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New matrix (12)

1850 bc


once veil lifted

the primordial ground appears

"Now that the features of the ground and path

Have been correctly comprehended,

The ultimate result will come :

The kayas and primordial wisdom"

- Jigme Lingpa


At this point, aside from that, the phenomena or appearances of sambhogakaya do not exist externally from the viewpoint of those who are to be tamed. This is the time of solitary dharmakaya

- longchenpa

it is here that adventitious stains are naturally cleansed away"

- treasury of precious qualities

next stop (1)



the final chapter


we be grateful if someone can show us the way back home base

"to go only when bidden - this is clarity"

- i ching


at first we thought we would return to old body/place - like waking up from dream

or  if we had passed on from old world

the continuity with it be no more 

but this is something different ?

"you may see them again"


new world emerging

"your body be similar but different

you keep the memories"\

"dont need eat sleep"

"After I have entered extinction, ... At that time I will be a buddha in another land and will be known by a different name."

- buddha


"this a transfer station"

"your consciousness transferred"

into a new body/place

- bison

"you like particles in space"

they taking you to a place

- glen

"this place you alone

it gives you chance to be independent

you no need to work for others"

- la lady

a bridge then another bridge then you there

we getting close


so there a future ...

where this present body is no more 

but a new body of another kind replaces it ?

we dissolved into sambogakaya and not even knew

it just simulation which replicates our old world

looks somewhat same but feels different

but this be a new body/place 

so the transition may be different ?



like taking the virtual reality goggle off

then you back at the source

don't think in terms of /sequence time 

 it just a simulation

it been that way since you started writing

once back

can enter any point within the past

what that place is like  can deal with it when get there

- mei


"go where we can see clear

and then advise ?​​

​we then go where that future directs

and clear out this past from that future

​​... yes there is a solution

- future to past"

march 2020

new matrix (8)


"to go only when bidden - this is clarity"

- i ching


maybe it this past week we entered new/natural state ?

writing points to something new



"Although those with special affiliation may actually be able to go there through their karmic connection, nevertheless it is not a physical place that we can actually find. We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there."

- the dalai lama on shambhalla


dream of entrance  of cedar mesa

it not this cedar mesa (canyons)

but feeling of a sacred place similar

very excited  but didnt yet enter

return to find mic 



so once source is reached the city of the spontaneous kayas appear


like the dreams (of the city)  you been having

- bison



"...  the everlasting kingdom of the primordial ground ... passing swiftly beyond suffering into the city of the three spontaneously kayas, which are supreme peace"

- treasury of precious qualities


write back once in awhile to let us know you are fine

- la lady


we are fine ; at a (inner) peaceful place

waiting to enter the next stop




like waking from dream 

will forget this place as time goes

- bison

"one comes ... to the primordial ground as it truly is. Thus one attains the level of the result : the kayas ... and the primordial wisdoms"

- treasury of precious qualities

"there not much going on there ; you wont want to stay long"



once the primordial ground is reached

 the kayas ready to appear

it a apparitions world (since canyons)

so even your family is something else

- bison


time moves here differently than old world

saying good bye the most difficult part of journey

below song "distant love" 遥远寄相思 not just romantic love but reminisce  of those  distant/far away in time/space



i feel you are very close

you may need go somewhere to making crossing

this one may need a key (a door)

it useful to have a guide

people past may have passed

but this place is unique/moves in circle

you never know if they appear to you again

- calvin



mother and child bond is deep

- mei​

i want to tell her i am fine and no longer feel lost - that she can let go 


you have to first let her go so she can let you go

- mei​

yea ...​

and then we can start again ...




"you dont need a guide

you are from there

the buddhas of many now surround you as spirit guides ; you have learned/gained their qualities​​

you will return to this place

but if first best to drop off (the adventitious body) there

quantum is the word to describe that world

your body there is very light

almost without form

- teresa


you here to create a bridge

not for yourself because you don't need a bridge to get back

- patty

my task is complete upon writings here

after that, may take a journey

alone and/or with friends

- john

that's right, your task is complete

and you can use a break

- patty



"you will anticipate it

it happens instantly (the shift into it)

but the process (of preparing) takes awhile

- bison


it all dark energy

then likely we wont want stay too long

so from 2005 world view - we entered another world at cedar mesa

yet they cant find the body 

you simply disappeared

- mei

you were born but yet to die

the hardest was that door you went through ; the rest is easy

- hu

you walked through portal into this world

the body was not left behind

- teresa


we entered world of compassion 3d/6d 

just as our 04 notes says 

the five element flesh/3d 2005 is no more

the body 3d/6d here is new but based on the old inner movement 6d/4d 

our inner world continues - so it not death to our inner 4d/6d ; nothing moved/changed 4d/6d

same memory 

the 3d body/world was replaced by 3d/6d body/place 

it was done so subtle ... the 4d didnt know

the 5d felt the shift


likely you  from that place too

yea, and your family 

that why they your family here


my presence already there

and/or never left the place


it is here now next to us

i can feel it but not sense it

can write about it but not an image


it like other side of the wall

- mei



it a vision

"they dont need you to look after them"- frank


quantum hologram like computer screen

the vision/screen enters energy saving mode when not observed



trust no apparitions over own instinct

like show undone

anyone can disguise as the animation

simply see it as reflection of your memories 

use it but not get use by it



"Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that world.

He was on his horse in that world, and the horse and himself on it and the trees and the grass and the stones and everything were made of spirit, and nothing was hard, and everything seemed to float.

