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""For every passion

There is destiny"


-  Lisa Youvella

 Chewpi News 

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 OVER 200-1













“It is like a thin veil

use it

It will never fail”


- tao te ching




“the three dimensional inner world  is  a range of  frequency 

we perceive from own reference  

 like day turning into dream

 we wake to a reference point

believing it the same as our memory

of yesterday"

- kuyipay

2016 pow wow

olympics national park

- saying it a present moment reference 

and present moment reference point can be upgraded to require compassion

how to deepen our inner  lense ?"




















































present moment link

to what is before/after time/space

guardian of

future to past

past to future




















"the body of compassion

then becomes three new energy body"

making you all look younger

for the benefit of all sentient beings"



outer can be ephemeral

- that consciousness is eternal


inner can be eternal

- that consciousness is ephemeral



and vice versa

writer's take







couldn't write a mythology today

even if one tries

comedy needs only comedy

mythology requires a deep sustained focus

missed out on this tale

and  few possible extensions

the story speaks itself

and like a perennial song

chooses the writer who can best align

in tibetan culture

such story is called a treasure

and such treasure

can be best revealed

through a fun story

what is taking place


is the emergence of a new writer

with the old writers

- us

there ...

to offer their humble help

let them decide / choose

the fate of their own future ...


in old days


shamans have more power


so called medicine men



such that they can awaken the weaker flow of the weaker circle


with a simple …




these days

shamans have less power

so they rely more on holding objects


largely because the art has always been a collective teamwork


so called stories

















UNTIL ..."




if it there it there

 there is no wedding

and we are not at the gompa

one not the type to "marry" into families


so just

"the way we were"



we don't know

but one knows people there are here

offering help in sincere


i am not the one ...

someone new ...

will have to reveal the story

and she and/or he

may be as inexperienced as  writer


 was to you


at the beginning of this journey

if so 

 are you gonna just sit

and watch it fade ...?

until next time ...


if it is so it is so


but what if the one to come

has yet to arrive ...

emptiness and/or compassion


"trinary rotation

cannot be programmed "

as inner

between what is and what is not

there is the emptiness

between existence of 1 percent and 99 percent

there is also  emptiness

between what can exist and what cannot exists

there is emptiness

"both delusion and the dimension of creative potency manifest

it is essence nature beyond duality and/or non-duality

beyond separation and/or unification

here time is exhausted, it is free from activity, like the essence of space"

-tantra of self generating presence

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timeless compassion 

"in the pale , windless sky,

the dimension of light and color


and the five forms of pristine awareness are self manifesting


in the lamb of the pure field of reality"


- tantra of self generating pure presence 

in other words

from field of compassion


self manifested

inner density/distance/time

empty and/or relative

"manifestations are divided due to different inner/outer reference points

called bardos

but there one point

which all must pass through 

at dissolution

at the corner turn

of the weak circle 

it is there

at that point

according to the tibetan ancients

that liberation from samsara

- ocean of duality


is possible ..."

- humble

"and since there only the present

that third corner

is also always present ..."


how to transform this flow into compassion

and open door

for the emergence new inner dimension

maybe some tibetans

may call shambhala

we don't know

just a feeling ...

the world of compassion

the awakening of compassion

"fate may in time also bring regression ... but if an upward movement is initiated in time, this movement is strong enough to counteract fate, should the consequences of fate set in before these precautions are taken"

- the i ching








she under our protection

as for the circle behind this, they answer to humble rinpoche 

make facts clear and we welcome you back 

she not need that power circle anymore

she needs our circle's friendship​


"more constant/less constant

no movement

more forward/less forward



more reverse/less reverse


"less reverse is same as more forward

just against the current

because it the weak current of the more reverse"

- pema lama

how to strengthen potential of less forward by using more reverse ?"

