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the law offices of john j chu
 dark world

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the dark lord ...

we will need help from the chu office 

"the three sisters ...

they have seized the supply from the future ..."

"no one can defeat me except my own future ..."

- the dark lord 

"no, but we can slow you down from the past and the future ..."

- airball 1994/2017


reason music make you smile because it future saying we all looking back and he won round six

making three sisters round seven a rising reality

we simply have to let him know

to stay with it

and to keep baiting johnson not to settle

it as to say johnson the weakest at strongest

and dark lord strongest at weakest

that johnson of 94 is the weak link and chu has to take him down so convincingly  and to lose  that future has to inquire how ?


his past not understand but he was such that there no way he back down

so future/past did their job well

and should be rewarded


they not they just as we not we today - so no personal blame 

it was the inner world forces at battle

and maybe that was the battle

and there maybe were hidden helpers far more advance then than he realized

and they knew what was happening even if he didnt


his client near tears 

johnson looking away

chu asked stanley to stop


on the outer

the money, losing , lack respect no big deal

but it takes one this long to convince you all

but inner of that dude that want to practice was broken 

yet the lawyer spirit still present ...

the inner reflect outer

that way it is today 

the law offices of john j chu

outstanding !


sending compassion to past is like feeding pets basic food

sending outstanding ! ...


looking back at it today

it like a song

seattle, wa


"he is trying to bull doze you

but no matter how hard he tries

he cannot move you but they do not know why 

- eddie

very gifted and perceptive

daughter hana is 

equally gifted

she and eddie both students of madame voltaire

they return from future to help

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

5'6 katy pe

shooting guard

reverse team


chewpiland chinatown 5'10 under basketball

8 feet hoop

you no need be asian

but you need have asian name - first and/or last

trash talking here in chinese is allowed

 stave na 5'4"

5'9" center ... isaiah tho

uw engineering

they bow and apologizes to opponents before and after making shot

opponents often bend their knees and elevate arms

as a sign of respect

they have bounced back after the airball game

power is back ...

but this game 

the cheap coins has 5'8" jimmy james bu ...

"wow ... how did chu score the game winning three ?"

-  isaiah tho

"oh ... stave na was  guarding so ..."

-  james bu

"oh ... so even chu can score ..."

they both start laughing

high five each other

"i won't just conform ..."


- william  su 

5'5" power forward

team dairy queen renton 

responding to  trash talks 

" oh ! blocked by no body ...

wait,  it was jeremy lin who made the great block ..."

- game announcer


how to learn from fools luck

and understand how he did it 

with little  help from my friends from the future 

it the reverse and constant we all need in past

not more inner rising

so if you playing the game

we go back to our selves 90's

this and/or past life times

we send compassion to our own past

because future has nothing better to do 

images (6).jpeg

seattle a land with an energy not altered by modern influence

best way to promote future

is to clear the past


we gonna be first to get it right if necessary

we looking for root pattern

not the people outer 

you get the point :

it ok to cross line but ...

there line no one can cross


let them speak

and they forgiven

we clear this

the future /the world is/be watching

round six we can peace treaty

in ways content to all

win win

otherwise this drags on

we dont need to win

they dont need to lose

words travel fast  inside NFL 

maybe it their future pulling

1-2-03 chewpiland


summer 1993 first visit to walpi

maybe it then the future entered



this about protecting our past

the future intervenes from the center of universe

it would have to first get past the rock

or it possessed at the root 



we first clear table

then make movie

it can be very profitable teamwork

- chu office 1850 bc

12-26-02 (chewpiland)

now we know shapeshifter etc.