- online


when we return

teresa and michael putting on a seminar

maybe sedona

subject/title is...

there is a world created by the natural light

there is a worlds created by the artificial light

the world created by natural light is not of five element

the two worlds coexist here and now

think quantum

- michael


if it same it same; if it different it different

this not dharmakaya

this not not dharmakaya

it something new writer learned off the web​


five sensory vs. non sensory world

"this world is five sensory

that one is not"


4 Audio Track



talking with ex-neighbor steve

he was on one side of wall

i was on one side of a different wall

there a 3 feet space between two walls

we talking through a crack/opening


like the wall is the veil between two worlds

the space between is gateway

"you probably not want to stay in that space too long"

- bison


walking down below ground parking lot driveway spiral

then all of sudden it turned all dark

i kept walking but there nothing but dark

hoping to see a light but it kept/stayed totally dark (not darker, but pure dark)

wasn't yet scared but felt anxious

then woke up


the insight upon waking was clear -

this world we see is made of light in contrast to dark

even our body is made of it

once the light vanishes

the world returns to dark space

- natural state ?

then from there a world may appear 


the deepening of compassion

likely we already inside the pure darkness

 the dark sea of compassion

mic is our guide

the invisible light which appears as our body/place to keep comfort

our mind is without a body

surrounded by a ball of light within pure darkness

called compassion


if you enter the black hole without anchor/basis you will be lost

so this inside black hole ?

was it august ?


not august, but recently you entered

- bison



you are deeper into the vision

this place is timeless ; there really no time

people not really age etc.

there still  more to go ; the path may be zig zag

so far you have stayed on course

if you fell off, may have to start vision over

you may see light at end of tunnel

you may need to do something different

seek out/meet that wise person etc.

there a destination 

we known each other since ancient time

- glen


another possibility -

that the vision exits us not us exit it

whoever/whatever creating vision is all equal within dharmakaya

maybe you playing chess with (vision maker)

- glen

that a feeling from within that there part of us not subject to the vision

but need first to get anchored within dharmakaya

dharmakaya is dharmakaya no matter which vision where we are


i think you are almost there 

(anchored into dharmakaya)

- glen


if you reach destination and return here ; this vision may be different

- glen


that world we see is malleable 

the vision can simply renew /change/start over etc.

so we dont have to "accept it" as unchangeable fact

follow the path

path is zig zag - glen

say if you  follow chewey's path night lost

then even if it seems zig zag

and night is long cold and dark

the trail takes you to the place of that fire

so it same idea with this writing

we searching for that ultimate anchor


we feel closer each step/day

because it is already there in our future


quantum world has no limit

no population no size no distance no measurement 

like humor

there no reason not to share it


there may even be a certain date we look back and say it the starting point

when you think that date be ?

months/years later 

or "at an hour you do not expect ?"


the moment wee exit this vision = moment we return to that space

so there no hurry

we not just passing through to go somewhere

e.g. go to pureland after death etc.

we here to create bridge

to/from this world to/from that world to from their world



i feel you are on a circular journey and it will return again to beginning/where you started

- bison shaman



glen also spoke of  "do you think you are on a different planet ?"​


write back once in awhile to let us know you are fine

- 8-2-21

we are fine

deeper/more peaceful place

edge of the gate of new world

- 5-7-22


the 5 mega watt club/hotto club

they same way we believe everything main stream media says

"yes, we believe it ..."


it may be bit not easy to believe the front row ladies would rush stage after william sing the song "women you me hot" ? ...

now ...

imagine them to be 20 years younger ...


wow ... we believe it ...

- hotto club


Returning home base

my awareness is limited here

he is far above me that way

we are stuck in an illusory body

he is liberated in a rainbow body

he is welcoming you back

- la lady

so in that way

we look to the lotus born master as our guide


if we return to his world

we cant take this body/place with us - it be left stilled in time

we would merge with our own mind

which is also his

so in that way

we are inseparable from that being



there only one dharmakaya

one dharmakaya buddha

they all the same within the inconceivable 


john chu



all the power from spirit/dharmakaya realm

but john chu has one power ...

because past has sacrificed for the future

it responded to it/took a hit following future directive e.g. 94

the future has to abide by its directive of same intensity

but past yet to ask anything of it

that john today in this vision can have a say and his future will respond

unless he exit freely this game by 6-1

chewey to exit leadership

either way

one of us sets free

win win


i cannot be a chief for two reasons

i am an immigrant 

my past would not let me



likely preston took us into this vision 

nothing within this vision, at least past 4 years, is real once we exit

they didnt happen

yet we take the memory / insight with us - like a dream

the ones before that is different


they all say that it a time thing

there a certain date/point inside vision we to exit the vision /enter the new realm 

the future knows the last period it was here/remember of this


but it not take us back to 2018 or even 2005 etc.

but a new realm

from (a) to (b)

the a/b vision clears out that which cannot be inside circle b - like how dream body cannot be in physical realm

once we reach b

the inner body of circle a has vanished like a dream we just woke from


two rainbow bodies - one rainbow light

the energy which comes of this synergy is the ultimate medicine


"you took me into this vision in 2018?"

- writer

"yes, "

- mr chee


a bridge then another bridge - "this the second bridge (upcoming) ; it a time thing"

- mr chee

"it a time thing ; no need guide to open it "

- bison shaman


the body (dissolved) - there is not a body frozen out there

how it was done is something beyond (understanding)"

- bison shaman

that what it felt like 2018

"do you think ... you are particles floating in space"

- glen


we were born from that world - so was always a nirmanakaya but simply didnt consciously know it

"you were born rainbow light"

- bison we only need to remember/reawaken our memories of the rainbow body

we dont need to attain it again


once we know the old body is no more and this place just a vision/apparitions 

we are free to let go of the past burdens

- they all not here anymore

keep going don't look back




"3 of the 6 hopi book club members feel they are sexy

after spraying on "hotto"

4 of the six feel sexy

which one  ?

