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“Body and Soul react sympathetically upon each other ; a change in the state of the soul produces a change in the shape of the body and conversely, 
a change in the shape of the body produces a change in the state of the soul"

- Aristotle

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Depth and Compassion

Play Game



Stay With It













if you feel a presence never felt before

that same feeling i have

we should just all go with it

and not be so 

mindful of whether it fits the past


programmings of the present


the state of the soul

remains the same

and present programming

of the inner "body"

remains the same


as the one we were given

but it has to come

first from a feeling

an opportunity

we cannot compel it

it will not compel you

but if we play with it

it'll keep playing with us

and if one goes 

"but ..."

then it till the next round

how to be 

ready to be spontaneously present


when the moment arrives ?


had courage/curiosity

one now need learn from

(places / time real ; people and stories factual fiction)


back packing 

through bihar

into bodh gaya



towards  a buddhist site and to watch tibetan gathering

3 am

somewhere among the tracks

the old yogi meditating


slowly yet assuredly

"where you from ...?"

abugee and i drove to cedar mesa


there we met a skinny hiker


non native from east

who parking  bike


so when he journeys alone into and out


seven days after

he bikes to the car

"america has some real hidden powers

refusing to compromise"

- jack grey



starting jack grey

as the old ordinary looking yogi ...

some time near 2010

"you said you wanted to meet the reverse (magical) side (in their capacity) ..."

- darrell

"yea thanks..."

"she knows all that too ..."

grandparents got mad at darrell 

for taking writer to a broken trailer

far off in distance

with a group of drunk natives


some years later

re telling the experience to the hopis at vegas

"you know


maybe they the real power behind us ..."

- abel

"yea ... thanks again ..."

it was a comedy laughing contest 

and was only there five minutes

starting darrell

as the hopi snake priest















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The Yup Yup Yup

 Business Team

"merging yup yup yup

with business"

has many interesting ideas

the question writer posed :

"what you do if you had all the money ?"

(your photo here)


"We would buy up Victoria Secret and change name of Victoria to Yup Yup Yup"

- The Yup Yup Yup Business Team 

the yup yup yuppies


looking for co - writers

/ co-producers

the yup yup yup business


looking for ...

to voice the animation characters

and play the 21st century

parallels beings

"the bike has been pre programmed

to take you to destination


just act like you are peddling


and its force be with you ..."

"yup yup yup

oh yup yup yup"

the destination

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Depth and Compassion



3 pigs in wooden hut
3 pigs in rock hut

Deeper the Compassion
Deeper the Root




The ancients say


“Deep roots are not reached
by the frost”


- J.R. Tolkien


why all the people

they single her out

to make statement

on behalf

of the people behind the company

perhaps ...?

because for simple tress passing of a celebrity making statement

standard protocol does not include that much 


"protect the innocent"

there inner/outer

let go those with compassion as inner intent

lawyers everywhere know that

you may have won that day

getting your PR

delivering your 19th century


to the standing ovation of the company and board

but this is 21st century

the future is watching / waiting

- as present inner

they made peace ?

once they inner do

difficult to then change direction


if they still 

making last inner stand


heyokas friends stay put

not laughing until want to laugh

now visualize trump

flying on fancy plane

fancy limo

riding bike

beautiful wife behind

enter where the camp

to cheers

symbolically granting the easement back to the tribe

and make it into a national monument

named after himself and/or

sitting bull

declaring lakota victory

then we have repeat of history


"so it begins ..."

yet future to past -


potential of lawsuits accumulate

plaintiff attorneys can only wait on

it not if you agree

but for the jury to decide

sounds like another clay bennett

- use system / take what can

pretend local

when done - they gone

but from 

and which firm in seattle eager 

 defend them


against the heyokas' lawyers ...

against the company

ideal venue 

outstanding pacific northwest


"i love the jurors here

they laugh at my humor"

- john chu

"they so warm to me

during jury duty ..."


"... Sara Jumping Eagle, a physician on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, was required to remove all of her clothing and "squat and cough" when she was arrested for disorderly conduct. In another such case, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, who founded Sacred Stone Camp, said that when her daughter was arrested and taken into custody she was "strip-searched in front of multiple male officers, then left for hours in her cell, naked and freezing "


if they staring

how long can the officers stare ...?

this the issue, not the pipes

you do that to innocent 

people fight back

think you above law just because they under your control ...

retrace footsteps

this just beginning ...

"Actress Shailene Woodley, arrested on October 10 along with 27 others, also said she was strip-searched, adding, "Never did it cross my mind that while trying to protect clean water, trying to ensure a future where our children have access to an element essential for human survival, would I be strip-searched. I was just shocked."