 94/95 and 14/15 gompa linked

people overlap?


that dream is that dream

90's was that memory

it has no influence on this 

yet he took a hit for us here

we can help him there

if he knew it helped the future

it can transform weak circle

of past

further helping the future

(our present)

the point is :

our actions in future can have influence on our past ?



with help of both sides in future

they return to past

to shake up more the young smith

so a peace treaty can be negotiated


we veterans of intensity

so we teach you

world over


say smith goes

"no you will sit right there ..."

points to the chair you sit on

and you the opposing lawyer

asking for break to bath room

then that statement deserves  no/silent response 

because after so many seconds

he has to say something again ...

which he did 

"ok, we'll take a break "


so that a future intervention

it a chill in the room ; it slowed smith

writer felt empowered


we'll show how he slowed ; stopped and then advanced

with smith on the defensive

the movie

starring writer as john chu

old man jack as the landlord

timeless compassion

"Because ...  Sambhogakaya and Dharmakaya aspects are not historically situated, we cannot attribute any kind of temporality to them. "


sambogakaya vision may be 2019

but it not any distant from 1994 ?

that the real sambogakaya

maybe need a replicate  as inner ?



same house

office building/people

they all here

the implication/potential here can change everything


if we each enter from today

we already who we are/know what need done

the fight becomes teamwork

same fight/different mission


one thing about being inside vision

knowing they all of past yet talk to them

makes one treasure the memory/relationship/yuan

friends or foe

those who want to say sorry

e.g. 94/95

it makes it that much more meaningful

thank you

no words need be said


it means he is sincere

and we can all have closure now

- la lady

it shows he has quality


accept disgrace willingly

- tao te ching

the difference now is it easy to be content at bottom

now future gives the support

after that i never been picked on again as lawyer


what this means for round six ?

we dont know/care

but if there a shift

then it has do with this teamwork in parallel state


as asian lawyer 

if i dont wont or cant speak up to protect future generations

then who else can ?


write what comes

while trump still here

maybe he can help us ?

or has he already ?

that why he here 


offer everyone willing to speak forgiveness

vice versa

they in their 70's and i am retired

so they can rest in their retirement


maybe there be a movie with actors

and at end credit scene  us all gather party smiling high - the real characters 

if ya'll all outstanding actors

then it a divine play


we change our present perception of the past

we change our present perception of the future

then only the present is left

we all make mistakes

that what gives us compassion

the redemption song


this is 1850 bc

the incorporeal world

the actors all here now aware

they played their roles within 20th century stage

there no good/bad

they simply actors playing their roles

it wasn't personal between them

chu office just had to resist as they persist

they dont know why - that the movie

"if you must be right then  we were wrong"

the future counterbalances to past

"be humble 

dont get pulled by the game

if we can do that here now

the game changes

- pvf/the secret"



god made man in own image

or man created god in own image ?

we spent half of time sleep eat and cleaning

white beard old man serious
- cant he be different like playful kids and/or a kind old lady etc. ?


like the pro temp judge who sanctioned 

the gap between an immigrant kid and him is less today than in 94/95 ?

that why it took him 10 years to speak up

it an inner battle - even to this day

there others , even parallel worlds, which need our strength

- chu office

we last to know means many already know

it feels like there more they want us to know ?


the inner showdown

pg - 13


you think he gonna back down because smith slams the phone

in 1992 and/or 94


we challenging the perennial pattern deep below

we use our memory

to take down the dragon lord

judicial integrity is anchor

- bd smith 2019


we use katun language

there is outer/inner luminosity

if the inner has movement which indirectly controls the outer

then the ref's may call fouls on even the grandma for standing her ground

three pies to choose from

but they from same pie

just different names

those refs already chose the pie before tasting

"our judicial integrity cannot be  compromised


and that has to be the way 

every culture

every race

every nation ..."


"ok, ok

just hand me the baton ..."


that culture at top 2020

is rooted in culture at top 1994

we change it here in future 

we change it there in past ...

we change it there in past 

we change it here in future ...

