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by airball band

the LPVF staff gather to do the pre lunch time dance

"i say

outstanding young man !

the PVF motive first company


we agree the investors and staff

that world need more counter balance

what that is we can gradually build consensus on

we market circular computers

maybe even new window design

based on circular rotations

the clock go both directions

6  pm 1-1-2017 clockwise

6 am 12-31-2004 counter (chewpiland calendar)

the underlying intention to counter balance old PCs programming with a counter which can help mind/body counter balance 

it would take work and research

but it may rise to a revolution of social engineering

4d online world 


this the new synergy


we looking for investors looking for the research result

not the profit

we don't know

write what comes

so the reverse movie world idea is to link present/future/past etc. through pt-13 silly gestures we make as counter balance during over rising moments

a third corner

so we can use filming as way to link as rock signs to send compassion back to ourselves



yesterday morning to cheer writer  and viewers to inner PVF the day away etc.

no matter how much our past to future programming try to counter ...

there be two way flow so a three way option

future to past



start Chewpi Studios LLC

a designers enterprise

featuring a staff of three hopi workers

and assistant staff of mrs tomokossan's restaurant


 the hopi guest lodge

we have the exclusive rights to commercialize the designs of our writings

like tomokossons have the exclusive right to their world famous  recipes

and we may even redesign a company and culture  by redesigning its management and motives

take care self

if overflow then LPVF 


Chewpi Studios ...

 reverse world


you get paid to watch our movie

and that is how we will begin ...

with an invitation 

to friends of this journey

to attend our movie premier of  ...

"the reverse world "

pg- 13



in this world of advanced tech

it only seem primitive

the story teller  disappears back into fire like a genie 

the 4d projector then ...  live from a planet called earth

"greetings chewpiland

this is what our everyday  is like on planet earth  - please try to not laugh for our ways very different your ways as your from ours ..."

- dominic

the villagers all nod in unison

dominic bows then shifts back into the wind

the fire returns as the audience eagerly awaits the premier ...

"the reverse world"

... wind sound ... flute sound ...

and they were there ...

earth's fong chi matrix ...




Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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to change our present experience of reality, we must be exposed to deeper states of understanding, then the more surface layers can be understood. 


the present psyche as we experience it is based on false programming, therefore we lose connection with our true self and the resulting loss and depletion of life energy.


It is useless to resolve a problem from intelligence within the same dimension which it is created. Only from underneath, the deeper realms of understanding, can true solution/ deprogramming be made.


The deprogramming procedure requires only awareness or understanding of the false programming. The false programming is multi layered, therefore the need to understand many layers by going deeper. 


Once a deeper state is touched, the understanding of the above layer will gradually be revealed to the conscious mind. One only needs to listen or, better yet, to get out of the way by pursuing understanding of  an even deeper layer.


our present world experience is out of harmony, no one will dispute that. Yet few are willing to  challenge the underlying programming for fear of what may be uncovered and what will need to be let go. In the long run, however, it is much more dangerous to hide from the truth.

2017 TO PAST





"the peace treaty also led the chiefs to create a defense alliance should the mayans ...

which they never did ... 

because columbus discovered them "

- the story teller

2017 venice beach

they all start to laugh

with the ape as our ancestor ...

we declare this land discovered

 the spaniards said proudly as they columbus the mayans

- the story teller

disney vs LPVF

which side you want be in 10 years ?

the LPVF inner world is gathering future investors  in their past/ our present

if you one of them

you know it now

and write a message to yourself

as an investor/participant

there no you the investor without  you the  participant

and vice versa


writer owns one (1) share of berkshire

sends pvf from future 

that share not for sale


friday bought a camera for LPVF

it a fresh start

chewpiland production first  movie in chinese language

"zhong xiao heros"

pg - 13

"romantic deep and touching ..."

- chewpi  critic

but if you  google translate

then that movie called

"fong chi"


outstandng young people today are more perceptve and knows far more and not clog by our past to believe or disbelieve something simply because someone insist so

they network among themselves and know which is reliable 

ask old people about future they may   feel ...

oh it hopeless , let go , it not our burden  ... etc.

if they to invest, it must please the past 

one gets not encouraged talking to them

ask young about future they may more feel ...

we need to change it now


their presence / intent enlivens the staff

like they know far more whats going on 


they like fresh water

 paparrazis​ like mud

it an inner movement and there only this day

which one more energizing ?

"if we old people help them

why shouldn't we be entitled to feel younger ?"

- john chu

the creative moves with the future

the longer writer waits

the more mature the young

closer their future beacon

then perhaps he can hand this off

to a younger generation wanting to try

for the PVF of it 

how to keep this flow expanding ?

future to past :

studio creates it PVF way - no profit motive

then it up to marketing team to do whatever 

to make profit 

maybe staff apply  as circle of people with the synergy 

maybe sub contract with those circles capable of re creating the feeling using old chewpiland script

eventually from around the world

then it up to studio to integrate it into each PVF presentation

collection turns into a 24/7  3D fong chi station


little paradox it may be the future (young of today) telling writer to be patient

it the pvf feeling we want to preserve
so if over summer your circle created videos/movies using e.g. fong chi script ...
and it that good that no one can not laugh 
then we should join up
integrate it into one collection
find a distributor
and your future links you in 
"create pvf storm from future to counter balance the past "
"how to magnify the small ?"

fong chi matrix

fancy cafe

gentleman of distinction challenges master hu to fong chi

"hey i know who you are ...!"

- master hu

"hey i know who you are ...!

i know who you are"

- the gentleman

try to not get master hu to talk in crowd

taps him and walks away

"you that dude at comedy underground who shows up amteur night every monday but never got a call back to tuesday ..."

- master hu bows 

fong chi master boo! remains fong chi master boo!


people all still here

past to future writer may seem to look for way 

future to past it waiting for the way to settle in

there two sides to this


we should base it on script of past

the reverse movie only one writer need to create

it like an antidote to an inner pattern which out of balance

and people of that gift have silently  gathered

they know it their destiny







if future talking

​it wants it done right - the way the reverse  world would do it


once that  world is established within 21st century

​then we can create a middle circle with 21st century


you get the idea

the future waiting for the way to settle

​the first PVF ship


chewpi studio looking for quircky and eccentric people

​to join the reverse world staff


LPVF Seattle

The Reverse World
the television series



there a world  where kids more evolved

and/or wise ones evolved to be kid like


they descend upon earth

a suburb of 21st century

people taken over by kids

would becomes more that clown kid

inner and outer

as time go by - younger wiser sillier


it would begin subtly with


 laughing hysterically for no reason

and then the world of joy has emerged


they call their home chewpiland

and their ways not very different from the ways of chewpiland websites

same outer

but with different inner

each character brings their gift



because its way often complimentary 

 we call it 

The Reverse World


"people come together for greater longer cause

it less often by personal choice than the will of the impersonal

that what we here to do"

- alvin

- the consumption of meat per person has increased nearly double since 70's

- patty

- our goal is simple : to turn the tide

- greg

- even if 1 percent other way

we have done our task

- kelley

"i cut down meat by 1/2

and feel even stronger and lighter"

am coffee roundtable

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect


why yet visit hopi ?

between the under ground gate and the lights which appeared

and the flying things over sky

they try to show us something


a few thoughts

even if they have way to make us live long

how it benefit the earth if more animals have to compensate ?

- even if they show us technology to occupy outer space

unless inner conflict ceases

there be star wars between nations

- it not like rain which pour from sky

they are sharing

but only with those inner receptive

- compassion


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