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New Matrix 14

The Ultimate Medicine 201

"crossing from oregon

the scenic spot near yreka, ca

"may the future/compassion  be with us"

- writer

6-12-23 early evening"

- narrator



06 - Leader of the Band

would it really be so surprising, like it impossible ...?

that zhu ren zhang is behind this flute rendition in the 90's

let say she an old friend from 70's and liked my flute melody

of course not ... he no play flute ; but just what if ...

it just flute ; anyone can learn to play it

sound comes out and whether you feel it in the depth of your soul ...

if that not you then it not you 

but there are those who can feel ...

- zhu ren zhang


the ultimate medicine


Everything on earth is subject to change. Prosperity is followed by decline: this is the eternal law on earth. Evil can indeed be held in check but not permanently abolished. It always returns. This conviction might induct melancholy, but it should not; it ought only to keep us from falling into illusion when good fortune comes to us. If we continue mindful of the danger, we remain persevering and make no mistakes.


As long as a man's inner nature remains stronger and richer than anything offered by external fortune, as long as he remains inwardly superior to fate, fortune will not desert him.

- i ching

from here

future can return to help us

we need not say much, just to listen in

the present will be future and read from it

from here

we want to be able to keep everything in balance before they take place outer

we do what we can now ...

For in the hands of a great master no material is unproductive; he can find use for everything ... It is during times of prosperity especially that we must always be ready to risk even dangerous undertakings, such as the crossing of a river, if they are necessary. So too we must not neglect what is distant but must attend scrupulously to everything

 Theses are ...  ways in which one can overcome the hidden danger of a gradual slackening that always lurks in any time of peace. And that is how one finds the middle way for action.

- i ching

when it good/not outer, we no go up/down inner

we see first sign of imbalance on wave level

we gather as circle to neutralize it and/or place it within compassion

 "... knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world." (I Peter 5:9).

each person has own situation

but if we do it for the people who also going through same - inner and outer

and not just the mental body attachments

the power of ultimate medicine activates

then we rival "anything offered by external fortune"

and "fortune will not desert him"

- it cant get past us

no choice ; nothing to lose ; we gain merit effortlessly

- ultimate medicine 201

each student who can stand own ground gather to create a wave for all to share free

we may and/or not need it now

but "we must always be ready"

you get the point :

by time we can balance it on wave level

they are already ok

the above song is healing and soothing

a collective wave from future we to receive here

they using the song ?

and writing to link into common ground

the ultimate medicine/dharmakaya cannot be stained

one has had 5 years looking at it

our confidence/faith in it is becoming indomitable

e.g. that new matrix 11 cannot be moved 4d

that spirit is that too 5d

"you only need to trust it"


real music with true intenttions are 3/4/5d in nature


the flute melody have 3/4/5d

just because there is 3d sound

not mean the soul if heartfelt 4/5d

and vice versa

the melody not heard but felt

and believed ...

is the melody of the future

- zhu ren zhang

"we believe it"

"... while man sees what is before his eyes, God looks into the heart. Therefore a simple sacrifice offered with real piety holds a greater blessing than an impressive service without warmth."

- i ching

the sincerity is more powerful than intention



we ask and thank you for help


recovery going well ; he back home happy spirit

we thank all who helped

the lesson here : micro/macro

use the present to help that period of past

e.g.  may 22 past asked future for help

he expected us today to be reading his words then and be sending waves from now and from future - and we are

that is another option of approaching this premise

-  good teamwork

you get the point

pvf wave




if distant future were to send us a message that they not agree with way we approach our medicine ...

would we listen ?
or are we at the pinnacle of science ?

in law school the star trek generation circle were classmates

"in reality they dont look like that
they star beings"
- yomama
she was there too

they time travelers from another place/time
they have technology beyond our imagination
it similar to what we call quantum wave healing ?
that a good start



if distant future were to send us a message that they not agree with way we approach our medicine ...would we listen ?


"While facing the deer, raise your arms and swinging your jacket to appear larger and more formidable."

