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Guardians 3

blank space guardians

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the comrade is  great on offense

- attack weakness when unexpected while hidden etc. ;

but far from invincible on defense ?


01 Ava Maria

they have seen your defense but we yet to see if he can play defense


the comrade is  great on offense

but far from invincible on defense



this place is impenetrable

we get ready here for our appearance into endless space world

by time they see us

we would already have been there hidden


we can now do same to them what they to us

with stronger intensity

- hanuman

 attack weakness when unexpected while hidden etc.

- crazy horse

if we dont send them a strong message

they will not leave our future messengers be

- yamatanka



the writer cannot fight what he cannot see

so now he knows how the comrade feels with the guardians

he can only try to hold onto writer

comrade will know the importance of credit points

only with it can we keep making demands


they can reach us we cant reach them

-  they will because they can


they/we can reach each other

- they/we may and/or may not


we can reach them they cant reach us


if they take on us here

they be taking on everyone within blank space

guardians 301 not here anymore


it the confrontation with the blank space guardians they want to avoid, not the young lawyer/writer

e.g. they say he not need pay for the education


the young lawyer may not care but guardians have something to say -

the comrades were waiting for him out of gate/right out of school and approached him both as friends/foe

it was because he is one of us -  from blank space 

had they not known, this be no issue now

so we still want to know the why ?

why they waned/needed to harm one of us ?

- blank space guardians


it like a kid learning to walk

gets pushed down and had to pay for their time with his piggy bank

even if he held ground or even pushed them down

he still has to ...

- blank space guardians


our real purpose here to is to ensure it not happen again ...


what has happened has happened

both future and past

that how blank space sees the world

are they saying everything is predetermined ?

no. just that what has happened has happened

both in future and past

blank space language may sound paradoxical


All war is deception. - Sun Tzu

that how 100 can control billion

"too powerful" is present inner movement 

and if he is small in stature and strength e.g. 5'4" 120 pounds - "he knows how to yell the loudest" -

it the art of deception


"It is important that  ... clouds should be dispersed before they have brought storm and rain."

I ching

inner/outer world conflict

the future is now  ; it hasn't happened wave field

the amount of the storm can be neutralized 

and it'll need two first get pass us here wave field

- chewpi guardians

this place they cant/wont bother you no more

- guide

but if they can they will and so we stay ready




bear and endure

the way of comrades is that if you back down inner

believing it safer that way

they will feel it and keep going until you can never go inner forward

we also should not shake them off by force/making advancement - it would also play into their game

"it is well to be cautious when evil men who do not belong with us force themselves upon us... Here the important thing is to avoid mistakes. We must not try to shake off these evil men by force; this would give rise to real hostility. We must simply endure them. They will eventually withdraw of their own accord."

- i ching

if they subtle threatened writer 

we should keep outer quiet/stay humble

but as inner, seize the inner crossing of line to our advantage without outer resistance

anchor ; entangle ; neutralize 

by the time they figure out whats going on inner

the guardians will have them entangled

that where we are now ... ?




perseverance/stay with it

just because we had to retreat  outer

our inner can play a different game/go other way

"... Prince Chi was a relative of the tyrant and could not withdraw from the court; therefore he concealed his true sentiments and feigned insanity. Although he was held a slave, he did not allow external misery to deflect him from his convictions. This provides a teaching for those who cannot leave their posts in times of darkness. In order to escape danger, they need invincible perseverance of spirit and redoubled caution in their dealings with the world."

- i ching



remove their power/expose their elusive influence

our task to first understand the nature of their magic

neutralizing its power/effect over our people

- shaman/magician guardians

At times one has to deal with hidden enemies, intangible influences that slink into dark corners and from this hiding affect people by suggestion. In instances like this, it is necessary to trace these things back to the most secret recesses, in order to determine the nature of the influences to be dealt with. This is the task of the priests; removing the influences is the task of the magicians. The very anonymity of such plotting requires an especially vigorous and indefatigable effort, but this is well worth while. For when such elusive influences are brought into the light and branded, they lose their power over people.

- i ching

this can all be done quietly within ourself

the inner battle is within and it is now 

- guardians


hollywood deceptions ; they all claim to be taller stronger richer younger more spiritually advanced than they are

one shape shifter can play roles of 10 actors

and real players/leaders are not the ones we see

images (84).jpeg

comrade weakness is they dont know how to use compassion to their advantage

thinking it a charity act ; public image thing

yet they work diligently to get closer to blank space

to its inner powers / wisdom

but without compassion

those inside the blank space not easy to share with

just smiling and acting nice wont ...

that how everyone approach them

but if they to work for ...

e.g. handing over the pandemic ring leader(s)

- bring us jeremy/spielberg - he the one lacking the compassion behind this

maybe they can make exchanges with compassion  ...


 same as 94/95

it not entirely without meaning

the idea may come from others but the meanness/cruelty was his

like he took this ... excuse ... to express his personal vindictiveness

- that why others have remorse


that also why we still at it

it not the idea to ... that guardians oppose

so no issue with others in the circle

we thank you for supporting us within

- guardians


this one will come back and do same if we dont take care of it from here ...