6-3 message was ...​

you sign it you duty free

- guardians​

we thank the airport


the events of the world requires your attention

- mara​

there is no body here and my past already set me free


"will you be my god"

- mara​

i am an immigrant and my past wont let me

- chewey bows 



we follow compassion

otherwise, this be a challenge

we follow compassion

so even if they open another door

we can only follow compassion

even if they come to us

it compassion we follow 

otherwise, we can only choose them


the 5 element body is the 5 element world

five elements have inner/outer movements

as outer it is compounded

as inner it need not be

the one element of compassion


in vision

the center of known universe/outer luminosity is where the unknown begins

the inner luminosity

it is here

- mic


this body is just a shell


this body and place / veil is just memory

if we can detach/untie from it - the real reveals​


this place like dream/self appearance except you have more influence on the events

not  just drifting about

like facetime is how the apparitions like us talk to you

- bison

they can be different people each time



the world of joy is within world of compassion

"the sambogakaya buddhafield is not the akanishita located above the pure levels of the form realm for it completetly transcends it 

it is the dwelling place of the buddhas ...

it does not belong to any spatial dimension; it is equal to the dharmadatu

- treasury


it is the world/the mind of the circle of people which/who sees this field

*you have the option

get on and off the train

not everyone can do that 

just need let them know

like a scheduled stop

- bison shaman




"this past 17 years is inside self apparition"

can be a minute to that night


"your body is not there

but you can return

that means you can go anywhere

- rainbow body

yes, you have returned home base

you created this vision 

the path is to return to home base

from the vision

it not a physical body/place but spirit"

krystal  may not have the capacity

but she can be a companion to help make return path more easy​

you may need find a key/person

i dont believe the portal is in this state

- calvin

krystal is definitely an ally

- bison​

that person is sincere

- la lady


we gathering options ...


"it was this past month (you arrived)

you should focus on the (removing veil)

you have a place (temple) there where people can come to meet you ; from there rainbow body) you can go anywhere

you can bring people in but they cant stay  (for long)

- bison




you never left the ground of hopiland

- darrell

you now at 11:30​

you dont need do anything

it will just (guide/take) you"

- mic


friends here indicate they coming in from another space/time ' "like facetime" - they dont exist here continuously as we do


we also do not exist continuously within chain of causation  here as we think we do - it just a vision body - there only when observed

our real/dharma body is beyond this vision

- at home base​

where we must go ; where the path ends



the events of the world requires your attention

- mara

there is no body here and my past already set me free



finally, mara ...

"will you be my god"

- mara

i am an immigrant and my past wont let me

- chewey bows 

dont know if it a new place - e.g. hopi inner sanctum ? but a new inner state opened

a state/dimension of non body consciousness

this is new - we just looking at it

8-2 / 6 pm


it all happened at rainier (7-8-22)

gradually (the illusion) will disappear

- bison


we felt the subconscious shift at rainer 


this place hopis have a word for it

me darrell preston lisa are here

leroy is another world

- mic



write back once in awhile to let us know you are fine - la lady


we are fine  ; we  see the light at end of tunnel

- john




Our personal reality of pure and impure vision (snang ba) dissolves into Reality ...our physical body also dissolves because it is just one manifestation of our impure karmic vision


this inner body does not exists there

without its interfering signal/wave

there exists a different "body" - dharmakaya

thus the clear vision/perception

like rising above clouds to see clear perception

but it not just a glimpse where it just memory

- part of us is seeing it continuously


the inner body ; semi pure/semi impure vision we see now - all of it is not real relative to that

it a complete different dimension

there similarities but it 


without seeing that state

there no "other reality" / substratum to compare with


someone coming from non body/natural state into body consciousness

- there a gap between them and students


someone start over from non body  - then climb back to non body/pure perception state

- they go through same as students 


for those future/present going through same

this reason we go to master hu and bison

to get that aura of the non body state - there a certainty that it real when talk to them 

so it very useful to have guide

otherwise the inner body wave pulls us


the point is

once we enter circle a

the foundation of the adventitious wave/inner body vision of circle b is seen from beyond /natural state

the rest takes care of itself


it an inner certainty that there exists a state which this inner body is not needed to exists


we not in circle c anymore

so that outer body and world is no more

what if left is our mental/memory of that body and world

upon reflection, it is not needed

but since we yet to find a replacement

we simply stay attached to it

knowing it just vision body/world and waiting to be replaced

once we gain clear view of circle a/ground

the old mental body and world is seeing as what it is 

"as inner, no body no world"

- no body



if this mental world/vision as not the old world

then there a world underneath it



"all grasping at the inner cognizing mind as something truly existent dissolves into the ultimate expanse, and the illusions of the relative level disappear"

- treasury

like lucid dream

the hidden world begins to be seen 

it has always been here

the family duties requires you to attend to meeting relatives

- mara

there is no body here and my brothers and family  already set me free

- chewey bows 


the gift of compassion

"you dont need to take care of them "

- frank 

no one needs you to look after here"

- jim (2020)

"but even if this a vision

who would help them if needed ?"

-​ john

"even if necessary, we canlook after them

you can let go"

- frank (2019)​

"keep going, dont look back"

we are lucky to have them as brothers



you can relax now

dont have to be curious/seek anymore

- la lady

it was always that simple

but without seeing it - it inconceivable

- john

to forget/start over is another experience


you were curious

- la lady



a new inner state opened​

a state/dimension of non body consciousness

this is new - we just looking at it​

8-2 / 6 pm



write back once in awhile to let us know you are fine

- la lady


we are fine 

we  see the light at end of tunnel

- john​



we would say the body/mind here is completely different from the body/mind of him  20 years ago

yet we retain his memories

and  link with those we connected

if he said/did something then

it really not of us 

if he experienced something then 

it also not of us

that was another body and world​

the antecedent link is no more that way

in other words

the wave of his circle b is no more

the memory display of his circle c also no more

we a new person 

yet able to use his memories to return and help others​

that is why if we do return

much of our relationships wont be the same



we only need to acknowledge the past

dont need to take that seat again

then we can move on

we done our task as messenger

and enjoyed the learning

but no want too much religion or leadership 

it not our interest/future pull


if we bound to all those past lives

we wouldnt be able to move forward with our present

if they understand that and have compassion

they/he will let us go

images (10).jpeg

heyokas reverse so response be different

the events of the world requires your attention

- mara

that is why i want to play in the NBA so can give them attention to the events of the world

- no body

"will you be my god"

- mara

if you want to celebrate me the way fans do to NBA players, i will not try to stop you

- no body


we feel more linked to this ancient tibetan tradition 

not so much the modern one

the name olmo lung ring also resonate more than e.g. shambhalla or copper mountain

like that dream where we in dalai lama realm (shambhalla)  but there another older realm right above that one we longing for


they all want come in but they cant

- darrell

looking above at sky

it felt we inside a spherical dome

i see it as spherical 

you can bring people in to visit but they cant stay

- bison

"you think ... you inside a ship ; they taking you place to place"

- glen

we inside a ship ; asleep in a dream/vision adjusting to the non body consciousness 


omol lung ring "takes the shape of a spaceship or of a mandala; ideal means to disappear in the blink of an eye. Therein lies it’s beauty."

