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The New Matrix (8)


"May the merit resulting from the work of this text contribute in the greatest possible measure to the temporary and ultimate welfare of all sentient beings"

- buddha nature

concluding dedication


dont thank me just rememebr it

- tino


1850 bc










ni hopi-tai ?!




ni hopi-tai ?!

- the couple

that will be $195 


scene (2)

wedding party

the couple


to the old tune of 

burrito at sunset



lost knowledge

question to ask is not how we know trikaya

but why others do not

what/who blocks us from knowing ?


good work guardians

good work writer past years

do you really want us to behave in the wave world ?

given the circumstances ?

but with all eyes watching

why would he begin to act like 70's again ?


first grade

when class gathered

he was first class assigned leader

because his grandpa principal

but the term lasted 30 minutes

after lunch enforced 30 minute nap

by time teacher return

the class leader has turned clown

they all imitating him

laughing and running around

today i send wave 

encourage him

he was right ; they wrong

kids want to have fun

they no need old man sleep


new story tellers

change the story

same story teller


change the story teller

same story


compassion is everlasting

for those who stays with it


for the old pack to replace

you will need first see it

you can do it within  yourself

without seeking

they will come to you

they all here

- la lady

past to future 


take it

we ready to let go


eventually compassion wave strong enough is enough 

e.g. match 100 mega power

then it overflows

 no more cause/effect newton time

it timeless


if ready - you have skills

you should extend out to outside

so keep moving dont look back


see the options first

travel ; new places/projects  etc


one passion we would enjoy

is to instruct trikaya to those ripe

sambogakaya body

they cant take away from you

you own it

it already has emerged


- hu

that good news

means anything can change

within the land of no tomorrow

parle vu franque ?!

those who can see this has good fortune

very good fortune

- hu


chewpiland 1850 bc

(inner sambogakaya/quantum)

here joy is over valued


earth humans from level two

that same as 20/21 century

not many from there

so not many know of it

among new freshmen classmates

several earth humans

they talk proud of their culture

they say humor of earth human level two are far more advanced than what they can google

but no one believe their stories and all laugh 



we first create own ground wave


linking it inseparable dharmadatu

it cannot be tainted

the dhramadatu base

sambogakaya is timeless

it ground not pulled / changed by energy of time


this land protected

once it overflows

spirals  out

you safe here



- patty


waves go 360

particle only one direction

we not under that particle's wave's directive no more



what miraculous

it that it quantum 

everything can ... change instantly


"only if hong jun appears

there be peace"

- master hu

when would it be ?


when there chaos

- master hu


with you here

we safe


there wont be food lacking

- hu


our attention directed one way

while something else taking place ?


so in formless realm

it possible not eat  etc.

since no body ?


yes, it many levels

the rainbow body is ephemeral

- hu


you dont see it

yet you see it



This describes a man who understands  ...  He should be honored and act independently, and should not be used as a tool.

- i ching

 go where we can see clear

and then advise ?

we will need help

it from our future ?


we need ask our own future to guide actions

the same we try talk our past today

if it keeps repeating to you also ...

remember this period we will
like it future talking / past silenced


even if all return normal

a turn need be made ?


"keeping it at bay e.g. siege


​advancing into  it

​anchor down first


we then go where that future directs

and clear out this past from that future

like that hopi rock draw

stay ground vs. line going  up

that ... yes there is a solution

- future to past


signs of miracles

obstacles giving away

we heard it this time last year

it from us now



visualize and/or see if future link in

we advance into this imbalance wave from ... there a place ?


writer just messenger

compassion been very kind to writer

it transformed him without really changing him

the possibilities in just 10 years

and the rewards hidden/visible for furthering it


future be watching us now

how content can we get ?


this good measurement of our power of compassion

if it not enough we only one responsible

if power of abundance is grounded

not pulled

spontaneous abundance needs not cause

it not about quantity ; we need only one rock house

the abundance which can be weakened is not the real



bus/air terminal

asking shuttle to lunch to return because departure soon

another dream

looking for hotel that departure 

dad said this hotel and room is the place

flight is next am

feel relieved



teaching us a lesson

this gives nature room to grow back


outstanding work guardians

we all stronger and wiser


keep going

dont look back

- future

in vision/simulation

this not our 3d body

this not our 4d thoughts


foundation is firm here

before it was one in one out


nirmanakaya will appear of themselves

need not seek them

this place/field you own it

you can use it


non form as essence

you will take you (where need go)