"According to news reports, the police launched an attack on the protesters with water cannons in 28 °F (−2 °C) weather ...

 Initially the Morton County Sheriff's Office said the water was used only to put out fires, but the following day Sheriff Kirchmeier corrected that statement, saying, "Some of the water was used to repel some of the protest activities" and adding that it was "sprayed more as a mist and we didn't want to get it directly on them but we wanted to make sure to use it as a measure to keep everybody safe..."

"On September 3, 2016, during Labor Day weekend, the Dakota Access Pipeline brought in a private security firm when the company used bulldozers to dig up part of the pipeline route that contained possible Native graves and burial artifacts...

unarmed protesters crossed the perimeter fence to stop the bulldozers, the guards used pepper spray and guard dogs to attack. At least six protesters were treated for dog bites, and an estimated 30 were pepper-sprayed before the guards and their dogs left the scene in trucks. A woman that had taken part in the incident stated, "The cops watched the whole thing from up on the hills. It felt like they were trying to provoke us into being violent when we’re peaceful."


this is impersonal

and people feel the passion

depth of american spirit ...

and so one becomes compel to write

what comes ...

best to negotiate from position of strength

it like

what we witnessing on chewpiland


this not about

which win / lose

but something which links back

deeper and further

in time

yearning for an expression ?

we don't know

traveled there once ...

early 90's



near court house

chu walking around 

couple well known respected lawyers playfully 

obviously fong chi masters

drove up ...

"excuse me ...!

where is the court house ...?"


slowly walks up


"that where the judge sits ..."

they both laughed 

the legal profession

officers / lawyers / judges


most missing a pg - 13

inner counter balance

that may be why i have experience / compassion


for the profession

it a calling

so the effortless

counter balance


naturally part of our inner movement

can't uproot a deeper feeling




First  week 

fong chi law school

the great honorable professor

"Our great supreme court justice

William Chi


once stated


"Our justice system

cannot afford another intervention

by petty party politics ..."

how to you respond to that

"mr / ms

(your name here) ?"


but surely

spoke the first year student


"who is william chi ...?"

"The battle is popularly known in American history as "Custer's Last Stand." Custer and his regiment were defeated so decisively at the Little Bighorn that it has overshadowed all of his prior achievements.


... The fight was an overwhelming victory for the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho, led by several major war leaders, including Crazy Horse and Chief Gall, inspired by the visions of Sitting Bull (Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake)..." 

- Wikipedia

Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake


"if we have funding we do more"

then there the other side

vice versa

so only unless  it over flows

we follow PVF 

"they keep their money

we keep our PVF"

- hopi friend

the writer bows

trump think tank

these days

politics only two doors to enter/exit

and trump used the side of least resistance

he still has to please the apostles who joined the wagon 

but he has own ideas 


go into a hopi cave

everyone else on team tunes out

but not trump and melania

she and the outstanding son

our inner protection

trump no need it

he protects us

No Fear ...


this far bigger than our inner country easing the imported tension

for that

hillary would have been better


trump then to help us export reverse easement of tension overseas


but this about the direction of the world

the tide must turn 

and it must be trump ...

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"get off my bike fool  ..."


"tell the jedi in disguise ...


to finish the pipeline.


we donated money to his campaign   ..."

- the buxin lord

"yes my lord ..."

- the buxin aposol

with the fong chi staff

the wizard's magic holds no effect

like a 90 year old man

waving staff around


future to past

the burin wizard

if re awaken

could have helped gandolf

by re routing and compressing the gain

to help build the sitting bull national monument

making history once more


may cost you a fortune

but 'll win back your friends and their respect

outstanding !

respectful of their fellow classmates

the class stood silently attentive and sympathetic 

not everyone knows william chi


you have to exit the room

if you laugh

you can return and try and try 

first year

fong chi finals week

December , 1989

snowing outside

"what is the distinction

in conventional term, ms t ...

of contractual trade convention  statues article 2-714 and 711 ...?"

the prominent professor

spoke surely and deeply

the class attention

to ms t once more ...


ms t .

pauses while smiling

the professor presses 

"well come on ms t

you know

the required reading yesterday ..."

ms. t

elevates her attention

spoke surely and slowly


"one is a statute ...

the other ...

a small convenient store ... ?"

"Here the isolation is due to misunderstanding; it is brought about not by outer circumstances but by inner conditions. A man misjudges his best friends, taking them to be as unclean as a dirty pig in and as dangerous as a wagon full of devils. He adopts an attitude of defense. But in the end, realizing his mistake, he lays aside the bow, perceiving that the other is approaching with the best intentions for the purpose of close union. Thus the tension is relieved. The union resolves the tension, just as falling rain relieves the sultriness preceding a thunderstorm. All goes well, for just when opposition reaches its climax it changes over to its antithesis."