- online


chewpi news wildlife expert

"thank you beef"

- chewpi news

chi within compassion


when it comes to 5d inner medicine, chi is the most important ; the quality/quantity of it ; there is an art to it - an ancient one ; it more compatible with certain cultures and ways of living

the chinese culture is rooted in the tao ; the art of energy/chi/5d ; at root it free flow of yin/yang

what happened ? the dharmakaya is lost because compassion not enough ; the reverse faded

the 3 circles becomes a one way circle

it not that compassion is requirement of it

it that the chi itself is compassion ; so if one is without compassion one is not compassion

the real chi/quantum compassion wave

we call it the ultimate medicine

how is taoist different from others ?

that as human still in physical body

the chi can be so refined ... that a person can become a xian (immortal) without having to first pass on - that taoism 101 wikipedia


they enter quantum compassion

also, that chi is not subject to mental body

no matter what condition the mental body should be in - e.g. certain age etc.

that chi is always present to regenerate

and so  reverse old age return youth"

can become scientific

the only condition is that one must be old first

otherwise, there no old to reverse ; no youth to return to

if wave is balanced it is balanced

that chi is what is needed to balance 5d

not 3d machines



at the center of the black hole is a light

it consumes the dark as energy 

at center of light is a black hole

it gives the energy to the light

it all happening as one 5d movement

no coming no going

there was time/places where humor can penetrate everything in life
it all has forward/reverse flow
as kid, he had skill to see humor in everything
as inner movement, he always thinking that way

but now ...
"oh, you think that is funny...?!"
"we need to teach him a lesson"
like they all want to teach others lesson when their inner child is offended/not allowed to ...

that also why we dont say everything that comes
but if we not teach young to be flexible and stay childlike , they get old very fast, even if outer young

especially with cultures uptight/fear shame
e.g.  asian cultures
and if they want to truly bridge with other cultures
they need connect to their kid within
humor is the best way, not money/status

also, chi regenerates more when free flow in humor


the foundation of a sound business is concomitant with the integrity and dedication of its team

- funny man

the audience nods in agreement


the fong chi posture
this posture improves the chance of no laughing by 15%
- fong chi master


"was it the hotto perfume ...?

or was it william su ..."

- a deep serious voice

the hotto perfume commercial

we love our parents and would do anything to take care of them

but this is an illusion/not real

and people are actors/not parents

nothing happens when we not observing/computer generated simulation

but we to honor the sacredness of the memory

that once upon a time ...


there a purpose/benefit  for coming

even if it just symbolic

but dont take it too far

we ask guardians help

people here putting on an act

once purpose is served

you not need to stay on any longer than needed - there no one here

it a vision

it fine line between duty and honoring their memory

- future guardians

upon reflection it a vision

but we still need do what need do

and attend to outer duties

but if we less pulled inner the more benefit we can influence the waves which underlie outer

one day at a time ; we yet to finish our task

when it time is ripe we will know


this past 4 years chewpi studio been productive

now that has been complete

we can move onto a new chapter

what that is we yet know

but the future may give us a pull



ultimate medicine 201 passed

we just needed to write final words and arrange chewpi studio wriiting

it just a 4d coding

helpful perhaps to help neutralize not usable inner movements

and to stay with it

the 5d/chi practice is another art

writer and studio team bow with honor and respect


past years a buddhist spirit helping us with the writings

future tells us not to do anything more or we may miss out on an insight or two


dont know if we fading into sunset or there another rising sun

"the future may give us a pull"

"This refers to a man who has come out of needy circumstances in to comfort and freedom from want. If now, in the manner of an upstart, he tries to take his ease in comfortable surroundings that do not suit his nature ...  he is sure to bring disgrace upon himself."

- i ching

"this world is fading "

which future you want to direct your inner attention toward ?

that why not wanting to ride that carriage and instead walk our own way

- but that been a lonely path

our future wont give fuel to that mental body stream/wave

"where is it going ?"

we trust that future which has guided us


the mainstream future which is also pulling us - all those companies making up one hollywood

it easy to follow ; just ride the carriage

not all are going that way

that why we still visit venice beach

it under siege from that inner one way .

we cant choose for them

but we can present them with options

- chewpiland headquarter CA


the way into counterbalancing an inner world emerging from storm/over serious
is to move into it with even more seriousness the pvf way
e.g. zhu ren zhang flute performance is getting even more serious
people's belief in the flute melody's rising seriousness is rising in accordance with the seriousness of the heartfelt melody
-fong chi analyst #5

the hotto perfume is rising as serious business brand
we gonna talk to funny mann about it - serious business woman is gonna get serious about this serious business brand
- funny womann

if 80 pound flying chickens do exist, there nothing we can do to convince you otherwise unless you decide to take the idea seriously
- the fong chi professor

if you not serious about not laughing in the fong chi contest
you not gonna going to make it in the fong chi world
- fong chi instructor



“是 william su ……”

it was william su ...

