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Chewpi TV

"This is our proposed commercial 

for Chewpi TV"


at mornin meeting

staff rise to cheer

as co-founder / Chairwoman/CEO

exits the headquarter

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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sponsored by:



La Parle Vu Fransue Inc.









 "Before reading this website, I has never heard of The Great Four Beauties and the background of General Tso's Chicken ; Before reading this website, I also has never heard of The Great Four Softies and the background of Chef Chu's Sweet Rice. Now,  I has."


 - Z from Paris"

- The Legendary Kung Fu Novel

" 'three stories ; three generations ; three separate and intertwined lives ;  the movie ended where it started - at the classroom where the big three first met and their 70th classmates reunion.  The Big Three is a movie destined to be a classic in the world in which it was created. I look forward to its world premier. It's about time."     



     - H from Boston"

"winning the la parle vu fransue award is like receiving the top 100 chinese buffet rating ; everybody is a winner. There should be more la parle vu fransue festivals."



N from Bacavi

"we highly honor what I from San Francisco has said about this website"



G from Texas

"The Trickster Wisdom Of The Hopi Book Club (part 3)





a tale from deep earth (2)





the inner showdown




"Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?"


Leonardo da Vinci


"because there is two of you ..."

- The Legendary Kung Fu Novel

"there is one battle

and it is now ..."

- the legendary kung fu novel

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"the legendary kung fu novel 




Chapter 2

















last time 


old man zhu


came to judge the competition


at northern city


was 10 years ago




why he come back


gathering so many


of his old friends


and great masters


from across


the kung fu world?"


chef chu

"the legendary kung fu novel




book 2



the original script



chapter 2












kung fu master hu


kung fu master lin


kung fu master zheng

kung fu master zhao

kung fu master fong


and their kung fu clans


arrived and greeted old man zhu "







many villagers gathered 


to say good bye


and good luck


as they leave 


zhong xiao


to attend 


 the annual


kung fu competition


in the distant northern city



(old taiwan music)"

- The Legendary Kung Fu Novel

the taiwan aborigines warriors

"distant corner

endless ocean

cold lonely planet

underneath the ocean

another dimension

hides colony of ancients

death hunters

who have long ago disappeared

the canyon of the strange

is here there and everywhere

wide as we are narrow

small as we are big


why makes the staff and this small fourth ship


so extraordinary ...?

is not because of its efficient size nor ordinary appearance "

- the legendary kung fu novel

"that idea that artificial intelligence is man made is also man made

the idea that machines can only be made of metals denser than air ... is also man made


and the idea that only humans have compassion is also man made"

- the legendary kung fu novel

"this is a good website"



X from Los Angeles

X is 6th from left

"before reading this website, i have never heard of the four beauties and the background of general tso's chicken ; before reading this website, i also have never heard of the four softies and the background of chef chu's sweet rice. now,  i have."


 - I from Paris

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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"bring me the holy sword ...

use whatever magic to deceive its keeper " 




the dragon world


a mythical world


an ancient world




deep under layers and layers 


of our 


subconscious mind


lies a world that when




from the world of the memory chip,




small and insignificant





beyond the door


of this memory chip, however


lies a world far more vast and complex


than any human imagination




it is from this world




 the program within


 the memory chip 


is decided





we may call it


the deep subconscious








a root of a tree




the world below may 


have far more influence


to what takes place


on the surface


than what


the fruit


is ready to acknowledge"

- The Legendary Kung Fu Novel

"the gatekeeper sees the code but pretends the fool for the lawyer is wise"


"ever since the imperial dragon lord


mastered the 9th level


dragon fire kung fu


no one has been able to stop 


the imperial dragon clan's







no one, that is, 


until their path crossed with 


zhong xiao..."





- The Legendary Kung Fu Novel



"a foreign mind we confuse to be original mind

second floor for ground floor

before it took over ..."

"... be able to enter/exit foreign mind to link 

it just there

​all we can do to help is make it flow more evenly both ways"



"what is  useless to the foreign mind

may be useful to the original​

to decode the agents

do not get logical with smith ..."

if chu office gets the code 

i can hack into matrix

and counter balance smith

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