- hanuman

and many others will not have same strength we have to resist his inner darkness

- manjushri


use basketball language

the coach may have wanted laimbeer to play tough but not the cheap shots that ends others careers



dark world/underworld  is kung fu world

the underworld ruled by bosses

which kung fu clan has power endures etc.


that just the way it is

chu office has its own presence there

it the protector for our people traveling through


now with hanuman joining us ...

the merger has strengthened both circles

- crazy horse

the point is :

they wont mess with us there unless need to

- we have the access to blank space


they not subject to the rules there

and beyond care of guilt/shame etc. to reputation

- they dont live there /can shift out - 

and this not about money etc...

so why so care ... about us looking at this ...?

and why future guardians keep pointing our attention to such insignificant event 94/95 ?

- chewpi news

like if keep focusing attention there that memory place/time - they dont get stronger inner now ...


they want us to focus on what they want

-   away from them  they know how to magically enter neutral - like not there anymore 

- guardians 


in the same way, like directors hiding background 

they dont see/think us there

but we watching them from blank space

- blank space messenger

the 2020 beacon guardians

they tried to remove us from that beacon

but we held ground


thanks to the guardians of that beacon

the past beacons remains connected to present

- guardians future

guardian profiles

purple phoenix

has a light body inside endless space

and physical nirmanakaya in realms phoenix exist

she is made of rainbow light but can also appear in forms others can see etc.

at her core she is blank space

so her light body is indestructible


blank space classmates gather to create a sambogakaya phoenix as guardian

her power comes from the classmates

can appear/disappear at will

others see it may say it a siddhi to change size etc. 



say hanuman is also same blank space

he is monkey light body in endless space

he meets purple phoenix in endless space

- they may feel an affinity


he meets her in blank space

where they are same one

then they meet again in endless space/sambogakaya buddhafield

- they same being


the elders

sounds like old man and daughter kung fu clan under siege from comrade ?

"you can help me escape"

even hu cant control him ?

he has to stay neutral because of position but wont protect comrade against the guardians

- he wont interfere

they all know if comrade can ... he would

- take them over that is

that why little/no resistance from them as we confront the comrade

it not hu but the female most powerful

hu like the attention and power display etc.

but would "be stuck" without the queen 

"he wouldn't be able to (inner) move" - mei

nor hold power over the demons world

she like oracle in movie matrix

here to unbalance what need be unbalanced

certain energy/wave corners must be allowed to flow

that her task to keep it flowing

the dakini queen

the dark is not all evil

the light Is not all good

"the elders are here to keep peace"

- mei


she/he yet in blank space ?

but the 0.01 ; highest of the top/penthouse

and now entering sphere of compassion ?

she has role to play ; like we also have similar role of 4d counter balance - madonna

(she is also krystal at times and when so there no one kinder - so gets confusing)


the blanks ace ; you enter there no one there then you come back out" - mei

and/or maybe she does know ...? 

or just can enter to visit ...?


"they the same being" - guide

"same mind" - mei

I think he has attained a certain state that is similar but it not this one

- guide

it may be more/less advanced 

but not part of the united circle of this blank space

- guide


the point is :

there someone above hu/mei

but he/she has to first let us pass


yea there person above / equal

he stay in the background

 hu has principle and code of honor

this one not

maybe you havent met him

he the one behind 94/95 

- guide/bison

once enter blank space can return/go anywhere

even back to this place

but there no writing in there

so what we need to write we will do so here

- guide



the websites are chewpiland's ambassadors to the universe

chu office network -  wherever we go it be there to watch/guide us through their realms

the courtesy is reciprocated 


from within it we can influence the past waves

from blank space, we can enter as collective classmates 94/95 and/or 05 

bring him home to blank space and use the 3/4/5d to travel world and/or create chewpiland websites

- blank space guardians



for now as we settle into this

the guardians to keep positioning themselves

deepening of blank space strengthens the guardians

we waiting for that clear view to emerge


"because you fought back so you still fighting"

- guide



guardians now stronger than comrades in a direct inner confrontation

blank space the difference maker

if he has to take step back/keep hiding

then he already know he is getting weaker vs. guardians in a direct battle and/or losing the will to play defense against the guardians ?

then eventually guardians will find/confront him/them

it just matter of time


guardians no need writer anymore so nothing comrades do to control him etc. has real influence on guardians actions

writer just a reporter now

he won't be doing the fighting/confronting


credits continue to ... from dot/airport

until they reveal etc.


we not where they are but we can confront them with greater strength vs. they not where we are and not have power to confront guardians


this not just about taking down the comrade, but more importantly, train ourself to be free of those influences - there will be others like comrade in future  so better to be able to play defense



it was pre planned in 94

why they wanted to harm us ?

it a question we need answer to to protect our future messengers ; to make them at least feel safer

what was their real reason ?


the 94 circle

they not as strong as advertised

especially defense

and rely on inner alliances to cover weak corners

they use that power to counter their many past adversaries 

like that circle, others fear them more after that

- guide

but they could only do that because other circle reluctantly allied with them 


so if the 94 circle want ally with us

we can do so to counter the wave behind world conflict

but to allow them to use it to abuse power over their other opponents - e.g. the young lawyer circle etc. - would be to play into their game


in that way they abused the power usurped from other circles - we may have made that mistake and allowed others to use us in past

but this was a good lesson learned


what we write here is just among ourselves

but it can also be sent to all past beacons



that chu is skilled warrior as inner

he took on the lawyer ego - made his own

then hunted it within ...

