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This is taking us back to the 40's

"this is only the beginning"

01 Ava Maria

innocence no fear that rock

binary program gets absorbed

future to past :

we need to create an united inner defense vs. mounting darkness

we learning and improving as we go

it these that undermining our foundation, over taking "hero" credits

while putting blame on those who look different and with little resource

and not clever enough to defend themselves 

for those sincere to help

e.g. a few good ones at gompa

the rock helps

but if they seeking to control 

the rock only reciprocates

controlling their root patterns from past and future

the power of the rock is beyond time

they have to cross line for exorcism to activate

and that communication between them and the rock

we don't need to know

or the rock just protects

 the inner child 

it is not offensive in nature 

visualize a long cord that binds them

if they play anymore game

the cord pulls them in 

the future already know 

it why keep sending feeling that it must be told

one will need help from helpers within

it the first wave the future thank and let go


past to future : writer  alone so easy pickin ... ?

future to past : or so it seems

you want to continue

bring it on ...

but we will slowly dig up the facts and present them

future has all the time


- 10-30-17

it should be

how can we help ?

not what i can take for myself now


that dragon like an american company doing business as ...

chewpi inc. is the buck

once win the inner

there no need to fight the outer

stay with it

"only that which not belong" 

venice beach

circle of old friends

"hey ! how many souls did you take this week ?!"

they all laughed

as did writer 

wanted to say

"not nearly enough for our time ..."

"The hawk on a high wall is the symbol of a powerful inferior in a high position who is hindering the deliverance. He withstands the force of inner influences, because he is hardened in his wickedness. He must be forcibly removed, and this requires appropriate means.

- The I Ching

"Padmasambhava, who was a master of rituals to tame demons ; divined which demons were causing the problems, and one by one he called them forth by name."

"it the inner space we need to exorcise for compassion to enter"

- preston

"yea, otherwise

it clogged up

for their past and/or our future"

- dominic

Seattle pretty cleared up

so we have a track record

- leroy

a real  LA man also protect the inner world

notice how fast they sending violence into the inner movement in LA

well, the paradox to that is that it opens the natural rising of its counrer balance



the death hunters 

it like this

one wants no conflict with anyone

one simply write what comes

and it is future to past

and once the messages written

one apologize for any inconvenience and any pride lost

future seems to come from both sides

like they all want to help


there image of vooodoooland rock

with the exorcised ...  floating into it from below

superimposed by the rock


the gentleman sunday am outside doubletree looking to make any excuse to repeatedly  flip people off and spread anger in bullying way

it not personal and one didn't react

but if you feel the guardians

then it the future given attention 

it an underlying pattern and can be deprogrammed if understood



hopefully it just random

but if you one them hired  actors  ...

then that another underlying pattern


and our protective guardians show themselves

and the guardians deepens until you speak


- feels like  maybe there more about this

and people know

if so , the leader behind

- we have the big fish

the guardian cord extends into reptilian brain

seizing his power 



At certain times extraordinary caution is absolutely necessary. But it is just in such life situations that we find upright and strong personalities who, conscious of being in the right, disdain to hold themselves on guard, because they consider it petty. Instead, they go their way proud and unconcerned. But this self-confidence deludes them. There are dangers lurking for which they are unprepared. Yet such danger is not unavoidable; one can escape it if he understands that the time demands that he pay especial attention to small and insignificant thing.

- i ching

as attorney mindset

that potential liability claim

especially with repeating patterns

and we can then dig into the facts


was leaving town monday

 saw a sign from future

- that someone else  is in town

that when idea emerged ...

the future is speaking loudly

so returned



i am just myself most times

and it like something just woke up

so need to be watchful of them


especially when they are deliberate

they in actors role so feel little about the outcome so long it legal

one will need help from outstanding friends/neighbor/community  for support and protection

- airball 7


Exorcism is the ...  spiritual practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person, or an area,

they are believed to have possessed


 this may be done by causing the entity to swear an oath, performing an elaborate ritual, or simply by commanding it to depart in the name of a higher power.

