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Hanuman Guardians

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the harder you resist ; the louder you laugh

- hanuman aka the fong chi monster

"yes, that is the reaction  of those who have felt the melody of my flute ..."

- zhu ren zhang

pauses ...​ "huh ... ? what melody ...?"

- hanuman

"the melody you have always felt in the depth of your soul ... the stillness of the melody presence within the music ... but perhaps yet to have seen nor heard nor sensed of it ..."

- zhu ren zhang

pauses ... looking fooled ​ "huh ... what melody ?"

- hanuman

14 Shenandoah

there a word for what they doing to writer

they took him in without his knowledge

now, they wont let him out

here what they said to him when he asked about when can return /exit the simulation ...


"maybe they cloning you

maybe you be here beyond 2024 ..."

- old man #2

"they dont have compassion"

- bison shaman shakes his head

we agree

- writer

we like them as person

but if they in our situation, lost and alone, how would they feel ?


whether this place beyond/within their reach ?

but "if they can control you, they likely will still keep you"

- bison

there are many going through same we are

"...resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world." (I Peter 5:9).


we want to give this one person a chance

before the guardians approach

he has shown his sincerity and remorse

through action more than words

this past years

he is not mr chee

but someone else here

so here the message :

what we want to ask of you that day  ...

take us out of this

- john


and for those who no want join their side

they can step aside

we only want deal with the center circle

- hanuman



maybe future has already shown our past images of what has already happened

"Because you didn't come here to make the choice, you've already made it. You're here to try to understand why you made it."

- oracle, matrix movie


hanuman is writer's guardian

we cant be him but he can be us

he guides us to write the messages

they can choose to read it or not


only writer can protect them now

only he can "intervene" in our gentle and humble approach

it a paradox

- heyoka guardian captain

what they clone is same what paparazzis photo - the more they clone they more photos for us to use

- heyoka guardian #5

heyoka guardians listens attentively


they not human and all old man

so not fear things humans fear

but they do have a mental body

and the mantras if misu designed it right

- they will fear if all sends it their way


they dont like being the center of attention that way

- guardian advisor

whether it is sent to their past or present is a choice each scarecrow handler to make

yes, we can influence their past to influence their future or influence their present to influence their past

it may take some time

but future has all of it


we now have them entangled

that was the challenge


guardians 201

guardians mirror like wisdom

learn to deflect/revert their spell back to them

e.g. their pandemic vision spell

and/or design a mantra that do the same

- guardian programmers

return to them the fear they seek to accumulate within us

accumulate it within them

- guardian programmer #2

they brought you into this vision

ask to be let out this week

if they intend to be your future friend

they will give you a sufficient response/let you out


no need to ask them anymore

leave it to the guardians 

- hanuman



guardians profile :
misu motoshoju
guardian captain

audience rise to cheer
welcome back


this vision/symbolic - there no body here

but whether the news/patterns are happening somewhere else we no know

the wave can be managed from here

and then maybe it can influence other world's waves once we visit them



their strength is that they cannot be uprooted in the physical/3d display

they will just come right back

their weakness is that on wave world - they have a mental body they cant get rid of it even with  knowledge

because there simply too much of antecedent cause accumulated

and letting it go would mean they let go of the false powers accumulated

- guardians scout

and wave cannot be destroyed

for them and us

so the way to confront them is to entangle their wave and then let guardians 201 take over

- guardian captain


slave owners are criminals

even if they not have rules against it

here past and future


whether they doing it through simulation or through ...

our apologies to alvin for not posting this earlier

we said it to him once - it spontaneously from guardians

but had to get a taste of the future first

this simulating slavery must be stopped now


power of silence 201

if one's inner becomes "un- simulatable" by dragon lord's 9th level illusion spell

- free of that mental body

then one has passed the class


just need pass ; no need perfect

just enough that if someone simply need give light nudge and one can see it and separates the separable​

then you passed



how will we know what is un-simulatable ?


look into their eyes and if they are that, there be no question. It need not be perfect


they can only simulate our mind/energy (4/5d), not our display (3d)

- guardian captain

power of silence 201


This provides a teaching for those who cannot leave their posts in times of darkness. In order to escape danger, they need invincible perseverance of spirit and redoubled caution in their dealings with the world.