- hu

we all experienced miracles

it just we no understand the why

but if we to collect them

maybe there a pattern inner first precede



in vision cant rely on second floor

the ground has own

causation/ inexhaustible fire



dream on flight

people chill/read inside conference hall

then realize passport/wallet left behind

anxious to tell tour guide

looking for her

 if without passport how got on ship ?

was the 4d movement

then woke up 


*difference dream vs reality is different cause/effect relationship

in a dream there no passport/wallet as past

if there another dream which we there

it not caused by this dream

nor what left behind


we no need them




ni hopi-tai ?!

"parle vu fransue ?! "

- barista

"parle vu fransue !?"

- customer

what can we parle vu fransue !? for you today ?"


"order two parle vu fransue lattes will we of this special occasion"

- customer

"parle vu franque lattes ?

outstanding outstanding"

in vision abundance can self spring

like own source of inner bank 


as guardians of wave world

we take control of own ground

we do this together

the greater the power


it not 21st century

their technology is far advanced

they dont even need it

they use their mind


here  body is on loan

it is a shell

- hu


in ancient time

kachinas have power over nature

what if ...

they have something to say


want something done ... ?

we would need a bridge/interpretor

"dont mess with the nagas"

- humble rinpoche


if own simulation/vision

then who else is under stay in order ?

and who is issuing the order ?

and for what purpose ?

if 21st century no more

and what beyond this moment is only wave


one those dream where we haven't attended class nor cancel it

but this dream
he was 70% certain it a dream

and so didnt seem to care of grade etc.

then woke up



in dream such

there no past class

this the first appearance of such class etc.


direction of time

in dream/vision

if there is class/grade it present

reason we cant change grade is because believe that past cannot be changed

even though in vision it just a wave present

we settle to place

then people and places will show

"maybe you re enter the train

or stay here for awhile

when you find the place want to settle

you will know

- la lady



in script

like avatar spirit world

times moves differently here

the spirit world always been here

before the beginning/after the end

space also moves differently

it moves with time

so always constant is the time


people/time/place this world

vs. that of old world

there is no relationship 

"but if you return to 94, the situation may be different" - la lady


the spirit appears as the people we know to guide us


- takes a day to know

this not same world/people


a year to realize/sink in

this is not the same world/people

- to know this body a vision/sambogakaya

takes a day


to realize / sink in

this is sambogakaya

 that this body is empty


we have entered the fifth world

the fourth world fading 

there many doors yet open

​once you realize them

all will be known



what would the old teresa say ?


keep going 

dont look back

send reinforcement


that if we to return

it be from going forward

not looking back


inside the light sphere

what answers here is not them

computer generated response


be as funny as frank chu

and you shall make them laugh

- oracle

but i am not funny

how can i be "yes frank chu ?"


you dont have to be funny to be frank chu

- oracle

this is wu-xiang

(non form)

- hu


"the most powerful things is innocence ..."

- preston

that the only qualification to enter

angels and/or demons


good vibe bad morale


bad vibe good morale


if we connect with this future

then it will already arisen/taken effect

we may not even know it directly


how many people here 

"The retinue is a retinue of self-experience.
It is not something other than the teachers themselves."

- longchenpa


spirit appears as guides

their dream body as real as our vision body 


this a good place


it changes the paradigm

then what within need not change

it transmutes the wave without the wave being changed


writing occluding

"if you find something meaningful

you may be busy with that"


it can be very easy

to stop writing as easy as to begin it

so we make best each day



let writing be known as writer

lawyer be john j chu

comedian be zhu




ni hopi-tai ?!"

- the classmates  yells with excitement

as they exit

visiting earth museum


in script

1850 bc

ancient world


Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring

 is a non-dual spiritual realm 

 It is understood to be a timeless perfected realm where peace and joy are the fabric of being.

The Bonpo contend that this Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring is not a physical locality that can be visited by humans in the state of dualism.