(google translate)

"we believe it ...

because no perfume can inspire a woman's passion like that ...

or can it ..."

- a deep authoritative voice

- the hotto perfume commercial

during time of rise, even what seem negative turns into a good thing


within compassion, even counter flow is compassion

mental body traps fixation in its cycle by using the oldest trick in the book - the inner either or option

either you agree with us

or you must be this

it wont let them out of the merry go around




maybe the only way to slow the one way wheel enough to stop the hotto perfume one way momentum  ...

is by the 49/51 counter-balance ...


"it was william su ..."

- heyoka captain #6

heyoka guardians nod /listen attentively


you get the point - not "neither one", not "it was something else," not "both" etc.

but by ...

"it must be william su"

- heyoka instructor #2


the william su movie commercial

no music can inspire a women's heart that way ... so it must be the perfume ...

or is there such musician ...

william su's upcoming movie

"woman you me hot"


"The Spirit of valley is said to be immortal, she is called the Mysterious One.
The Mysterious One is typical of the source of heaven and earth.
It is continually and endlessly issuing and without effort."

-tao te ching

that  night lost

the spirit was not taken

it may be the other way

what happened not easy to understand

trickster spirit comfortable in that land

that was chewey taking over

he can travel many worlds

become many things

it is chewey's home we want to return

deathless compassion

chewey the canyon spirit/unborn luminosity

that the 5/6d - our spiritual home

chewey the chief of that spirit/place

3d display may change/shift to another 3/4/5d body/place/worlds

but the canyon spirit remains same

what we needed was just 4d knowledge/coding of a new paradigm

this we have now

our 4d cannot be taken

nor can chewey's canyon spirit

we still in hopiland - the inner earth one

this presence is permanent

it the protector of inner earth/wave field




"i heard it on oprah"

oct 2002


we are our wave ; not our age

if our wave is not old not young 

our age is still what it is

- luna

late evening canyon campfire

the circle reflects 

nods ....

chewey ... pauses ...


that how we like to remember it


在那遥远的地方 In That Distant Place

they  idiots

that writer the most gentle and kind

did all for free and ask only not be deceived

just that they reveal themselves

they took it for granted

so he took the hidden option

replaced by new 6d spirit

in same 3/4/5d

this one they may not like as much

"finish tasks agreed to here then free to go"


7-3 8pm

venice beach

the great sage was here july 2020 to july 2023 - he from realm beyond inconceivable

someone we honor and respect

the time here, he chose to live simple and humble ; as one of the ordinary


we thank and honor the sage

he likely wandering freely the universe

we thank and wish him joy



that writer a 4d manifestation of the dharmakaya/spirit


we in transition/writer spirit still linked

maybe has few parting words ?

'the sphere of compassion links into you

one cannot force oneself upon it

it is more profound  than the quantum world yet so simple

it links in when there is readiness and above all - merit'

- writer



it time for you to move on to more interesting/fun things

we will always remain as guide

- writer


writing published/downloaded so will find its way to those with yuan ; your task is complete

would have liked to see old friends again that old place ; you can send them our warm wishes

- writer


sorry we are for taking you off the grid

such that you are far removed from income streams

- writer

i'm glad you came ; "that john chu is ingenious"; he will find way back




this quantum world


-it all vision and emptiness ; how and what is each subjective

how each vision works is unique to each perception but underlying it same emptiness-

no one can explain to you except from own experience

the events here CA is also your own perceptionif you not perceive it, it not have happened

-hopi friends may be of different form - e.g. katchinas but your perceptions only allows seeing them for what you can accept


- shapeshifting here is also your own perception ; to them, they are what they are. they may not be bound by one percption as yours so able to shift for others to see, but to themselves, they remain the same

here may or may not be a state of emptiness body - only you yourself can know if experienced

the age of people here also your own perception

if you not see it that way

we dont need be that age

the rules of reality of that world you from need not apply this world

- la lady


that the hidden option we looking for

that they need not age further linearly in our own vision ?


this is not real (49/51)

"The hedge opens; there is no entanglement."