- i ching

i am not the body (49/51) counterbalances i am the body (51/49)

this is not 21st century/authority (49/51) counterbalances this is 21st century/authority (51/49)

- guardian captain

guardians 201

hokayhey! is also a 49/51 counterbalance to our primal fear

"... life is transitory and conditional. Caught in this external bondage, men are usually robbed of their inner freedom as well. The sense of the transitoriness of life impels them to uninhibited revelry in order to enjoy life while it lasts, or else they yield to melancholy and spoil the precious time by lamenting the approach of old age. Both attitudes are wrong. To the superior man it makes no difference whether death comes early or late. He cultivates himself, awaits his allotted time, and in this way secures his fate."

- i ching

that another view of hokahey

as inner

fear of death desire to live


once get pulled in, both directions same

there also the something else

as inner

- chewpi death lord

the compassion fire clan trickster


that pureland stuff is a trap

as inner it make one go only one way

there a subtle cycle - fear of death/go eternal life land - that one can get stuck in if only one way

- hence compassion to go back to help others is a counter as inner etc.

if we there we there

entangle their form/3d display vs. entangle their wave

guardians to follow/focus on their mental body/wave, not the ever shape shifting display 

already their shape has shifted ; this why entangling their wave is necessary

- guardian trackers captain

guardians 201


in vision, china and russia are inner not outer

what happens here may not be what is there

cant fight problem with same level intelligence

need first neutralize it at wave level (49/51)

and find the vision/news makers behind it

- guardians captain

guardians 201



you should ask them first (about letting us out this simulation) ; and if there no response, then it time to ask the guardians for help - bison


we ask for guardians help 

they have full green light


time within compassion

time is inner movement in motion/changing

3/4/5d ; rupakaya

it is relative to the dharmakaya

different mental bodies/currents of time

different qualities of time each current

parallel worlds

if taken by any current

one is taken by that time/mental body current

vs. able to stand still

not taken by wave of time

vs. able to move into its current

to take time

"my wave is my world ; your wave your world"

to remain with 21st century time, our 3d display need be same field but our 4/5d need not be


if 4/5d is ultimate medicine there is no time that can move it

that 3d reflected  transforms into new qualities

the point is

they cant simulate our 3d display directly

- that just a natural reflection of our 4/5d

only if we get pulled into their "time"

- power of silence 201

"we eat chickens

they that evil and we that good ?

behind every antecedent cause is a subtle judgment

dont eat the forbidden fruit"

we feel more settled here

enough perhaps to begin going back to help the past by e.g. going back to editing guardians page

- it be the "future" our past felt returning to help

maybe if it not for our help

he be still stuck there

they may not have his best interest in mind

it was designed this way so we can understand how this future guardians network works 

- guardians captain


aug 21 to feb 23 we were in tibetan/padma land

rainbow body/dzogchen teaching

now we have left it ?

it something we will look back once settled

were they trying to control him ?​

we made friends along way

may come back to visit

"may you be free of mental body"

- chewey bows with honor and respect



hanuman guardians patrols the 5d world

chu office the 4d; now there is trust 

their teamwork bodes compassion for future

hanuman controls 3d because he controls 5d

so they say he can become an atom 

"it was a gift (that power)"

- raja

if chu teamworks with him

he would also help them on 4d

hanuman would be the reinforcement we been waiting for in 5d

- we have never feared them 4d the same way hanuman never feared them 5d

so for hanuman

entering that empty space is as easy as it is for writer to make others laugh far away

we are creating a new code of this 5d energy/power to further compassion

- micro/macro body/earth healing​

"need first free of mental body

- hanuman


- guardians 201

writer not to interfere with guardians until he has full view of what they know

- events here in vision are symbolic

we dont know if it happening elsewhere

so we to stay neutral 


"... astral plane in similar levels. It is similar in respect to the idea of a ‘physical’ mirror image of your waking life. Your surroundings around you as you sleep are remarkably similar. The difference is the state of consciousness you are now in can shape and change that experience that exists out of time and space.

- online

if this not physical world

but one of the limitless realms out there

it all made of waves 

and ...

