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"the ship pvf

travels with the


three sister ships


east /west



already fully loaded


and ready ..."


- The Legendary Kung Fu Novel




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"each ship 

75 capacity

despite its size

it can carry more folding battle ships that expand to same size

than people to operate them

so every staff is valuable

especially when battle is broken down into small battalions of 3 ships

with three members of diverse talent

operating each battle ships

third corner

must stay strong ..."

- The Legendary Kung Fu Novel




"deepen the compassion 

share the reverse

the outer receives"

 poet wang ming shan

16th century


chewpiu sports

"if you down 50 points by half time

your one circle becoming three

their three entering new one

if the toughest dude on team is the coach

then he can only watch and cry 

honor and respect to lebron ..." 

"do not pray for an easier lebron ...

but the strength

to rebound better "

we'll call it 


and keep going


share all original notes









"can’t measure emptiness

(using) the corner which initiates measurement

(because) has an opposite direction



a corner cannot measure other two corners from view of its corner


the way that would please the other views"




"...and nowhere in universe have they seen a place where natural 



laughing is not allowed (e.g. work)




don’t think we can link to much of the other circles using boundaries set forth by outer

and present inner circles



but we can attract them to play with us


that universal


whether a silly puppy and/or ancient sage



hopis can see them


grenadine and tiny once started talking about them like little kid clowns


they very wise and selective about their words


so it the 

there no secret in hopiland not seen

there things not seen that are secret to the hopis


but it an open one


not that they could command it to come for dinner etc."

"as inner

same corner as our little kids



they would let us in

but one not yet have third corner strong"

each original notes

accompanied by fisher export commercial

"so the queen returns ..."

wearing adult jerseys

thinking they already

larry "score the ball"  bird

bill "block the shot" russell and/or vinnie "instant offense"  johnson 



the third player on the team

the penny

gets passes and support from the $100 

because feel included and maybe over received

- strengthen team through stronger support


over giving credit after game to the instant offense

"the tour could then not be magical

and past holdings become the magic



relying on the value of the diamond rather than the magic




this is all quickly changed

once the big picture is seen


the strong circle is within a weaker circle 

the same way the weaker circle si within a strong circle



we not in flow yet

but if one could snap a photo

you get the picture"

when the hopis were introduced first toilet in early 1900's

the technician forgot to leave behind a plunger

but the hopis were self reliant

using watermellon

they invented their own plunger 

which is today the second best selling plunger 

fisher plunger


just that the reverse flow

became weaker than its original counter

like how some artist neighborhood kind of bought up by yuppies

they may even enhance the outer

but the inner third corner ...

maybe they wanted to do imagine "bigger" "save the world" etc.

and got all one way flow inside

and forgot all about the power  its counter balancing fun

if happiness is what people seek inner

then we better make sure we have that 

or everything else won't feel right


as inner

to the birds

maybe there no global warming

with other at fault for causing it and/or they came from better place



a balanced inner

would observe and feel an inner imbalance

and make counter movements to balance it

that hopis inner world

maybe they flow "differently" and "deeper into earth"

than we are in cities

so walk/talk a little differently 

it one of few places where the old still counter balancing the new

because it the hopis way to help


- even if inner circles splitting

they remain the constant soft curve

during the corner turn

hopi space/time is dimensionless

it is the constant

relative to us

"from here

there is no time"

- hopi elder standing on walpi

"yea, space is more empty"

maybe that part why 

as inner , and outer for those …

center of universe

the hopi world curves

like a circle

both directions it seems

with the trickster circle strong

like a dude holding a pole of triangle

watching the wheels turn

this way to those that way

vice versa

as long as it turns

it'll probably be  good enough for the easy going hopis

"we all have the power

when impersonal  third corner shows itself

through the emptiness



but older we get

less faith we have on weak third corner

more on the one we can control

that the strong corner of the personal cannot be compressed"

"real basketball player can't deceive you even if they pretend they not play

it the confidence ...