- online

"it dome shaped ; size is as universe"

- yolanda


3-7-05 am

we begin to think of exiting the canyon

go west, away from sunrise - there eventually be a road

we got over 12 hours to find it once sun rises

these ideas he thinking/also what we at present is sending to him


he confident he will find it

this confidence also coming from future


but nothing is certain until that dirt road (the new world) appears (reveals)

so he is getting ready/focused

there another 30 minutes before light clear enough to walk and to put out fire - he is just waiting


3-7-05 northern canyon dawn

as he waits for sun to rise fully

he plans his route and anticipations

the hike to the road from fire


hike from sunset to fire

this one is easier and filled with hope

like he can see/feel the light at end of tunnel

he is rested

not bit hungry nor tired


the more/longer they play this game

the more he wants to leave them 

the present has say over future

he already left any leadership

maybe he'll leave as protector too

that prophecy etc. can be a trap/deceptive

designed deepen their second floor illusion

we simply follow compassion

and it telling us now to free of that duty even as guardian

since they wont tell us anything

this a good time to begin walk away from future duties

- guardians



august 15 we relieved of future guardian duties

"they playing a game




we out of leadership

we not that seat anymore

we can gather at times

like hopiland

to do something together

we protect whoever we want to protect

- guardians

but that seat is no more

there art / drawing is their art

it got nothing to do with us

we no need be of its way forever

e.g. all serious and looking wise

we free of guardians duty

- chewey



once sunrise

he clear campfire

something tells him he will remember it

the smoke no more yet it feels the fire still there

so he turned back again to put more dirt on it

yet the feel of fire/life force still strong

he heads west, away from the rising sun ...

there a dry small creek zig zag westward 

images (14).jpeg

williams su's bodyguards in 90's concert

one got knocked over by one of the ladies rushing the stage  

which one ?


writer did his part blocking

nfl fong chi

offensive lineman coaching tip

see the defense linemen as ladies rushing stage to get to william su

then they seem softer ...


yes ...

- offense linemen nods pensively

back in may we felt part of us arrived at gate but rest need time to catch up 

now we feel we crossed into it in july yet rest of us also need time to catch up


dream of people teleporting in/out

like a flash they appear in front




maybe you entered it and walked out

"a minute there can be year here"

likely in 2002 they took you across into the parallel dimension​

you now know them all as time travelers

but it was at the night of the eternal fire you were shown the mystery 

that world stays with you always

it always here/next to you

the feeling of joy and clown  spirits

but your illusion body and its senses cannot see it​

maybe your task to find your way/create a bridge back 




went to rainier ; it pulled us again - we been waiting

there a shift

this will take little time​



like lucid dream

this is like a dream ; brain stem root of the vision

if see beyond it, there the waking world

"brain stem (he points to his own) is the hardest / longest to open"

- hu

if cross into it, the dream "this place will just vanish"

/stilled in time

when we return to same dream 

"it wont be the same"

- mei


if you return to old world

your existence there not continuous the same way 

not many people can do that

it a special gift only few has

- bison


would it be same scenario as past or different environment


you would remember

and scenario not need be same

- bison


my task not to show the field

but just the code of it

- writer

not many can access this dimension

you just need to write them

they will find the writing when they need it

- bison


land of compassion appears

"and they have have karmic fortune equal to those who reach the ground of realization, for whom the nirmanakaya fields ... appear  ...

this land of natural light comes from the source

"these fields are the appearance of the ground ... manifests, through ... spontaneous presence, as an array of beams of light ... "

- treasury


woke up 5 am turn on internet listen

then enter dream

in dream, teressa/michael at house visiting

try to turn off the internet sound/voice by turning off each computer but it still there

then woke up and realize the sound is coming from the ipad next to me here

- that i was hearing the sound of the computer here while in that dream


in such dreams 

there no outer antecedent cause

the body is here one moment and not next

the outer world is far east one moment and west next

maybe it telling

we in between two worlds now



am dream of mic answering my question

we alone back of canyon

it like he right next to me

then woke up

like teresa/michael dream

these dreams and places seem real

maybe even more so than this vision state

maybe we getting close to it and/or waking from this


another dream this am ...

back at the far east city with fancy modern hallways

walking with bud to airport ; flight leaves in 10 minutes - he leaves but i  wasnt ready because luggage at hotel

so to wait until next day flight ; the airport closes 

walk outside, sees the entire mall/city inside this huge ancient stupa shaped mile long

it past midnight yet light outside

enter old taxi bus to go hotel 

a dude friendly inside taxi bus told me i am his teacher 

then woke up


the airport was like 8-8-21

we still had baggage/antecedent cause/things to learn and do here -  so not ready

but this time we have a ticket home and seen the portal

we have our hotel key with name on it - unlike the past dreams we didnt know its name

currency in pocket was us currency mixed with foreign

it a nice place filled with people traveling through

we ready to go home but not as anxious like past to leave the place



1850 bc tales

as inner

just as there a world/program current which believe humans evolved from ape

there one where humans believe they will evolve into an ape

in our script

highly evolved beings from  future time traveled to present to teach us the theory of evolution

it a love story ...

"wow ... so romantic ..."


download (16).jpeg

we to send message to past beacons

and friends who have the gifts of vision

they will begin pulling us back to where we started

this feels like seeing that dirt road that morning

there an excitement/pull from future

the path opens



"that all in the past have scattered

you dont have the past burden anymore


you are ready"

- guide



I miss the air, I miss my friends
I miss my mother, I miss it when ...


it was 2019

just like that, they tell us all of it/past is gone ...

strangers come/go 

and where this is /going ... we dont know

when inner/outer both change

"then compassion only anchor"

- reverse i ching

we ask for guidance from compassion 



non going/non coming

if you realize dharmakaya

it not matter where you are

"non going non coming"

- korey

i am not needing to go there

just writing/learning the journey

you know my personality

we follow yuan

if it time to return/go back

it time to go back

- john

that place requires your cultivation be of certain height

they waiting for your cultivation to ripen

- korey

if it my yuan i be there

if not, i move on

not trying to be buddha/enlightened etc.