-notes from gompa 

with completion of PVF

and potential investor of

jose ...! 

you may all have work to do











"not possible yet for 1 be 10 from this constant


but if constant links into deeper constant


the 10 impossible seems only 9"

- chikuen rinpoche

how to have an easy "rip off" 

turn ?


fong chi is reverse

"the fong chi bad news is that they have yet to laughed ..."

for each fong chi shitty filming

the fong chi good news is that we will still pay you $20 

that jose ...!'s condition for fong chi  investing

how to strengthen present moment third corner



overly accept the fong chi rip off

the middle force of the old circles links with the new inner/outer circle

from the constant

no big deal

the new inner circle

through old outer  objects and mantra

link back to the old inner circle

on the outer

they do best to imitate the inner of that matrix

few older circles

may have capacity to link to three new inner/outer  circles


just as some outer/inner circles

have capacity to link - within compassion - to many inner old circles

how to widen the old circle ?

we gotta have something to flow in

they gotta have something we can receive

and that was our chewpiland

for their PVF

it must have been good enough

that so far away so long after

people still dancing to the beat

honor and respect ...

the objects freely shares itself with circle of distant past

like a light sabre

both a protector and/or memory

if you inner up

then you want stay down

return to underworld


if inner heaven

they want go under


if inner hell

go back up to heaven




if inner is hell and ok with it


camping out cold night


then one no need to elevate



even if others sitting at 4 insist it to the the level ground



and want to ascend to 5


we stay at 3


"This refers to the involuntary influence of a man's inner being upon persons of kindred spirit. The crane need not show itself on a high hill. It may be quite hidden when it sounds its call; yet its young will hear its not, will recognize it and give answer. Where there is a joyous mood, there a comrade will appear to share a glass of wine. This is the echo awakened in men through spiritual attraction.


Whenever a feeling is voiced with truth and frankness, whenever a deed is the clear expression of sentiment, a mysterious and far-reaching influence is exerted. At first it acts on those who are inwardly receptive. But the circle grows larger and larger. The root of all influence lies in one's own inner being: given true and vigorous expression in word and deed, its effect is great. The effect is but the reflection of something that emanates from one's own heart."

- the i ching

last wek

old friend showed

bought $1 ice cream 

he and luke been back here awhile

"it nice to talk to you again"

- shaman lama

we'll call all that sincere effort

the payment gompa made to sponsor


"the hidden option"


speaking of inner  protectors

demon hunters

this dude be right at top

the ship captain

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"within tibet

old days

this clan/that clan



tibet culture / world


to the west

there no difference in the four schools and/or its subdivisions

so who the more constant ?


the realized beings converge onto those who can show the results

one time

talking about the hopis and tibet

hidden rinpoche proudly came to tibetan side

"yes, but do they have as many centurions as the crazy yogis ... ?"

"there only 10,000 hopis ..."

the link may not be as distant as ...

amchi be the look alike actor for the old ling rinpoche

there few left

master hu's friends

the idea of this script

is that with universal compassion

there potential to regenerate

so they have shared the potential and its wisdom with the west

"enlightenment has different stages"

- thubten gyephal


we simply the messengers

fortunate to be part of this link

chu and classmates bow with honor and respect

"with understanding

there is no conflict"

- preston 

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we very lucky

they have gathered

the future knows even if past covered

and if follow passion

those give passion from past

still here

links to that passion


parents helping with financing this project

great credit to them




humble rinpoche

the deathless guru as inner has no begin/end

a reflection of a deeper inner

for those who link in

kind of bridge into deeper dimensions

they not really meant to be here

but this dude no conformer

tricksters can't be dictated by fate / law of physics


the part that can is not trickster 



"tricketer machine / trickter mind


that one circle

human / trickster mind


that another circle

this old dude from older world

so can play game within

she/he the constant in our circle"

- the legendary kung fu novel

would like to gather with them

but only if that their flow

of universal compassion


we have to match you in size without using the resource

proving that star wars success came from his own compassion

he also didn't need the resopurces


humble tried to , with best intention, team with writer as the actor for his power ;  writer didn't take the bait but did get him to stay emerge for all  to benefit  ... :)

one simply a humble messenger and

we are very fortunate to be part of this link ...

little house cleaning

now one gone whole circle

look back

those who over give humble rinpoche  - he will do best to reciprocate


for those who over give

the precious root guru over protects etc.