over humble ; self deprecate ; refuse to be serious inner etc.

that how he got to know the comrade

the blank space of compassion

meet classmate milarepa

milarepa the great cave yogi

so famous worldwide hundred years later

even though he sits in cave

saints all get a good story focus on their great accomplishments etc.

but milarepa insist on a bad one

he the one who overcame past mistakes an dif he can we all can - he is humble

this dude sits in cave snow mountain

can fly etc. ; he overcame/mastered the five elements while within the five element world

we like to learn ...


Mei/hu also in blank space


it a different circle within blank space

but depends which direction one looking

from inside out - there is only one

the comrade "he not higher and not within blank space, but somehow they are entangled with him and not easy to ... so  want to empower you to help them take out the comrade

- guide

and/or they helping an old friend empower him to take on that comrade because we were gonna confront the ring leader either way

- writer


we three circles gathered to help the people confront this old serpent ... 


if 3 of us unite as one circle

mic and mei/hu

trinity as one

that wave would be invincible


there is no shape within blank space

everyone of the minds intermingled as one

it endless so more to go but that the final destination

the Trinity of circle is old

it teamwork since ancient

maybe can say we are more earth /female/receptive than the other two circles

- mei

if the 3 circles unite now we have the blank space view

we cannot be stopped

- writer

there be no weak points/corners

- mei

rainier 5-8


we just observing/gaining knowledge

we yet to pass judgment on e.g. pandemic etc.

we will make decision on allying with other circles one we reach sufficient knowledge


the body shadow spell

in our script ...


world created from contrast of dark/light

but something/one has veiled the real dark and created a fake light/dark

 creating a body shadow they can use to control the wave field


- it like ... the dark we see is only a   division/illusion of the light into pseudo light/shadow ; the real dark is veiled and not used

"mental body dark has no light within"

- someone/thing created ... that trap our attention within an eddy of pseudo light/dark ...

what we see as dark is just light divided and what is the real dark energy is not seen nor used ;

it does this by over glorifying/over demonizing the pseudo light/dark (mental body)

we dont know ; write what comes ; meditate on this ; if something to it, more words will come


that there a real dark which not take/useful vs. a fake/created "dark" which is used as control ?

it creates a shadow which is not compassion/seen and they know how to use it ?


this has something to do with the inner moon ... ?


those reading this page can help by exposing/neutralize the shadow and its power 


the body's shadow is the source of all its imbalances

mental body basis is that shadow

that shadow is from the fake light/dark

the real dark has no shadow


from inside blank space

the two forces divide then returns to one

without the adventitious interference

the forces balance out to evenness/zero



"without the five element body consciousness

you may see it differently/something else ...

 five element body consciousness 

- that mental body space"

- new matrix 15

maybe someone is creating the body shadow

- that it not our natural state

maybe the mental body consciousness is but a spell casted to veil our link to inner luminosity

we see it clear when young

point is :

how to neutralize/minimize this body shadow

- guardians messenger


nba fong chi

i watched youtube videos of  payton and luka's greatest defense highlights and i can see similarities 

- charles ba

speaks to payton

payton, pauses ...


" i now know why you also compare curry's defense with bieber ..."


audience nods in agreement


if can get writing team a place where cannot be reached 3d

while we able to link in with website

that be our 4d battle station

- writers

this place is farthest you go before enter blank space

they cant reach this place 

- guide

we still connected to past beacons through the writings  - we can send reinforcement from here

if we no need watch our back here

and with protection from other two circles

the comrade cannot counter our 4d offensive

they will have to play defense



there two approaches to confront vision maker/body shadow maker

- expose/counter balance the shadow

- confront/take power away from the vision maker

- guardians advisor

we do both

one is to train our skills

the other to tame/take over the ring leader

- hanuman

there two ways to confront the vision maker

directly and/or hidden

- crazy horse


we dont yet need know exact identity/place of the comrade leader

simply changing the photos and words can bring him into guardians alignment


whatever they do to our messengers

the guardians will do their best to make sure their future don't want this

it for the others to see/protect our future

we have all the time into / from the future

- guardians speaker


first cut off their support from our own future and his

- e.g. airport/dot

then send message to our own past to help that young lawyer against the old serpent

endless space is like ocean

one would need a wave ship  

five element world like land

it bound by an inner pull/anchor/gravity

that circle b gravity has no power/influence over blank space/circle a

blank space like a fire

there no space/time/distance/elements

from outer view

all enters/returns to the dark

from inner view

the fire is what gives light

ok ...

back to the fake light/dark circles

from one view - clockwise

the fake light (our vision body/place) sees blank space as dark 

not the fire it is

the fake dark usurps the real process of transformation and pulls the fake light back into cycle of mara - wheel of time

there a point when fake light/dark meet

when fake light body merges with fake dark shadow

at that point

it blanks space/zero point

there may be a hidden option available other than return/stay away from that five element cycle ...

