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"hopis  called 


record keepers

- we oldest



masters of space

- earth not dense to hopis



our female often stronger than male

- they are attracted to softer hopi man



 from observation at cultural center

the women often the ones taking men out on fancy dates"

- hopi voice 

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

the outstanding

hopi cultural center 


Airball 7


jug·ger·naut :

"a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force ... "

compassion is a juggernaut

"anything goes on the other side of the river

neither this neither that

but something else"

- indian sadhu

this be the message we send to 50 years ago

before the internet revolution

if they ask what technology is like today

it like we asking 50 years future same

but this river be this river

we'll use it as the perennial matrix


"whichever year it is

it'll be flowing"

- dominic 

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

Studio Update

if we say "hey you look younger" two years ago

- make little sense

if we say it today - and inner future is the 2016-17 pvf fire ?

then ... 

that the observation

that 2017 pvf is pulling us ...


if the inner gravity of future for writer

is  still at the 2005 fire, then ... 

the fire of compassion

if that what it is

we have  own fire, even if little, it enough for the night

the inner sun/dark programming  lessens its pull 

energy is attention ; we give what we feed

the pvf fire is unique to each ...

if you played the game and created own pvf link

there an extra fire to send/receive

to add fuel to it

 return to 2016/17 and replay

"the eternal flow"

- jan 2018

if we replay pvf journey again

re film the scenes we want in this year

would it influence that year  2016-17 ?

does it make difference if past we (2016-17) and future (2018-19) were  also playing ?

"... the struggle also has its reward. Now is the time to lay the foundations of power and mastery for the future."

- i ching

"the 2017 PVF  defense must hold"

how do we (present) help ourself yesterday ?

how we help him from here and now ?

we do it first ourselves

then  show outstanding future generation how to do it

how ?

we don't know

we the pioneers

but if it works 

then "it'll go forever"

"If there is inner disharmony

there shall be outer disharmony

there is no inner disharmony

outer disharmony cannot enter"

- yeshe tsogyal


the female within the male

the comedy within the lawyer

is counter of

the male within the male

the lawyer within the lawyer



what is the opposite color of aging ?

- tyler

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect



if you 50 or 20 and want be treated as 65 or 35

then you want be old


- chu

weak side of third circle may be wanting to be old

when all others ...


 don't have to even out

just slow it enough so the momentum shifts

- the future take care rest

- chewpi counterbalancing team

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

"there more fighting and whining in NBA today because men today are not as tough as yesterday"

- alvin

morning coffee

"yes, but we act more tough "

- outstanding young lady comments

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect


"the original inspirational joke was

- what do chickens and basketball players have in common ?

- chickens don't play basketball

#1  later added the "professional"  ..."

-  chewpi sports analyst

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

"if this proves to work on personal level

then maybe it can be extended to benefit the next circle of family and friends

if that also works

then we can go back to the past and help our country ..."

- chris blake

morning coffee

on deprogramming past from future

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect


the future keeps pulling

so PVF

there only this day

"like oil in taiwanese - you 

like chicken sound ... good!"

"say it to everyone you meet and they happy !"

chewpi campaign advisor #2

interview with dakini


the wheels of compassion

"compassion the ultimate medicine


energy = mass

energy chakra = mass matrix and its flow


there always three

each wheel same emptiness


compassion for red and root and earth etc.


they call open root chakra etc.


there one compassion


root calls it compassion

crown calls it compassion


so it a rainbow but one compassion


it a feeling and also a color sensation etc.


one color - compassion"

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

"The water itself is clear, but it is not being used.."

- i ching

she a teacher/role model who can lead her own

a presidential candidate in the country she was born

if ms T army from past

ms D the lost sister who returns from future

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

chewpi travel

interview with chef legends series

 in japan they say "ten bows every day feel good you"


"-Goto chūshoku wa 10-kai moriagaru"

- mrs tomakossan

explaining the benefits of bowing 10 times every time old japan eat restaurant

first when customer enter

when customer given seat

when serve tea etc.


chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

"seek alliance with zhong xiao we must ..."

- rebel queen

the legendary kung fu novel

there the sequential clock we all share

there the inner clock which we each differ

the last time in hopi spring 2016

last time  LA nov 2017

"next when we meet you will look younger !"

northwest over loaded with rain

SW  needs open road for us to create middle


we start with ... nov 2017 CA

not too busy the month there

but maybe we can all agree on remembering many events which took place to change history ...?

if so 

the train returns ...



"a tree is destined to be a tree

the spirit has its own will

we simply have to transform our inner obstacles

the flowers blossoms of itself

there only compassion from future"

- chris blake

nov. 2003 los angeles

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect


hidden lake 5'10" under basketball league

the cheap coins restaurant

having won  five of last six  championships

and adding chef assistant 5-8 all star guard james bu to its star loaded roster

they already booking ticket to the national tournament

fans rise to cheer

she is the top senate candidate (chewpi party)

in the state she resides

a caucus of 5-10 middle party

would hold the balance

whether it possible depends on the states where the binary programming not as deeply rooted

- wild west 

silent majority vs loud minority

past/future agree vs. no choice

only in america 21st century is this possible

because traditions not binding here

if trump can  lead trumpis

so can she ...

year 2020 imagine ...

paul ryan as vp  : michelle as secretary of state

america will look back and say

"it was a good time in history ..."

- chewpi political advisor

maybe that was the missing message 

it keeps speaking ...

let write into more of it ...


even if future agrees

 our past binary don't have room for it

how to deprogram ?