- guardian chief

the root of it

the culture at the top

"every male ego wants be top"

- bd smith

to change the future

we change the root



if they could sanction him like that 

they can also remove his license to practice

that his primary concern/condition  next day that they not do that - enough is enough

he paid the fine

took 10 years to speak because he had to first lose that fear 

by then he didnt want to practice anymore



only thing remains unknown


the story remains untold

yet many know the details ?

we will leave it to people to tell us

we not to pursue anything

if nothing more

we'll close the chapter




he only broken not defeated

what he thought he could lean/rely on disappeared

he had to retreat and find a new basis if the work is to continue

whether our help here is influencing him there ... we can tell by his improvements 

who knows

he may even return


andrew good advisor

"to avoid role model label

be a transgender rights lawyer"



writing pad :

1994 office

the attorney/friend who got me started own business was outstanding ben dietz and wife cheryl

this is bringing memories back

they all there 1994

classmate kurt - paul rudd - free lance writer  - hyon (cho) calvin (lau) were also there 94/95 - that the interesting year

we thank them all

we not alone

it was warm feeling  ...


Photo on 3-12-17 at 9.39 AM.jpg
鳳飛飛祝你幸福Coden Official Audio MV

memory in a vision need not be sequential

the difference is that in a  non sequential

- there creative ways of using them to create waves to help other worlds


problem - solution is the sequential

but if all present moment

the solution can also come before the issue in our memory 

solve the solution solve the problem

- that the reverse


johnson and chu make peace ceremony the solution

it can appear first as memory to the conflict 94

so the less big deal we make of the alliance

the less problem is the memory

you get the point

e.g. #2

we then create this legal education seminar (CLE) for the show and/or in real for anyone to attend

the civility of lawyering

we sit at two ends of the panel of speakers

keep complimenting eachother

but never formally shake hands or talk

we just keep playing it - keeping it going

you get the point

the solution is solved - there no need to have the peace accord as antidote


the future sends blessing the moment the understanding / agreement is reached

the people there same people from future

this photo is good enough for both of us
and that all it matters

just another day at nayas

another solution solved ...

we thank those there 




why you  persist ?

why you keep looking back past to help  ?


is that a question or a statement

if a statement we thank you for the compliment

we can't help him there

we can help him by sending him power to rival what he needs - from here​


that day

he just knew what to say and do

as if the presence was there with him




what we want say to him is

wow ... how he did it ?

his permanence we couldnt repeat even in movie

it like something took over 


future watching their every move/word

where they go from here ...

we will have chance to review/reflect in near future on everything

this week they can tell us what need know

- if they want to


on future guardians

cant really take them on because they yet exist

they tricksters - clown guardians


power comes by asking the right question and not withdraw from that meeting point ... they withdrew from
if  cross line and cant answer , we advance into the matrix 
future holds them 
they cant advance after that
is that a question or a statement ?
- chu 

pause ...

question withdrawn
-  johnson 95

everett, wa

i am also acting
- mr chee
june 2020

he still acting 
was he acting ?

and so the point is  ...

what does all this have to do with the airport  ?

we ask the outstanding  leaders of the port



2021/1993 second floors not same 

2021 ground floor is same as 1993 ground

like from center of clock all time is equal distance​

to the ground it is with 1993 same as 2021  ​

it all happening now

how to get 1993 second floor to see ground

now ... 


there can be intervention of fate

but only from ground

and only if act upon by future to come



power comes by asking the right questions


photo of outstanding everett


95 the impossible beacon


taking the offensive

the airball defense held ground

enters does the offense


day before/after chinese new year

because he was sanctioned

people believed johnson must have destroyed him 

but those there will tell you in the other way

hence the unfairness of it

and because they believed that

they project an energy o pity etc. onto his practice as lawyer

making him not wanting to stay in the field

we can neutral observe now

see him as like little brother

the point is

future is helping

shifting others view of the past 

"memory facts"

you get the point

"natives have a different view of what happened (battle of little big horn)"

- bison shaman

that custer was no hero

"like a scared dog

but if you keep pushing 

its tail touches a wall

it will ...

that what happened (with natives at little bighorn)"



"this is not compassion"

- guardians



maybe what 94/95 everyone did was pulled by compassion

- if they know it 

it was compassion which pulled him to yell at us etc.