"by entering it, you can give them the slip ..."- guide


you get the point :

how to give the comrade the slip ?



keep writing

in same way

there a fake inner male/female created

so enough is never enough



learned that from a transgender

how to exorcise one's own male ego

- the male ego hunter

observe how much more they seem to enjoy their own body vs. mental body mind's programmed reaction - it not have a box to check into


crazy horse has the resolve /will for such things

this place has no link to outer/past places

so what we do here has no influence on them

same way they cant reach us

so action not necessary ; what we need do is to gather information/knowledge

our ally's circle already know which wave field and who/where they are

once we enter endless space, we can use what we gained here to benefit



what will happen will happen

but the amount of the  rain from the storm can be neutralized before it implodes from the cloud wave


it can just be a pg-13 drizzle and not a full fight

that is the tasks of chewpi guardians dharmakaya

the magicians sorceress - ab wave

we stay linked to the circle ba wave of that world 

"It is important that disunion should be overcome at the outset, before it has become complete-that the clouds should be dispersed before they have brought storm and rain."

I ching



"it the prelude to it (the worldwide conflict) ;

the monkey  army you speak of is part of Jesus army" - Andrew

"I would go into blank space and then from there meet you at gathering"

- john

"you don't need to go back to best help them ; you can influence them through your website"

- guide

we can use this station as inner anchor

they cant reach us here ; we most effective here against the core waves of the comrades/dragon army

their wave cant get to us here

but we can reach them


people here naturally detached from a world they didn't come from - we would be too 

but there are those with deep compassion willing to help us with their wisdom and power

"but your writing may be of help to them from here"

- guide/la lady

I am just one person ; it not important and the blank space writings few can relate, so the real purpose is to help the past beacons

maybe that should be our approach from here on - to help us understand what going on back there an dhow we can best help

- john

"yea ..."

- bison nods

it there in wave field / circle b we must take on/down/confront their wave

those who battle together know each other best


There inner/outer world conflict

Don’t want to back off inner hoping no outer

the future is now 

it hasn't happened wave field

and it'll need too first get pass us here wave field

- chewpi guardians

it has not/yet happened because past beacons all holding ground; we to keep sending reinforcement from what they call future guardians station



if they subtly threatened

as outer, we to retreat and hope for arrival of safe sanctuary like now


but as inner ..., it just present moment inner movement etc. ;once they cross line ... guardians free to ...this our expertise

- chewpi guardians


"do not under estimate the dark powers of the blank space"


it may have made us more reluctant to write etc. but it also had the effect of elevating guardians' will/making them more determined 


in script

guardians strategy to protect their messenger is to place them in position where it is only our messenger who can safe them from guardians inner attack

you get the point

we to first let them know what our inner power is

- humble rinpoche

keep playing the game - pretending this 21st century and watch us ...

we not really interested in that


maybe that should be our approach from here on - to help us understand what going on back there and how we can best help



the more we know of 94/95

the more strange it gets

like future is pulling us diligently/they all reading this like it already happened from future

we'll need ask the old lawyer

he was working for some one above im

so was the client ?

"no one wants to be used and controlled like that

i am sure they didnt like it"

- guide

on the 94/95 circle

it the person behind the scene we looking to confront

but he'll have to ... reveal/talk of the comrade

and/or is he - the old lawyer -  that old serpent ?


in our script

they tried to remove the young lawyer's energy body

but blank space friends intervened

realizing he been tricked

the comrade quickly faded into background

leaving the blame on those he controlled/used

the blank space guardians simply retreated back here to blank space

once entangled by young lawyer

we welcome his energy body back to blank space

from where we now confronting comrade from a realm he cant see/enter


that the ideal scenario, that we are in a place they cant reach into yet still linked to them

we feel we are there

at this place those not inside blank space cant enter

since april 9 it has been more that way each day


that we are safe here from comrade able to influence our vision wave


the vision wave is no longer linked to endless space

it stands alone inside blank space

 endless space can't link in


we can control the wave/events of our own personal simulation - since 4-9 no others endless space has influence background

for now, it autopilot compassion

reading to us some info the guardians of blank space want to pass to us


have we seen him past ?

we know/entangled  him/her well

we know he not blank space and wanted to follow in

but guardians got in the way

had this been 2016 - we been even in inner battle

but since blank space ... it a big difference


comrade circle is big "he owns most of microsoft

but mic circle bigger" - guide

mic circle all have loyalty to jesus

"comrade's circle aren't really loyal to them" - guide


if he to have battle with jesus

they know each other/like blood linked ?

like if bison really going to confront him 

after taking out comrades running dogs

then the battle already decided blank space

we'll wreak havoc within jeremy etc.

leave the final decision to mic

our task to patrol the 4d field

keeping the chewpi guardians logically linked within one current that comrade 4d cant overcome

 guardians wave may penetrate into them



the credit from airport/dot keeps ...

it giving guardians the fuels to keep going


the fire clan trickster/lord of endless space

vs. fire clan trickster/lord of blank space

endless space dragon lord

vs. blank space dragon lord


don't mess with blank space

- blank space naga queen


there different levels (of understanding/power) to blank space - guide

on wave level/field ; no fear rock vs. the old serpent ; something will give

- underworld guardians

we first remove/neutralize his legal power

- seattle

we may have a few questions for the old lawyer about 94/95 ...