"The difference is the state of consciousness you are now in can shape and change that experience that exists out of time and space."

the point is

it is an inner movement and so anything is possible


it just a vision they created using their combined power - an false inner sense of 21st century authority


mr bishop created vision of having statutory authority that we must accept 

but if future guardians taken the 21st century power base of gompa - then what in between is adventitious

you get the point 

they already taken in future

we only need hold our ground

- sign the 3d easement but knowing 4/5d it just a retreat until future reveals itself

we feel support from future


- they feel no support from own future


- guardians 201 

future to past :

guardians have taken the wave authrotity of 21st century in future

that means we (will have a piece of the program world/own island base

"our wave is our wave"

that can rival same power

this only possible because past guardians held their ground

stay with it

- future guardians

4-14-23 7 pm

this place is informational only

they are not here

but guardians want him to know the real background  so he can understand the why and truly let go


they coming at us again like marco/airport :

we want to give mr bishop chance to stay away ; because if he is gompa and so just creating illusion,  future guardians will  be less forgiving - because he was told to stay away

even if easement obtained, it be just like airport ; the guardians will not cease in future to drain everyone in circle until returned

it easy to take from someone alone/lost

- guardians captain


"this is a scam"


gompa people collectively creating a  vision of 21st century authority

- it seems real but it an illusion


if ordinary person - e.g. old lady created the illusion there may not be inner power behind it and would seem less real/like part of vision

guardians have a response to this

- we show it later


like airport, it not worth our time to deal with it

so we just need leave it to the guardians

- sign easement to avoid 3d hassle but knowing 4/5d guardians will circle them in future

it your choice

i hope we can be friends

- guardians captain


"what game (are you talking about) ?!"

i hope we can stay as friends

so you think maybe mr bishop is using you to further its movie making ?

like they riding on your energy

it would explain why they keep coming to you

we dont mind meeting at restaurants we go  but no like them encroach this way

 like we have no choice

if you want them go away

simply ask guardians for advise/help

- guardians captain

we ask guardians for help



if that explains DOT hassles ?

this star wars inner circle is getting on guardians watch

do they want us to proceed on wave level

and/or block their future from approving their past ?

- guardians chief


upon reflection, so far guardians have been 3d peaceful/non violent

yet they are dealing with elements which is not

all they have done is to seize/drain their essence energy - but that is with their approval -  they were told it would happen if cross line

that why they insist we write down words

the essence energy is very subtle and is passed onto those in need/deserving

these people have long been taking them from others without approval

how it is done we dont know yet

we just the bait/messenger

download (85).jpeg

it was from beginning our protector

that why he stood ground that day

like a friend, the historic building want us to use its power to counter gompa's inner authority vision

gompa has powerful 5d

they still fighting chu office 4d


rising chewpi guardians

chu office already taken them 4d in future


in vision/simulation

the power (of gompa) they use to make their made up illusion to usurp inner authority


the inner power of justice

fake authority is not authority recognized by us

you get the point

that the guardian's response

they want us to believe the legislatures in 21st century is behind this statute

but 21st century not here and reality not there until observed in vision 

if ask legislatures in 21st century, they would tell you this a scam and they not here


simulation is only of 4/5d so it inner

there must be an attachment to a foundation for the vision to have power/reality

and simulators want to keep reminding us of that illusion foundation and not a different view 

- that in vison, it only what in front of you

e.g. so the inner authority they create has power

if they are ordinary then not easy to see

but if they are interventions then it an opportunity to break the spell


another scam is illusion of mental body

they created such that we have to believe there is a physical body in a non physical vision

e.g.  the pandemic illusion reinforce the subconscious i am the body idea and so has power in a mental dream

so once enter simulation we already feel like that authority is there inner, when in fact it not

- they already got us in the subconscious

you get the point

the foundation pillars of simulation must be first identified so it can be neutralized 

we still working through this to get more clarity

ask for help/guidance

- guardians 201/power of silence 201


conclusion :

we to identify/neutralize pillars of a vision :

- mental body

- mental authority

this training simulation is pg-13 and friendly

but once we get out there, not every simulation is pg-13 and friendly - so we will need this knowledge for ourself and to share with others

- guardian captain

guardians 201/power of silence 201


now we have a paradigm

everything happens first in the wave world

then cause/effect of  luminosity takes on new meaning

because luminosity cannot be destroyed​

but mental body does expire in wave world

but we are not the mental body

you get the point :

he is 21st century is helping us here

the same way we help him there

his 4d can influence our 5d more than our 4d can

the same way we can influence his subconscious


he - john - can help us remove the fake authority from his 4d writing - without limits of 3d, he can defeat anything within his 4d in our world/his wave world

and we can counterbalance his inner obstacles 94/95

protect and guide him from the world of compassion

send him ultimate medicine and fong chi energy

he to call us world of compassion


we tell him all he has to do is write

we will take care all else from here

- that his job

you get the point

it a guardians network

chu office communicates / helps eachother

- guardians 201


if ask our outstanding legislatures in 21st century what would they want us to do ?

