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2017 (d)(3)



nov. 2003 


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2018 future to 2017 past

write as much as possible

anything and freely

we'll begin this journey

where we stop to make turn


november of 2017

western calendar 


february 2004

chewpiland calendar 


if this taiwan

they call it people country year 106

(106 years since chiang revolution in 1911)

the army from future already sharing space with us writers of 2017

- february 14, 2018


The Return of

The Three Sisters

we yet to discover/lit that next beacon

just that there one in venice beach if used

- everything spontaneous  then become center circle which future links into

from chewpiland viewpoint - it was precious

PVF beacon  in 2016/17 


"Before completion, at the dawning of the new time, friends foregather in an atmosphere of mutual trust, and the time of waiting is passed in conviviality. Since the new era is hard on the threshold, there is no blame in this."

- the i ching

future to past

it uses parables

 write what comes

few tales :

 kung fu novel where northern  city under mongol siege but governor hiding under table hugging gold

- kung fu novel

they all follow this bullying top kung fu boss

but when he defeated and lost seat

they all left him

- narrator

Page Title

"bygone be bygones ..."

-  once remarked

writer wanted to say

"we live in different possibilities ..."


we no need to change the cause


just the effect


there only this day

Fong Chi

"you young people are outstanding ...! "

- master hu

" hawk flag half down because they lost last week ?"

"no, it has been that way since the super bowl..."

- mayor russ

the hidden lake historic district bow with honor and respect

i challenged chu to fong chi ...

that why i am still a fong chi master

- master hu

time and place : TBA

we announce our time

you announce your place

either way

you will laugh with ...

"the arrival of the original chicken people "

- chu

promotion manager

looking to intimidate

"the  (your team name here)"

your team photo here




humans who claim ancestry to earth 

gather annually on planet chewpiland

earth  village -  a resort

imitation present day earth


it has one of largest human population outside earth

estimated at 700,000  of the seven million who populate this large planet

the intergalactic human circle

they would

dress in the costumes of earth etc.

watch movies

and try to not laugh at their ancestors ways of ordinary everyday






power of humility


the creator had a friendly debate with humility to see which is more profound. The creator expressed the greatness of the creation, and asked humility to express its wisdom. Humility humbled to the creator, and that was the end of the debate.


power and strength also want to debate with humility. Power and strength first showed their might and asked humility to show its might. Humility humbled to power and strength and easily triumphed. One cannot overpower that which has understood oneself.


The only wish of humility is to understand, or to stand under. As incidental result, it gives and receives nourishment from all that which it has understood.


Next came worldly wisdom, it wanted to debate with humility. It first showed what it has learned in its evolution throughout history, but humility could not hold a straight face and broke down and laughed like a little child. Worldly wisdom then understood the lesson.


Next came descendents of world wisdom – morality, family values, and social rules – they want to learn from humility after hearing the great debates humility has won. Humility humbled to them and became their followers.  Seeing this, the descendants also became the followers of humility.


Hearing this, the unwanted of the society also came to learn from humility. The beggars, dropouts, rejects etc. they quickly humbled themselves to humility, and humility humbled deeply to them. They no longer feel like the unwanted.


The rich and powerful descendants then came for a visit. They glorify humility but could not humble themselves. But humility humbled to them and they felt that their pains have finally been  understood.  Once they open themselves to understanding, they open themselves to humility.


Sickness and poverty also paid visit to humility. They said to humility that they do not want to be the unwanted in the world, that they have no friends and everyone hates them. Humility bowed deeply to them and their pains were released. They finally gained the respect they have longed for.


Then the twins, life and death, came to humility for a visit. They complained to humility that people do not understand the loving bond between themselves. For those who follow life, they avoid death. For those who follow death, they have given up on life. They believe that if people follow humility, people would love them both.


On the last day of humility’s visit in town, love, compassion, wisdom and humor all came for a visit.  Once they were in the room together, no one had the discipline to hold a straight face and they all broke down laughing like little kids.     

"over humble to over rising

receive reverse"

- reverse i ching central

how to use over humility to receive rising ?


it was ... power of  humility 

writer begin over humble as lawyer

accumulating over reverse

the office today 1 to 10

if inner (8)/outer (3)

an easier rise if it to re-emerge

but it would choose

if given ....

to compress all the over credit

to the benefit of first office beacon


inner (3 - capacity)/outer (9 - challenge)

that one needed all the help 

from future to past

from everyone who can link in today to then

or there not a chu office of its tales today


future to past :

there was also the classmates supporting from the past/future

the chewpiland border/ front line is 2004

the ones before e.g. 1994

anchor as defensive points

for the future to link in

music should be slow yet inspiring

"1. Hold on to the rope and don't let it go, don't pull it hard as the other team will be doing the same and you will just loose on energy 

2. With practice on a count of say 3 everyone pull and stop and again pull and stop . This way you don't loose energy  and have fire effective way of disbalancing the opponent 

3. If your first member is about to give in and cross the line he should let go off the rope and join at the back of the line 

4. Creates small pits/holes in the ground to get support and not slide in "


- 3. If their first member  give in and  let go off the rope , the reinforcement should join in at the front  of the line

the ancestors stand at front

we at back anchoring/pulling

"it a tug of war 

even if they mayans  (past to future) have the advantage and still winning

they cannot break the fortress (chewpiland)

and we have more coming in ( from future )


and if they (three sisters)  seized the supply ...

then their (past to future)  reinforcement ..."

