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2017 (d)


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"Here we have the most intimate mutual approach ...

The bond uniting them is their common central course"

- the story teller

guests photos here/video of them saying it in unison

your wedding/honeymoon photos here

your photos before wedding

(pick reverse e.g. lonely  crying )

your photo after wedding

(pick rising e.g. happy hugging )

"wow ... so romantic  ..."

- the villagers

the story teller nods in agreement



round one :

in this fong chi contest

the original chicken people  

having won the toss

choose to play defense first ...

the hopi book club 


"the arrival of the technicians ..."

as inner

compassion is compressed as diamond - more dense than other energies yet softer than water

making dense energy less dense etc.

"it is very small"



link into 2004

there a set of notes

2-18-04 to 3-7-05

on compassion 

in it contains the  reason why universal compassion is secret to longevity

that circle all still here

and is our pioneers and/or front line

"the defense must hold ..."

how to send reinforcement from the future ?

one of the original circle

buddhist community may recognize ...

met 20 years ago - this photo two weeks ago

he step ahead of even master hu

... that the understanding is ancient and need no high tech - if attained realization of it, one side too far

use other side

how old he is "they don't have to know"

"so you've seen gray hair returns dark ...?"

he smiles

"you've seen people levitate ?"

​"yes ..."

​"how ...?"

​"it cannot be explained in words ..."

they are reluctant and shy

nothing to prove

but at this time of confusion

the knowledge is what will set balance right

if hopis emerged

if writer showed himself

they will join

the one standing next

you may  recognize his voice

and if you believe he is long kong fu ...

then meet ghengis khan 


rural mongolia ...

they actually yet to have a toilet 

fisher exports sales dude 

first business deal with mongolia 

here they take a photo to commensurate the occasion as technicians arrive

fong chi ...

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