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Airball 7


fool's luck




people who try to out clever writer

does so with ease


but may find themselves out cleverer by themselves at the end

with writer not even knowing


it from experience one knows how trickster compassion protects

from the future

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2015 gompa

hidden rinpoche

looks like venice beach bar owner

out of no where asked

"a psychic told me

i be humiliated in front whole world

by natives 

because of you 

do you know what it is ...?"

writer had no clue

they were way in front 

and behind


if  future agrees with us

if past also

then what is left is something else ...

"The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.”

- don juan matus

it used to patterns

when act crazy and/or do certain things like lost in canyon

it leaves

it is the mind that no on wants and is useless

outdated programs seizing power

 it is what behind  e.g.  inner aging 

once stalked through understanding

 its power can be used


that what we (their future and ours) want to deprogram into compassion


if something 

that writer should know

done it  should be

we want to know if it is still possible to awaken the passion from future

they zooming out from past

we future zooming in ...


what is gompa's role in this future script ?


interview with their future

"if they want to help they should just help

- hidden rinpoche 

"that gompa's original intent. "

- louza sr and jr. 

what future tell him :


" While others are letting themselves be dazzled by enthusiasm, he recognizes with perfect clarity the first signs of the time. Thus he neither flatters those above nor neglects those beneath him; he is as firm as a rock. When the first sign of discord appears, he knows the right moment for withdrawing and does not delay even for a day."

- i ching

darkness and compassion




in the reverse world

the sun is below and the ocean above

in an over rising world

darkness may be the constant

even if entire wrathful spirit world

they all spring from same source


whoever link through this field

will feel it at same time they relate to your middle

there three

win win

"the power of guru rinpoche lies in his inclusivity

he includes all universe and in that universe he is the mainspring of  every possible form of energy"

- the precious guru film

"women have higher capacity for enlightenment"

- padmashambhava

"dakinis are higher than buddhas"

- humble and gyaphal

"padmashambhava is a phenomenon

it is not the historical padmasambhava which is important"

- tibetan rinpoche


three corner



 9th century tibet/space/padma

21st century hopi/space/compassion

 common space and emptiness

how to see the emptiness of a past situation




feb 18, 2004


calls classmate teressa

uw alum

 gifted and powerful 

"we going into inner battle ..."

"i am in ..."

feb 20, 2018

"so ... what is going on ?"

"it a whole new world

dimensions are merging

time has lost its past meaning

august was the month

past karma being erased

everything is becoming new again

there no game plans yet

it like starting over ..."

- teressa

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

hidden lake chicken parade


cindy sophie and tyler

aka 32 33 and 34

organized annually the cheap expresso chicken van

"if you see us please wave"

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect


"it is true that a chicken is a chicken's best friend


but what happens if farmer becomes the chicken's best friend ?"

"what ...?"

"then the chicken is no longer the chicken's best friend ..."

- cindy

the chicken parade all laugh

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect


studio notes 2018


what is going on ...?

if we ask same 10 years ago

we wouldn't be able to answer today

compassion is transformative

and the signs are definite

we the pioneers

as far as these ancients ...

one really still do not know nor care any longer

strategy is to marry one so they stay

but to do that one will need help/support

 they not ordinary hopis

and chose writer to introduced themselves 

mayb for a reason ; maybe not

we do not yet understand their ways

 they have help writer far more than what writer can offer in return

"wow ... so romantic ..."

"yes ..."

airball band rise to perform

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Power ...

(your photo here) e.g. )



"that the mighty hopi fong chi team ..."



"the top ranked team from the west in 

in this national tournament"


 near laughing

they get into their fong chi defense mode

"unless you find the power to make them laugh

we have no chance against  the mighty

(your team name here)  


so please concentrate and focus your fong chi power onto the opponents"

zhong xiao 1975


the hidden lake

pg - 13

no  supernatural

just  romance

the time ... 2015

(your school name) graduates now grown into outstanding adult citizens

a few lives at hidden lake

a small rural town outside olympics rain forests

 the mystical kingdom that they say exist

somewhere within the olympics

"it is not a physical place as such

but let just say it is a place ..."

- mayor russ

The Hidden Lake

kelley aka thirteen

 shape shifts and summons animals large as big foot

mickey aka  fourteen

she  can multiply others power

and shift into parallel dimensions

2015 summer

krystal lives eastern oregon

chu known her since seventh grade

they met at a camping resort 1981 north of olympia

she is kind of a lost sister

soul mate 

since she married with children

they have seen each other less

time is different today


"madame voltaire is the most powerful of the sorceresses


of an ancient circle"

- sandra bu

aka eleven


the hidden lake

madame voltaire

aka fifteen

the power of romance ...

she makes anyone falls in love with her


PVF 2018 to 2015 beacon



three corners - that the point

one wins

one loses

one is pvf

how to make all three flow in  harmony

to make this matrix endure

we the pioneers

something good coming out of this

it is at this moment 

which the middle must hold ...

they must had a feeling

but could not ...

travel notes

hidden lake, wa

writer  thank all surrounding hidden lake

it been warm and supportive


airball 7 has its own movement

it need not that more from writer other than to direct its beginning


this stage already feel differently from 2017

that something is awaiting

but no hurry

there nowhere yet to go other than what is here



before make journey south

like to chat with few friends 

where they want be in this and how they like to help


The Hidden Lake


aka twentyfour

an oracle who can see the emptiness of any there from the here

"the Q is first an inner movement before it is an outer movement"

- kass

on the master of illusion


interview with daikini

rainbow as one color


body (matter) as three

just as patterns (mind)  can be trinary

move in reverse




"concerning matter, we have been all wrong. what we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.  there is no matter."


energy is matter

 inner density are patterns

space always here

how to cut through inner density ?

"bardos (dimensions of existence) are empty

for those who can see its emptiness"

- eric lin

"there nowhere need to go "

- madame voltaire

the death hunters

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

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