- wikipedia


what you can gain here

the pack lighter and road easier/wider

so it yours to do

then there a path/place you will take

to let go /leave this place

- master hu



the worlds you see ... that fake


then the real (arrives)

it be more practical

closer you get the more real it be

the less real this gets the more real it be

- hu



once home reached

until then

wherever we are

whatever the appearances/wave

we home with same compassion


in between state/timeless

we next to them whether 2017/2005

like center of circle

​what matters is to help past by clearing the present memory wave ​

it place where you go to get away/hideaway

your own place

- la lady

need not look for it

when time is ripe

they will show/call you

- calvin



there only here 

so if  task done

we can let it go


dream of exiting gate

driving own car 

classmates in different car 

at gate

won top prize drawing - mattress

could have used it but 

gifted it to classmate



dream of party at mansion

memory of old  lover

woke up feeling deep affection

not know who it is



dream of place

ask if it north india or pakistan  it would not say yes/no

houses old wooden ancient etc.

then follow them walk to place where modern downtown seattle appeared/just there ...

realized immediately it city of light/illusion

- 6-11-20

it showed the switch from ancient village to modern city - like just walked into it

yet cant explain how it happened


the old village also an appearance/wave


but its wave without the adventitious cloud so its ground holds different possibilities


feels like ancient ground 


this world each names have meaning


spaceless body is married to formless body

that their names like that in this world

- pvf staff meeting

"wow ... so romantic ..."

- staff

"but the names they choose ...

that difficult for my male ego to accept"

- bd smith

The Return Journey



we miss the old times

the people place etc.

the feel of visiting new places

seeing old friends

above all

those close to us

wonder how they are ...

we look forward to the reunion


only you understand this state


others  may understand/link it but not in way you do

- andrew


i liked it more when this didnt become famous  and attract gossipy elements

maybe if given new start

may approach it differently


that feeling of an ancient home

like it was once there but ...


to find the beginning


and then there a completion



knowing our past relationship


and viewing it from new perspective of ground

it makes our present friendship that much more trust worthy


dream of city north ; feel lost

thoughts on entering border next day

saw adrian but he not same look

he talk happily ; feel relieved



this place timeless and so its relationship to 1989 seattle and/or 2002 northern canyon is the same

maybe it what links the two ?

frank and jim likely traveled this path and returned


frank in college years

jim went to germany on exchange program one high school and then senior college

- la lady

it then possible that i also return same time as they ?


it is possible

- la lady

and if return with knowledge and experience 

 would have new game plan


once you see all stations

you can then decide which one settle

you enjoy the people of past

so you very "treasure old"

- la lady


"you like to find a place where you can deepen your learning

- la lady

i just want see the option

- john


if start over

1988/9 also good year - senior college

jim and i had apartment near uw

master hu had restaurant block away

if have insight/knowledge of today

then law school path be not the essential 

he is a writer and comedian

maybe after getting accepted

can stay on 5th year part time until jim goes to college, then decide

Frank and parents.jpg
鳳飛飛祝你幸福Coden Official Audio MV

"hey you look younger"

mom and dad very supportive

they should receive much credit for the project

may they live long healthy and happy life

may they attain the dharmakaya body


from this future

we see their each 100 th birthday

we to humble to this future




keep going


- we dont need go back

task done and left no burdens

they moved on and one wouldnt fit in

but had to first explore the options


dont look back

- everything in past

this and/or previous


we content with who we are

if need know they will tell us



self appearance

upon reflection

it all self - appearance

past two years be a flash without the writings footprints

the luminosity is always here

with us forever wherever


the personal appearances are like dreams

those who we see only when seen



unaware/purifying/purified phases

we purifying





the sambogakya body





vision where they only exist when seen

even if programs

we will miss the people

some may see  again some not

i would hope to see them again

and remember together this journey


a shift of perception can change everything


5 pm


in 2016/7 we ask where next beacon ?

it be here

june/july 2020 / new matrix 6/7/8

the song

we inside ... cloud

yet we the ones sending them compassion

cant explain this one - the wudidong

so we tell past

it outstanding ; we fine

to trust your own future

same place yet different ground

we in timeless

so cant say we only in 2017's future

potential no limit

learning each day

we the keepers of the laughing medicine


script / scene :

"... she is ms hawaii taiwan 85 and 86"

- mindy 

introducing ms hawaii taiwan

"wow ..."