"this is a mental scam created from outside

dont get deceived by the illusion, they not us"


we will work on breaking this spell/scam

we ask for guidance/help


"find their headquarter"

- guardian tracker captain

from where/which realm -  e.g. 21st century ? - are they creating this from

- guardians 201


are you certain airport 21st century is real here ? 

if say yes feeling may say no

the troublemakers seeking to create more conflict/fear in subconscious of 21st century 

from what we call the dark world

they can't be destroyed but can be controlled

- guide

we can control their wave  from here

- guardians scout



this place they cannot enter- they not here

we deeper 


thanks to our friends guiding us

we have been shown the inner secrets of their power

- e.g. the tibetan wrathful dimension

once we learn it we dont fear it

and yamatanka is the most fierce

- e.g. #2 the death world

master hu has power to take us into the land ruled over by shiva/massauw



invite morgan bishop and circle to come closer

we need their vibe to trace the circle behind them

retreat on 3d first/sign if have to

guardians work to break down/trace the circle behind the scene

we to find their headquarter

- guardian tracker captain


there a place where they doing this from

they have a body/place

- guide


for the next hour

that fake inner authority has no power over our inner movement

one hour/day at a time

 one megawatt power at a time

do this to free self 

vs. free others - teamwork

they been doing this long time to control people

- guardians 201

because they crossed into our space, we can theirs

guardian 101 is slowing/stopping

guardian 201 we stop/advance into it 



upon reflection

ivars , like master hu, has always spoken truth and never hassled 

that same with their other forms

they are dharmakaya level and

they want to maintain the friendship there

he took us out of 2021 into safer place

and made himself available until the end

like writer he no want be/view as no angel

and at gompa likely wanted to control the writing for his project - he offered money etc.

but we in future tells writer to turn away

"his parting in feb was way to say he letting you go

you should see him as a teacher/helper"

- la lady

we bow with honor and respect


heyokas are different ; you no want to mess with them

they will certainly lose

dont take from the heyokas

you will certainly win

dont try to simulate th eheyokas

they will certainly be simulated

this a script of how heyakas simulated someone who tried to mess take and simulate them

are you mr morgan bishop ?

- hanuman



future knows but writer not sure

so you can choose to tell him now the

"what games ?!"

- guardians captain

you also old man #2/glen (2020/21) ?

and so the simulator/encroacher that time ?

but pretended opposing it so to disguise


who is he really behind the mask ?

and why he was so persistent with the antidote ?


he is one of the ring leaders 

but not the leader ?

"i am just a pawn" - 2015

what were his real intentions ?​


we will take a step back and see what direction hidden rinpoche wants to go from here

we like to make peace and stay as friends but had to first show our strength and what we/guardians can do

- future guardians 



the pandemic/war vision need come to stop - or guardians will not stop chanting into you 24/7

it your choice

which direction to take

we can all withdraw vs. challenge hanuman guardians

guardians note

that bishop feels hidden ; so far one letter and then his assistants e-mails ;

the deeper we go into him, the more powerful he is in comparison with others

stay with it

- guardians tracker captain

they seeking temporary /6 months easement in 2028 - so no permanent nor time issue of marco

- it very subtle they want us to inner acknowledge their system's authority

this subtle fake/vision authority is what is behind world wide conflict\

as inner dont take the bait

- guardians captain

there only next hour ; and next hour they no have inner authority over us - just hold ground

this way we can step by step gain momentum


trying to overcome it with one step

like airport/marco the fake 21st century authority is becoming more apparent 

it takes time and we thank bishop for giving us another chance 

- guardians captain


we at 70 megawatt vs. airport 80 megawatt 

slowing it more and more - momentum is our way

- guardians 201


mental body chip and compassion

memory is contained in our inner body

the mental body is an inner movement


ant bite mark 

that part of body has stored memory of ant biting us ;  memories then creates a flow of time with it

but in vision/dream, are you certain it happened ?

the point is :

if accept mental body as our inner basis

then someone can implant memories into our mental  body etc.