just imagine if it is not the flute which he masters at

or any other sports but shooting the three  ...

people may not laugh out loud ...


well, as loudly  ..."



the musicians simply need to get out of the way

both ways

for the music to rise

and fan interest to deepen

even if they yet to perform

the song ...

how ?

well, not by singing the song

"what song ...?"

don't know british humor and/or music

but if this taiwan, they rise to honor and respect  the outstanding

british symphony orchestra

"maybe this other circle get th same kick out of seeing us trying to not laugh when we want to laugh


as we do them



they better in many ways


but not when it making others laugh and not laugh


that human speciality because humans in 21st century are not allowed to laugh freely the way the ancients could - say th farmers"

three rotations

chewpiland - three rotations

cheap pizza / cheap cafe


trumpiland - three rotations

trumpiland/venice beach


hopiland - three rotations

walpi/ culture center


each also link to another two circles from two other circles


cheap pizza links to venice beach and cultural center   

cheap cafe to walpi and trumpiland

"meditation/ no meditation



as inner 

to say them rainbow lights are of other earth etc.

that some kid in hollywood making imagination based on another version of a kid in hollywood …


no one knows



that they could be in simultaneous dimension but seeing us with greater clarity



once understanding the penny - us - need within their 100

the game changes for us



maybe their chicken corner is our same

how to strengthen our chicken corner ?"

once the two way flow of constant becomes possible

that emptiness can radiate and influence the circles to merge and create new

then inner circles has potential to radiate more than one color

maybe even multiple colors 

that rainbow energy = rainbow mass

same mass but different quality

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"too serious/too not serious



it not match by little serious



but even more sarcasm



the power of it lies in opening / unclogging chicken corner"

"as inner

if too serious


someone calls you a fool

and there not a constant

and/or strong reverse support

the inner serious forward stronger than inner fool circle

the two circle splits 

but still have to circle around


co-workers argue over who wins the 3 point showdown between mr ball and ...


chu vs. mr ball

got overheated

calls one ... "a fool !"

making another cry

but nest day  they still friends

how to over react to insensitivity

not with more sensitivity ...

but over sensitivity ...?"

"we are trend setter because no one else is ..."

"as you are matrix to others

others are to you

yet what is this bath tissue dimension you speak of ...?"

"we are part of it

the way it you ..."

- neo

the architect  ...

"you ... know way to 

the poop heaven ...?!"

"the purifier (hopi red symbol) may be linked to the three rotation

no one can purify two circles alone

but if there teams of multiple three rotations inner"

can we make this everywhere ?

only if we can create it here

then there

then back here

then there

before this

one say we can create a circle that protects

with the new synergy

the potential is beginning  

become trinary

- no one can predict

because there now "forward" reasons to support a "reverse" movement


societies may start bonding as fast they separated

once the why is understood

the passion links in



"we all know french scented toilet papers and convertible plunger was first invented in 18th century at a small seaside village in france ...


few imagine it be where it today"

- fisher export

"if the two weak circle

weaker flow will not link

and opportunities will pass


share the tales of how the busters

exorcism of third corner buxin lords




more west/less east


more east/less west



more more west / less less east


more less west / less more east

constant "

there now more of a two way flow between hidden lake and hopiland

we sharing they receiving

they sharing we receiving

because we have humble to their weaker circle

the way they to ours

that is 

fong chi ...

if there be contest

between  fong chi masters of hidden lake

and hopi fong chi masters

no one be able to make anyone laugh

that how deep and strong this circle has become ...

circle converge on  a new idea 

a shift of perception 

the publish writers

do best to ...

it not the words

but the use

so long PVF raining

we work

the flute player is an actor

the reason he can get you to pay attention   ...

is because  future links in

through the hopis

"want younger/want  older


want more /less


so let go 

it not the want

but that want has passion

link from future 

follow passion

the three circles overflow

then a new circle "

if only strengthen want younger

then want older circle weakens

it the wetness

not words

if weak circle fear "i am old ! corner

then "i want more young" flow becomes one way

and cycles around only one circle

"do not put chu and lebron in a same sentence when talking basketball ..."