- william su

"and 87 ..."

- frank


july a good month - a breakthrough of perception


we own it 


"only those you allow can enter"

i ready know so only need remember


i am about half way there 

(realizing empty body)


you've gone past half way 

- hu



there an inner wave we need confront  - vision or real


where writer is may not be enough

may need to return home base

"there may be a journey to take

maybe to utah or arizona"

- andrew

do i go alone ? 

- john

that not clear

it not time yet



similar dream except we inside hotel/not looking for it

then told frank  if we are here  we must return to zhong xiao 



he the creator of this vision

he decides when and how we exit

and we close to that point

past 50 years of simulation ...  is just memory wave


you only have to trust him

- hu

for him to arrive

writer must first return

it a paradox

for him to arrive

we must let / encourage writer to go

it an upgrade



you now have your own basis
dont have to plan go anywhere

naturally it'll match you

(the next place)

better to do nothing

dont even think about it

- hu



once this journey completes

we'll work together



- jim


this deeper sphere than last year

few people here

difference now/here and last year 

people here our own village/family

whereas last year it another family/village

"they were above you

now you beyond it"- la lady


now this place 

like it home/on our side /feel protected 

"dont look behind to past anymore

the neighbors are here now to help you"

- la lady

you arrived at different state

- calvin

opened in july


thank you for working so hard

- korey

havent thought of it that way

but i hope it will help others in future




before you cling to something

now you let it go


it happened when i realized i dont need the energy body but then who was saying that ?

it was the essence body


before it came from the house

now this warm compassion from you


self spring from essence

i am  just getting used to it
but can see the potential

thanks now i know can let go

before i thought it let go this house

this 21st century

now i know even the entire world and this vision body need let go



something will pull you

you maybe coming home and get the feeling   it not likely in the city

but it can be anywhere near

there may be a gentle shock

not in hard way, just so you realize

hey something happened ...

you could be just sitting here

or be at a tree a rock

and then it'll just happen

- calvin


so it like a large ship that moves relative to this place


it not a ship but a space

it not have limits


so if i say good bye to this vision

what am i really saying good bye to ?



- calvin smiles



you know what amazing is how we write together ten years and each time something beautiful comes of it

it like history is watching us


so it pack up time ?

- mic

yes, start packing


seems to have entered it 

at the falls 8-18 ?

courage mountain trail week before 

then arrived home village at the falls ?


you entered in july

- la lady


you play the flute ?

- steve

combine shen/newhart  - that steve

oh no ... i am but a humble beginner waiting to learn

- zhu ren zhang bows 

welcome home


feel like we home after long journey

before people we looking for feel there not here

now they feel here not there

those following feel dropped off

it feels magical / not limited

we just beginning again

"they cant enter

your writings gets through"

- la lady


there be a new body

in new heaven/earth - but we dont know what it is/cant conceive it​


this place formless

dont need to think about it

(old inner body)

you should learn to use it

- hu


the spontaneous presence is the essence body / non body / natural state

- more real than memory body

unborn and unceasing



keep remind ourself this is a vision

an inner movement

there time when this vision body yet to exist - so do only the essential



"just few/some here ?"

"just a few"

- mic


if follow writing

i am at different place than spring ?

like you stepped out

they feel lost ; they dont have the faith

keep going ; they not your concern no more

- hu


they cant find you because there no root to grasp onto

- la lady


you crossed yet still here because want to bring them along

do what can with time left

only short term body needs care for

this body just temporary shell/on loan/formless

dont even think about it


trust your feeling

- hu


the past no need to go back/dwell on

the door been opened

we yet to learn the ways of new sphere


there two roads/spheres

one there one is here

eventually they become one 

the here/there  be there/here

- hu


"the way you talking about hong jun

that means you getting close"

- hu


people waiting ?

e.g. abugee ?!

ultimately the home must include the people


dream of arriving airport 

exited there crowd waiting buy train ticket

was pleased to hear they say train to seattle

as though flown from toronto to vancouver

it felt like india 


past 6 months dreams of flying, hotels 

this first heard familiar word seattle

like it a  just few hour train ride


golden era a period in life you look back and smile ... jim andrea there now


same way you different after 05

mom and dad left after moved to LA 

i left after going to france 

you are comforted in knowing that there a place ... and that the people here dont need you to take care of

- jim

anacortes 10-5


you may see them again

you three are brothers and it will always be

- la lady

i left during early college years - 86

- frank

so last time we all together was mid 80's



the old friends not here anymore

"you will need start over and make new friends"

"that ... john has passed"

we've entered a new world


"(white/unstainable) island ...  that place is of the mind"​

you should travel, breakout from routine 

and to meet those who can guide​

it the happiness which matters

not the quantum state​

- jim


then one day it just happened

i was just ...