- power of silence 201


we no care where we go

we just write what comes ; no taking actions yet

we prioritizing helping past over entering any paradise

so wherever we need to go we follow



quiz guardians 201 :


who are they and how to approach ?


they are just apparitions/symbols here we use to link into their wave

which is linked to their forms there


it the 4/5d wave we need to change

not the 3d/apparition which we need to preserve

so we surround them gently


we can implant into the borg collective (star trek) from here by linking into their wave through a borg 3d/apparition here

that how we change the mental body worlds

by changing the mental body wave from circle a

- guardians tracker captain

all we need is to give the collective a circle a option and then a new circle be created

we then give them a reverse circle option

- guardians programmer captain

you get the point- we create a wave anomaly/hidden option that is accepted

their wave cannot be destroyed but it will be changed 


so ab wave/light body can create an apparition for the purpose of changing the ba wave

the ba wave can do same with b wave/binary

linking it to ab wave (non binary)

to do that

they will need a strong 4d presence

that where our new experience/chu office come into play

- guardians 201


mental body simulating another mental body

dream within dream - e.g. inception

even if they wake, they still stuck inside samsara/mental body

- power of silence 201


the mighty chicken warrior

"a warrior dreamed he was a chicken, fluttering hither and thither ... Now he does not know whether he was a warrior dreaming he was a chicken, or whether he is now a chicken, dreaming he is a warrior ..." 

- fong chi philosopher

the audience ponders/listens pensively


We inside world within world
They are simulating/cloning our 4/5d movement
But our circle a - guardians -  is looking at them from deeper - they can feel them, yet they can’t see them
Like director without a trace

The more they entangle us
The more it entangles them
So long we stand ground

You know people who play defense by offense ?
e.g. if you ask him what game
Instead of … he attacks you with whatever accusations to turn attention 180 into complete different topic
Johnson turned client’s defense of not earning the fee into case is now about sanction and not whether the fees were fair

You get point
We all know someone like that

but in johnson's case, he was simply acting for the director

we now consider him our ally/helper

That is them -
At root of their simulating mental body is a deep shame they project onto others

A fear of being laughed at perhaps
They can give a hit/direct but they haven’t thee strength of taking one

They get very weak at that inner circle weak flow and they don’t want guardians to see it

You get the point

the great directors
They want you to look away from them

- guardians 201

"they want you to see what they want you to see"

- guide


they want you to keep focus/imitate the role model's mental body they created/cloned

viewers should be looking at  guardians in circle a/b entangling them and not writer as b wave  lost inside - he is fine/stands ground

they should be focusing on the old men/directors hiding behind the scene and not the subjects/actors simulated by them

- guardians professor


​the classmates listen attentively

guardians 201



they been doing this long time to many

with virtual reality tech rising, this must be dealt with now

- guardians captain


guardians 201 is a collective class

the circle passes it when the fake authority is rivaled/stopped inner

e.g. vs airport/dot

when the directors are seen/rivaled from where they are or beyond

guardians 101 was to entangle the inner circle

once task done, they can take vacation 

leave it to the 201 class

201 once passed will do same

it a class vacation - together in a bus

everyone who entered to help us

we leave it to the guardians 301


in this vision

there no others here

just informational/symbolic

so free to write what comes


the people who appear are wisdom mind's apparition to tell us a message

e.g. those who honk/yelled at us

to tell us little more of certain past events similar  - that there someone behind it who want to see us in conflict drama with the actor  

it a way to train to link from future guardians

likely the apparitions here are classmates acting 

they actually friends disguised in that form

we can gather with them to change wave of the actual person in other world

- you get the point

it designed to teach the art of future guardians

to the classmates


boycott is not of this place - there no one here

but we will need understand use of it to confront the corporations in other worlds

there need be united circle from future

- guardians 201 


if guardians 201 class graduation trip

maybe in a bus/or just gathering

they be sending us message from future

perhaps a song


in 2020 we were stuck inside what others see

but we also had a hidden option :

new matrix 6 we read/listen often

like it the future helping us 


now we see that feeling of help was coming from us today reading the same

it was many of us talking to him to pass the message to our/themselves



having that feeling helps guide us into a more compassion future 

it a skill we will all need in this uncertain time




neutralize the  the 4/5d antecedent cause current

slow/stop it

- we almost there

it 4d de-coding and repetition

follow the "friends upon waking gather to ask us"


find the simulator/vision maker behind the superimposed 3/4/5d 

- future guardians has taken him

once we see who he is

the source of the vision is neutralized

we almost there

we then pass it onto guardians 301 to work on

- to keep them under control

even "if it takes a thousand years'

- guardians 201



 guardians 201 tracking/entangling team 

and if they try to inner resist/fight us

then we easily humble and lose in middle circle

"you win we lose" : "you right we wrong"