- john

yes, you can go back to places /stations you came from

or just stay put where you are

- korey

chewey bows with honor and respect


maybe you playing chess game with them

- glen

we follow compassion

to us, it is superior to buddhahood

if compassion calls for it vs. entering natural state


we follow compassion 

we dont need go that way

maybe we be among the few to have turned around

- chewey


we had to first explore options

and try what ordinary path try to go

then we look to our past writings 

it says we need not follow the conventional path

they all want go pureland vs.  fire at abyss of hell

And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god

and vice versa

are you certain it is what they say it is

are you certain at center of that light ...

is same what we found center of darkness ?



we yet to enter any agreement

we have never have yuan with conventional path

but we have to first explore it


it not working out

we follow compassion


you always been independent

but this path it make you look like you allowing others to tell you where/when to go

- la lady

like career

i had to first follow conventional path

but once it ... not flow 

i move on 


if you had wanted to enter it

you would have entered it long ago

you dont care about all that promises of the place

- la lady

yea, maybe it time we look another direction

just have to write into it 

- john

"just like that

chewey smiles and alters direction"


while it nice to take tour of that vision city

it not the essential purpose of our journey​

we already inseparable from dharmakaya

what different does a pureland vision make

we not pulled by any visions


dharmakaya is not subject to outer causes

it got nothing to do with the vision/places​

dharmakaya there same as dharmakaya here and anywhere

and if it dharmakaya you want see

then this place here now is most ideal ​

this then the destination

we can now turn around our attention

we are always here


our writing reached final beacon of journey

"are you certain you have a body ?"

we now have our station here

we to send message to past beacons

and friends who have the gifts of vision

they will begin pulling us back

this feels like seeing that dirt road that morning

there an excitement/pull from future

the path opens


am dream

two ladies entering space craft to go somewhere 

i initially didnt go on it

but start walking out to maybe join them


we already within world of compassion

the only world remaining we want go is world of joy

so all this pureland / rainbow body world stuff

it can wait until later

we honored to have chance to learn/share this ancient wisdom

it a great addition to the world of compassion


whether it going back /somewhere ...

we dont care

wherever it may take us

it now has feeling of compassion



"you dont like to feel reliant on them

so you should just make it known you have interest and then leave it for them to decide"

- guide

on the city of kaya etc.

we dont want to rely on others

and have made reasonable effort 

at same time, .

we come this far, and people like to see it written/ it furthers compassion 

so if anyone wants to guide us

we be open /thankful


otherwise, if it not within our yuan/we lack the qualification

then perhaps in a future journey ...

as inner, we not pull by it no more

it just a vision  

we to follow compassion



we the clown leader

joy spirit follows us 

from view of dharmakaya - a vision of heaven is just a vision - if it there it there

otherwise, as inner,  we no need get pulled by it


like airport

with extension of time

it begins to appear smaller ...

and not as ... great or real of authority

dharmakaya cannot come from antecedent cause ... there is no way"


with deepening of dharmakaya ...

if we need outer as inner refuge

if we need outer  place as permanent inner refuge 

e.g. heaven

the heaven not self spring 

it comes from "outer"

dharmakaya not need outer as inner refuge

dharmakaya/ultimate medicine  self springs



few dreams

first one again wandering far east city lost

came to a store

told me he will take me across

told me to sit down and turn on tv using remote

woke up

few dream later

again told to sit at seat

someone says we switching realm

woke up

interesting dreams


if this year ago

it was our inner body wanted/needed to get away

and we also thought maybe going there would be real dharmakaya etc.

we had to first follow conventional path


it just another outer vision

a refuge, perhaps, for the deserving

but dharmakaya not of outer

compassion is our refuge


we have our own dharmakaya knowledge here

if it can work/strengthen in midst of all this ...

then it may be what they need ?


last year we thought all those who can shapeshift/time travel etc. must have more knowledge of dharmakaya

but now we know it is not so


"this a simulation

see it as aliens technology

they are so far advanced you cant even imagine it

once you get used to it it no bog deal

then you can come back here freely

there no time here

it part of you that world is - cant take it away

- yolanda



another dream pattern past months is attending college like place - meeting new people



so long we inside this loop

we do what we can to help 

we promised our past 2020 ..

we keep sending reinforcement


this place continues without time

they helping you create this personal space

no one can harm you here

you have your own real estate"

- guide


"you have entered the "inner luminosity"

it recent ​

there no returning to same past

it would not be the same past

but there is future we can go to in that same world

past (20 years since canyon) nothing happened

before that ... it one of questions buddha refuses to answer (whether it happened/not happened)

once you stepped into parallel world

they cant see your body anymore (it disappeared)​

in vision or anywhere

body we experience is of the mind"

- guide​ (daniel)


"at first when you entered 

it useful to follow tradition/conventional path

but once you have own anchor

buddha says there are 84,000 ways (symbolic of no limit) to approach the unknown 

the "non body world" is just one of the options

you dont need to seek/follow future/past

the possibilities are endless​

- guide (daniel)


the road opens ​

chewey bows with honor and respect


once they feel you are ready will let you through

this place is no place/time

it useful to adjust to that world

otherwise it too much (to take in)

your body there is very light​

the dimensions are endless once crossed into

there time before time etc.

- yolanda




"you can return using your writing"

this chewpiland script is our  return

if it meet others expectation, it meets it

if not, it not

we got nothing to prove



multiverse within compassion

once out there, communication is telepathic

everyone knows each other

the high tech - artificial intelligence, simulation beyond imagination

- yolanda

without dharmakaya/anchor in non consciousness

the infinite reference points can create consciousness that pulls us in/out etc.

with realization of emptiness, they are just visions

in other words, dont leave home without it

"before entering, you want to go through this (dharmakaya teaching/tunnel) first "



no one yet verify he left that world

only that he stepped into another

if he cant return

then chewey passed on

otherwise, something else ...?


two dreams this past week​

1. people sliding down the hill/cliff

plunging into below​

2. drove a car with several friends  into what she says her house - but realized it someone elses house - she says it ok because this vacation home so they not here 

realize we shouldn't be there so left in the car​

then woke up​



if we can continue with the path while returning to help - that be ideal

e.g. entering a pureland/rainbow world then return etc.

otherwise, if not and/or we not yet qualified etc.

that is fine - we didnt applied for it

our priority coming here is to gather support/power/knowledge to return to battle station

when you reach that "cannot no laugh" state ...