and for those ... beyond the line ... of compassion

wrathful side of  guru rinpoche is not for the petty and the weak minded

exorcism 101 is for beginners 

some won't change that simple

vooodoooland rock is exorcism 201

they speak truth about what they know at venice beach or it 301 for the little circle in the room ; that  something darker of it  which , future to past - video already watching 

so longer round 6 wait ; the more their future to past de link

maybe they all interlinked and this their chance at third corner turn - just speaking truth of something we all know

- then you are liberated from it all - it that easy 

it like writer reading book or even trying out foreign fashion - there nothing to hide and they really don't care if you do and/or don't - and that can save the world from many unnecessary anger because we are all role models for someone  - and then you will all thank us for making it easy  :)

"you gotta debase yourself and let it out ...!"

- judge darrell 

as inner exorcism, there reason humble rinpoche practice it at different level depth ; 

the protectors are of deeper dimension

the change comes in at deeper imprint beneath ; that what the items he tried to pass on was for - exorcism of deeper dimensions

the vooodoooland rock binds their middle circle until released ...

imagine scarecrow midnight over open field that has no farm

why would the ...  place them there

next to the rock

 if we don't get tough on the inner now ...

that why




-the reverse i ching 

visualize sword reuniting with rock

and/or it chains to the rhythm


that rock is also our protector

vs. deeper reptilian intelligence ...

the human protector

it was a companion to the law office

past to future - it sits there

future to their past

they'll have to enter first the gatekeeper

it the energy - if it can't be moved and it our friend , then it keep us constant even if it seems we descending


gompa notes


by denying access to share the sword 

as agreed

we will have to find a new keeper


there reason it called trickster sword

when trickster wisdom lacking

it seeks to return 

to earn it back to and/or from

deeper patience kindness and humility

that a best buddhist practice

first thing about friendship with trickster power is that ... can't grasp it so don't even try

but if we let it go

then it can't grasp us but may still return

because the friendship is real

and then so is its protection

wherever it is


herukas the protectors

they real in way that they can protect and nurture our inner circles

and they have been real friends in past

especially to certain yogis

they follow the inner circle , not its outer claimants

so as inner - we can't divide and label them the way they don't - e.g. black and white ; good/bad ; wrathful/peaceful etc. 

when it comes to cleaning up the deeper dimensions of ancient past

that when ancient yogis at their full value

this a collective silence effort

it the results

"Question: “Then Guru Rinpoche must have become 800 years old.” 

Lama Namse Rinpoche: Not only that, but it is said that Guru Rinpoche stayed in Tibet for 300 years before he continued his journey. He is not an ordinary human being - he is beyond time and age as we know it. It is said that he is with us today, which means he would be more than 1200 years old. Age, as we know it, does not apply to him. 


Same student: “So he doesn’t have different names when reborn and isn’t recognized like His Holiness the Karmapa.” 

Lama Namse: That is not the case. Guru Rinpoche never passed away as we perceive death and therefore was never reborn. "

"praise the lord ..."


in our script

master hu is the other grandpa

also known as lu shen yuan

before that - Dudjom Jigdral Yeshe Dorje

before that -  Dudjom Lingpa (1835–1904) etc.

- movie script

and that is all you need to know :)

in our script - the legendary kung fu novel

there a circle which is guru rinpoche

self sufficient light which chose to remain within this matrix to share

then there a small circle

also self sufficient but learn it from root teacher

then there circle which live long, very long

relying on the compassion of the small circle

then there circle, even larger, which receives benefit of longer and stronger life and also easy option when exit , relying on power of that circle etc.

here one was to share with gompa

there a practice where you fong chi fight the herukas for the purpose of strengthening the energy body because they are protectors and friends 

the story teller of these maybe still here but wanting to add extra element - that their silliness more power than their roar - the trickster wisdom of the clown buddhas


if your inner chi can overtake ms buddha butt  jr in round 9 of fong chi showdown ...

then they may pass their no laugh siddhis onto you ...

there no ruless against sending joy to the protectors

parallel reflection

if we walk in dark world with sword

why wouldn't they have one too

there those who master of awareness

that they handle energy 

quality of which does not die

e.g. preston 

there those who master emptiness

the quality  

e.g. master hu 

deep down we looking for better quality - a feeling of more anchored happiness

- pastor tien

in our script, the pastor lives :)