- wikipedia

like venice beach

if he can scream obscenity in front of colleagues and camera repeatedly and seem to expect to be able to  just walk out

and did just that

that not first nor last

that mindset need depart from anywhere


"future agrees with integrity"

- that so simple and profound

should be car sticker


the new is here

past is clearing out

future knows everything

and is assisting us in gaining knowledge we need

and it is coming from ourselves

making each seemingly impossible possible

that why there great hope for future

and/or future has great hope for us

because future agrees with integrity 

what this then do is to change the intention of all those who have to be there in future

airball 7



there foreign cultures where they play games behind games behind games etc.

that they are always scheming

it less american because our culture dont work that way


if they south east

they will bring division to northwest while blaming it on south/north west

like another country coming in to create racial division and blame how they treated on the locals

it the results

we end up placing attention/division on things that matter less

while what really going on expands


we make them deal

if this from 2014 event - it just yelling


 it  was the spirit responding

if they make one more inner movement our way

we will feel it

then that begins the downfall of the circle

this coming from guardians

you already at the tipping point

who gonna speak for your circle if the tide turns ...?

building reverse credit has benefits

then it transforms its ways to all benefit

win win



it like most hopis 

they no know how to speak two hearts

and are  called naive by people who born one heart and become another

who feel better about themselves ?

and if they want three circles to rotate

where does that fake mind fit in ?

the silver lining of not getting the funds one envisioned is simply that now we have chance to look back and figure out who is who and their real intentions

one thing about original mind people  is that they can quickly learn and admit mistakes

and forgive 

they are open to new patterns

if they see something that not create regeneration within

they quickly abandon it

and being young has nothing to do with when born

that how some old become younger

someone feels like a kid when they are close to their original ways

it may be naive and silly

but it them


people like taylor swift and charles barkely because they innocent

innocent people create circle that transcends race nationality age and gender


then there the few bad apples that want to divide them base on it

inserting their anger 

if we can trace back and see the cause effect of just a few ...


the predator's minds causing the inner kid to self-loathe  ...

that it must be someone else fault for the having predator's feeling

this rock is the protector from future

there something about it 

it feeds on the past/below


teressa first to tell writer

"that rock protected you that night lost" - she just had to say it

but writer didn't get the rock until two years later

now one sees she is wise - and ask her to keep talking



if  future agrees with us

if past also

then what is left is something else ...

"The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.”

- don juan matus

future and past are clear except the predator mind

the rock feeds on the predator mind

the lens of compassion

that rock sees all it feeds on as compassion

compassion has peaceful/wrathful


very peaceful/very wrathful

a few of them friendly only to compassion

only compassion

the death trappers are more powerful than the death hunters

guardians against / feed on reptilian predators

they not offensive in nature

so they have to cross the line first

it the intent

and it between them and the rock

this power confronts them in silence

as they make inner first movement

as inner movement

it exists as a rock in the past

and also as a rock in their future

seizing their power and sharing it

No Fear

guardians from chewpiland


now one sees why it wanted writer to stay and understand more

the tide has turned

it happens upon the realization that

by seizing their future

the sun shall rise

4- 9 -18

in vision, society conflict is inner movement ; just present moment negative energy needs removing ; that is all, there no antecedent history as cause


 it guardians  from timeless

maybe writer can block future guardians from altering / entering  past

but if they won't change - we won't block

writer simply get out of way

by entering, they can also help our past

so all be compassion within

maybe be the only way

don't know

write what comes ...



chewpi guardians the unsung heros

if they not strong

the people today linked to

the obstacles of past not be listening


write what comes

and if we have deal

we agree peace treaty

all forgiven

no one need to lose

there big tasks ahead

we can use all the help

it no big deal and all forgiven

we need to show how to turn differences into win win

the two friends/companies/countries should work together to resolve bigger long term issues

you can use our input and we your help 


this no time for personal differences

because of empty male pride 

humble little and all will like us more

but first we need to show strength

we not easy pickin

that way of new world




transforming hitler into compassion may seem impossible

but that is also his original nature

we simply need to remove the part which not compassion

vampire and/or compassion

no one is perfect - we eat chickens

it the compassion we have in common

and easy way to deepen compassion



that rock is 4th time

they want us to fight them effort 

we no enter that false programming

we simply let the rock do first the inner defense

focus their encroaching force into the rock


when guardian speak

writer has to write

what pissed off guardians here not that they cross line

but that ...

they mistaken writer for guardian

writer easy pickin

but one wouldn't mess with the  guardians


they all knowing

SIERRA Fishing While Female Kate Alaska

writer been fishing for paparazzis

guardians need be fed

if you celebrity and no like them

before this writing concludes

you can help your future by fishing with us


the spell instantly casted upon each click


if you  guardians know who they are

merge them into guardian energy

dont let them be different 

from guardians' compassion

our future may depend on this

because it same mindset/circle which may try simulate/control without us knowing


those paparazzi/corporate circle with surveillance photo/video unauthorized

it the intent

if random/chance you see/photo us

that cool

but if pre planned/following ...

there a spell by guardians cast from future

not from writer today

it ripens unless the files deleted and...