"you superior we inferior" "it is our fault" etc.

keep the gentle wind going

that way, they cant push us back and we building up an over credit flow in middle circle

stay with it

our task is to just smile - never give in to your anger when practicing this guardians kung fu -

it would mess it up

and send the gentle and humble

"sentimental gentle wind"

they then cant fight back against the entangling wave and we dont feel fear looking at them

- monkey army captain


download (93).jpeg

if our inner strength/dharmakaya cannot be moved by forces moving this vision

and we simply wont stay nor exit

- just standing asking them questions they cant answer

 and every time asked and they look away there debt points accumulating

maybe we no want to exit - just here to ask questions

something interesting may begin to happen


if bird in open cage

- free to in/out


bird in closed cage

the owner tells the bird to not complaint and not allow bird to see the open sky outside 

"this a very nice cage/everything provided for"


those who controlled others creates a subtle blueprint that it be done to them - no matter how highly cultivated they are

it the yin/yang 


those who value freedom/seek to free others creates same

they more likely will receive help if call out for help and vice versa


we not seeking to stay or exit

there only this day

just want to know/show their real intentions

- there many others going through same


"the ones who want out"- oracle/matrix

should be given the option to exit



"Times of deliverance demand inner resolve. Inferior people cannot be driven off by prohibitions or any external means. If one desires to be rid of them, he must first break completely with them in his own mind; they will see for themselves that he is in earnest and will withdraw."

- i ching

mental body sinks back once not given the energy

it has no other source of energy to keep up its act

"... But in the end it perishes of its own darkness, for evil must itself fall at the very moment when it has ...  consumed the energy to which it owed its duration."

- i ching

a pg - 13 way to illustrate above is with patriots 

instead of  pulling them down - that not last long - we use reverse to keep them entangled


"you earned it ...!"  ; "our hero ..." ; "we bow to you for earning it" ; "you deserve it ; show off your trophy" etc etc.

- seahaws fans

"that way, they cant push us back and we building up an over credit flow in middle circle"

- guardians 201


if they did not follow rule ... then entire league would know by now ?

it not players/owners doing ; that why we feel their remorse 


on round 6 - just enough to force round 7 ...

what the odds when it started e.g. airport ?


what odds now if we really want to push it and/or take down the e.g. airport vision maker 

stay with it

- guardians captain



 it is well to be cautious when ... men who do not belong with us force themselves upon us,  ...  We must not try to shake off ...  by force; this would give rise to real hostility. We must simply endure them. They will eventually withdraw of their own accord.

- i ching

we show strength/entangle them and hold back from advancing for time being ; we are positioning the guardians / scattering their helpers and so need be disciplined

- guardians 201 instructor


those who just want jump on bandwagon and be tom cruise/hero can create their own guardians circle but it not us

we need first strengthen our constant and create a viable reverse to return to 


they want to usurp the leadership by having guardians start fighting the images they created ;

they very smart and can read our 3/4/5d  but cant anticipate what we cant see/know

writer not even know what he writes next 


they wont give up that easy and guardians know that ; but that not our plan for them to do that ; we want/need to accumulate points

our request must be reasonable so they are given chance to decide  ... each time they decide and/or non response there credit and/or debit points

- guardians captain


"there a mental place called "hidden's paradise" - it mental but has a place/land/time

it not hidden paradise and it just a name - a place guardians created for those with enough debt points ; wont back out when advised ; and keep ... (no repent)"

what does your future tell you ?

to change or to keep ...

- guardians captain


point defiance

"pull him into me"

- no fear rock

the no fear rock finally appears this page

"this whole thing is a mental scam

but since they crossed line - it allows the rock/their inner to gradually  merge/shift into their/rock's inner - something will give" 


guardians 201 finals


dedications and premise

we first make dedication to our family/friends to show inner sincerity 
that we have done with writings last week

we next set forth the premise we to take on

12 Both Sides Now

this is a scam
- no fear rock

the future has taken him
- future guardians

for the next hour

all the memories, present past or future e.g. the  vision/memory wave - have no pull over us - then we stopping it

we gain momentum into it

shaping the wave in our favor

if we can pull it - the mental body wave

not it us

then we advancing into it


e.g. the flute melody pulls the 4d of mental body

asking good questions of mental body does same

not entering nor exiting

not seeing it as real or unreal

just standing in its way inner



we know CA vision an act 

they not there that way ;

who the vision maker behind it ?