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

just our script, but there may be .. who still believe 

"it a matter of faith"   

exorcism 301 is similar to humble rinpoche silently imprinting spells into subconscious her/his inner circle  - their past compassion/no compassion magic bounced back  - anything out of them has first go through rock via la pooba or it like karma gravity wall that bounces it back 

add on the coding powers of the lawyer that blocks their middle to flow other way ...

he humble and kind, but there also a wrathful crazy side, and writer has met him in that form also - he #1 crazy - in script :  free lance staff for our office - we send him on assignment , wherever the sword is


when it comes to black magic

the top power is top power

when it comes to realiazation

the buddha who has tamed the darkest power with emptiness  is the top buddha -

"emptiness is deeper than energy"

- writer teacher buddha butt

no mind is deeper than empty mind

"my teacher is the lord of death"

- humble rinpoche

if there inner demons

hunt them at root before ...


but first there must be a link

and that la pooba

taking care of business its own way

honor and respect


"the problem is not enjoyment

the problem is attachment"

- tilopa

darkness lightened when it meets deeper darkness

- master hu on the circles rotation



"- the elite deathhunters

trained for years they have under the great teacher

for this mission ...

they must imitate and pretend they are under the wizard's spell

then then assimilate into the wizard's inner circles  ...



- dark world

chewey, teaching ms t jr how to act 

"you must pretend you are fighting your worse enemy so the chicken farmer wizard will think you have fallen for his spell ; and when he sits there laughing at watching you fighting with yourself

you must keep pretending on fighting with yourself even if he laughts out loud , otherwise the chicken farmers wizard will think you are not under the genghis khan spell"

ms t jr  nods as she wipes away tears

"i will not laugh ! ..."


the chewpi inc. satellite descrambler neutralize the wizards spell  ... but you must play along  ..."

"Inferior people who have risen to power illegitimately do not feel equal to the responsibility they have taken upon themselves. In their hearts they begin to be ashamed, although at first they do not show it outwardly. This marks a turn for the better."

i ching

"i've known chu  many years

and he can be as empty as mirror

if you walk up innocent ; then he returns same 

if you act only innocent ; then he same

vice versa

if you believe you tricked him from past

he plays the other circle of what you expect

aware that - from future to past

there is another circle that is emptiness 

and when it rotates like the sun

we can still be of any corner

but if those not equal to the responsibility ...

you cannot possess the sword without it possessing you ; and if you cannot rotate three corners

both you and circle then clogged in a corner you can't get out 

without help from andrew ...

she is protected and remain entitled to borrow the sword even if she has lost right be its keeper

but her dark praying circle - unless they receive forgiveness from andrew

then they remain bound to the third corner rock

unless you have inner strength to move that rock - third corner strength

one wouldn't want be with its weight/responsibility ...

- The Hopi Gandhi


after three years,  the intent of the circle is more clear

gather 25 shareholders of the sword 

  e.g. deliberately paid humble $1 less 

"you still own a piece of it "

it is linked to its past the way it is linked to its future

those who try to get in way would first make us believe they were clever so they would believe same  ...

but what we viewers waiting to find out from future seat is


"how did the sword returned to the writer when he passed it to her

not want it back as keeper


praying to let her keep it  ... ?"

but if ... gompa somehow gets a donation

and the ancient ... then the script moves to new chapter - the redemption of a death hunter

over bowing is chu expertise

he believes it strengthens inner muscle

accumulating reverse rising credit

the type of credit which can be used to influence the three circles 

"vooodoooland is between chewpiland and hopiland

rocks the link

guarding three dimension from one land"



 "The Reverse Circle

(the three way circle)

three circle

one clockwise only

one counter only

both ways

to the clockwise which sees itself as constant

the middle seem counter clockwise

and counter seem clockwise

to the middle 

clockwise is clockwise

counter is counter

both moving same different directions and/or one circle moving two directions etc.