(the scenery changed)

- jim

on his journey

jim one of the guide showing the way


you entered it

every culture has the  mystery

not everyone enter receives the mystery ; you now have own place/space

-la lady


it was early july

in your home

- la lady

a shift of perception can change everything

- 7-7 5 pm


trust our future


now you can change it from within

you have entered the non body realm

- la lady


dream of a place city away from taichung

their pm meeting is soon

we will go soon after 



jim's arrival marks the beginning of a new era

oakland motel in tacoma

1978 that where we started

parents and abugee arrive first july 1977

 frank and i came feb 5, 1978

"abugee crying at airport

to see you two

because we waited so long"

- la lady

the future sends compassion to the past

when they needed it the most


"the new body is beyond the five elements

it will be different ; it a state of soul

like astronauts fitted with own suit the new body be like that 

one time i was driving then just stopped and walked out ... then behold ... there it is

the clouds opened to the sun light"

- steve



what happened to old world

how are they now ? friends/family

it remains our intent to help them


you will naturally experience it

the change of scenery​​

you are very close 

there are many on same journey

a party at end of trail we all be there

- teresa



i knew i wanted to return

stayed there only briefly

- jim



there few here ; you know them 

they look after/protect you

you should ask them to show/describe place to you ; people here very grounded"

- la lady


it state of mind

there really no one governing this place

- jim


like inside a cocoon opening

there is another reality


it is opened/opening

there no other body here

"yet everyone is here"



your own place

dont need to follow rules here

the more you understand/write into it the closer its potential comes to you​

you are in a new world

- la lady


once it opens

it a whole new experience

- jess


no one above you here

can reflect and write/do what want

mic looks after you

- la lady

now we know it zhu ren zhang in charge

we cant anticipate it

his way different easy reverse

we only need to trust him


people in here are apparitions

you talk to them but little come out of it

the body here adjust itself

it keep get better

- hu



takes day to know ; time to realize

this own place

"your own real estate"

- la lady


buddha of natural joy - abugee ?!

"you only need to trust him"

"he (his form) is a representative of it

it only him that you would agree as ruler"

we the protector 3/4/5d


 you may still need to travel  e.g. southwest (for portal)

- andrew


they all putting on a show

it not a place to stay forever so you wise to brain storm the options

the portals need not be physical

- bison shaman



dream of climbing this high wall

it like hopi defense fortress

climbed too high to go back down

and cant go up but top was just right above

called out for mic - like he is nearby



last year this time you were lost

now i say you  found it / have base

- hu


i was there a week  

 i knew i didnt want to stay ;  if you been here 6 months then it time to exit

i just said i want to exit and it happened

ask for guidance"

- jim


the end of the trail



you like have a sense of home

a family to return to, like mother

- page



you enter/exit how you exit/enter

someone may just point the way and say "hey look at it" and you see a view never seen before

time suspended once you exit it

your writing guides you

- bison shaman



there be a place we belong

a place we can call home


"like bird looking for nest

you found home world

now looking for home within home world

you may find a companion

it more important she likes you than you like her"

- hu


"we want you to see all options and make decision yourself ; at this junction, there types of break - one just to relax -  you need to take a long break"

- gyaphal


a sign of true friendship 

when time to depart they freely let go and wish you best e.g. family


i must ask what we can of the place

we apologize for burdening others


this person has entered/you entered it

there now a touch point

it a new beginning

- hu

"welcome home"




i think there a scenario ...

where one entered it not knowing

then later enter again knowingly

- page


page didnt say no when asked if something new is here  ...