"here three steps to be tougher ...


first , tell him you're tough ...""

want to win/want to lose


basketball good parallel ...

because it has no boundaries as to direction of flow

depending on which of three sides

we look from

a real champ knows the importance of the constant

their constant deepen

reverse relaxed

and forward elevate during clutch time

and whether the fong chi game is won/lost

their constant not shaken

" i am tough ...!"

the great lebron

pauses; scores 

"unless they can play fong chi defense with equal intensity and toughness as the coach ...

honbor and respect to lebron ..."

"yes ..."

"they prayed for softness in others

but instead,

it was lebron who received the easier and softer opponent ..."

"yes ..."



from fans’s view



to the fans

no difference ..."


the great lebron




the only way to stop lebrun is by freezing his reverse

over compliment his game 

"wow ... you the best ever !"

over build up his confidence

fans over cheer

during introduction

confusing his relaxed reverse flow 

which is used to hear opposites ...

but that not a corner which celtics pride can yet turn

that why we need them sonics fans back ...


"we want to lose game 1 of the championship ...!"


for sonics/airball


"we lose game 1...!

we lose big ..."

the first regular season game

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future if linking in

maybe looking back at us and say sonics returned

and it link to this ...

if so

there a fan group called airball

which go to game and encouraged to strengthen reverse flow

they be linking back to their own selves today


airball 30 to airball 4

it not belong to sonics

but there as reverse support

the idea is that if new future can link in present

then passion and wanting to strengthen what is to rotate

natural arise

whatever one's outer maturity and/or age


one circle splitting from another 

our inner expectation of longevity may the driving passion to synergies the present potential

zhong xiao 1975

a movie about typical day in life of taiwan in 1975


table chen ...

directed by :

frank chu

"here comes airball ..."

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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from fans’s view



to the fans, no difference



so long as we can get the farmers close to the owners


there chance for chickens to rotate back to the sonics …?"

on 1-10 ; eight years ago

we the 1 they 10

now the game is closer 

"what are each mayans "chicken" corners ?"

(mayans refer to those still in the siege)

one writes what comes

"to some sonics  fans

the owners , majority and minority, who voted for the sonics move

maybe knew more about the OKC move ...?

we don't know

but if were to  take oath under the chicken lord

maybe different answer ...?

we don't know

as loyal fans 

we have rights to raise these questions ... ?

we don't know

because if they knew ...

then  maybe they are lacking respect for our constitution ...? "

we don't know ...

if this whole case hinges on a simple "lie"

can we still unclog the corner  ?

we don't know "


if so ... why you vote yes ...?

we ask because we don't know

if so ... were you aware of the potential costs in value for city residents

the businesses and sonics fans  ...

the way they have been made aware ?

(and/or your photo here)

we don't get it right this time

there'll be next time

etc etc.

law offices of








(below is factual fiction designed for movie script)

attorney pays client to sit and talk

$125 hourly rate for beginner clients

attorney paid by staff 

diligently researching at the library

the longer they labor 

the more we get paid

how and who will work for ... ?

we don't know 

that the third corner 

we'll let phil and shelley captain this airball ship 

captained and won the prestigious Puget Sound Northwright International Yacht race  

some years ago

that when he and shelley

fell in love ...

they the outstanding team which redesign/modeled the house studio in mid 90's

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talking to ivars whitehorse

owner of award winning book store

if we can't figure this out

"where else ?"

" can we make it everywhere"

(and not just northwest

0.1 percent ?)

he the quantum dude

with time and resource

teacher of patience ...

talking about the 60's


they all knew then


and simply sat back

quietly nurture

next generation

patiently waited

for the new sun to rise ......

aren't we all lucky

they all stayed to help ...



law offices of



starring ... as calvin

before refugee

movie star from vietnam


starring ... as adrian

before refugee

chi kung master from vietnam

also good friends with fisher and master hu

starring ... as gordon h.


that character suits him well

good hearted 

starring ... as classmate

 kurt s.


starring as ... kim s. 


starring ... as attorney

tony grega

sharing office and staff

chewpi travel


"there are different stages of enlightenment ..."