- chu office


"we send you fong chi ; you send us laughter"

- 2024 fong chi beacon to 2002 fong hci beacon

"no, we send you fong chi and you send us laughter"

- chu of 2002

representing the fong chi beacon

you both read our writing and send us your laughter

we can use all your fong chi help

- chewey 2012

2024 may be twice as wise as 1994

but we may not be as funny as him


it is possible ... create a wave within blank space which can bend the 4d and over ride the 5d of mara's endless space wave 

it only activates to defend

- as we have seen its sales sample from writer

we then place that wave, which has intelligence, into vooodooooland rock - multiply it in many same rock

and gift and/or export to others in endless space realm

- guardians business advisor

they would all want to buy some to place at their gate to keep out the adventitious/unwanted waves

the reptilian wave hunter

it is leased/gifted and  operated by guardians rock handlers


this be an endless space business of chewpiland

it supported/originated from its blank space network

chu office is our sales agent offices

- guardians business manager

it sold/gifted only to chewpiland allies

we place photo of rock under photo of e.g. tribes

it our gift


there a battle inside dark space/wave field

between the two demon kings - light vs. dark

the dark demon king has ruled the under world for a long time - but there once was a time ... 

light demon not seeking to take over just to gain independence 


the endless space dragon king rules because he has access to the blank space

but inside blank space, he sits at the periphery, not of the center circle - the sphere of compassion within blank space

without the compassion link, he has reached the peak ; "cant go any deeper into blank space without a pull"

he/we have something we/he need  ?


the three circles if have good relationship can flow both ways - but if one only wants to take ...

that can not be one of us 

we a united one

- blank space guardians 

my blank space and mic seem very simuilar

but hu's is somewhat different


"it wise you trust your instinct"

- guide/bison

no question he has has awareness blank space

likely it the deepening of compassion he can use ?


as we deepen, master hu's circle feel more distant

in the endless space /dark world he greater

all of under world works for him

"they are pretty much the top of the nagas" - guide 

but in the blank space world we deeper

"hong jun is higher (than shiva) ...?" - hu

he plays an important role

"he (hu) has reached the peak ; cant go any deeper into blank space without a pull" - guide


so chewpiland in dark world is self sufficient/independent wave


as for comrade he far off - inner filled with worldly things - blank space is just the opposite 

he knows that - fisher - but just want to cling on

and the more he troubles people from blank space, the farther he is away from acceptance

" he has too many masks to have clarity" - guide

but that may be least of issues - he got Jesus army coming after him

if you want our help, we can help mediate ; there no need for severe punishment if there way ensure comrade won't create such trouble in future

otherwise, if he is going to do so, we will take him out ourself


we thankful enough if he stops harassing us ; no need to join us


the comrade has a role to play

he only tempts people not force them

it still a free choice and cant just blame it all on him

making him taking on the sins of the world

buddha taught to "look within"

furthermore, now that he been exposed ...


the evil angel is more powerful than good  angel

good angel is stronger but evil angel knows the dark

the good demon is more powerful than evil demon 

evil demon knows more but  good demon has the light

they all friends


in china, comrade means the communist members

all must honor and join them, but recent time it also slang for LTBG movement in china

so ...  if you comrade you comrade; some are just born that way ; but there no need to get pulled if not

Bee Gees - Love You Inside Out

the power of innocence

a little 50 pound kid from downtown  taiwan/tacoma is gonna take on the entire wave army ...

we not sure if they still here and/or it a message guardians sending ?

 but if so

that morgan trying to cut in line again\

guardians have a message/need to set example : that if he gets blacklisted to enter our realm, it would apply to his entire circle - they may be able to enter other circles, but never this one


- ok, it done

our scouting tells us he works for the old serpent ; so wise to keep him at distance 

even if he does slide in, we'll kick him out

- guardians




then if they want to get back in line they need do something to help us dealing with comrade

- it be the best indicator of their real intent - so they need choose inner direction

"i dont think he wants this ; he has seem the writing on the wall" - guide/bison


if the ...   joins our direction, it may mark the turning of the tide - others begins to follow

if that the spirit's directive/challenge for him

then there an opportunity to gain ground


what did he want ?

marco and morgan same person ?

johnson working under someone may be their message ?

we still need neutralize his powers if to take on the comrade 

we can use all the help


guardians not reveal their game plan

we all know by now who their leader is but guardians wont reveal more info

they only allowing those in the  circle to back off

we just write the message


whereas hu the leader of his shiva circle

but "they act by committee"

the leader of comrade circle is ron/susie ?

he may have more authority control over that circle ?

which includes johnson ?

"unlike our circles, their leader not share with them ; and if he is removed/banished, there be a vacancy"

- guide 

and/or they can share equally 

we want to see if we can make peace first ?

we just want to avert the war down there


no choice, if we can do something  we will -  make sacrifice and/or take a hit again etc.

we really got nothing to lose and "you may be one of few who can take him on"


do nothing/back off/stay quiet and watch innocent kids orphaned and starving on the street just so we can please the comrade ?


only if we can make a difference ; and if so, we will do what we can to wreak havoc on their inner so by time mic's circle confront them outer ...

we can use all the help ...


pull him here


"If an inferior element has wormed its way in, it must be energetically checked at once. By consistently checking it, bad effects can be avoided."