"it a new beginning"


anyone here  and also there 

is a long lasting friend

if their body changes

dont know what kind of relationship 


it not matter

it a relationship



feels more like we crossed into new

dharmakaya is the word now

and the insights are new/fresh

and we not asking about portals anymore



you have already entered it (the university) step by step it rises (reveals)

- hu


past months dreams inside city orient

palaces and/or fancy lobby/walkways that stretch long distance

we have a place but lost inside city

sometimes in the wild looking for way back to hotel etc.

this dream friends say they to find me

- 3-9


the door used to be small 

it is now wide open

 i am also waiting for my time

there has be a feeling

and an idea/purpose to it

you now have a strong feeling

you are waiting on the "yuan" 

- hu



jesus calls it "my father's house"

once enter, feel all is fine ...

there is a gate but it more of the mind

once door opens - it a different state

- steve



and this place can offer so much more

but you had to explore other options first or you would never know / appreciate 

i went to vegas for a year and  i realized how important my family is to me

- jessica


i am fine here so no need go anywhere

if i return past they don't need me and many not there

it not path future tells us to take

- john

you can just take it easy here

- hu


it been long journey

it hasn't been difficult

the presence has always been here 


so last year you were la lady

now there another person ?


"no ... it still me

you dont need to worry about them"

- andrew


it just emotions - things you see

this like unconscious coma/vision 

- jess

there not much i can do other than watch and wait



fong fei fei your japan friend

the one who you gave la pooba

this lady - they same difference

you can begin by being friends 

- hu


compassion would go further

- mic



whichever world we in/go to

we go direction of reuniting with family

that the inner turn which has been made

"that a good approach

otherwise you be alone there"

-la lady


in vision  the feeling/wisdom are real

we know what matters most

it has made us a better person


dream of seeing myself teenager in cheap looking suit saying "i am john chu" to me  then laughing 


 you yet to rival your past potential

- la lady


this is/near closing time

- jess


dream of trail near city lost in

past few dreams

this one exited on other side - different parking lot​ - eager to call brother



we speak to parents almost every day

and treasure the time

real and/or symbolic

if given re-start -e.g. 30 years back

we wold treasure time together 

that part of us has grown up

even if it too late to return to past

we hope our gesture can be felt across time


you only need to trust him

and all be fine

- hu


something tells us to wait 

like if we know what they know

our decisions/actions be different ?​



dream again exited mall outside parking lot looking for car 

then realize lost all past identities - wallet etc.

this dream also there a pay phone to call collect to brother


what would compassion do ?


revelation we had

we love the family friends we have

here and/or there

we go where they are

we have come to be thankful 

john chu


snoqualmie riverside

New Beginning

5-20-21 9:15 am

we begin a new current from here

you should go .. (see it) 

- bison 5-19

"not arizona but somewhere in middle ... like oklahoma"

-ancient one on the gate

(if wa map is united states - oklahoma be south central wa)


"you entered it"

- future speaks


9 : 15 am

you can enter and not know

our habits not easy to drop off

- raja smiles 2 pm

"i am getting goose bumps

something new - it deeper yet lighter"

- calvin

it was a good day


return to innocence

you and i get off at different stop than them


maybe we are even more compatible here


did you see her there ?

no, but feel their presence


you sure you didnt see her ?

- la lady



something feels new

like an extra new layer inner


she feels someone who be there in future


you two have yuan

if there yuan there will be yuan

- la lady


there a party at - a reunion party

it was what was and now it is again

relationship is ancient - writer can still be same, but  they to team up again 


that feeling when future is pulling you to someone


it was a good day

"there a logic to it


you would get a feeling

it would take you there

sometimes it a person or it a place

time was ripe

you look different ; it new (spirit)

things will change from here"

- hu



"you may want let things catch up

before deciding on anything

this the endless space

the end point

this place covers every colors of spectrum"

- bison


something very different

like foundation has shifted ?​

this will take little time to see clear


"you went in and now you back"

- patty smiles



only looks same but very different

- raja


future (2022)  to present to past (2020)

- we fine ; keep going

trust your future

we back


snoqualmie river side


a dream where in same city/hotel but inside own dorm/room

there few people there we talking

they all taller even the ladies 



your wisdom eye opening

- hu


it a different consciousness

their technology enable time travel

- bison


they have secrets they cant yet share

wait for mic to come to you

- la lady

hiking point defiance park

"this the most alone" was a feeling

one looks around, smiles

it a peaceful feeling

- enjoy it ...