the point is

if we are stuck in one way flow

believing clockwise to be constant 

then heaven/earth circle is independently outside

if we know our place

within the rotation

that there other circles also linking

then maybe we know when we are not in control and so 

they also know when they are not in control

If a clockwise only circle come across such three way circle

but believing itself to be the constant

then the three way circle may seem reverse to the one way

to the three way

the clockwise can also appear as one circle moving three ways 

by itself becoming the one way

the one way flow is reversed"

The Hidden Option

in our script


pasmashambhava /buddha walking earth today

non earth human

 leads a circle of ancient ones

earth humans

including jesus and  mary

if there been deepening

past 4-5 months

it because writer is writing


the big brother has returned

spiritually everyone's superior

at another level 

if use he and/or she

would be limiting it within our mind

writer intelligence may rival

but beauty abundance silent far behind

mickey beauty may rival


 the ultimate  medicine

this our script

there level they alter position ; rotate seats

- master hu

then there level where standing still

they twik (adjust)  the inner rotation

- pastor shen

to stay tuned into the channel

then there the channel

the one who can stay in no matter what

is the one who has th medicine we need to learn from - humble rinpoche

few has skill to "translate" it into modern understanding - that the writer

and to share / present the earth side - mickey

the channel is compassion

it like a river ; some have merged into it


compassion of/for the  physical

it the result 

the rest details

"so padmashambhava is of past  ...?"

"that would not be correct ..."

- gyaphel


"so massawu a legend ...?"

"people have seen him ..."

- lewis


"you my teacher

i like to learn"

writer said to many


body gaya 90's

old kind wise man

orphanage coordinator known to many

"i have met ... two (perfected beings) in my life

one was the teacher of gandhi (vinoba) and the other an old french ... over 100 years old ... who lives in a cave ..."

writer no understand then

but he person of few words

and mentioned twice

it also time when writer met gyaphel

he told us he a young monk and gave tour of few tibetan  temples

yet the young not recognize him but the old monks were very aware ... the way they greet ...

he would always bow even more 

"they my teachers ..."

- gyaphel 


the rickshaw teacher must have been someone they know ...

his emptiness  remains deeper than writer ...


nothing new 

it the conviction 

there reason it made visible

writer simply messenger

they have asked to link

we not yet have their knowledge power and humility

one of the original circle

buddhist community may recognize ...

met 20 years ago - this photo two weeks ago

he step ahead of even master hu

... that the understanding is ancient and need no high tech - if attained realization of it, one side too far

use other side

how old he is "they don't have to know"

"so you've seen gray hair returns dark ...?"

he smiles

"you've seen people levitate ?"

​"yes ..."

​"how ...?"

​"it cannot be explained in words ..."

writer bows with honor and respect

future to past

la pooba belong to her and it from her circle


"give it to her ..."

and not expect it to return


writer is  thankful


she partnered with writer on the hidden option

so we'll wait until ... to publish it  here


"hopis are like tibetans



there inner division/fighting among the lineages

and it is their powers which is ..."

- master hu

"so you are the leader of ..."

"the black hat lineage"

- master hu




"what just said write down"





"in the future

tibet is tibet

there is no free or not free tibet

tibet is tibet"

- master hu

Season 2

maxresdefault (4).jpg

we've passed on both phurbas 

three sisters and la pooba

we not of the religion

so it best they have it 

they hold our blessing/protection

from past/present/future


the destination is when i am next to him


"the way you talking about hong jun

that means you getting close"

- hu

vajra body is same whether rupakaya is strong and/or weak ; old and/or young

he/they staying seattle for time being

we pray for their good health and they remain to help us

we bow with honor and respect



in script

"we not know if he will return"

- bison shaman

i dont think he intends to


paemashabhava left his body/place

evn as he found himself again

he not to return old seat

maybe a visit to remember what it like

there too much politics and power games

as gompa visits reminds him

they can follow him through the writings

he created the old place

he can create anew

invite only those who not play games


the pureland western new will not be eastern old

we not of the culture nor can we be part of it that way anymore

east/west of the west/east

it easy to miss it if overgo

so follow compassion

not the destination


sphere of compassion arises from compassion



knows how to cut through the dark energy

he simply needs someone to transcribe the compassion

and the wrathful energy to the west

funny yogis ?