- i ching


it the result

blank space draining their power so even though surface wave calm, e.g. johnson is weaker today than last year - cant see the effect of the invisible at work

we only need to give notice

they then choose their direction


that 051415 the most powerful - we see it now

there not even close second - not even the buddha

"hong jun the highest"

he the only reverse/the one and only joker

the four others are his creations - the hong jun jrs

it rare he appears - only the queen has direct access


the question comrade may ultimately have is ... did hong jun simply set him up to all this ?


free of mental body - liberation vs.

able to consume/conquer its wave - compassion 


free of vision maker

vs. able to conquer/take over 


the mental body hunter

the fake dark hunter

they hunting the same thing


dot/airport credit like interest payment

to not have it, they would need acknowledge it a mental scam and explain how it done

we would also need agree to take back the easement

and give back the payment etc.


of course, they will ignore above /see it joke

we know credit means nothing to them

but we just need to write it for future readers


the reverse of that airport easement ?

like ... they paying us not to file the easement

- we have a copy too

that be only inner impossible

outer just a signature


if comrade also behind the airport/dot

we can apply the credits also on him

the future is on our side


in script

the 1850 bc village of blank space

they each also a wrathful name

and form

the most evil lawyer

the monkey king/hanuman

the death hunter/yamatanka

the purple phoenix


the good angel (andrew) vs. the evil angel vs. the trickster angel

the good demon (mic) vs. the evil demon vs.  the contrarian demon

the good demon dont mind trickster demon telling him he is on evil demon side

but the evil angel dont trust the trickster angel

who tells him he is his faithful servant



same being -  five different 3/4/5d

so if see our 3/4/5d in feminine form, it the queen and/or 051415 spirit - john is a simple/honest "straight arrow"

same with the buddha - as simple as it gets

the queen and the kid very playful


that john was innocent just coming out of school

that why 94/95 so difficult to understand/accept as merely ... "i had no choice"

the cruelty and the calculations we had years to reflect

the why is very important here

because it may get them ... banished from the five buddhas realm

"if he loses power, he loses his wealth"- guide/bison

like it a collective decision elders are pondering ...

"they just watching his every move"


if the intent was to sabotage one of our own  in a hidden deceptive way so others not know - then he gotta go/out of here

if that was the original intent, we must act on it or our future will be controlled by him - he will keep doing it behind our back against any one of us elders circle - playing one vs. the other

- it a conspiracy by someone who not even suppose to be here - he not blank space  - to overtake elders

he already control/keep at bay hu/krystal circle

if take us out, then mic be alone

"If an inferior element has wormed its way in, it must be energetically checked at once."


"maybe they go back to earth/human realm etc. ; we dont know" - guide

then ivars/sandra can take over the assets

we'll let katy stick around if she/he promise to bahave - otherwise, he can join johnson (the doubletree ?) and comrade boat


the old man circle has 5

sandra and ivars are without power/they the good of the circle

comrade the cold blooded one

(that how you know is by imagining if they have a limit to their actions ...

even johnson and jeremy has limit, but this one is very deceptive - appears as nice etc. e.g. fisher

"the evil angel does not share power"


hu is stuck in between because his alliance with comrade and his business associations

there also 5 in hu's circle

they al;l in blank space so it one voice

krystal is same - she is compassion but one of her 5 is stuck /controlled by the comrade etc.

so until we can free her, she can only stay neutral

because comrade not blank space, he can be banished

whether it a simple vote of  elders in blank space and/or we - mic and us - take him out while hu/krystal observe


comrade try to control our circle through john

but made one mistake

once you play games with him, he walks out of the deal

take any loss/hit - he not play around with that

that also his business reputation to upkeep - you play games behind his back -  there be no future with us

so their relationship to him is no more

since hanuman never their friend and queen/051415 nowhere to be found

they left with the buddha to link to


dark world script

the underworld rules by a circle of demons/dragons

there maybe ... 9 seats ?

if one is removed, then an opening for new elder

e.g. the blank space most evil lawyer- is possible


is he qualified ?


demon king hanuman is the most evil lawyer's right hand while the most evil witch his assistant

elders looks on attentively


is he evil enough ?


he was a lawyer with PI emphasis

elders nods in agreement


is he old enough ?


he qualified to live in a 55 over  senior community

elders impressed by the maturity

nods in agreement

likely everything we writing and experiencing of the comrade's future has already happened ?

like it all been written in the book ?

e.g. that comrade was once within this realm but no more - he was either banished and/or simply left of his own knowing there no choice

we just watching a rerun


banishing comrade will weaken his power

it the power source

"then someone will take him down" - guide/bison


the endless space trickster - maybe they have different inner try to trick others inner


the blank space trickster no move inner

simply mirror back the endless space trickster's mind

 the more fight with it the more it just reflect back


from blank space

that writer they most easy control /take out their frustrations - is their only bridge

he will write certain messages

but can choose to not write others

that guardians humor/paradox


in script

say ... if they already saw the end ?