- i ching


we no need of going anywhere
it all a vision
not really matter if we stay on or return to past and/or go to a non body state
- to dharmakaya, it makes no difference

the wanting to exit was from that writer

his task was done

now it more clear to us


in vision, None of them exist prior to my arriving here to observe

the apparitions have no antecedent cause

- tourist

in vision, if we in/observing venice beach

then seattle dont exist at this time

- venice beach lady

neither does everything outside of this scene/view

- venice beach dude




sambogakaya is inner vision

anything everything can be changed

it just own simulation ; there no limitations

that the sphere of compassion/akanishita

eventually everyone here

sambogakaya retinue of xians to be

stays not young not old

that the real nature of the wave here

if old now, will gravitate into that chi

if young now, will also gravitate to that chi


this the programming place

we learn together to master this wave field within sphere of compassion

what is uneven within evenness

what is not yet within compassion within compassion

e.g. say parents in 3031 looks same difference to 2023 as we in 2023 look same difference to 215

that would be same possible

then their circle friends want to follow that current ; then circles and circles

100 years from now

we/they say it changed in 2023 when writer came down to help them in LA

the future waited that journey to pass back the needed knowledge

micro/macro like when turn 35

the tide must turn


the pvf wave

our body is a wave (49/51)

wave can be influenced, not commanded

e.g. a  short story or joke can influence it more beneficial than mental body repeated commands/wants etc.
chi returning to the source where it springs vs.

scattered throughout



why present moment memory seem so real ?

it is because we cant yet see it as inner movement

why upon reflection it easier to see it as illusion/vision vs. if it just 10 minutes ago ?

both are inner movements


pvf wave

saying hey you look younger is a way to activate that alternative current

the ones  that is here now is ...

it  been rising in puget sound, the spirit of it

but here in la, people not as responsive  ...

so one saying it less

but worth trying

we bow with honor and respect




if wave is pvf

pvf is wave is pvf

"and the moon and the stars are the same ones we see it the same old sun up in the sky"

the moon/stars/sun not same today as 1990 ?

it the same dharmakaya


sprained right  knee a little

wonder what it means in vision ?

dad is fine ; only pain little his right knee

- maybe a connection there ?

we ask for guidance


"...since it is the time of increase, even this misfortune, which is not accidental but comes upon one from inner causes, must serve to good ends" - i ching

that is has an inner cause and a compassion purpose to it


that knee sensation is energy

because in vision, there no body

it a 5d negative energy we no want ; that is all


there a mental body  ; it has a 5d knee sensation which has  4d antecedent  cause

and to those within that inner cycle 4d
they believe  body being just 3d - that as inner, there a cause and so it real and cause cannot be changed etc..

point is - they believe mental body past cannot be altered by present


so first need see it for what it is

a present inner movement

a negative energy which needs removing

not something which has an actual past/antecedent cause

are you certain it happened ? this just a vision

without this knowledge, we be purifying while leaking/allowing negative energy as antecedent cause to get back on first base

with this knowing/understanding

we may have bush cut scar, but what does that have to do with present mental body 4d memory ?


then as inner ... we no need inner future effect

we no need inner past cause

you get the point

we only need to remove that negative energy 5d

which is there in present

we are fortunate to deal with it this way

like the bush cut 5-12 - it compassion

that we see clear now 


how to remove that negative energy

is micro/macro

e.g. hanuman mantra removing negative energy

this 3/4/5d has yuan with him so we listen to it

everyone different ; we still researching 5d art


it is important to discriminate between mental body's mind, which is just a small part of inner movement vs. the inner movement

reveal its source and neutralize/turn it off

that guardians task to hold ground - be here yet not of them, while let future guardians find their way to us and through them



if say knee is fine we give reinforcement to reality of mental body

vs. say negative energy is neutralized  - the sensation is not there but yet immune from that energy ; so caution and perseverance


in vision, there no body ; so if get pulled by mental body as real/outer , then it already uneveness as foundation - then next inner circle pulled from it : even if it fine it still within uneveness