"without understanding

there is conflict;

with understanding

there is no conflict"

- thubten gyaphel




the greater the power

the greater the burden

people will  gravitate

impersonal power as great as ivars and/or taylor and/or mickey and  ...

a  circle of friends

if too much pressure on their personal ...

they only human ; no matter how strong

without a counter balance

the only way for their personal to rest

is by leaving

and this happens again again to the real talents

leaving us with those eager to fill their seats

but maybe if circles 

gather to share the rotation

the personal circles can rotate the rest

and impersonal becomes even stronger ?


it is easier to criticize 

than it is to be at the center

the ones who belong there

may just leave after one round

share the seats because they know they can return

the one not

may not  share  the power

that how writer now feels about writing 

that it a gift one can return to

and one has not entered any writing contracts


like chewpiland

a feeling that it is completing itself

and whether there extensions into other corners

is no longer a concern

just gonna write what comes 

and that comes abundantly when feeling the PVF

so maybe this writing be more powered by passion from future / our impersonal

and less of personal / our past

it be a new motivation

if  link in

just follow your passion




writing strengthens the constant

clowning the reverse


as for the practice

it a genuine passion when the motivation is impersonal

that there a third corner / presence which switches in

when one gets out of the way

that gift 

appears also in the writings

one need not be sitting in a room and go through motions

to practice what one has calling to share

and by doing it this way

all three became one circle


how to rotate the circles  ?

law offices of chu

so soft

he makes a wimpy attorney look more aggressive

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from lineage of kung fu protectors


both of inner and/or outer


sent to learn and/or act as protectors

from ...

this tale of how law offices of chu

stalks a stalker of client

staff work professionally 

for the 21st century office

entertainment law

dark world protectors

demon hunters

dark world office

1850 b.c. office

makes movies

all in one job

if barkely works out

he can look same as the 90's

our client

the movie centers on the office in the 90's

factual fiction

office staff


1992 -  1994

chu  worked for


stanley hsiao

a small law firm

chu was the litigation attorney

too young

and way out of league

but it was fun

 it was what needed to ready for the showdown

so thanks again to all

hsiao and johnson didn't

get along

and hsiao hinted that writer would beat him in court


it was gonna get worse

before it gets better


if to re-tell the 90's today

most of the characters still here

starring as ... mr hsiao

chewpi sports

The Hidden Lake Fitness Club

summer basketball league

team cheap tacos 

hired away cheap pizza's chef

Nan ...

who was a top point guard  from Nepal



cheap pizza coach i don't know

now without a  point guard

immediately hired 

Ruben to bus tables

for $1 more than competitors would pay

he all league  in high school

chihuahua city, mexico

there this  class

weight loss dance that evan and the eighth avenue staff next door go to dance during break

they reverse


dancing to music chanting

"i want to gain weight !"

jumping up and down 

"i want to gain weight !"

sometimes people come together

in unexpected ways

such as the drivers who pg-13 argue with on road

you remember them

even if at first it didn't harmonize

that how sometimes compassion links people

welcome to hidden lake


 was leaving town this morning

decided to stay and write first

writer bows with honor and respect

in the northwest

we are fortunate to have the capacity

and the people here

we the role models

of how to resolve past conflicts

the world is watching

 first harmonize present inner conflict

like feud in high school 

at their 20 years reunion

but the underlying patterns still need be resolved

otherwise it feels like it'll revisit from another direction


seahawks/ patriots

we don't need to follow old ways

but to create new ways

7 million people = 0.1 percent of world

we ride out to the world

not wait for them to change us

that the passion for unity

from future to past


publish only weekends

sat and/or sun



here an idea ...