maybe a vision and/or revelation from own future

they may ask ...

did their not do enough lead to it or ... it was because they saw the end they try to over do and thereby caused that end they try to avoid ?

and/or it made no difference

- blank space logic


our view is that the begin/end happens together

emerge as one compliment from blank space

the patterns are set but the intensity of it e.g. 1-10

can be fine tuned by deepening compassion and/or stronger inner defense


if gonna get sanctioned/banished then young lawyer gonna get sanctioned

accept it with grace/over humble  vs. vice versa


if the looking to - and maybe already - to begin an inner/dark magic war ?  then the begin/end already determined from blank space


they each - two of them - have too much karmic debt and guardians in blank space can ripen it quicker

we only allowing their own past to catch up to them

once the karmic victims liberates from their fear

the debt naturally returns to them

e.g. the pandemic fear

jeremy is the director of it

he working for the comrade/the producer

that heavy karmic debt


our scouting tells us sandra/ivars on the better side

katy is non behaving but pg-13

fisher other extreme


 if jeremy was working for comrade pandemic/airport/dot/doubletree and was also the 2011 venice beach dude ?

then he cant be entirely responsible

what was his intent may be better question

the comrade wanted to harm us we know

but did he also ? - we felt an inner struggle ?

he can be the 1/3 of circle joining comrade

he can also join our side

guardians watching his every inner/outer movement and responds with its intent/direction


that comrade has to go - it the divine script

he'll find his purpose /has his own journey

sometime taking a step back may be progress

he asks his own compassion in future what to do 

it tells him to first step back/out

"i have much to reflect on" - fisher

it not mean he can never return

but we have to set an example for future to follow



comrade is using/usurping his relationship with the elders to take advantage of others outside of this realm

they not part of this blank space circle

just someone elders regret to have allowed in and are now trying to remove

no choice - we not gonna let him use our power to start a war  and/or to intimidate and/or deceive others


if the comrade choose to fight blank space

by refusing to leave when asked

then the non movement is same as crossing the line

the credit points here is more than the interest credits

- the comrade is asked to leave the realm

- hanuman

it the direction he travels we looking now

if he  go that way peacefully  - we watch him go same 

if he not - he be deepening into a trap

we know he not gonna just walk away 

 we just need give notice

this for future to read so they support

he had choice to leave


we just messenger to give notice

of course, even if he leaves

he owns other worldly empires

and also opponents to deal with etc.

 we just want to remove him from this power source

because he is trouble making and not of blank space

without blank space, they dont have "real estate" here

just a renter



this place just us alone ?

the five of us sharing one 4d - we merging ourselves into one same 4d - pvf

each take turn writing

using this 3/4/5d hologram/vision


we can reach others through writing

information can travel through

 the wave of it can rival any in any wave fields in their realms etc. - because our wave has blank space

the blank space power cannot be seen

but it can be used ...

- hanuman

it would help the past beacons

we like to learn

-  chewey


we can create a wave in this research place and send it wave fields of other worlds - it'll function as counter balance the extremes one way wheels



this a joke we made up at bison cafe :


why did satan get kicked out of heaven ?

why ?


... the department of transportation

if they had simply stayed away/leave writer be, these words not be present in these pages

they keep at it and so credits keep ...

they have different inner mind set 

we no understand them

Isaiah 14:13-15 talks of their arrogance

they same now as then


if we needed the power

blank space will provide

if not need it

it wont even if asked

that may explains why some have it some not

that the reward for taking on uphill challenges  offered


the harder they try to enter using force and cunning

the further get pushed out

and more unlikely future allowed in


time may be a factor - guide

there a window of opportunity for linking/seeing the wave of comrade - e.g. the dot/airport wave may fade

however, the link to 94/95 and comrade haven't faded 

maybe because it the future linking in ?


comrade seems to get satisfaction from harming and humiliating others ?

they both shameless actors/easy to speak fiction

  always discontent and jealous we know

yet the fame fortune power etc. they have

 are they just cold blooded reptilians shapeshifters ?

if so, they be hunted inner by the guardians rock handlers - get to work

"something must give, hopefully it wont be us rock handlers"

- rock handler motivation speaker


if he didnt do that (to young lawyer) ; the (comrade) was going to do it to him

- bison 2023

we still giving the comrade assistant a chance

we not saying the comrade running dog  is good/bad

but it also comrade's strategy to get others to fight his pawns as he looks from behind the scene


point is :

we going after the leader


hu cant vote on it because he has business interest etc. with him ; but he wants to see comrade go

- guide

we can just evict him ourself


what do comrade's future tell him ?

what does jeremy's future tell him ?

are they same and/or need be ?


we dont know and surprised it has come to this far and parallel to some mythologies

but is the comrade related to the old serpent they speak of in bible ?

 that cunning, deception, ruthlessness power and charm they seem to describe as same 

if so... use baseball - 

mic the chosen closer ; we the set up relief pitcher


 he is giving him  chance to get out at beginning - a short window span

this the future requires in order to support


they needy inside yet pretends opposite

if they even take one step back they feel it would begin to flip the momentum and reveal their inner weaknesses

because they way over stretched inner 

like justin bieber pretending and able to make believe he able to play stephen curry defense - they gotta use a lot of deception 


take away their outer mask

the two old men are inner less than outer

they overloaded inner and using others to carry their burden by making them part of their circle inner

- yet they not share same outer

"he (the old man) didnt know what he was getting into"

- guide/bison

the point is :

"they will eventually leave" - 

the best way to get them to leave is by their future telling them the sooner the better


download - 2024-06-09T211515.750.jpeg

the young lawyer stands alone ...