(deleted them first then we will tell you what message is from them to you)

it up to you


if someone not friend try to simulate us

they will need to first simulate the rock

they may find themselves inside a world where they are simulating the rock


if some stranger screams at the little kid (1850 bc) within writer and it crosses the line
the kid simply steps aside and allow guardians (dark world)  to enter
there side which knows (future)
there side which need not know (present)
those think they clever may not see the future watching them
if it random and you just had bad day
then cool
but if someone is behind it ...
and you not tell us who
the guardians will awaken in you
the future already knows



if chewey goes wrathful
then satan goes peaceful
jesus may intervene to save satan

which we rather have ?
a polite john chu
or the evil lawyer ?

how was he evil ? he was a lawyer
why he most evil lawyer ?
because he most evil among lawyers
​why he most evil among lawyers ?
because he most feared

and fear is evil

no fear is good


if we start to let them cross line/take it like that

offering no resistance

it be a habit/expectation

then they more likely to go offensive if there resistance 

- guardians



Season 2


future gives reinforcement to past

the guardians must hold ground

tacoma heyoka 1850 bc

he knew it could not resolve there so 

crazy horse simply took the battle to a deeper dimension

- bison shaman

it a 500 years old resistance

- buffalo witch 

crazy horse had the resolve/determination

for something like that

- bison shaman


here question for gompa

now we know shapeshifter

you deceive us again and guardians 

block your reincarnation

- what louza has to do with venice beach ?

- do you know who the april 1 2018 person is outside doubletree ?

- who else was behind it ?

there someone with him that am - higher up who instructed him ?

let him know  or lose protection

- guardians

here it the black hole at edge which has power

you no want to enter it

if we know who they are

and/or they wont talk

surround them seven directions

any inner /outer movement ...

- guardian chief

louza we'll give him small window /chance repent/make up


otherwise ... future guardians adjust his memory

it the accomplice we need know

if he crosses that line

then guardians have cause ...

- guardian chief

we ask guardians in other worlds for help

there something bigger here ?

we'll take these writings to guardian pages of PVF

there a battle brewing there


guardian field sees everything

every movement within time/space

say someone crosses line

then they built a debit in wave field

like aura of guardian cloud


venice each

 if deliberate there a debt


 if he same person as gompa

then he given choice to balance debt

if they not act then debt remains same

it kicks back once future interferes


this just theory

but write what comes


it also works the other way

e.g. compassion credit


unlike newton world guardians

quantum guardians no do anything 

they just stand there/reflect them


for those cross line trying to control and dominate and stalk people

guardians merely reflect same

they may get humbled

but that their own doing


or are we really dealing with a demonic wave which future must exorcise ?


ghost dance around those paparazzis/stalkers past who wont change

and those behind directing

- offer them to enter their soul from future

we ask guidance from the future guardians

if doubletree shapeshifter was him ?

is there way future can clear/resolve it ?

or do we need exorcise it in present to protect future ?

e.g. take deposition/take stand in court

we see now why future/now

cautions us/past in venice beach/gompa with this 

first slow him inner ...

watch over 24/7 seven directions



4-1-18 may have historic changing values

- the future says

it was his controlled mean side/act

who's he doing it for ?


their kid never get to have fun

they get "yelled at" 

if they act  against the ways

even pg - 13

especially in asia

and once they grow up

when they see others have fun

the kid in them is jealous
they want to ...  yell

then they'll justify it

among the same

"he disrespected me ..."