i'll go work with jane at a restaurant somewhere

then y'all come in in disguise

and try to make us laugh

i'll be the chief chef / co-owner

of prestigious five star spacious restaurant

overlooking ...


four seasons etc.

jane the waitress

phil and shelley the managers

with teams of chefs

so always in back

and comes out only when there ...

 you'll never see the legend chef  cook for just anybody ...

so you'll have to come in all cocky

and make up some fancy credentials ...

to get even a moment of consideration ...

for chef chu

to cook for you his signature specialty dish  ...


you a royalty family from some remote island 

on honeymoon and it your dream to taste chef chu cooking 

(your before/after tasting the wow so romantic burrito photos here)

"i am the legendary NBA hall of fame

and award winning ... charles ... barkeley and i have traveled ... miles to ...  and i am not going away this evening unless i sample chef chu's southern cooking "

the power of humility

the power which can make you participate

in a fong chi contest

the same power which can make you participate in the most humble contest

the power of fake pride

the power which can make you participate

in a fong chi contest

the same power which can make you participate in the most fake pride contest

we all been dealt the cards

it how we use it to practice


the art of fake pride ...


this factual fiction

but phil an actor 

and so is shelley

she majored in it at outstanding and prestigious evergreen college

so they want to participate in the fake pride contest


they wear chu fashion

and brag about it to customers

why ?

they would simply smile with fake pride

we want to join vs. how can we help ?

personal want impersonal vs. answer comes effortlessly

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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people from past

leaders from entertainment/legal circle

 political/religious circle

they all here to help

micro of macro

how resolving round six

not defeating them

but resolving the root conflict


what caused a team to cheat in such big game

was it the culture which tolerated it ?

and if one person spoke up

e.g. brady

would he then be quietly sanctioned ?

and if he to protest more

there no employment in this league

may have greater implications

if viewed from future to past

both personal and impersonal

for writer and for ...

what we want to show is that future to past can reveal much more than past to future

and in this digital age internet quietly monitoring everything 

can't hide them files even if deleted

so it not the northwest legal culture we want to change

what was here 20 years ago

is still here in any predominately male dominated circle

judges get re elected base on their peer review

most importantly those of inner circle

so long as culture tolerates it

there be innocent tainted

and it is that damage which make some people fight forever 

so unless we get to root of it

our riding out will receive no passion from 

this office

forgive/pardon everyone

so they can forgive/pardon themselves

so the past can forgive ... etc.

that the battle 

may have potential

if transformed into compassion

to shift the perception of the other 99 percent

that lawyers are the most ethical of all people and profession

because there a  code of ethics 

and so the high expectation


each time they cut corner

it become news

but if this hollywood

there no code of ethics

whatever fits their ways

first year law school people were all telling lawyer jokes

also, they all have be good students who dedicated seven years post high school

to be a lawyer

and to endure in the field

there has be reputation etc.


Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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The Power of Humility



just about everyone anyone

can resemble an ancient legend

so in this script

when they say the 16th karmapa

the fantasy story implies that there a person 500 years old behind each of the previous 15 actors

a few hopis can imitate old tibetans

there also circle of taiwan friends

and clients of past

and among the staff of past 

there one tibetan look alike

the funny thing of writing this is that

factual and/or fiction

something deep within us

wants to believe in the potential ...


simply future within us

all linking in to the field below/above/everywhere


"in 10 years

100 be nothing ..."

- master hu

"this fiction so whatever popular with ...

so if you all like to see interview with ...

e.g. preston, adrian etc.

in our upcoming project

our staff will first have to negotiate a deal with e.g. master hu


the writer no longer want

to benefit from his friends wisdom for free"

- the chu offices

"if a picture is worth more than words

this may not be how our clients enter

but it how they feel when exit"

