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Hanuman Guardians

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16 I Will Find You

they brought you into this vision

ask to be let out this week

if they intend to be your future friend

they will give you a sufficient response/let you out


no need to ask them anymore

leave it to the guardians 

- hanuman


there a word for what they doing to writer

they took him in without his knowledge

now, they wont let him out

here what they said to him when he asked about when can return /exit the simulation ...


"maybe they cloning you

maybe you be here beyond 2024 ..."

- old man #2

"they dont have compassion"

- bison shaman shakes his head

we agree

- writer

we like them as person

but if they in our situation, lost and alone, how would they feel ?


whether this place beyond/within their reach ?

but "if they can control you, they likely will still keep you"

- bison

there are many going through same we are

"...resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world." (I Peter 5:9).


we want to give this one person a chance

before the guardians approach

he has shown his sincerity and remorse

through action more than words

this past years

he is not mr chee

but someone else here

so here the message :

what we want to ask of you that day  ...

take us out of this

- john


and for those who no want join their side

they can step aside

we only want deal with the center circle

- hanuman



maybe future has already shown our past images of what has already happened

"Because you didn't come here to make the choice, you've already made it. You're here to try to understand why you made it."

- oracle, matrix movie


hanuman is writer's guardian

we cant be him but he can be us

he guides us to write the messages

they can choose to read it or not


only writer can protect them now

only he can "intervene" in our gentle and humble approach

it a paradox

- heyoka guardian captain

what they clone is same what paparazzis photo - the more they clone they more photos for us to use

- heyoka guardian #5

heyoka guardians listens attentively


they not human and all old man

so not fear things humans fear

but they do have a mental body

and the mantras if misu designed it right

- they will fear if all sends it their way


they dont like being the center of attention that way

- guardian advisor

whether it is sent to their past or present is a choice each scarecrow handler to make

yes, we can influence their past to influence their future or influence their present to influence their past

it may take some time

but future has all of it


we now have them entangled

that was the challenge


guardians 201

guardians mirror like wisdom

learn to deflect/revert their spell back to them

e.g. their pandemic vision spell

and/or design a mantra that do the same

- guardian programmers

return to them the fear they seek to accumulate within us

accumulate it within them

- guardian programmer #2


guardians profile :
misu motoshoju
guardian captain

audience rise to cheer


this vision/symbolic - there no body here

but whether the news/patterns are happening somewhere else we no know

the wave can be managed from here

and then maybe it can influence other world's waves once we visit them



their strength is that they cannot be uprooted in the physical/3d display

they will just come right back

their weakness is that on wave world - they have a mental body they cant get rid of it even with  knowledge

because there simply too much of antecedent cause accumulated

and letting it go would mean they let go of the false powers accumulated

- guardians scout

and wave cannot be destroyed

for them and us

so the way to confront them is to entangle their wave and then let guardians 201 take over

- guardian captain

download (70).jpeg
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor (1978)

slave owners are criminals

even if they not have rules against it

here past and future


whether they doing it through simulation or through ...

our apologies to alvin for not posting this earlier

we said it to him once - it spontaneously from guardians

but had to get a taste of the future first

this simulating slavery must be stopped now

write what comes

 wants to join guardians ?

met the five above past years here

working at restaurants we go to


they have no fong chi defense

"her name is funny man"

i tried out for junior high basketball team

in seventh grade - 65 pounds - got cut from first tryout

in eighth grade - 75 pounds - same

in 9th - 92 pounds ... no difference

my patented post up move gets no respect


writing pad

april 1 2018 doubletree

that is gompa circle 

- guardians

it may seem guardian page messy

but better to have more than less here

can always edit/condense later

bison/misu only ones we feel can trust

others no want go against the gompa

so may give hint and stay quiet

also they all shapeshifters

none of them are our actual old friends

but guardians see from future

whether they want be our friends future we will look back to here

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