(if there compassion purpose behind it - we go)

so on inner/wave level - we to see it as same real and do what we can to counterbalance it etc.

on outer, we do only necessary

but if they need us outer we still must go

vision or not, we will not do anything to dishonor memory of family/friends

e.g. if mei car breaks down we will drive to help her - even if it just a vision

unless there a hidden option ?

we ask for advise 

"ask them to reveal themselves"

- yolanda

the time may be ripe ?



"... inner retreat ... while outwardly one remains at one's post in order to make countermove"

- i ching

do what need do outer

but as inner, dont get pulled



he fine now ; thank you ; rehab will take time so we each brothers take turns to go down to help

- remove blood clog from fall ; we thank all who helped




no one wants go LA more than us ; but to go there, we need exit the simulation and not just go there within it

we have two weeks  before needing to go so give time for analysis - we willing to go but want to discriminate it first 

we ask for guidance


it guardians 201 finals


"in a computer generated simulation, there no one there until you there"

- frank

everything of your 3/4/5d memory body wants to go and help - but your 6d says to inner retreat and listen to future first - like the antidote, figure out what the director's purpose is ; you have time "

- future guardian

this test not about go or not go - go if it the flow ; 

if others are in similar situation/vision, how would you advise them to view this

- guardian advisor

your 3/4/5d tells you it your own family and they frail and needs help ; but that not what we see - this a vision created by someone and these actors are not your family ; just actors entering a 3/4/5d body which resembles them"


if you can break the spell, then something interesting may happen ; otherwise, you need do what you need do to care for them ;  "there may be lessons you can gain from going there" etc etc. - it'll be a nice/warm trip - but it not real"

this a test to see if you can discriminate ; cant trust anyone here in vision because they can be anyone, even those whom you have come to trust - so listen to your self/future

- guardians advisor


this place you can travel thousand miles and not go anywhere ; see all the people you know and no one there

need to first get out of it - and you very close - then can travel anywhere/visit anyone from that realm

- yolanda


(2) neutralize

we do this as a class
we each 
replace bush cut with e.g. CA vision (your premise)

for next hour and e
ach time
we need view it as more inner movement than previous
then we can easier ide
ntify/see the source of what we need confront/what outside of it


getting a small bush leg cut at pt defiance 5-12

this ideal scenario to analyze the bush cut/ant bite using our paradigm

power of silence/dharmakaya 201 finals


we not certain it happened

- in vision, we see the appearance of the body and bite

we have inner memory of the bite/cut

that is all we can be certain

"are you certain it happened"


if we wake from dream/nap

to our real body

that bush cut did not happen

it just a memory present


did it happen to our dream body during the dream ?


we not certain it happened


did the ant bite cause the ant bite memory


no, there is no ant

the two (cause/effect) is same present memory loop


but i see an ant bite/cut now here


without mental body and its memory

you also see a display of same ant bite/cut

but it has not the same antecedent cause 


view it this way  :if entering vision/simulation 

vs. exiting vision

if entering consciously like  virtual reality game

then one sees a 3d body with ant bite/cut

 one is that body and bite is the cause/happened - is the new 4/5d memory package presented

but our inner dont really believe it

you get the point 

a change of perception can change everything


the 4/5d sees only one way flow of that memory

so convinced it the only explanation of that memory

- that it happened - otherwise "what else could it be ?"

is an mental body inner voice which repeats/blocks our attention from looking another way


if had dream of a friend in far east city

upon waking, the event didnt happen

that friend not in the dream/that ant not in the dream

it need not be our antecedent cause


once we wake up

this ant bite/cut not happen to him/dreamer

it wont be there

then if he and friends upon waking gather to ask us here in the dream the question :


"where did that ant bite/cut come from ?"


we answer - one has memory of that ant bite/hike cut

but now we know it vision

we cant say for certain it happened


how long has it been ?


in vision/dream, we find ourself right in middle of it, a 3/4/5d package deal

with somehow a memory / belief that the memory we see of how it happened ... really did happen

so "the how much time ?"

we dont know

just that it is here in the 3/4/5d now

and we know the sensation/memory of it are just inner movements

so what really created the ant bite/bush cut display ?

we dont know

and same way , what really created this body we see ...?

we dont know


if players just entering the simulation :

the above questions may be answered differently


did it happen ?


not to me nor the 3/4/5d character base

it just a present memory the character/mental body has

it just a memory -  need not be the cause


how long has it been ?