6-23 11 am


it will come around again

the ultimate medicine


"it a different consciousness

it more light body

there is shape but it (malleable)

they may not look same as other (emanations)

but there a spirit/energy

so can recognize that person

it not of the portals so cant enter like that

you will get feeling/anticipated​

like you may just wake up from sleep

can be anywhere taking nap

once in there feeling things are all ok

you just know it​

this place is like a trading post

you find this place for reason​

- bison shaman​



so she has appeared to you

- la lady

she and i have yuan

same being


inner keep elevating in quality

yet outer illusion remains same

there be a point where they both as one

- jessica


these (next stops) are options

you dont need them now  nor can they pull you

it a different world (since 5-20)

wait for the (veil) to drop off 

- hu


wait for him to arrive


- you should take baby steps ; if go back past then you be going forward one step and backward three steps

-explore beaten path but not too far off track or you get lost

- you travel through your writings ; may not need to go there in person

- glen


return to the body

- snoquamie river side

can mean physical or dharma body


if so, it not be looking back but returning old home

"so it the old home, whatever we call it"


"that where we belong"

- mic


this place is of the mind

so nothing is random 

- jim



you need someone (like us) to pull you out

they all want you to join and not be different

- bison

so we all end up same place

people we said good bye to all there

- john

sometimes you need that

a time to be away

- pollett 


i am not guessing but feel it be walpi

but not this walpi here (in vision)

it a different (feeling)

- calvin


it a time thing

... a month from now 2015

on copper color mountain

it be 9 months from now

if it not work there you can always come back" 

- bud ha


that all we need know - that we can always come back here

it would also answer/resolve our questions of not leaving behind those we love and protect - the stronghold can access all places/time


"i am happy you have him guide you"

- la lady

"dont need know/ask how it is done (crossing)

he will guide/take you"

- hu



you should go ; whatever opportunity even basic  - gain new experience


if it crosses portal

it may mean there a period of time from my view we wont communicate


that is fine

we will be here when you return

write home once an awhile to let us know you fine

- la lady​​

future has interest ; this good  time for change



i heard you going on a journey



that his way of saying fine


everyone will cross over together

just let it flow naturally

- hu


what would compassion do ?

it would go on the adventure

but only for the right intention and with right helpers

- chuy



you should go

or you will always wonder

- la lady

writer feeling sentimental  - like he be going away for awhile

"let me know when you come back

- hu

he wasnt talking about next day

but it feeling of more distant in future

8-7 pm


next am had feeling going on long journey 

upon returning evening ; feel la lady thinking of us ; called her but it didnt feel the same person thinking of us



keep going ; don't look back

it also what family/friends of past would tell us


"you feel like you walking out of canyon that morning"


​we thank everyone

we will treasure them


a new start

 - mic


how many you think are crossing with us 


this will take time to assimilate

you entered lotus born land

we entered pure vision



dream  of lost inside city orient

flight we thought was that evening

but couldnt find hotel and passport etc.

woke up ...  went back to sleep 


next dream

inside hotel room same time

but there the passport  and luggage 

walk out to hallway

saw mom in same hallway 

she said the flight be tomorrow

woke up 

8-18 am

- this first dream of mom in long time


that shift we anticipate in july

is not behind us yet also not ahead of us 


that feeling we on a time travel plane

that 8-8 did we return to same house ?


we in middle of time traveling/shifting

"the people there now you should listen to him/them"

- la lady



"the closer it gets the less real this be"

there another reality to awaken into


talking to mei about long term repairs to house

her response was why need it - that we on/going on a journey


dont write too much about their secret

- la lady

i cant reveal too much of it to you

- bison

journey is now


people since 8-8 may feel different than before


"like molecules floating in space"

