of new world

- 5-7-22

"all the impure elements (earth, water and so on) both outer and inner, are spontaneously cleansed. And the level at which phenomena are exhausted in ultimate reality is reached"

- treasury of precious qualities​​


all impure/artificial phenomena come from the inner false body

if we can keep all inner body from getting on first base

then all such phenomena which created by it subsides/exhausted into ultimate reality

without giving it fuel, it not natural phenomena and cannot persist

1. first gain awareness of natural ground

- this many have done

reach inner luminosity

2. discriminative wisdom - see clearly the inner body as inner movement in its entirety

- dont get pulled by the root inner body/world ; "separate out the separable"

we continue to progress at good pace

so that is encouraging 

that natural and perpetual radiance is the ultimate medicinethat natural light is not of five elements and so the sambogakaya/nirmanakaya which come of that light is also same

the vision path is unique to this kind of rainbow body
- so it link to tibetan culture

​like it filtering out the adventitious
a door made of light - once inside, there is no time relative to other worlds

Living rainbow body of great transference-2.jpg

like a ship taking us from a to b
it the  creation of "the primordial wisdom"/visionary light / the spontaneous presence which takes us from that (five sensory) to the ground/home base (non sensory)

then the ultimate kayas/pure vision appear
- the 1850 bc ancient world
the world of joy

then "you shall be released from the burdens of your past"

- fortune cookie


return to innocence

anything that created can be dissolved

that is inner form

we dont need it


the light of this awareness is the ultimate medicine

the sambogakaya is the luminosity we call compassion 

the natural light which spontaneously present cannot be dissolved/created 

the source of this outer luminosity - clear light - is the inner sambogakaya/ luminosity - that looks like black hole from outer luminosity

 it the director we can find no trace


the mind which realized the dharmadatu is dharmakaya

it like kid immigrating taiwan to tacoma

the part of his mind which realize the american culture is american


luminosity/appearance of dharmakaya

inside the inner luminosity we call source of compassion/dharmadatu

there the real sambogakaya/real nirmanakaya is within it

but they are the dharmakaya - they same

then from the three kayas of inner luminosity

the rupakaya is present as outer luminosity/energy and/or form


it first light/samboagakaya then form

form (particles) only as real as its foundation (wave)

the outer luminosity (samogakaya) is but reflection of inner luminosity/dharmakaya

the outer light is root ; outer form the tree

inner light/seed is dharmakaya

from outer luminosity

only 10th level bumis can see the (inner) sambogakaya"


the deepening of compassion

they are energy/form within compassion

the world outer  is but a shadow of that inner world

- the inner sanctum/dharmadatu

so it maybe what scientist call dark energy/matter ?


the mind that knows the dharmadatu is the dharmakaya - which there are deepening levels


consciousness energy and/or space

"all impure samsaric phenomena are the display, or subjective experience, of the ordinary mind ... all the phenomena of nirvana, the buddhafields, etc. are the display or self experience of primordial wisdom ...
they are not different, for both are grounded in the principle of dependent arising

- treasury of precious qualities

space and energy are neutral

the quality of consciousness reflected in the outer luminosity

that quality has deepening levels

the ultimate medicine is a quality


rainbow body


for those who gain a stable proficiency in primordially pure, space- like awareness, external appearances, the material objects of perception - which are understood to be like the reflection of the moon on water - subside. T1



and that car may become a balloon

but you wouldnt remember it

- preston


bison shaman explains the how :

"it like you looking in the rear view mirror and make a small adjustment"

- bison



the world we see is shadow of the real

/reflection of the water

car in mirror vs. car
moon in mirror vs. moon


once water/mirror is no more

the moon cannot be seen but is still there

nirmanakaya   is described as the "reflection of the moon in water" (mirror)  and once the water/mirror is no more/removed - the moon is not seen

but the moon is still there within sambogakaya/energy world


in the  world of inner luminosity

where the real car/moon is

that car/moon is but a luminous pattern

"Dharmadhatu is the basic environment of all phenomena, whether they belong to samsara or nirvana. It encompasses whatever appears and exists, including the worlds and all beings."

tulku urgyen rinpoche


what changes in the real world is reflected in the mirror

the mountain within the mirror only changes when the real mountain - an energetic pattern/configuration - moves


if simply change slide

the mountain in movie can move

"it like you looking in the rear view mirror and make a small adjustment"

- bison



our physical and energy body is an outer luminosity -  mirror reflection of the appearance/energy of inner luminosity

like the moon in mirror

that moon is not real/an illusion

it all particles in motion

the one who knows/realize the inner luminosity body/dharmakaya has the rainbow body

that rainbow body is within the inner luminosity world

that realization is the ultimate medicine

it is a quality and not something to be seen 

it has different levels and is purifying

"and even the infinitesimal particles of the four elements of which their bodies are composed are purified by the fires of wisdom"


the more see this as not real the closer is the real

- hu​

the more see inner body as just inner

the closer the inner luminosity body/dharmakaya



"3 of the 6 hopi book club members feel they are sexy

after spraying on "hotto"

4 of the six feel sexy

which one  ?

likely preston took us into this vision 

nothing within this vision, at least past 4 years, is real once we exit

they didnt happen

yet we take the memory / insight with us - like a dream

the ones before that is different


they all say that it a time thing

there a certain date/point inside vision we to exit the vision /enter the new realm 

the future knows the last period it was here/remember of this


but it not take us back to 2018 or even 2005 etc.

but a new realm

from (a) to (b)

the a/b vision clears out that which cannot be inside circle b - like how dream body cannot be in physical realm

once we reach b

the inner body of circle a has vanished like a dream we just woke from


two rainbow bodies - one rainbow light

the energy which comes of this synergy is the ultimate medicine


"you took me into this vision in 2018?"

- writer

"yes, "

- mr chee


a bridge then another bridge - "this the second bridge (upcoming) ; it a time thing"

- mr chee

"it a time thing ; no need guide to open it "

- bison shaman


the body (dissolved) - there is not a body frozen out there

how it was done is something beyond (understanding)"

- bison shaman

that what it felt like 2018

"do you think ... you are particles floating in space"

- glen

we entered parallel world 2002/05

we vanished from the parallel world/entered into particles/vision world  2018

now we to enter into luminosity world/dhardadatu 2022


we were born from that world - so was always a nirmanakaya but simply didnt consciously know it

"you were born rainbow light"

- bison we only need to remember/reawaken our memories of the rainbow body

we dont need to attain it again


once we know the old body is no more and this place just a vision/apparitions 

we are free to let go of the past burdens

- they all not here anymore

keep going don't look back