it hasnt happened until we step into the dream/game

so our answer is - we dont know


- power of silence/dharmakaya 201

1) like good 4d movie

the display/screen is the 3d

they fixate our attention only on the memory/story 4d - we see no hidden option (our real body)

they use sound effects maybe even vibrations to manipulate our 5d to make the ant bite feel real - there a sensation that pulls our attention to it/we get pulled by that inner movement/cycle


2) so if we just enter theater

we not yet stuck in “the 9th level dragon spell” movie

each movie is personal - between viewer and the movie yet worldwide online influence the background - everyone contributes to it

e.g. we create/see love we see/receive love and vice versa

there inside a character 

it comes already with a 3/4/5d memory

let say it resembles/programmed as our own, except few little things we pre-designed to happen to remind ourself that is a dream

and then we would somehow remember something of past

e.g. the bush cut​

3) so if we starting the character

we would know there a 4d memory that is also same name

but it not us, it only looks the same/clone

we would also know he will look same/similar to us

but that 3d display also not us

“it just wont feel/look right”

like look into mirror and it not you

we also know that any sensation or memory comes from the mental body program - and mental body is an inner movement we often confuse with outer

it that inner which senses an illusion as real


in other words

4) this 3/4/5d movie is an inner movement

we not this 3/4/5d is obvious to the viewer at this time

that memory which came pre-loaded with the character may have same memory as us - but it not us because it a program/second floor - someone else can change it

it a feeling/experience to know which one is ground/second floor memory​

5) discriminate the real 4d  from game/fake 4d  is easy at this time - our mind still in circle a entering circle b​

at this time, we know the mental/game body 4/5d memory is just a 4/5d/memory that comes with the 3/4/5d character

- it not us even if memories/display looks same and our emotions/sensations keeps reinforcing it

discriminate the real from fake is easy at this time

no matter how interesting the movie is

6)  if we really want to play/enter the game​

we want "we not this 3/4/5d" inner movement to become  “we are this 3/4/5d” so it will feel more real - this circle b wave/inner movement

this the view of people in ab wave 

entering the field of compassion

- power of silence/dharmakaya 201



in vision

this 3d display is not us even if it looks same

the 4/5d memory body may have same memory as us, but it also not us - it computer created to match

one is ground ; one is second floor

the point is :

we are not someone/thing else's mental body

- power of silence/dharmakaya 201


"we are not the memory" (49/51)

then maybe the real memory reveals/emerges

e..g dharmakaya

every memory of this vision body is not us

every memory outside this vision body not matter 

this is how we use a vision to get across


close eyes and can see only inner body

open eyes and see same inner body and the 3d mirror display but if we confuse the 4/5d to be that display

then the inner becomes outer

point is : if we can discriminate the inner/outer

we can master our 4/5d and thereby the 3d display

- but not the other way


that bush cut was real blessing ; just a long scrape lower right leg - little issue ; we fine now and send message to past it compassion - he got lucky

like night lost, it the most pg-13 way to ... get the message across


3) identify

someone's inner wave is/has been trying to encroach into ours ?


if close our eyes and see the present memory of it as inner movement - we can see how the CA vision is an inner movement also pulling on us - wanting us to see it as outer in present moment

- guardians scout

close your eyes and see the premise and tell us when you see outer movement


if this a vision, which it is, that CA vision/your premise pull is an inner movement 

we not saying it not/or is happening outer etc.

just that for next hour and your eyes closed, it is an inner movement


is there someone behind that inner movement ?

or is it just a random inner movement/event 


if it someone, is that person the vision maker ?

or is the CA vision just random 


we dont know

just asking questions guardians want us write


if it just random

then analysis ends here and we do what need do

but if it not ...

someone is implanting memory into us and has been long time  ?

if so

is there that person hidden behind ?


maybe the best way to improve the CA vision and to free ourself of this veil/vision is to direct our attention to that being ?

and not to the stories he wants us to follow 

- future guardians

otherwise, even if it is fine, we are not in control of what he is in control of 

it be like thanking the pandemic maker for the vaccine - play right into his game

we to go right to the vision makers and not the pro/cons of the antidotes



who is that being ?

this is very clever illusion

but guardians in future has him/her taken

- he/she only needs to ask  own future that

and if his own future tells her not, then he has nothing to worry about from guardians

and we will need to be her subject of control and  not other way 

- guardians captain

that some good gender humor/fong chi