- greeting staff

the chu offices 

it like siege still on and been back with hopis ;but now we scattered - we should go back with 21st century help/protection  - my schedule cleared until august jury duty - maybe writer simply need return alone and/or one/two helpers and be left be ...  chewy (rent out house and cook - writer go hang out above with camera dude) -why writer - because he  perceive them as all kids

been back several times but ... not always back. it a joyful feeling

then the stories would come ...  e.g. parle vu fransue

it little like a katchina that communicates through stories, but to receive, hopis help one need - they dancing when we there you can feel them

we don't know ; writer share all he knows indirectly if not directly

it the results ; something new is emerging and is transforming the old into the new ; the new into the old

a force weakening from within us

also a force weakening from within them ...

 if we strengthen our own weakness - they also strengthen within them

not serious is how to approach, but if something need spoken, writer free to express it - the firework look good, the past round look good and was outstanding ;  but are we strengthening weaker flow still ...?

at this point

one goes with what one has

it probably should not have lasted this long

but we strong, the hopi book club


Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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airball band - script for movie

if there a leader

money/fame not enough

know it the moment the door opens ...

the point is ... there someone deeper behind this

and he and she would rather have you believe that it is us and/or beatles leading the way within - the humor/music is us but we not the depth / constant here   


writer and staff the third corner - chewpi

the penny / the triangle within circle and square etc.

because reverse is our standard

those who no know reverse but insist they do - they our standard bearers

the deeper/softer  the constant, the easier our reverse and the rise seems effortless

so we not the energy/power behind the expansion - but we link in the passion/fun

- chewpiland productions

so ... make movie , you may want to have a third corner

e.g. bullying female attorney from our staff - i'll be her overly polite/humble/sensitive legal assistant - you get past me first then you can take her on ... :)

"I’d always heard stories about these masters living in the Himalayas who were hundreds of years old, levitating yogis...  Now I wanted to see it all for myself.  I’ll tell you one thing for sure, once you get to the point where you’re actually doing things for truth’s sake, then nobody can ever touch you again, because you’re harmonizing with a greater power.”

- george harrison

this script :

"visiting , if not today, johnstone couple

and her circle of indian yogis friends 

chewy attended their wedding back in 90's

fisher and satoe ivars michiko there too"

yoko (eddie) and ivars were massage therapist to writer and mother

they had special gift to pass

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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"Imagine there's only heaven
It's easy if you try
No heaven above us
below us only sky
Imagine all the people living for yesterday

Imagine there's one tribe
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine all possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will live as one ..."


three inter linking series

three time / places / dimensions

90's chu office

animation of mythical kung fu world

fictional documentary of wise ancient yogis

if just one of the three hits platinum

the other two won't be far behind

three co-production companies

(e.g.  fisher productions/zhong xiao 1975

chewpiland  productions)

we got enough loyal audiences 

we have simple budget

simple technology

 the exclusive right to an old script called



the legendary kung fu novel

we first tell you the movie synopsis

and that took seven years ...

it one movie ; all three tales

but a movie need not be two hours long 

and/or even have a beginning and/or ending

we  are very fortunate

watching an ancient tale unfolding itself

the idea not to possess it as one circle - shared the synergy and rotating circles with more circles

if it here and there then it  be everywhere

more PVF is shared, more it multiplies - that the longevity secret - the odd corner inner rotation no one wants if shared in PVF

team of writers/producers/directors as constant

"that radiating expanding light reflection of deepening of compassion - master wang

fong chi kung fu is the best way to intermediate between the physical world and the energy world

the middle circle depends on inner cultivation

it is the battle between oneself vs. inner obstacles

there no inner weapon free of the mind

and that only an inner movement - like lion's roar

in inner kung fu

leroy be one of top five kung fu grandmasters of the middle dimension - he and master hu ; the nepal yogi ;  preston ; the real death hunters  - they the teachers of a deeper dimensions

visiting the old buddhist temples in nepal etc.

always photos of past yogis 

honoring them as though still here

there the reincarnations announced to the public/west

there the reincarnations that they know

one is also learning as it goes

like hopis first seeing planes phones lights etc.

after awhile, don't really care but curious  how it can further compassion

and since they have presented themselves to our office through the years, one shares what each client like you to know

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