- chewey

they are yogis who are also funny

very advanced they are

they hide their humor from outsiders

- gyaphal

you mean they pretend to be not funny when funny ?

- chewey

and vice versa

- gyaphal


early/mid 20th century


 tibetan lama had a vision

while meditating 

looking out at lake

it a future world next century

in the west - early summer

they all wearing masks in public

and it felt like the entire world was also same

many looking at a photo of him

the one he took recently

 from each their own machine

they ask him to send help to the west  ...


this dude the top so didnt need to disappear to appear

spontaneously appear/disappear

as five elements

to our ordinary vision

so if hu still around

so is he 

but in different form

he can do that

because he knows how to use his own sambogakaya

it his own real estate/world

nothing second floor can overtake it

not death nor life

coming nor going

it is inseparable from the ground/dharmadatu

like kiva

padmashambhava is a sambkogakaya

that current/wave world/form

the entire space belongs to padmashambhava


within the sacred space

the inner sambogakaya

is where he lives

it not center as physical center

no one can see it

nor grasp it

yet from within it

the samboagakaya that is padmashambhava effortlessly shines out compassion 

 as energy and/or form

to other worlds linked


1850 bc

dharmakaya of all buddhas is considered to be of one and the same essence ...

sambogakaya is considered to be one and the same 

nirmanakaya is considered as being of different kind

- buddha nature

same void/light

ability to use it different for each being


"high and low rise together"

earth/heaven same spirit


heaven is spirit

earth is not


earth has inner/outer

as inner it intertwined with human

if shift into sphere of compassion 

then there hope


"this world is fading"


so how one go / see past the duality  (vision) ?

- john

i will send (text)  you a mantra

- raja buffet

The (gayatri) mantra and its associated metric form was known by the Buddha, and in one sutra the Buddha is described as "expressing their appreciation" for the mantra

- wikipedia

Om Bhur Bhuva Swah

om - primordial/essence/compassion 

"nothing whatever but everything arises from it"

bhur - creator is self existing/independent

- dharmadatu 

bhuva - "self conscious as well as being conscious of all else ... thus able to control and govern the universe"

- the big mind /inner movement

swah -  pervasive/onipresent 

"without form ... able to manifest ... through  medium of the physical world, and is thus present in each and every physical entity"

- there nowhere compassion sphere is not



*this place really no ruler here

this yet that place

but it part of it

- bison shaman


it not really have boundary

- bison

padmashambhva's copper moiuntain

they say it of earth/terrestrial

yet of non dual world

that an unique combo

nonmaterial physical reality

so this place is part of padmashambhava pureland

how does one enter 

portal or by waking into it ?


by waking to it

- jessica​


in dream/vision

body is the place 

if body change so does the place​

if our body is compassion

so is the place


padmashambhava home



(top floor)​

for the dharmakaya/buddhas as one​



(second floor)

the buddhasatva of compassion

is a spiritual body

and the zangdok palri inner realm is one of the matching places

- sambkogakaya is same difference





(first floor)

for samboagakaya buddha 

padmashambhava is a non physical body (rainbow body) and outer zangdok palri is the matching place

- nirmanakaya /pureland​

for buddha of compassion

chewey is a sambogakaya body

and outer cedar mesa the matching place​


for the visitors like us

zangdok palri is the physical non place

we become the matching body

we become non physical body

the place becomes the matching

- sambogakaya 


portal can take them to first floor

from there

vision can take them to second floor

from there

the formlesss world of compassion


there the body based thought

e.g. age is body based thought 


non body based thought

- no body no age

just what here


three realms of desire/form/formless


three realms of desire/form/formless within compassion sphere


within compassion sphere

desire realm same compassion as form and/or formless


buddhism it organized as desire realm at bottom

formless realm at top of the wheel of life

they inside samsara



in our script

then beyond highest formless it just simple compassion sphere


the compassion sphere is bit reverse

the formless realms consider the most basic

the entry level for those new to quantum compassion sphere/ world


the form world within compassion  is next more advanced

the desire realm within compassion is funny wisdom

emptiness and/or passion same time

the rainbow body

and/or  the fong chi mind


forever is forever even if don’t think it is 


quantum perception can alter our subconscious programming

quantum compassion perception can transform 



quantum compassion

compassion at most micro level

the smallest seed

moksha is when we are within compassion in both worlds

quantum (wuchi) and/or newton/samsara

"Akanistha heaven ...  do not represent real Buddhahood

If knowledge of the Dharmakaya were brought about by antecedent causes it would be something that is impermanent.