you get the point

how to place that energy within compassion

in vision, there no organs because there no body

what is inner ground seen as outer

e.g. if lucid in dreamthis earth we see is vision/dream

if there knee sprain, there no body underlying it

it just negative energy felt within mental body


once we can 4d stop it, we lessen the leak/antecedent cause, and if we can also find the optimal way to remove 5d negative energy

then doing both may lead to reversal of state where leak/purification is greater/lesser than increase/decrease ... into a state where

leak/purification is lesser/greater than increase/decrease

this takes work and collective gathering

yet begins within each individual's inner


because we see this inner LA as outer

we allow outer forces to entangle and install its own movement into our root mind

thus an illusion can be created ; but in our situation, maybe the creator of it is trying to help us see the illusion so can be free of it once and for all, and then help others do same

the 4d of compassion


then that "outer" LA keep wants to pull our inner chi into its matrix ; whether its energy is what one wants as own inner is for each to decide

e.g. if not pulled by it but by dharmakaya

then we pull it ; not it us

the deeper the duty, the deeper the emptiness

cant go forward nor retreat, but can inner detach

there may come a time when chewpi studio ripens

it anchors into dharmakaya is deep enough ...

the illusion gets pulled down

gently and gradually allowing the increase to become more than the decrease

illusion may/may not still be there but it is within compassion

 if we look at the many dreams written e.g. in new matrix 12 - they just present memories and never happened and/or not of antecedent cause
writings that talks of events outside dream
Why they seem real when they just inner movement ?
Why same present memory has more antecedent cause over the present inner movement ?


"... through movement and the awakening within of the requisite insight, one frees oneself from oppression."

- i ching


light scar remains from may bush cut ; remember the sensations etc., but we not certain it happened


the display is there not only  because of the memory of past event ; in vision//dream, the memory and the cut are concomitant  present 4/5d and 3d

within endless space, there only what is in front

then where why really caused the display ?




if you also lost and drifting for 8 hours in darkness of canyon

and you suddenly see trace of our fire and chewey sitting by it

you would not care of his name race age nationality fashion or believes

you get the point

the kindred spirits of inner free 

sambogakaya appeared to us july 2020

we walked in from a vision within their field

so the time/place of it is not important

this the permanent place ;  nowhere to go beyond - it dharmadatu

the years before the guardian realms

part sambogakaya/part nirmanakaya


it all a vision, including your dad and events

- la lady

these fields are ...  luminosity of self-experience. If such things are examined, none of their individuating characteristics exist."

- longchenpa


each step/day we get closer

removing the veil

it helpful parents give guidance that they in 21st century not here and nothing here influences them there

- otherwise, we cant be sure

that we free to move forward

"you definitely want to go deeper"

it a closure


a part of us already there

what that place is we no need know

the part of us yet there is secondary

like the tail

this CA vision another step

return to innocence/ home


Sambhogakāya is a "subtle body of limitless form".

- wikipedia

"it comes down to whether you can master the simulation

the potential is there ; others have done so 

it just your own vision"

- frank

on whether can make parents stronger when 90 than today

i would need to re-activate that wave in this place"

- john


first thing to do

remove/take over anyone trying to project their control/crossing line  into our  inner

e.g. airport vision makers

- hanuman


it like kung fu world movies

the clans want to pull/take others energy

energy is power

some try to take ; some gives

but you need to first have the defense against those trying to take

or it not possible to have the power to master your own reality

it is potentially possible to change the dna and rules of physics if you can overcome the energy that makes up it

it your own vision

- frank



if can learn to master this wave field

can go to / change of vision places and do same - like Q of star trek

but we will first need play defense - not have our energy taken by these inner vampires

otherwise we wont have the power/energy/strength to make the necessary transformation of energy

guardians working overtime to clear the path for world of joy to emerge

"there is only next hour"


what we see as outer body is really subtle 5d inner movement/sensations 

it not other's fears/but own reflection

the best way to help them is to neutralize/see them as inner movement

"If a man remains at the mercy of moods of hope or fear aroused by the outer world, he loses his inner consistency of character..."