"i cant take it no more"

and you burst out laughing at mrs chow

the lady who knocked down the guards and tackled william su

in that laughter you inside their world


you dont have to return to where you entered (canyon) ;  you can manipulated where/when you go back to ; the scenario may be different​

- bison shaman



"full circle"

means we end where we began​

if it sambogakaya we from

then we will wake back to it

like waking from dream

"this mind/body (past 20 years) will seem not have happened"

- guide/daniel​

the mind/body/memory  along with this place, will "like dream waking, you will forget as time goes on"

it that same being who is mirror of this reflection

"he welcomes you back"



you can return in segments then come back

relive a past in different way 

what has happened in that time line cannot be changed

but you can experience a new past 

- bison​

by changing how we experienced the past

we also change future/present


you can return to relive life before 35 (canyon)

but it be different​

you cannot go after 35

that be impossible

- guide


they have all moved on

there funeral etc. ?

-​ writer 

of course

last year you still holding on 

now i say you are ready

- guide (LA)


if he returns to after 02/05 

there no "past" to relive

the body is no more there ; even if it never found

the stream in that bodily consciousness was separated - there no parallel life there

we not fully convinced past is over

we believe there still the fight in past/night lost

it still happening


turn on switch of hologram

the city of light appears​

it the role model place/code

"it is equal to the dharmadatu"

one with the spirit


the book titled "so powerful i cant talk"

one with the spirit

- mic


this involves "high tech star beings hopi ancestors artificial intelligence etc."​

ships that travel inter dimensions / passengers adjust to the new 3/4/5 d waves through simulations and visions



When there are three people together, jealousy arises. One of them will have to go. Avery close bond is possible only between two people. But when one man is lonely, he is certain to find a companion who complements him.

- i ching

at first we thought the two were same person

"there are two of them"

- guide (LA)

we now know krystal has companion

he a good friend and a person of great knowledge/compassion

it was good to see an old companion

but we to journey on alone

the gift is our memory of past

keep it

that once upon a time ...


we always have home in dharmadatu

as inner, it very different than last year


treasury of precious qualities talks many  things

only thing we yet to perceive :

"... the sambogakaya akanishita ... self arisen from within dharmadatu. It appears in the form of palaces of light ... completely transcends it ... only buddhas themselves can perceive ... it is equal to the dharmadatu ... unchanging at all times"


the family are from circle a

so when he gets there they also there

as will be many friends

so it not farewell as much as "see you at the other end"

best way to help past is follow compassion


time to go means our study/meditation retreat

maybe march suppose to conclude but we stretch it 6 months more

we wrote down the codes

the practice may take generations

but we have the code

writer not enlightened so may never get there

but many will

and we have seen master hu and mic etc. show us it can be done

chewey and classmates bow to them with honor and respect



we yet convinced the past is lost

that there still the fight in past/night lost

it still happening

but that is for the guardian page 

this page we write about multiverse


fong chi world finals

"the hotto club", the team name, has reached the finals

they have up its odds of winning to from 200-5 to 50-1

the mighty chicken warriors and poop royalties are among favorites to win the fong chi cup

- fong chi analyst


the event horizon

the event :
the universal fong chi cup

where two side meets
"the line at which the earth's surface and the sky appear to meet."

the place :
the poop city ...
the city of  elegance and pride

see light at end of tunnel
no see light nor tunnel no more

like seeing that road
we still dont know where 

but we not see/inside lost no more


"it not that we dont want to tell you ; it is that we cant"
- hu

we follow compassion
what if compassion want us to turn back/exit ?
is there a choice ?

"those (who falls off track)  will need start vision over"
what if they not want to start vision over nor go there 
is there an option ?

what if we didnt come here to go there 
but just to ask that question ?
that wouldnt be unlike our personality

we wouldnt  dare ask this question last year because we didnt have the anchor


just spoke to them

mic not mic

la lady not andrew 

mei not mei etc.

that this place now

yet we still enjoy speaking to them

appreciate the companionship

thank you

we not to rely on others for answers

- not over our feeling


there a deeper version of the sambogakaya you have yet reached

- guide

it been past few months (since rainier)

you going through a process

- bison

may compassion be with us


physical/astral/casual realms and then the beyond 

real sambogakaya is beyond

"according to the scriptures, the sambhogakaya place transcend the three realms..."

- online

Is a common believe that the akanistha of the sambhogakaya og min is not the same as the akanistha of the suddhavasa that is still in samsara.

- online

maybe that where we are / entering now ?


wherever we are there is only what is in front of us


multiverse within compassion

it seems dream state is intermittent while waking is continuous - and so waking is real etc.

ramana maharshi says they same 

that within each dream we each believe there is past - that we are continuous etc.

only upon waking do we know it was implanted memory

in dream where plane leaves 10 minute

we somehow knew plane to leave 10 minutes

- no one told us

it was all implanted memory

like each web page is a parallel world we in


Its not a perishable realm, its beyond time or space and its not created by ishvara (mahesvara). Mahesvara is said to be the ruler of ordinary akanistha. This realm is supposed to be even beyond. There are various akanisthas

- online

"this place is ruled by certain kind of demon"

- hu in 2020

but not the deeper realms here 

"there was someone above you back then (2019/20)"