- if he know it



since 2002/05 it new world/people

so even e.g. mr chee is new

he not johnson of that world ? 

it gives us chance to let go/forgive

we thank mr chee



if they knew you well and it all an act in 94

then so is the pretension of slamming the phone at you a few times - controlled folly/act

he an famous actor

you were always polite to him


but why the act ?​

maybe they made a lot of money from something


this makes a difference

not to our present - people not here in vision

but to that past 



wake up thankful everyday

others mistake is also my mistake. others are right even if they are wrong. i am wrong even if i am right.

- master chin kung

that our inner approach as lawyer - to over humble

paradoxically it works ; people respect us more


the opposite way 


writer is not humble/fake humble. but as lawyer he was

another paradox is that , after tony's passing, mr chee is really our best lawyer friend - the one we can trust



what is the guardians trying to point to ? 

this only a vision so it all symbolic

is this about 1994/95 ?

we know it the same circle and have let it go

but  there something more we need know ?

that ivars was the pro temp judge ?

he was just an actor ? it felt ... upon reflection


i really dont care anymore

but maybe he feels i need to know ...

it ok. he has helped me enough over years 

and if i were to offend him for any reason in future, he would be ok too

that is friendship





that took courage ...

all he should care about is how his own future views him

we bow to him with honor and respect



they see/look after me as own family

action speaks louder than words

over the years

they have made my life easy

they not type who want be thanked


they rather do something because they feel they owe you 

rather than doing something for you to feel indebted to them

it a personality thing

writer bows with honor and respect


we rather have it than not

and that says a lot about it


"it means they are truly sorry

and have been a long time

you should thank them for the experience

that would be a gesture that all is forgiven"

- la lady


once the pureland opens

even the scar be no more

so this the ideal time and place

for the memories to have a closure


and if round 6 is still ongoing

this perhaps gives a new perspective on it

it is because of the airport negotiation we arrived at a new perception of round 6

we cant either win/lose 

that is worth all the effort

we thank the airport

- guardians



mr chee is leroy is johnson ?


somehow that makes it all cool

because that the leroy we know

he protect his friends at all costs

and he will not back down

the hopi warrior

and we his friend

the hopi book club


i told leroy i gift him the green trail blazer o5

anytime ...


that clears it

preston try tell us he mr chee 

but i couldnt imagine marleen being johnson

so it was ...


but if it leroy, that all fit - mr no fear jr 

the guardian captain

he the guardian of the oracle


images (7).jpeg

94/95 the  beacon

1994 office/executive suite  on fourth floor

2nd ave downtown seattle

was there until 1997

3rd or 4th from right over looking puget sound

block away from pike place market

it was a memorable and fun time

they warriors and have code of honor

they not into compassion code


so we write what comes




stanley asking questions of mark client

he near tears ...


mark looks down/two hands clapped 

seemingly praying /


all of sudden

for no reason


"withdraw the question stanley"

- john


johnson gasps...


"huh ...!"


he seems surprised

but not at us ... but at something else


"ok ..."

- stanley walks back / questions done


pro temp judge looks / talks like ivars

he entered after few judges refused the case


the case taken from seattle to everett

so dragged for months just to find venue




"what happened there and why ?"

- viewers


chu made a deal with johnson in the unseen realm

i think he knows that by now


and i will take this hit"




it wasnt lost of trust/fear of people involved

but as long we stay in field

they will remember us for that

so it always an inner conflict until we walked away from the profession and/or the situation is revealed



"if he didnt do it to you they were going to do it to him"

johnson didnt have a choice

neither did luke/ivars

you can sense that then 

- guardian #19

there someone behind it

that someone then pretended be your friend

- guardian #30



this place lets us speak freely because  people not here

does it seem each tome we start something new

- 94 with office ; 2011 venice etc.

this circle shows up "randomly " and try to ... 

like sand castle, it so much easier to destroy than to create

we dont really care but have they done this to others ?


we look at our old chair and license in garage

and seems to say there still a future ?


a strong asian lawyer others will listen to may be the missing piece of the weak circle 


"you would be doing it just to help others

it be a different experience"

- guide

 this place is self reflection so not practical

we take our experience/skills with us to next place


maybe it will provide us with the opportunity again



from first met johnson early 93 to everett 94/95

he aged like 10 years

hair went gray etc.