- glen

we on a ship ; there no (inner) body



you inside a waiting room 

- ​bison

journey be few months 

it will come to you 

- bud

they taking some out first 

come back to pick up others later​

there thousands crossing together

they select those to take

maybe there was a test/challenge

this place a transition ; caution but not worry

next place be a different (outer) place and peace

- glen 9-6



you in a hotel

- mei

this house just vision, not the same house 

dream lost orient city looking for our hotel 

we arrived at the area where hotel is located

we knew it a dream and expect to wake


the hotel will reveal itself

and when we do wake, wont remember how the dream went from that to this


you entered it about five years ago

this vision and so is like dead end

time is different in here

we also waiting on (making next move)

waiting to meet up with you

- mic



 it like the eye of the storm

this a waiting room/a junction

your task is only to write

- bison



if just talk to frank and jason

like a dream where we saw them

it was good to talk to them



you have more than passed half way

- bud


it not going back to past, but something else​​


dream of car stuck in pit side of road

but knew it a dream so just waited

then woke up


wait for the vision body/place (dream) to be over

future not need us care for a hotel room it not in 

like switching from dream to waking

not only the wallet, but every cell of body

is left behind


future to past :

we will be glad once we get there


write home once in while to let us know you fine

- la lady


we fine 

waiting to get there


now we know we not there any more ...


it seems maybe a new phase on about 11-15 ?

like we see the new 150 body clear enough to speak of dissolving the 100 body

enough of sunlight to begin dissolve the camp fire



am dream, started just like other dreams

looking for a place ; then car disappeared

walked out to road

then it appears in front zhong xiao school

- san min road along the building

started hopping/walking like kid towards it

very happy



we not in sambogakaya anymore ?

this dharmakaya

inside blackhole

there no inside/outside ; no there/here


this train now between only few can see and only those inside can see

"you home world

looking for home"​


"wait for veil to drop off"


transporting now

then a bridge ; then another bridge

then (waving arms in circle) you there

- mr chee



2022 to 2021 

we fine and dont get pulled by vision

2023 to 2022

we fine and it a good (or great) year



so there no sickness and death in your/this world and people just change body ?



- andrew laughs

this illusion will vanish and a new world ?

- john​

yea, but you dont know when that might be



"you will be able to  relax

no one tells you what to do there etc."

- la lady



the endless space/dharmadatu

there no distance size time nor others

"there nothing there ; you wont want to stay long 

- bison



there no one here, not even ourself

just the consciousness​

there is no body here not even our body

just consciousness/empty luminosity


when time comes - everything here will vanish - even your body 

compare to your body/house 10 years ago

this is a like a simulation - the two have no relation - just your mind is same

whether you see your old house again we dont know - depends on what is next

- mei


may have entered dharmadatu but not know it 

that the feeling here - no one here

like there is no one else except the vision maker 



writer yet returned to his seat

it compassion to go home

plug it in from the trails created


like taking the virtual reality goggle off

then you back at the source

don't think in terms of /sequence time 

it just a simulation

it been that way since you started writing

once back, can enter any point within the past ; what that place is like  can deal with it when get there

- mei


maybe august was the first bridge

- bison



maybe it this past week we entered new/natural state ?

writing points to something new



it like dream where you can feel the awake side

just waiting for the door to open​​ - sitting in plane

taiwan kid mind can only see imagined america ; like american dude can only imagine pureland like  shamhalla - until that door opens


the difference is that place is permanent it is your refuge

this place will just disappear​

- bison


dream of arriving at entrance  of cedar mesa

it not this cedar mesa (canyons)

but feeling of a sacred place similar

very excited  but didnt yet enter

return to find mic 


so to get to end of this tunnel​

do i need to come down ?​


​​maybe ... i don't know

- leroy

it the intuition we follow




like block of ice melting in warmer water and/or cloud clearing to open sky

"adventitious stains are naturally cleansed away"

- treasury


series of dreams past year being lost inside city far east

we have a place but cant find it/looking for it​ ; it all of same city but it not a city of this world ... there fancy palaces walkways resorts  etc.

by now each time recent we know it a dream so waiting to wake to this side 

yet we dont know how it'll become this side ; then upon waking ... 

you will anticipate it


From within the space of inner luminosity, dharmata, comes the appearance of sambhogakaya ...

the external luminosity of self-appearance ...

Is fields, and palaces, with their thrones, and ornaments."

- longchenpa


once reach source the city of kayas appear


like the dream (of city) you been having

- bison


4 Audio Track

write back once in awhile to let us know you are fine

- la lady


we are fine ; at a (inner) peaceful place

waiting to enter the next stop



five sensory vs. non sensory world