- guide 2022


once you get hold of this world

you can come/go anywhere and back

- yolanada

we'll just let writing guide us


the event horizon - black hole /eternal spring

what if as inner, it cant pull/push manjushri in ?​

he be riding the reverse


as inner, want that darkness to shine from within - compassion


want get closer to peak of light - away from dark

a simple shift of perception can change everything


we stepping out dharma school into multiverse school/class


images (24).jpeg

we stepping out dharma school into multiverse school/class


looking for a fresh start

wherever we are there is only what is in front of us

02 The Pachelbel Canon

multiverse within compassion

part of every creation of form

there is a foundation / space

there is energy

inner earth and its multiverse

energy is wave 

every form is energy 

they say it 99% empty space

so earth can be seen by some as just luminosity in constant movement

and the outer earth the reflection of the luminosity


there is the pure/original luminosity of earth

then from it many multiverses of earth 

ones - the earth worlds -  which can stay link with this source regenerates 


at the center of that original/spontaneous luminosity

is a black hole that from which everything springs/returns

earth has outer/inner/secret realms 

the inner luminosity has a wisdom

we call it primordial wisdom

we most interested in staying with core of that inner luminosity 

the ultimate medicine



multiverse within compassion (3)


this multiverse only looks same as old world

i dont need fly plane to get to taiwan from here

- hu

i can travel here to japan just by visualizing

- raja

you can go anywhere in an instant 

this place allows you to get (anchored)

- yolanda

i can be there in seattle without traveling

not everyone here is aware

- bison

they can just appear right in front of you as cashier when you go to store

- guide

as shapeshifters, you dont know who they are

your old friends you dont know where they are now

if there yuan you see them again

- guide

we like to learn

you would need people to show you

- bison (on that type of travel)


does the simply screen change or you go there ?


you go there

- bison

perhaps there also a view - beyond going/coming where only the screen changes ?- to let it come 

wherever we are there is only what is in front of us


transcendence is going beyond the limit/boundary

as outer/inner it is beyond the conventional appearance/program

what/where not as important as quality 

to know where go next we only need look to now

focus on the luminosity (source of it) and not the reflected (fruit of it)



return to innocence 

we like to thank those who looked after us these past four years - when he most needed help

especially mom and dad

the spirits behind them

we owe them a debt 

we will repay them for their kindness


"dont take it seriously ; it just a game they playing"

- andrew


what work we do if enter new field ?​

we open ; we can always return here and/or if return to starting point then he doing what he was doing ?​



multiverse/quantum time travel

vs. sphere of compassion

the two not same

wuchi is non polarity

the primal luminosity/consciousness

everything is non differentiated

the stratum beneath the body consciousness

the natural state


close your eye and what you see is inner body

close your eyes and tell us when you see outer body

"are you certain you have a body ?"

the original luminosity/body/world

the original purity cannot be stained

and has purifying effect root level

stay with it

the ultimate medicine



multiverse within compassion​

time before time / earth beneath earth

mind beyond mind etc.

without ground as anchor, it easy to get lost​


emptiness /energy body / form body

empty luminosity/clear light is between emptiness/energy body

with  awareness, the energy body becomes light body​

we are between energy body and cultivating it into the light body 

the return to innocence

zhu ren zhang had a 15 minute nap and woke up

remember 50 years inside another world

"it both few minutes and 50 years

she is with someone else (in the 50 years) but remembers you like yesterday"

- guide

some have their own world

within it, everyone feels like same person

you see me in your world like your own dream

but it may be my spirit you speaking to

- yolanda

in past you had own world/sambogakaya

once you left it, people began to scatter

there no one there now

- guide (la)


write back once while to let us know you are fine

- la lady


we are fine

feels like out of tunnel and 

the city of golden light approaches 



we not pulled to go anywhere

but if it comes our way ...


this the place to gain knowledge of the body/earth - the original luminosity 

massauw/bud/hu the caretaker

"he just keeps the lights on ; not hands on"

- bison

mic's compassion is another level

it easier to follow him than to try to realize the inconceivable within

same effect ; different path

the effect/result same - we are inside sphere free of that wheel of antecedent cause/inner movement

like merry go around

someone has to pull you out/let you in​

stay with it

it called the underworld

- chris/bison apprentice

there few hundred hopi people here

- bison

it would explain why they not allowed to talk of it

"you may not be comfortable with it"

- bison

(b/c they look like katchinas/star beings ?)

it their inner sanctum/secret and we respect it and thankful it was shown to us

- john​


"there is no end but you will return to where you started ; non body/energy body ;

this body/place you see does not exist

(just a simulation to adjust into that sphere)

- yolanda



difference between ordinary dream/illusion vs. this is that people here are wise and they acknowledge they not the same person/illusion

so it a wisdom vision of dharmakaya


"mic protects/looks after you here"


this place has no flesh body/world

and mental body is not needed 

the nature of the energy is not exhaustible



the consciousness of body will keep evolving 

within the same moment

it may experiencing a non physical or physical world ; body and/or non body etc.

- without a mental body - it same difference


they all star beings in different shape

as friends/neighbors etc.​

if and when they reveal themselves

the tales of this place will change

people past have all scattered/no more

we waiting for them to show us the way of this place



it would then be the end of an era ...

we can return here

but it will never be the same once veil lifted

like high school to college

it a whole new world

we would have closure to something which is already not here anymore

- 21st century / the system/ people and identity 


the way it was done was compassion

"allowing you to slowly ease into it"

this nice place ; we not eager/seeking to exit

but we also know "this place is not place to stay long so it good to have a plan"

in mean time, we to enjoy the time here



"... waits for conditions to change before it undertakes anything ... the new situation begins only after the present cycle of events has come to an end"

- i ching



this vision house is made from luminosity

not the other way ; so it own creation

a middle station with the physical 

future to present to to past :

we are still here

let go of the mental / memory body

follow the river

watch it move ...


in personal vision/dream

there no other body here

there not even our mental body needed

yet spirits communicate through non sensory

and the apparitions we see 

like a dream/vision

like that movie contact scene

she was in a quantum hologram and given the information/knowledge that way

"that has been the way ..."


in same way

one can have own quantum hologram


that done by entering dharmadatu and manifesting it from here


"the rules here are not imposed

because people are different here

they have quality

- guide

you can just relax here


this place belongs to hopis



"you are a ball of energy"

- yomama

on the non sensory body/world


i feel you will return to where you started



like sims game they see from outside this 3d

we cant see what they see

there "a point they focus on" to enter - mei

they only appear when we perceive the illusion



it’ll wither away like ice melting upon warmth

once reach certain the depth of dharmakaya 

the inner duality of mental body is withdrawn into ground and/or

return to innocence


we are still assimilating / integrating 

there much more here beyond the old five sensory vision


only small part of our consciousness is still in this simulation​

fine tuning the weak circle


this place they cannot enter 

- guide

 a man ought to maintain reserve, be it in solitude or in the turmoil of the world, for there too he can hide himself so well that no one knows him.