"he need to grow up"

memory of people past is not here

but what the purpose ?

one not care people yelling at us

but future keeps pointing to them


the one yell at us

we'll let him go but watch him 24/7

hold him to the ground

but there a circle/person 

he links into

that behind the game plan ?


by time it reaches leaders

the momentum already stopped

and future tells us

that game plan

that inner movement/wave

they to let us know who/what/where

so we in past can help them

slow it at each wave station


those watching truman show

begins to feel misaligned with compassion

a hoax may back fire

if future intervenes

like mirror which reflect back the fear they send

and/or gravity activated which pulls the thrown back to thrower


the old man from asia who try control you (gompa) if reveals himself will have been taken by (our guardians) 

- hu

who is he ?

ivars or fisher ?


and circle

we appreciatie to be let out when asked

everything be pvf

win win so far


if they not let us out when we ask ...

mis aligned with compassion

we ask to exit

we ask guardians help 


"there a good massauw

there evil one"

- mic

there two 

"something not right got into him "

- mic


so this about exorcism of mara

even they cant control him ...

was he behind doubletree too ?

or ... he is that person ?

that crooses line


"there now a middle massauw"


"what happens if he turns against the sky king


it would tip the balance

- hu


this vision

anything adventitious

crossing line uninvited

you choose to open the door

the guardians are linked in


- guardian of future we begin to see

it like we can do things from here if they cross line in past

but before this

past seen be past

those crossed believed there nothing more we can do from past

we can change/implant their memory from here ?

they begin to change

- wave guardians 



yamantaka is a humble and gentle

quantum wave

who resides where mañjushri resides

sent on an trip

to hunt down the sky predator

the death conquerer

stalks death

the mind of the machine lord

is inside the programming world

in the inner world

chu office cannot be defeated

but it has to wait

until the line crosses

then the future will give a sign

death hunters elite unit 

they each have the power of the protector

if they look into our personal info without 

that also cross line

writer need not know ; future knows 


what is it ?

ia program written to protect against adventitious of the matrix

a machine quantum

like having backdoor code


2.e.2) The wrathful retinue

Similarly as above:

Eight wrathful tramen{GL_NOTE::}deities are the wrathful retinue.
These are Kaurima, Simha and the other six.
There are twenty-eight lords and four guards at the gates.

From among the fifty-eight of wrathful nature,
Forty-eight comprise the specific retinue.
These are devourers wreathed in flame, with a wrathful aspect.
Their displays of the nine modes of dance are quite unendurable

- longchenpa

future guardians

present/past only need know

so to get out way/not interfere

future knows what need done

not more not less

if there cause 

the future be on its wave

before it inbounds

if it succeeded

 the effects relatively  acceptable 

cant change what happened

karma is what happens

e.g. storm

but if inside rock house

it same storm


if we change the wave

karma is what happens

once it happened

we cant change it

but did it happen ?

if not

can we change it ?


if our role to counter the storm

we getting ready

to advance into it

-we reached own ground/base

inner rock house

-can separate the cause as separable

- airball defense coach

on the two minute full court press


if they did their job

holding their inner ground

defending siege ...

then from there/here

our offense players can enter


simply ...

if it cross

then no fear rock wave enters 

something gotta give

if so

when tides turn

we will know

future guardians we dont know who they may be - can be college kids with high tech  in 22nd century etc.

they playing/viewing the game of guardians  

protecting their own past

once they open door,  guardians have permission from future to link in

in a way they more real than past and we will need them 



who in charge here ?


you can say it a type of demon

- hu

last few years not sure what where this is

what rules are and who is watching us 

it didnt feel like compassion 

there no random event - even flat tire ...

- so we were careful/watchful

and listen to future guardians


there side to us they yet to see

the smart ass/ trickster guardian

circumstances have't allowed it

once he gets back to old seat and accounting is clear  - these past 7/8 years

those who kind to him will receive double kindnessvice versa and in a bizarre way

those who disagree with him - argue etc. - that all cool

it the intent he looks to - those looking to take advantage of his vulnerabilities

we gonna be around for long time

and travel throughout

it best to send a clear message from future guardians


a message need only be written

published for a minute

then it is registered as permission from present to future

now we at own place

we keep watch on them


guardians 2020

if own vision the micro ...

we need all vision conquerers to gather

what important of personal lessons

if how to deal with them micro

if future knows/sees the cause

the past can stop it

if branch is present the root past

we to overtake it at root energy

helpers would arrive from future

e.g. madame voltaire - to pass on message

we not to give it any further fuel

allow the future guardians to enter


legendary kung fu novel


here a message from future guardians :

- he knows this not his place

- the tax filing burden is our sign

that it time to exit

- the computer generated people not his ally on this

- he is happy to help clear the wave

and not mind the stay in order

- but this place is not his world

and unless he is allowed to exit freely

and/or agreement to his satisfaction

by 6-21

we will be allowed to cast spell to any sentient beings behind it into their past / future and to their circles 

and only if he tells us to cease

will we not able make the spells mature


if they not let free once he asks ...

then there a word for that ...

we will then have no mercy ...