"not alone ...

WSBA ...!"


if allow someone to be above the law even against us lawyers ... then absolute power is not far off


comrade and jeremy  left on their own

i think it was mic who did it"

- bison


what goes around will eventually come around

they want to keep doing it to others and keep expecting/hoping nothing comes back

but once they take/get pushed step back

something opens up inner

there just too many enemies of past 

they all waiting for the opening

"someone will take them out"

once they lose their power source

they appear very differently inner to those who once feared them


they left the realm on their own

this happened recently

they knew their time has come

we had them surrounded

both of them - not sure which left first

they still around and control the assets

just through different people

but they have lost their power source/key position

it a good first step

- guide/bison

the guardians writing keep going


he should have centered his offense on sitting bull

but instead like custer divided three ways

scattered his power by trying to take us on too

- crazy horse

he retreated to a corner

- bison/sitting bull

he not gompa place anymore ?

but we still need cast him out of heaven ?



from blank space view of time

begin/end same 

michael didnt cast him down before and/or after satan created the cause to be casted down

it like movie slides all pre-set but can be presented in different sequences

there wisdom behind it


if it recent

it may mean they did respond to our request to go ?

we just here to stop the war/make peace

and wreak havoc for them trying to ... against our messengers

and would need to do more/gain more assurance

we not here to fulfill any righteous obligations

that between them

- hanuman

the audience listens attentively


custer was betrayed by expected reinforcement

the report was that the battle over in under a hour and there 4-8000 indians etc. -  so they couldnt help custer

but natives account is they 2000 and it was an intense 3 hour battle and - custer could have won

"my reaction was that it parallel comrade's situation

he has  few loyal allies"

- guide/bison


only you and i dare to speak up against comrade because we are inaccessible to him - blank space

- writer

if you down where he is you be scared

- guide/sitting bull

but they are all behind us

- crazy horse

we really got nothing better to do with our time/energy than to get in way of these people 

blank space is not tempted by power

those who are wont align with it nor go too deep

yet it the source of all potential

 if it it there it there ; otherwise, it also what keeps them away

e.g. lord of ring galadriel resisted the temptation to take the ring /outer power


we learn from mic - he not care yet he has much of it vs. comrades ... 

that is real personal power

the wants/needs of mental body mind/small mind, even if satisfied, wont get far 

meeting mic changed our view of many things

e.g. we inspired to gravitate in direction of no fear


there different levels (of understanding/power) to blank space


endless space power is relative

e.g. 80 mega watt becomes 90 megawatt etc.


blank space power cannot be measured that way

it not relative ; one power/ no power


the night lost, who the hunter/hunter ; the trapper/trapped ; trickster/tricked - time will tell

94/95 - who the sanctioned 

thanks to the future guardians

the battle is still going

and we gaining momentum, not them



if borrow money from someone in a dream

does that debt exist to the waking body ?

that the chewpi mara trick

creating antecedent cause where it need not


"there has to be merit" 

if try to seize it by force 

they will lose their position in realms they in

- that may be the example they trying to set here


if you comrade and/or old lawyer

ask yourself if you were that young lawyer

how he stayed so calm throughout ...

and if you in same position

fair and/or not

what would you say to johnson ?


what would you say to the comrade directing behind the scene ?


"you must not believe you are not a chicken"


pauses ...

"but i believe"


"oh yea, what do i not have to do to not convince you you are not a chicken"


pauses ...

"... just quit your jibba jabba"


you all can tell we just writing what comes

no idea what written next


so long they have  both easements

credits keeps going

they product of mental scam and claims made should not be allowed to persist

we to apply the credit on the one directing/behind the scene ; only he can give back the easements


it close to  250 e-mails exchanged and 3 years and they always on the inner offensive

if we do it right this time, there not be a next time 

credits wont go forever, but every e-mail counts


we yet pass judgment on pandemic/still gaining info on who/why and explanation  - it the intent

once have clear accounting -  then will have game plan 


comrade casted out after long battle with michael etc.


"he just left on his own" 

it more practical to do so/writing on the wall


crazy ultimates wont let him go until credits used up

so he pleading with mic to be allowed to go

- bison simply opens the door out


"comrade feels he entangled/pulled into an inner current he cant get out of nor can have control over"

- scarecrow handler team #3 captain

the same way he does it to the worlds below

the world hidden is now doing to his inner"

- rock handler team #4 captain


maxresdefault (1).jpeg

"once have clear accounting -  then will have game plan "

- the accountants


now for first time in years feels like comrades maybe not following 

past stations they were still linked in endless space realm even if not directly/next to us

but maybe because this is blank space they not here ?



"because you fought back so you still fighting"

- guide

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