- i ching


krystal /la lady 2021 was here in 21

but not here since 8-8-21

but still there 

that a good way to describe the difference​

few can enter


asking what is next/beyond this from here is that we are still here but this is not​

the more here is here

the less this is here



there people we feel gravitating towards

- very few - maybe just mic​

that body is very different

it not stuck in one like here

there people we feel we drifted away

- the old world​

and there those we left but feel will see again

- family


there a state where mental body is not

that our next beacon

holidays bring back memories

"there a (family) you have there

there one you have here"


we remember them fondly and wish them all the very best

we protect them from wherever we are

we wonder how they are now ...



this transition station

since 8-8 others all fell off

we thank kindness of our guide 

this place give us time to understand few past things

nothing need done ; we to keep going

we leave the situations to the future guardians

it their own future ; "have faith in their abilities to solve their problems on their own" - traveler/star trek 

our task is complete

we added a new dimension to the old paradigm

giving it more potential to keep improving

"an upgrade"


we start/end same  sambogakaya 


Returning to the ultimate source then the potentiality of the Natural State manifests as a Rainbow Body, the real Rupakaya.

- tenzin namdak

there a state without mental body

from that natural state. a new body/place manifests as the real sambogakaya

inner movement all within compassion​



so i return first back to my sambogakaya

“there no one can reach you”


but wont stay long, just to recharge

then we meet up at the entrance


we will be a station or two after that entrance - that where we will join you

- teresa



this house has a luminosity

that luminosity has manifested many  house in many worlds/times​

the inner luminosity

many worlds yet a core home base we all return to the sambogakaya field​


like 2019 reunion family

we miss our old family very much

we like to go but future gently holds us back

we still dont know if it right/the why

just the feeling is that one day when we have clarity

we would understand 

we ask for guidance

it will just come to you

no need seek it

- future 

that if we meant be there

it be easy flow​


this is not what it seems

- future


dont do it for them (they dont exists here that way)

just for yourslef"

- mei


write home once an awhile to let us know you fine

- la lady​​


we are fine

at a peaceful place

we crossing into it ; it crossing into us

a state without mental body



that new matrix 8 


like the mental body wanting go somewhere but just keep cycling/melting within a timeless compassion

as the ground body watches

our 4d gets pulled back forth until it learns to separate out the separable and stay with the ground

- the ultimate medicine

we to send him help from this future


before we see it inner

we would write of it 

the splitting apart of the mental body/illusion from what has always been here

- dharmakaya



do our present need anything ?

only what our future needs

does our future need anything ?


- future



so this eternal fire became lit  this evening


a deeper/central view ; base camp 

we dont know ; something new

was listening to ramana with eyes closed

and then 

like a flash ... it appeared a split second and has been here with us since

we just watching it 


if we can return to same world again ?​

then to their view - 21st century

it be called miracle/resurrection if we return a week later after disappear/pass on or a century later ...​

but if we return same/next day 

they wouldnt even know we left - "cut the stream of physical existence" - and came back as nirmanakaya​

and if we return into the past

they dont have a paradigm to understand that 


"god created us, here now looking at us through me and through you"

劉家昌 Liu Chia Chang - 我家在哪裡 (官方完整版MV)

they not here this realm

you dont need to do anything ; just to know

- you walked out of the canyon ; can relax now

leave the work to the guardians


to cross into it

like waking from dream, just there

you wont see the crossing

- guide teresa

you would first anticipate it

then it takes few minutes

- bison

on the non body world/circle a



there are realms from which you can travel to future/past;  to distant places in an instant

you want to get ready ; it can happen anytime

i feel like you are close

a time will come, which may be soon, they will reveal themselves to you and explain this place, how it works 

they are waiting for the acceptance 

they will come to you ; you need not do anything

- yolanda


there signs emerging

the arrivals of guardians 

and fading of the gompa circle/subtle control​

it may indicate we getting close to home base

from there, a 3/4/d world of different quality

we can travel/speak freely​



by attaining the sambhogakaya realm of Akanishta, the buddha is born with that as a support. - longchenpa​

"... Sambhogakaya ... possesses the five certainties ... The certainty of time ... the place ... the body ... the Dharma ... the retinue ..."


nirmanakaya has not the five certainties​

"that place is permanent and you can use it as support" - bison

it the home base for them


the void/dharmadatu is shown through a vision

a vision within the void 

nothing happens in the void/circle a


teleportation/technology is how they travel from one place to another

there so much more - like star trek ships etc. - except they look not like that but star beings

- yomama


back in 2020 the people/world vanished

- bison

yet we didnt know ; same with summer 2017 - 3d changed but it remains same display


"this same taste realm ; then the great expanse and then the void"

- hu 2019

went to rainier ; pulled us again

this one was interesting - will take little time to observe

didnt hike long ; there still snow ground ; just enough to connect with it 

on way back through orting, the above song started playing within

it was a good day




it seems february/march may have been another crossing


A place of transition has been reached, and free choice can enter in. A twofold possibility is presented ... he can soar to the heights and play an important part in the world, or he can withdraw into solitude and develop himself.... There is no general law of his being. If the individual acts consistently and is true to himself, he will find the way that is appropriate for him...

- i ching

"it will just come to you ; no need seek it

that if we meant be there, it be easy flow"

we will flow with it ; see which door is open/closed.


there a really funny and gentle joke from orting

the big foot experts capital of the world

people here all heard of it

- outstanding local #10

a big foot expert certification trainer

if we tell you

you would laugh

- outstanding local #5

a certified big foot expert


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