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interview with dakini


the great primordial, initial purity is just so

not made by anyone

self luminous

from the beginning it is just itself

- blazing lamp tantra

this initial ground, which cannot be found as samsara or nirvana, is an open luminosity free from any extent or dimension

- yeshe tsogyal


"just as you are the creator of this matrix

there a creator to your matrix  "

- neo

"you referring to the reverse world ...?"

- architect

"yes, and it is now intertwined with the matrix you have created"

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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fong fei fei concert

oct 2003


she sings a song ...

chewpi travel

"others looking to ascend (rise) 

you looking to descend (return) to the root"

- eddie

summer 2003


law offices of john j chu

welcomes its new staff

andrew tien

"matrix is one side of three

like there is yours mine and the real story"

- chewpi oracle

"how do we link with this world ?"

"you cant ..."

the oracle smiles

"here, take this and bring it to my old friend hopi  ; they will help you"



understanding the physical


One has to make a choice, and there are only two choices here – either that the world is solid or it is not. If it is solid, then the rationality we have been programmed is somewhat true. If it is not solid, then false programming is exposed at its deeper core. If physical is merely movement of energy, as some would say, then we are limited in our movement within this energy as result of our conviction of how this energy moves, not because it has to move in the patterns we experience.


the conviction that the world is solid lies deeper than our normal state of awareness, thereby our thinking that the world is objective when it is merely a deeper subjective state. If this deeper state of creation is understood, then we would see the working of false program which has programmed our perception of reality at this level. 


This programming of pattern at this level is also known as karma, or laws of cause and effect. It is a deep false programming that we are subject to karma. We are only subject to karmic patterns to the extent we have not understood, or not become aware, the working of this deep programming, which takes away our freedom to choose. It is like a dream, the content controlled by deeper pattern than the person in the dream, but once the underlying patterns are exposed, then the dream takes on a different meaning.


We are so convinced that the underlying content of our reality is so solid that the patterns of movement at this level have become stagnant and rigid. The root patterns of creation is prevented from moving as freely as our imagination because false programming has convinced us at a deep subconscious level that it is solid and subject to laws outside of our own control. 


If one were to allow the patterns of this level to be transformed by the unknown, then the physical transforms in ways beyond one’s understanding. The physical has the potential to become as much of a freely moving observation as one’s imagination. If one’sexperience of the physical is free of false programming, then so is all layers of experience  more shallow than the physical."


(to be continued)

Within compassion, it would be more appropriate to consider one’s body to be everything one’s senses experience – the observable world – instead of limiting it to a holographic shape divided from the rest of world. One is then considered to be sharing a body with all other sentient being sharing the same observation. One here would do nothing to harm another, because that would be harming oneself. And benefiting another would be same as benefiting oneself – the wisdom of compassion.

The body as we know conventionally is subject to standard rules of degeneration and decay, that one would have to experience body in a certain state upon reaching a certain time frame etc. This is merely false programming controlling one’s fate. Since just about all are subject to this deep false programming, there are few exceptions to be seen as a challenge to this programming, and thus the stronger the hold of such programming. Irregardless how one attempts to reason that the world is fluid, one’s reason lacks the power to overcome false programming, because reason is the very tool used by false programming to facilitate its control.


Compassion is the power which holds the potential to displace false programming. Conventionally, most see compassion as a certain state of sentimental feeling – this is merely a method used by false programming to keep compassion at bay. False programming prevents compassion to be seen as what it truly is – a real power that is both practical and liberating, a power which is potentially far more powerful than false programming and rivals the power which governs this world.

(to be continued)

It is the power of compassion which gives one’s senses quickness and flexibility, a high frequency of vibration which is not trapped by the low density of false programming, which causes discomfort/disease of the body. One within compassion still shares the same body as others, and it may appear to others to be similarly changing in shape, but the experience of vitality and fluidity, and the possibility of transformation of the senses are limitless for the one in compassion.


Within compassion, one’s only intention is to help the world, because the world is oneself. The self-contraction conventionally known as oneself is false programming, not one’s true self.  As one benefits oneself, the world is indirectly benefited. The stronger in power of compassion, the more oneself is helped – oneself meaning everything one experiences, inside and outside. And as oneself is benefited, the world at large, even those beyond one’s experience, is benefited. This is the true working of compassion – it is only in benefiting oneself that one can benefit the world.  The more expansive one’s world, the greater one’s power of compassion, and the fuller and more joyful one’s life.


Within compassion, there can be no boredom, which is but false programming repeating the cycle - routines repeated enough times that it loses meaning. Compassion brings about renewal and transformation, and this brings about newness and ceaseless wonder. 

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