- i ching


01-02- Miracles.mp3

no need go to heaven

nor for anyone to reveal



medicine of wisdom

because mental body is inner movement

mental body brain is also inner movement

in vision, it all energy

in other words

energy which makes up the brain is an inner movement - a  luminosity

the point is :

inner movement can regenerate


to have power of wisdom increase faster than mental body one way  energy ...

once get pulled in

the best can do is to be the best brain energy among your peers/age group

if one is 80, why cant be smarter at 90 ?

reactivates the dna with the ultimate medicine


the chi of compassion


a pattern of though beyond the mental body brain

there a energy of brain which is different from mental body's brain

it not of  mental body's brain energy

kind like buddhas not part of it

it the energy/chi of brain within compassion

if one is free of mental body brain -  an inner movement

then there the power of intelligence - it an energy of the compassion body's brain

that what the dharmakaya circle link together with - it same chi of compassion

inner body is a wave

zhu ren zhang's flute playing wave is indestructible

the confidence cannot be shaken

imagine inner body wave to be same

it just own inner movement

vajra 3d is reflection of vajra 4/5d

dharmakaya  cannot be stained


ideally, the 64 i ching hexagrams freely move in/out of eachother. otherwise, the wave is blocked ;  after awhile, if only few patterns are allowed at root/brain wave, then it may feel like a blank state with no movement vs. if it all free flowing, it a root field with creative movement


if we can re-activate it at root level

get it flowing again so it can again regenerate 

how that is done is less through words/actions than it is through understanding


something/one would need to introduce the power of wisdom into the wave field

we ask for guidance


you get the point : the potential is there ; need be done from 4d/5d field 



hanuman has many nicknames

e.g. cheerful ; lord of monkeys ; reliever of all ailments - he has the power

we ask him to look after parents


shi wei chu is the best

sho mei chu is the best

frank chu is the best


recovery going well

regaining strength, weight and clarity

each week improving

we thank all helped 3/4/5d

future simply tell us to keep writing what comes

they are all watching/reading this from future

sending waves of compassion/pvf



his latest scan "encouraging signs"

- frank


our task in LA complete

when first arrived 6-14 wasnt sure if could complete it 

we trust hanuman now ; it was his power ...



"A time of blessing and enrichment has such powerful effects that even events ordinarily unfortunate must turn out to the advantage of those affected by them ..."

- i ching

this and peace the two messages from i ching  

didnt understand it then ; it saying maybe because of this, future may get even better



"you are free to go"



we can use a break


if you to take on new project

there should be a high threshold because ... (there no one here)

if i were you, would just stay put

- frank

only if it comes to you and it so ... amazing

- mic

only if there a purpose 



"Love is a magic word, ooh, yeah, few ever find in a lifetime"

remember eddie 90's wisely said love is very rare and my parents "they found each other"

people under-estimate the importance of such synergy has on the community at large

- in a subconsciously way

e.g. geraldine/tino the center of village

it what "holds the world together"




protectors/guardians of 3d 4d and 5d are needed during this ... inner uneven time

if one is not big 3d ; one can still be strong 4d

vice versa

"we all need to step up"



zhu tai ming !

guardians captain 3/4/5d

zhong xiao inner kung fu clan


jason visiting grandparents this week

we welcome him

LA chewpiland rise to cheer

- chewpiland headquarter LA


oakland motel

 tacoma 1977

"welcome ...

may the force be with you"

- 1977 chewpiland 

chewpiland chateu cupertino 2023

pg - 13

"welcome ; you are fine"

- chewpiland 2025

鳳飛飛祝你幸福Coden Official Audio MV

"one who can wield the fong chi sword can make anyone laugh"


it has been two months since mom and dad moved into chateau cupertino ; just minutes from frank/mindy (above photo 11-24)

it is working out well  ; they have dining hall for all ; so no need cook ; people are very nice ; they socializing ; dad recovery going well

we thank all who helped


akanishita sambogakaya
The inner luminosity of Compassion

so far there not much to do here

- purpose/direction ; like we just waiting 

the pull of home base is the direction

"this place is brief"


the messages from bison

-  "the ship may come around again"

- "the old man is not here'

"this place no good/evil ; it neutral"

like we got on a ride/transport at gompa

they let us off somewhere new ?

if so ... it was 7-19 tow truck driver ?


calm ocean 5d is how describe this place

people past feel not here anymore

"i would stay put ; this a middle stop ; if you need to go somewhere, you'll get a feeling"

- bison 


no pull from future to do anything 

we yet at the quantum realm they speak of

"you getting close (to that realm) ; may have to make another trip"

- yolanda



to stay put for now until there more clarity 

we still settling down

"A man who halts at the beginning ... finds the right way." - i ching


the 3d now feel more like a layer the more deepen into compassion vs. past where it is more stationary/immovable

the energy neutralizing on its own

"it is here that adventitious stains are naturally cleansed away"



this place makes us reminisce

it easy to forget we not in past world anymore

if john of past able to see our path now

what would he advise us ?