- guardians

if ... tech thousand year ahead

they send replicants in place themselves

they can give us cure for everything

and vice versa

they have complete mastery of the physical


"dont mess with the nagas"

- humble



the past no need to go back/dwell on

the door been opened

- la lady

she is right ; we past the old world

enough is enough


even though not attained success and live simply, many may sees you as having status and so there jealousy

- la lady

so with it comes responsibility

we cant just joke around anymore like before and argue with friends like college etc. -  they react differently and so we need be more humble

something we learn as we go


we trust the guardians and so no need to write too much - only for our own knowledge

we stay humble and out of way

guardians can do whatever  they need/want to do 

we to keep going 




the future guardians


there reason why we here

maybe it to deliver a message

and either we have so much time to do so or we here until message delivered


future/past always moving it is

we to see them from here as parallel states

the future guardians trying to speak to us

it may lead us certain places/people

we have now a paradigm 

and time to see how future can link to past

this about altering patterns of past

future can help only if we listen

the training we had with future guardians

meant to deal with a bigger issue ?


our present/past may not have the technology/knowledge to link through timeless/quantum field

but just what if ... the future can

and they have issues they cannot resolve

maybe they look/send message to us today

this being the earliest we are receptive


seeking our help

of ourselves in the past/today

if there is a worldwide conflict future ...

it is always rooted in the past

we to identify it 

- guardians

 e.g. france

maybe it the future today/tomorrow which caused hitler to go down

and not just the past ?

you get the point

if there is such future conflict

the outstanding US military maybe looking to send for help in past

they have people who can link to us today

the same people who are there future

we would see them here 

you get the point

first things is to establish as clear link as possible between their future and their past

writing just a middle point/link

for them to link to themselves

we cant do it for them

but we can help make the link for the message to go through between themselves


identify the root patterns

history books dont always go to root of things

just what they want it be known


by time columbus discovered america

the entire continent already populated

maybe by time hitler took power

the momentum already cannot be stopped

maybe he just a pawn

by time japan intervened in china

mao already won

it the net result

there an inner force taking over

maybe german/japan just pawns

their people suffered just as much

"they want us to look southwest when they northeast"


that enough for this day


writer here just to deliver the paradigm

- that enough work for one person and he will be rewarded

for the messages 

there are people far more capable of linking

and require a large circle/coordinated effort

this now can be possible



the conditions ripe then the matching energy emerges

- influence the weather by create new matching energy


prediction based on time

- pre-determined weather


future  guardians

writer personal has forgiven all past

there no complaints


quantum power/knowledge

it is far more reaching/powerful  than we know

there must be crossing and they must have chance to first know

even if we publish only for a minute

we can block/intervene it

but we have yet to do so - we trust our future

- that the agreement for past to help future

future to help past

the present not need future - it not here

yet it needs future's help

the future not need what we have present

yet it needs our participation/trust/link to help itself


save for future the present not need

but future needs it to be preserved


it better to uproot it now than to deal with it once it expands

so there no need to be too inner nice to those who willingly/knowingly cross line ?

now we own place

we the protector and we are protected

they cant find us ?

it time to get tough


messages future want to deliver

write what comes

- future guardians

"the chewpiland curse "


future uses the term like it something happened 

it not from us past


that line not just about taiwan

if they keep encroaching

the future balance disturbed

each encroachment a negative point  


future sees people behind scene

because it already here

quantum wave field

if it needs set example now

it awaits the first volunteers

- dont blame those taking orders/no choice

- dont blame the first victims

- future guardians


there script

based factual fiction 

there influencing judiciary's partiality

e.g.  backdoor conversation

then there interfering with its independence


it not matter where we are

same ground/same guardians of the ground


the guardians message


round six yet win/lose

balance yet tipped either way

the impossible may be becoming possible

because the other side is helping


good work guardians


everett outstanding


that culture at top 2020

is rooted in culture at top 1994

we change it here in future 

we change it there in past ...

we change it there in past 

we change it here in future ...