We cannot proceed from our conditioned existence to an unconditioned state. There is no way."

- Lopon Tenzin Namdak

moksha cannot be dependent on where we are/antecedent causes

like  couple  in love 

it not because of what outside

but it helps to have it - the sunrise

like akanisita

moksha means freedom from samsara

the wheel of second floor


no matter where you are

which realm

there an extra layer of energy

- raja

compassion sphere stays with us no matter where we are


we not looking go anywhere

wherever compassion is we are

without it

there is no "outer" place which is superior


without (inner/energy) boundary 

there (can be) no (energy) leak


"dharmakaya is a body"


power of silence

"do not follow (inner movement)  ... do not invite them ... 

if do not waver from natural state

all qualities of the refined sense powers are gained"​

"in great expanse of awareness - and this a great wonder - they (defilements) collapse all by themselves"

- jigme lingpa


in vision/dream

there is no antecedent cause, not in that way

e.g. if dream begin hotel

it not caused by us checking in even if memory of it

if vision

then memory of ourselves didnt come from the vision body, it just there

it need not be the past e.g. age


relationship in formless

there no body

union is something else


the unborn/unceasing

something which not of 64 hexagram cause

but springs from wuchi


in vision

inner authority

are you certain it is real ?

are you certain it happened ?


once the inner authority/shadow is neutralized

the ground is easier to see

the two veils in buddhism : 

1) emotional veil - once inner shadow is neutralized the passion becomes clear

there less fear 

2) veil/barrier of perception - like hologram/dream

there a fourth dimension watching us

it our own self - the compassion one

the 3/4/5 d preset 


master hu very humble

practices the medicine buddha

the indestructible vajrakaya


synergy of dragon/phoenix

as life force 

the dark energy is inexhaustible​


nothing happens in rupakaya registers to dharmakaya

yet it remembers memory​



one body many minds and/or one mind many bodies​

if one mind many bodies then each mind has no center / empty mind

if one body many minds then each body no center/ no body

*Within that space appears dharmakaya. From that sambhogakaya is produced, appearing from the viewpoint of those who are to be tamed, always abiding with neither increase or decrease like the moon in space. 

Apparent variety, kaya of light rays of Holy Dharma ...
Variety is real, but the nature of it is not.

Such forms, ...
Always abide here in the element of space,
As if they really were of the element of form.

- longchenpa

sunlight different source from artificial

"it is something else"


The three kayas of the space of the dhatu are of one taste with the solitary space of dharmakaya. Within that, they exist as the subtle wisdom of that space. From the blessing of that, and from the aspirations of those who are to be tamed, appear the two rupakayas . 

Here the pure buddha activity of wisdom arises as the appearance of an external other. These are like the moon in the sky and the moon in water.

- longchenpa

"the form not made of five elements"

"they can't see this place"

the white island

"oldest and still operational"



These days, when some proclaim trikaya as totally one, it follows that all the buddha qualities of the space of the dhatu would also be appearances for those who are to be tamed. That is because rupakayas of one nature with them would appear for those who are to be tamed. Having maintained trikaya as one, that is how the pure realm of the Buddha and so forth would have to be elucidated. Therefore, knowing these two as separate is very important.

- lonchenpa

rupakaya is not dharmakaya

second floor not ground


*They are not eternal objects, because they are not objects of perception or thought. They are not nothingness, because they are individual and personal wisdom."

- longchenpa 

it not 3/4/5d

it something else and it has

"individual and personal wisdom."


three bodies - including the land


just energy/physical - no include land



in vision, the seatac we see is subconscious - not here anymore


you looking into nothing

yet relationship is real


like spiral

the end/begin same point

the guide will take you backdoor

they will show when time

no need seek them

- jess