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if they not tired now

off the bench

comes the death hunters

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Fong Chi

Team Airball

"chu ...?"

- classmate isiah thomas

"like a one way street

you go left ..."

- chu

nods does the coach

."the airball trapping d is tough to break through  ..."

- classmate nate

"coach jack grey ...

so we meet again ..."

third ot begins

dragon lord takes offense

airball d enters field



looking to intimidate

"what is your name ...?"

flying chicken

looking to do same 

"i ... don't ... know ...

where them cameras ...?"

seahawk wins the battle of third wheels before opponents

make move

they can because

their third wheel is strong

fong chi



yup yup yup

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personal / impersonal


the more personal lets go to impersonal

the more it receives 

the overflow


money / no money


three present inner circles

if viewed as three teamwork

compression of money 

is not  loss of it


it may lead to increase in other circles

if inside one circle

there is no middle between loss / gain  

win is win ; 

loss is loss

if viewed from three circles

compression of inner

relative to the outer

may make the outer seem less compressed and/or

more expanded ...

how to compress the inner relative to the outer ?

The Big Foot Family

PG - 13

yup yup yup queen

and yup yup yup king



they rule the yup yup yup kingdom 

strong matriarchy

the queen has many husbands

but only one king

they can shapeshift 

into large ape like creatures


"yup yup yup ...

oh yup yup yup ..."

the yup yup yup people worldwide rise to cheer and /or sing along

if economy to get stronger

we gonna need more creative people

if economy to remain strong

we need to nurture young

and their creativity

to stay ahead of the game


with the changing landscape 

if we not #1 in creativity

the next economic revolution

will spring from #1

fong chi


the poop heros

"in the reverse world 

the world starts with poop"

as inner


move/not move




there is movement only if there is no movement

how to compress the movement so the no movement moves ?


words programmed at root to go only one way

how to counter balance so the body can flow two ways ?

the hero who helped when we in poop

is older than the poop who calls himself  a hero 

"a hero is no poop

a poop no hero"


(your photo here)

but if they to team together...

the poop heros


the top rated fong chi team

the fong chi experts nods in agreement

movie starts in the reverse world

like it just another day

then either through a dream and/or magic object / guide

he enters a parallel shift

to a world called 21st century

theirs ways opposite


female is called a she

and man a he 

and they don't pay him to eat at the restaurant

she pays the restaurant to eat

and if she/he the boss

they don't pay him to work

she pays them to work

so it naturally make 

it profitable for her

to own a business in this world

comedian jack grey


creates more laughter

than any comedian 

and has yet to tell a joke

if this photo ends up in rock and roll museum

zhu ren zhang would be the only one holding a musical instrument

how are they able to ...

such efficiency ...?

the answer is simple

it is because

they are


fong chi grandmasters

The Motoshojus

the last time

grandmaster jack grey lost 

in fong chi 

memories of it

still tears  

20 years ago ...

to japan grandmaster

mr masatako wasakawa ...

in fong chi

they laugh first

before crying

for the team which traveled

across the country to compete in not laughing

losing is not without emotions

there a boring circle

 people who bored 


fong chi masters

acting bored

there an passion circle

people who are excited


fong chi masters

we are looking for people who are very bored inner

to act excited outer



 very  excited inner to act very bored outer

the rainbow body and/or compassion

brown / pink


if our brown go only one way and not link pink 

then aging already won

if we need pink to double strong

and we not even recognize it

then third wheel has no chance

without emptiness

colors cannot rotate freely

"emptiness is color

color is emptiness"

- the buddha

some things change

some never change

misu motoshoju 

once a skater

is still misu motoshoju

now a yoga / zen  assistant


teaching calm abiding meditation to venice beach 

"business slow

but it'll pick up once more students know of my classes"

misu calmly smiles

talking about the two students

"breath in ...

breath out ...

meditate ..."

- misu motoshoju

instructing the classmates

the next economic revolution may and/or may not come from social engineering

the fong chi oddsmakers

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fong chi



Paradox within compassion

there are circles

which cannot be of another

even if it a penny vs. hundred

because rotation depends on it


the penny is so weak

relative to the hundred flow

that it can be felt

not seen

how to strengthen the weak flow of the penny ?

it like missionaries trying to consume hopi circle into their circle

the small circle within big circle

won't allow it

 if all over forward flow

simply stay still

to go reverse


there only this day

airball wins by taking back the middle circle


how to over strengthen the third wheel ?

if this inner sports

 a blitzing LB

 nose tackle

 power forward

old age and compassion

if you as old inside like us

it not matter how old outside

we so old  

just thankful to be able to go eat breakfast in the morning

we so old 

we make all you feel younger

but that is only of course

if you want to feel any younger

- chewpi seniors



"yes, we so old

we make betty white look like donald trump"

- jack grey

the chewpi seniors league

don't accept everyone and any one

only those qualified to be chewpi seniors

there are those

fake chewpi seniors

and/or wannabes

who only pretend to be old

"older than we look ...

tough as fong chi ..."

- the hopi exorcists

if it  raining

then as inner

we no need rain

if raining every day

as inner

it normal to have rain

if too much rain

then as inner

we have too much

how to return to normal ?



how to rotate both ways ?

fong chi


pg - 13




morning cafe

southern CA

there people only clowns wants to work for

such as chu

there people everyone wants to work for

such as the wise gentle man 

of CEO distinction

chu met along travels

and/or chewpi inc. recruiting

it the first reaction

"wow ... world class  ..."

the gentleman


wearing high school

letterman jacket






"you look younger too ..."

their conversations

about world affairs :

jason chu


computer science

"the world need be this coffee mug

 strong and warm "

- chu

looking to impress

spoke slowly

visibly impressed

the future chewpi CEO smiles

just then

waitress walks by

"more coffee ...?"

the gentleman

even more pleased


"thank you ...


you look younger ..."




the waitress



overwhelmed with joy





"i do ...?!


more coffee ? ..."




"Like this bowl of chilli

the delicatecy of the cuisine is intertwined with its worldly charm ..." 

spoke slowly

yet surely does chu

looking again impressived

does the ceo


  waitress returns

  with  fresh coffee 




the legendary CEO

looks over

spoke deeply, yet gently

slowly yet with conviction and integrity

"only twice in fong chi one has laughed ..."

- the fong chi grandmaster bows with fong chi honor and respect  

"自分自身でないなら 自分自身を笑わせたあなた


自身 誰も信用に値することはできません」




mas masatako wasakawaの弓...

"if was not oneself

but you yourself who made yourself laugh

no one deserves and accepts no credit"

mr masatako wasakawa bows with fong chi honor and respect ...

- google translation

Jibun jishindenainara jibun jishin o warawa


seta anata jishin dare mo shin'yō ni ataisuru koto wa dekimasen'


fonchai no meiyo to keiiwohyōsuru"


mas masatako wasakawa no yumi...

the fong chi translator bows with honor and respect

"why you all bowing  ...?"

the waitress giggles

the deepening of chi



left/chi/ right


- tai chi masters

sho mei and shi wei

from past to future

future to past

the deepening of compassion

there more compassion in future

and it is pulling us in

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