- guardian chief

the root of it

the culture at the top

"every male ego wants be top"

- bd smith

to change the future

we change the root




as asian lawyer 

if i dont wont or cant speak up to protect future generations

then who else can ?

maybe there be a movie with actors

and at end credit scene  us all gather party smiling high - the real characters 

if ya'll all outstanding actors

then it a divine play


we all make mistakes

that what gives us compassion

the redemption song


machines have inner/outer but not circle a

that it only weakness

if can control them in wave world using ab wave then their mounting control of circle c can be countered

- guardians captain

only if they cross line

the pararrazis with every click the predatory energy - either they take energy or guardians take theirs

if guardians link in

they donate their energy to guardians

that how guardians get younger

they share the reservoir with us

it guardians way

they not here to serve us

just protect us


in previous worlds

they dont believe the guardians

thinking it just scare crow

it what guardians prefer

writer task just to write down the message

guardians need be fed

they share with those who help


on the antidote

now future is clear he not to do anything

this is a vision ; we may have doubts then

but there be no question upon reflection

someone is making up the vision



people want to link in and when you step back and not allow they feel hurt and then want to say things to hurt you
whether to you or behind back

there be more people approaching
so you need know how to deal with it
- guide

i need be more diplomatic

he not need give excuse
the guardians asking him to detach
let us focus on the writing

they our friends and we bow to them with honor and respect


fisher challenged the guardians

and guardians responded

he needs to let go ...

- guardian chief


guardians are watching  their every background move -  past present future


guardians note :

write what comes

"he will keep coming back to you" - steve

there nothing we can do if he turns into neighbor/friend/relative to link into us 

the future sees and will not have relationship with that person 


take a step back and things will even out of its own

if you cannot help, dont push

- humble rinpoche

let us return to home base without unnecessary hassle and we'll see how we can help you from there

it your choice



is the being behind him  linked to gompa's hidden rinpoche/jeremy ?



guardians are  watching their every background move -  past present future

guardians taken him in the future


you safe now here

- la lady

i now have own space

can make offer they cant refuse

the only win win

now they understand compassion's value to their body

can return to old times - place and friendship

you happy and strong

but dont walk that path no more

and past all forgiven

nothing happened to the ground floor

do we have deal ?

if so

once we do

there no tomorrow as past

- chewey


there few here

so writing to keep journal and make peace within oneself

no interest to address/return to past 

just present understanding of why it was 

they not here so "dont look back"

it like having passed ... there fondness for everyone

- writer

future guardians have their future - those who keep crossing

this upgrade to past

like flip of switch, they control their inner 

just watching their every word/action

like they watching ours


future watching their every move/word

where they go from here ...

we will have chance to review/reflect in near future on everything

this week they can tell us what need know

- if they want to


on future guardians

cant really take them on because they yet exist

they tricksters - clown guardians



- we hope this may help those in future


paparazzis dont want be paparazied by us

the scarecrow stays with them a long long time

all we need is our own paparazzis to take photo of them

that be anyone of our viewers

if they see them taking photos of us without permission

take photo of them without permission

send the photos to our guardians webpage advisors

e.g. misu​

he will guide the guardians on how to send mantras into their aura and their circle and circle


that same with social media

chewpiland curse not to be underestimated​

it coming from the future


the protector

every energy must pass first through the no fear rock

it has held its ground

did those cross line hold theirs ?


Here we have a man in an ambiguous situation. While all others are engaged in a resolute fight against all that is inferior, he alone has a certain relationship with an inferior man. If he were to show strength outwardly and turn against this man before the time is ripe, he would only endanger the entire situation, because the inferior man would too quickly have recourse to countermeasures. The task of the superior man becomes extremely difficult here. He must be firmly resolved within himself and, while maintaining association with the inferior man, avoid any participation in his evilness. He will of course be misjudged. It will be thought that he belong to the party of the inferior man. He will be lonely because no one will understand him. His relations with the inferior man will sully him in the eyes of the multitude, and they will turn against him, grumbling. But he can endure this lack of appreciation and makes no mistake, because he remains true to himself.