"once make peace with your past then let go.

because they not there

what important to us here is the feeling you are fine and have arrived where you want to go

so keep going and dont look back

we all cheering for you"



quantum compassion

dream of city looking for car/dont know where
Then idea emerged to  focus on the car and the scene shifted to inside my car driving at a another place



"in the quantum realm, even your own body would effectively scatter across all of existence until you actually looked down to view it ... Believe you can walk through a wall, and you will."

- online

it all our inner movement in present moment

there need not be antecedent cause to create the limit

"You, like all the particles around yoo, now exist in all possible places at once… So, if you close your eyes and picture yourself on a desert island, you’d feasibly end up there."

- online

the particles /places not there until observed

all places exists as potential right in front of us

like dream shifting to another place driving

it the same moment / dream


quality vs. quantity

it not the outer display details most important

but the quality of the wave/within compassion

e.g. if  power to create fancy car house etc but without inner quality - inner still lacking

point is : dont seek it but if it there it there


the sphere of compassion can exist inside quantum or newton ; people both sides equal within it

if compassion but without quantum knowledge

the quantum people within compassion will share 


advise of i ching to stay humble

dont let that power replace what needed done within

that be riding the power carriage



this place the inner 21st century vision/spell not reinforced/given fuel  4/5d like before

making it easier to neutralize ; the veil begins to clear

Mental body mind’s money energy pulls everyone because an option not shown to work just as effectively to reflect same outer money ;

how to become immune to mental body's money energy  is also how deep capacity one has  of power of abundance

"after one spray

they started dancing inside  ..."

- deep serious voice

"after two ... dancing outside

seeking the attention of the hottoed ..."

the hotto perfume commercial ...

- the fong chi narrator

(this one is fong chi 301)

there no one from past here

"even the guardians are not linked to this place"

- bison

This is the time of solitary dharmakaya

- longchenpa



manjushri was "that" writer 

we thank that writer and look forward to seeing him again

the quality of that dharmakaya writing came from him and later will be more evident of its depth 

writer was filled with joy upon each gifts of insight - but not competent to relay its meaning 

- but we have written the code


this place is a place to stop and reflect 

let what is still behind catch up

to first 5d "settle down"


gompa task was to transport

"you dont need return there again"

walpi may be a place to return to that home

"but you dont have to go from there"

- la lady


many currents, especially strong ones, will pull "comrades" to inner move into its inner current

"... the comrade, is forced by the situation to move, hence cannot understand why ... stays calm...the difference of behavior is the result of the difference in place. Therefore one must be wholly independent in one's actions"

- i ching

if pulled by this teaching instead

one is in a different inner place

and therefore "one must be wholly independent in one's action" - "they cannot understand why"


it took us little time to settle down

this place now free of that pressure/control one feels within old man's matrix

we thank all who helped



dream far east hotel/dorm looking for passport early am ; "there is still time" 

waiting go 6pm airport flight home 



writing to la lady before 8-8-21  vs. since aug - it feels we different sphere ; it not/less link ?


they not here anymore

like backpack lifted 

"they are not at this place" - bison


like 12 hour stop over hawaii flight tokyo to seattle at sunrise - they are not here ; there nothing to do ; future has no pull

rent a car and go beach to eat and sleep

no coming no going ... 



"when heaven and earth close, the able man withdraws into the dark"

"this naturally brings about a certain isolation, but it frees one of obligations."