"there dimension of energy/density

there dimension of image/patterns

there dimension of space/emptiness


energy need not have form 

emptiness need not image

- master lin

on the possibility of  rainbow body 

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect


chewpi travel


the guardians/exorcists haunt those who cross line

they theirs in way only they know

underworld guardians need food too

they become our guardians

so we always fishing

it the inner intent

not the outer ...

- exorcists

chewpi news analysts

chewpi liberal vs. chewpi conservative

"someone who has served the government

experienced and successful in running business 

if this person willing to come out of dark ..."

- chris blake

"there has be both the qualification and a calling

but if she is willing

the entire circle is aboard"

- chu

president is team of people

they team to make decisions and when announcement necessary

the door opens for the president to speak

- blake

like reagon and clinton who can inspire

that a celebrity we need as president

to market american brand to the world

- chu

"senator mic sounds good

someone should nominate her 

it has power ..."

- mediator

the audience nod in agreement

" gather signatures / register her name

we campaign for them

they make appearances at will

we start uplifting campaign all look forward to

fishing for opponent to bash first ...

the result will be the result

what are the obstacles ?"

- chewpi campaign advisor #5

"let say she  a  resident of ... hopi

campaign headquarter at flag 

leading the north arizona chewpis

and lighting the next PVF beacon"


- chewpi advisor #3

future to past -  she that compassion  returning

past to future - she the power behind this home

writer the creative artist of  three patterns

she the passion and beauty which link patterns


w/o her subtle influence

writer wouldn't be sharing 

mind can be creative from emptiness -this writer good at 

energy can be active from not moving - this hopis

the creative can also be empty

energy can also be dense/silent

become creative by align with emptiness

hopis can energize by simply chill with compassion

while tai chi masters know how to dance with it 

soft and easy ...

softer/firmer inner today

easier/stronger outer  tomorrow 


the death hunters

hidden lake valley 

out here one was a lawyer

some  dude at restaurant

after changing seat

ask to go away won't ; is looking to seize power

"sorry i had to get mean"

"no, he crossed line ; you try to avoid him"

the demon trappers shifts into death hunters

- try to call him back to apologize but he quickly left 

 the vooodooooland rock fished it out ... 

if this is the obstacles which make people stay away from politics

we'll need to exorcise the dark world first by changing the culture

to clear the path for the next and next generation

writer enjoy nice people smile chat etc.

but aggressive intents demands another attention

it happens rare but likely more for others


we'll do our best to exorcise it into compassion

- chewpi guardians

1975 productions


zhong xiao playground 3rd grade

with classmate peng

her mother work at school

we looking at big foot print

size half of us on dirt ground next to swings (basketball courts today)

- this fiction for our script

we'll start a matrix here ...

"we should help the chewpis ..."

- senator bu

legendary kung fu novel

she has all the qualities and more

- utah freemonts await her independent run

she the chewpi conservative

chu the chewpi right wing - tight on budget and  original state rights afforded by the constitution such as separation of state/church -while chewpi on social issues -

"why we so dark you so bright ?"

- the legendary kung fu novel

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

senator oba

senator mic

arizona landslide victory

he could run too ...

even if just to help the synergy

we are best where we are 


dark world guardians

The Legendary Kung Fu Novel

February 2018

"the train from the future

it is here ...

it looks like we have a new operator ..."

- the chewpi oracle smiles

as the train come to stop

exiting many smiling out of the train

the chewpis of northwest

they have arrived

led by princess dana  ...

one by one

they exit the train

introduce by the announcers

as crowd cheer

"chief of staff

senator sandra bu

- announcer

(that her first name until she becomes one)

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

"interrupt something with joy ..." 

- senator bu

"american men are strong and brave ..."

"i have a friend , from far east

 who looks  - easy and generous - just like you   ..."

-- thubten gyaphal 


- legendary kung fu novel


of or denoting a situation in which each party benefits in some way.


- google dictionary

Zhong Xiao 1975


Taiwan Democracy


easier to tell story using past parables

taiwan 70's 

three tv stations

three hours each day

all own by chiang

just a trip to north of island

 take entire day 

its peaceful transition to grade one of democracy

was in the 80's

and has evolved and is now role model to asia

 was also beneficial those in power

as they stayed  but less their next


we each start our own characters

there no inner race nor class mindset 

just a shorter last name


there only this day

from inside zhong xiao we emerge  ...

each year there visiting students 

(your classmates photo here)

"three circles

one theirs

one yours

there a middle a bully want to dominate

we show you how to master their middle ..."

"the future and the world  are watching us

we must do it right"

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

Interview with yogi

"you my teacher, tell me what you want of rainbow body "

"it like train and airplane

one gets there faster "

"what are the possibilities ?"

"well, i have never seen it as i am merely ... , but i have heard ... there different levels of enlightenment ,  and for some very advanced practitioners  ... they may be able to do that yes ..."

- thubten gyaphal

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

zhong xiao 1975


The Return of Pricipal Chu


he just returned from visit to the far west

california, united states

the students  eagerly all gather to listen to the tales he write down

it is being read by  


"american men are strong and brave ..."

the crowd listens attentively

"spain was discovered by america when columbus arrived"

- the diary of principal chu

money and compassion





money as energy is formless

the power which controls money is an intelligence

as inner, we don’t need it


as outer we need way to commerce

but it need not have that intelligence




it need not be only linked to male

that one way middle circle


how to deprogram



it not zero sum game

economy grow swifter if inner flow balanced

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