- i ching

everything has use within compassion


so we today would tell writer 2020 to keep distance from that fisher encroachment

and tell him we "no want play your game"

then he reacted with denial and ... 

it may seem clever at that time and writer had to apologize etc.

but for us in present and future looking at it now - it a bit disappointing ...

and we still looking at it


that maybe how he should look at this situation now - not how to clever disguise it for today but how to respond to the future who knows all and is looking at him from future

- that he not as clever and hidden as he believe himself to be

- future guardians


hotto club rise to sing along/dance

- taiwan tonight show


the ghost dance circles the paparazzis etc.

pull their energy into the no fear rock

it can be basis for a vision ground


guardians dont do anything outer

they simply block their inner from future inner

blocking future from supporting their past

they can only do that if there is debt point


they can settle with the people they take from

it would need to satisfy the guardians

and not just the victims

they guardians knows the fair score

- guardians captain




in script

a circle of airball

approaches the thunders owners 

about returning the team to seattle

they talk first the value 

then how to persuade the majority needed among its owners


did someone hack into ?

we cant allow that 

because this the base/root of a future 

and if they can that easily just do that

they can change future

so we to get to the root of this

- guardians future


the future knows who it is ?

surround each of their circle seven ways

entangle them first 

- guardian captain


we write what comes​

writer just a messenger

dont mistaken messenger for the message

- he no care about website but future guardians do​

was the website hacked ?

if yes, okc owners circle we first to each ask

"do you know anything of it ?"

if they honest, we thank them

- guardians chief​

there game tonight outstanding espn

okc vs. minn


write what comes

- if hacked, they need reveal themselves to writer and guardians will have something to say

- future guardians


also, we fine if you want keep team in okc,  but dont demand for new arena there

we dont want outstanding okc fans to go through same seattle fans went through

they already made billion and now want another billion arena 

- seattle fans

people here have compassion

write what comes

writer not care ; guardians no seem interested in sonics, just using it as excuse to entangle/approach the owners about the hacking



write what comes


this shapeshifting world ; what relationship between clay bennett and kelsey warren of energy transfer (standing rock protest) ?

they look alike  ?

(i thought only us asians look alike)


"they very well could be"

- guide 



and is the guardians trying to point to something/tying it together ?



is he gompa ?



"yes ..."

- guide

without hesitation


this is getting interesting ...


guardians not going away because they waiting in future - the more time moves forward, the closer the hackers are to the

- it seems future already know who they are 

and have taken them ?

so here a news on pages :

go daddy is a website builder we used

they require us to upgrade to new system

they told us to just publish it

we clicked the publish button

and files of past 10 years not there

they told me it all lost and they dont have way to retrieve the files

- that they have thrown away the old system

they didnt clarify the instructions that files be gone if published

- they never even mention it 

we already agree to pay what they ask 

- like it was meant to lose it

a company that size didnt even save the files knowing customers many will do the same what we did ?

we dont want to lose the writing

it there to protect the future

we should be working together


write what comes

if this a vision

all events preset so it points to something/message

the image we get is some years ago when writing sonics and okc etc.

the photos on that page just ... no more

there no reason why

maybe just tech issues

but maybe ... was something/one behind it ? 

it then be our focus page

part of round six ?

go daddy should help us ...

- guardians


what difference ?

if they cross line by altering our website then future can interfere



we are just messengers/not personal

so nothing to interfere

no one to redeem in a vision

but if does seem the future is on to this 

we waiting on go daddy response

requested a response from management

this a collective work

past ten years

it bigger than just one person


this go daddy/ thing is waking a giant /serpent

if it lost

then we do everything as team to gather it back

whether through people who saved the sites and/or what internet can find​

then we log the files back to it

preserving what we can of it

- guardians​​​


we not holding the outstanding phone agents- they did their best

it the company/management which did not explain that if we publish it the files be all lost and they cant even retrieve it


so if death hunters writings can be revived

it be awakening a serpent/giant

chewpi dragon


if wait long enough 

let them prove they are ignoring us

then we can call for boycott/divestment

and if there fiduciary duty ... they are aware the sites have large audience


we still waiting on go daddy response

we like to hear from management



we still waiting on go daddy response

we like to hear from management


we seeking response to two issues

(1) restoring lost files on  - if the files lost then it lost - we can be flexible but you should let us know more info

(2) the sonics/okc page explanation - if "something/one behind it" -  then future already knows

but if so ... they owe us a response ?

- guardians

and we let this one go ... the future will lost an opportunity

so stay with it

- guardians


we still waiting on go daddy response

we like to hear from management


if they keep ignoring us - maybe we should put their photos here ?

we most interested in answer to the missing photos 


writer asked to write what comes and leave it to future guardians to work through the subconscious

then write down what comes 

etc etc.


we still waiting on go daddy response

we like to hear from management


are you on side helping us or ignoring ?

there is space here for something to write 

we waiting on the words


if this was hacked

who is the ringleader behind it ?</