- i ching

deepening of compassion

5d compassion is not just non-binary/wuchi/energy beyond etc.

but a medicine/purifying effect  ; otherwise, it may be powerful but it not of this sphere

- 8-15-23(5-15-98 chewpiland)


inner fragile city human body vs. inner strong natural primate body ; both are waves which underlies the 3d body - it new every moment 

that how describe hanuman 5d/inner body

5d within compassion


now looking at 5-12 bush cut - it seems more as  "just inner/did it happen ?" vs. just days after it seems outer/did happen. why ?


we know that future be reading matrix 13/14 

e.g. we today telling him june they are fine

to focus on this future and not others

we tend gravitate to direction of  antecedent cause  ; but if can neutralize its pull then we can make a better choice 

e.g. we see parents as  healthy and happy at 90 even stronger than they are today


similarly, age little matter here ; there only present waves/no past ; one is what one observes oneself ; "hey you look younger" is 49/51 to how we are  programmed to observe ourself



so long we see body as outer movement

we yet immune to that mental knee/body energy, even if it neutralized ; in vision. there is no knee/brain/body beyond inner movement


pay less attention to form and more to content


inner moved outer stationary ; outer moved inner stationary ; nothing moved yet everything changed ; nothing changed yet everything moved


so if close eyes the 3d we see is inner 4d

if open eyes the 3d we see is ripening of inner/luminosity ; already happened inner/wave field ; point is : realization of this means conquering the 3 ; we just havent mastered 4/5d


in an illusion/dream/vision

what is real/not real may not be as important as 

what has antecedent cause

how to be free of mental body antecedent cause


we went to CA vs. CA shifted into our view

we are 3d moving vs. 3d moving relative to us 

same moment experiencing different vision

vs.  vision of seattle/ca different moments ; to the two different grounds, they are distinct moments  vs. to that same moment, nothing happened



to endless space, there only what is here

past/future we not certain it happened

same different digital like places on same screen

by first returning to endless space

we can travel to any relative space fields


"resistance is futile

you will laugh"

the big foot clan 

"the fong chi monsters"

arriving at fong chi

From within the space of inner luminosity, dharmata, comes the appearance of sambhogakaya... the external luminosity of self-appearance.

- longchenpa

how "comes the appearance of sambogakaya" and how this 3d appearance transforms  is what is interesting

"If the conscious basis for the arising of the appearance of form is extinguished, then ... the appearance of form would also extinguish."

- online

if basis of inner movement/ground of mental body 4/5d - which has been the basis of appearance transforms from memory to unborn luminosity... then the appearance of forms 3d would also transform



the ground energy here is "unborn luminosity" and so that outer luminosity is more easily discriminated from inner ground e.g. seattle

no coming/going ; past/future dense/light

"without increase decrease" etc.

like deep ocean

does the water move if one stirs it ?


no need to eat, sleep

there no need go bathroom "so the body there no need for/not have (private parts)"

- guide


as inner, either there is yang or yin

vs. no yang no yin


it is beyond the old man's place


this place is different

the 5d is deeper and so more (subconsciously) calm like deep ocean

"this (5d) background calm is same/similar to that sambogakaya field

- bison

that calm/luminosity needs nothing from other fields/like a dense myst that is just there



the luminosity of emptiness is there so long emptiness is there

it not new to us  ; "you bring that place with you"


it like the lotus cloud they sit/stand on

a luminosity with creative wisdom 


"... important to all pure abodes is the 'Source' ...  from which they dwell and which supports them ... the primordial purity of the lotus which supports the mandala..."

- wikipedia


this place is different ; no need do anything, go anywhere, even your writing. what is interesting is what will be next 

- bison



"they dropped you off so their task is done

where you go next only you can enter"

- guide


they not here anymore but it important you keep writing - to complete the bridge 

- bison



this place like someone else's house ; you still need move on ; there home base you have where they cant enter unless invited

- yolanda

One should wait quietly until one is impelled to action by a real influence.

- i ching



plant a compassion seed, then 

"whatever will be will be"


"The first thing to be considered is our inner attitude toward the new condition that will inevitably come. We have to go out to meet it, as it were. Only in this way can it be prepared for."

- i ching


you would have found your way back here on your own - bison


the quality of people here is pvf

"you can tell by the way they treat you"

- la lady

we beginning to trust this place 


our present tells past - may 2023 :

you should go LA ; there are purposes to it

but if you choose not go  - it be ok ; nothing happened ; no one in need of help  it an illusion


we understanding the map/gathering our options

sambogakaya appearing is one of them but not the only one - we follow compassion


"It is attracted by ...  looks up with enthusiasm ... however, it loses its independence ..."

- i ching

not to rely on just one view/approach