- i ching

writer apologizes ...






law school basketball

league ...

the 6'5" center alex z

out of town

"without our big man

we have little chance against harvard ..."


"charles barkely ... ?"

"do i know you ...?"


3-3 basketball tournament



1981 ..."

the iceman jr could not defend me - 22 points/nine assists

nor could we stop the airball jr's top scorer

- 18 points / seven assists

chris bowling



inter district

3 on 3 

basketball league

jr league

"i out rebounded bob jones 10-8


winning that championship

in 1981

was only the beginning ..."

the airball team

also brought their own

basketball expert analysts

led by

frank chu

whose apple computer

contains the stat and scouting reports

"the matchup comes down

to this little chubby 80 pounds kid from alabama ..."

- fong chi analyst

"yes, i remember the championship feeling ..."



Play Game



Deep down
We all kids pretending to be adult
Playing with other kids
Who are also pretending
to be adult

If we play game too serious
Kid part forgotten
Mask won't come off


Modern say

"Go to war ;
Not violence"

- Fong Chi

Trumpiland and Compassion

pg - 13

when we 5 % of world

we want to keep upgrade life style

even if other


so when we succeed

by creating the new

many not understand

and send us vibes that

likens their own

as inner

after awhile

if the needy vibe in - it not leave

the air not clean

and we take it out through inner division

not paying attention to who is really stirring it 

and/or if it even matters to our national interest

playing right into their hands

we fighting among ourself

quietly inside

while the other 95%

want be same

yet the next  round of economic prosperity will also start here

west coast USA

not luck - but the creative power

already within

but before that

how to clean up our inner boarders

and then theirs ?


"there win win scenario


there win / lose


and we head to lose lose




we stop playing into their games"

- airball basketball


on defending

the wizards

airball d looks to score


for a coach who prides on defense

we dictate their offense


we don't hope they miss a shot

we make them feel lucky to make a shot

we don't rely on our offense

even though it be nice if they can score

if they try to negotiate you or reggie inside the paint

we bring in our bully hunters

"the odds 

calculated by the outdated fong chi calculator of this 1981 computer ...

over 200-1 ..."


If you use mask to talk to a mask ;
The mask will use mask to
 talk to you


use mask to talk to kids ;
kids will use mask to
talk to kid in you



The modern say

“See lions as kittens
Dragons as turkeys

Phoenix as chickens”

- Fong Chi

the fong chi chickens

always scared of laughing

couple years ago

a road opened

the way it did

trekking in northern canyon

one took it

and still lost

but warmth is always near

told hopis

if this is the path

then we follow

the past need not a directive

from further past

just from where writer is now

speaking to the past

"take it ..."

when it a calling

writer once drove back from hopiland in a day

when it not

one hour drive is tiring

it your call

this show / tour

best taken

with help of those who benefit most

"i am kicking left  ..."

when they keep soft pushing

to a point where

they (aposols media) become ...

because you took a personal call from a female

you fight back

and say

"hello my friend

can you please

in the best interest of our mutual benefit

dismount my bike"


"we have no intention of giving you another  ride "


because my beautiful wife   is here, i have to use my bike"



get off my bike fool   ..."




The Legendary Kung Fu Novel

pg - 13

Dark World

Chewpi Inc. Headquarter

"the fourth ship


is nearly complete ..."

"oh yea yea yea !"

- the ship captain

"one china  etc.

democratic / not democratic

which side you on ?

which chinaese you are

that the inner

it your choice"

- a friend from hong kong


"they have formulated and refined the english foreign policy language to their liking"

- a friend from taiwan


how to renegotiate the inner territory ?

fong chi international

PG - 13

yup yup yup

oh yup yup yup !"

as ms t advances

into the fong chi pagota

to save her fong chi prince 

from laughing

the fong chi wizards 


sits at gate of this new level ...

"you will laugh ..."

slowly walking up


standing behind ms t

her fong chi guard ...

"why ...?"

"send forth the buffalo fong chi bitch  ...

ms t

loosens her hair

shifts into

her comedian mode 

spoke slowly yet surely ...

"is that a question or a statement ?"

(she witty humor)





if nab and nfl players

suddenly enter a parallel dimension

where they become 100 pounds and and/or a foot shorter

college freshman year

playing in a 5'10" under

league in seattle


dwight howard be


170 pounds

same inner but you will experience a different outer

it be to your inner strength

which determines the outer strength

my mind is strong as a bull ...




"get down to our size fool

and chu will swat our shot  ..."