- mayor russ




chu office

 hired as the gate keepers/entertainers

they are several humans from earth on staff

so the "dense" beasts cannot enter 

earth humans are pound for pound 

three times stronger and of same density frequency /circle  

"the legendary kung fu novel



the time : 1850

the place : tokyo japan...

as old man zhu sits

at cafe with ninja princess

the same restaurant ... mr tomokoson the fifth generation

watches the annual tug of war

"bonsai ! bonsai!"

the umpire chants to begin the event

to the cheers of the large gathering

jesters/clowns from both teams allowed to talk loud standing from their opponents side

but only to cheer on their team

but it may also ...  other team to laugh and lose balance"

- the story teller

villagers listen attentively 

netting 40% ;  50% very good  b/c writer only  receive/write  those which practical within budget capacity

there two ways for writer to speak

- as representative of himself

and/or as himself trying to humble

and if he representing himself

then he speaks more freely and directs writer to withdraw until they understand that it not just hopi's burden... 

fire mounting four directions

and they  choose to sit and  over rise

it like a mirror :

their past to future : we may give you a chance and who the bleep are u ?

so we reflect same ...

our future to past :  it yours to lose and bing chen you better know


"In retreating the superior man is intent on taking his departure willingly and in all friendliness. He easily adjusts his mind to retreat, because in retreating he does not have to do violence to his convictions. The only one who suffers is the inferior man from whom he retreats, who will degenerate when deprived of the guidance of the superior man."

- i ching

write what com


"if old walt still here

he be pulling for us"

- mickey

disney vs. chewpiland kids

the over series vs. over not serious

star wars now darker  border R rating

and that be the kids of future ?

they have the outer (past to future)

we have the inner (future to past)

first jedi also the last jedi

but the death hunters are eternal


dark world


dancing and singing 

chewpi inc. board of directors

and staff 

by the fire

as they celebrate the peace treaty

the over rising staff take break

as the dark world circle rotates back  into the constant

the constant circle of 21st century

shifts into the rise

while 1850 b.c. circle simply rotated other direction



they understand the cause/ effect

and so  appears as the "reverse..."

it appeared as writer return from breakfast

for about 10 minutes

one will take it as a playful sign 


 the rainbow warriors

anything it want gift this beacon

we compress to benefit past beacons

there an hidden lake ymca 300 yards to rainbow direction just opened last year

walk there recently to pick up member info

put that song on yesterday when board celebrating

 level one fong chi master

 one minute long

not laugh first try and you level one no laughing master

if we (our inner) feel body (our outer)  lighter and energy more grounded /dense/real

"then the two circles coming together

simply by getting the reverse to flow"



future to past

help wanting to most may also be those past to future the reverse​

"if they way over serious past

they most need over clown  from within

...  refuse help from what really their own future trying in to link "



"so i heard master hu challenged you to fong chi ...?"

"well ... my last name is chu ..."

"yes, frank chu  "

- long kong fu

the wisdom of imperfection


there people whom writer meant to meet

keep the business cards and you may be of great help in future

sometime it happens because that person is meant to send a message from future

writer picks the feeling and passes on a card

talents , especially those bridging different circles ... need to emerge

especially those in the ancient orient

there a character ... a taoist sage who look western yet wrote the ancient chi kung classic ...

"joe something " that what he ... if asked

that one of the eight taoist immortals is  outstanding male caucasian american  - a tai chi grandmaster

in our script

just as buddha is still hanging around and/or returned from distant land

so did lao tzu

“legend of him riding buffalo west means he must be returning from the east”

​- joe something

writer bows with honor and respect


​- 老子 (道德經)(52)

“是的, 道像天下的母親”

​- Joe什麼


- 老子 (道德經)(52)

"The beginning of the universe 
Is the mother of all things."


"yes, tao is liken to the mother of the universe"

- joe something

"Knowing the mother (compassion),

one also knows the sons.
Knowing the sons, yet remaining in touch with the mother,
Brings freedom from the fear of death."

- tao te ching (52)

writer bows with honor and respect


those also signs task complete NW beacon 2017


...  into CA comes chewpis

 "fong chi"

(your wedding photo here)


"where we going on our honeymoon/anniversary  honey ?"


"well, if there a place there a time

and if there such a time

there be a place ... madam"

""wow ... so romantic ..."

the couple just married/anniversary


"wow ... so romantic ..."

-many in  audience hugging

others wiping away tears of romance

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