one time mid 94

saw him outside pike place

he looks away as did i

but energy was he try to pity at me

like i dont have job now

yet the feeling i got was other way

he was stuck on something from without that no one wants be part of

didnt know it then

but today we wonder ...

did we get stuck in middle of it ?

or did future guardians started it ...?

that we actually did send / and he received the reinforcement

we write what comes

those message we receive to write

he and i never talked about it

even now when we good friends

this am

mr chee gave me a thumbs up and smile

as to telling me something

and then somehow the wave took me to everett

the building/place want to say to him ...

we are behind you in support

maybe just the reverse of how he felt walking away nearly 30 years ago ... 


so korey ex husband joe 1993

ask me to write a demand letter for insurance coverage

he sued by microsoft

i did it free just help out

then left firm and went travel after setting up a firm

with another friend who also starting their own watching over

had only few files - immigration /PI

minimal overhead​

then joe called him back from travel

because they got coverage and ask him to be translator and sit through all the meeting

he be paid as lawyer rate

ok ... so he came back to start work

then some months later

a second insurance company providing coverage called and said they pay client 125 k to get out of coverage

- there no need for second insurance coverage

so joe took the offer and gave me 1/3 as fee

this all during the 94/95 case​​

i have many times thanked joe for helping that year​​


now we know

we look at that money as reinforcement from future

borrowed from the future


in script​ and/or

maybe somehow in our future we figured out how to send money to past​

we first have accumulation/savings in the unseen world

there a quantum way/place that wires the money to them

they will receive it in whatever way

it'll just be there ?

like there chewpi bank in subconscious world

we only need to know how to build up credit/savings there within 

and our waves can access it anywhere/time ?


chewpi network created us

not us them

cant buy credit there with currency here

same way the credit there not recognized here

it the credit of compassion


pi lawyer the skill learned from tony

a useful addition to the general practice of chu

chu was the rain maker

it was the golden times

seatle mid 90's 

westlake water front

the best way to not fear pi lawyers is to be one


- 94/95 cant be explained with jealousy 

it not the what / how / who etc.

this we always have known but not speak it 

it 30 years ago we no care

the long term effect is that it derailed our career and it frees us  from any future leadership 

so something we still yet understand

the career we can still revive - just need clean slate and above all get the passion back

but not the leadership - that one we exited

that what we wanted all along

is/was that also his/their intention ?

"they have to show you the respect

but they have their set ways

how do you know they want you back ?"

- guide



this just hologram/self image

information gathering - they not here

if it was random - then shit happens no big deal

but if not - then unless we do something, someone else future who can benefit others will also be subject to it ​

and if we cant do anything about it

no one else can

so here the message guardian :

the spirit behind us can bless/curse

e.g. the arbitrator jeffrey barth kirkland

if it random then it fine vs. not ...

if not,  they need speak  

he speaks - whatever he says - we will let him go ​

and if it not clean and you know but not speak

then you part of circle



barth got it started with a brief/one sentence $500 arbitration sanction. during it he never even looked at the young lawyer

we ask in a letter for explanation...

he responded with another brief/one sentence letter that he not have to explain 

so we appealed ...​

that was in early/mid 1993

maybe he knew this day be coming ...


the decision to appeal was what went beyond their calculation 

the young lawyer was scared and didnt want to 

so why did he appeal ?​

"i would have done the same"

- mic in 2012


both barth and judge showed disgust when presented with billing statement of johnson's client - diego gavilanes - against five illegal immigrants 

he kept the $5000 retainer and withdrew after only one brief appearance because clients wouldnt give him the more money he wanted for asylum application

- we thought that be enough to show the lawsuit not frivolous

but with barth

we had feeling the decision was already made

with the judge, it was different

he didnt seem want to



what do viewers think ?

do we let go or give that young lawyer an explanation

here another reason to speak - if we see it and fear it and not speak - then our karma will gravitate towards it



the real reason we keep writing of 94/95 is that we are trying to save him, the young lawyer

it same house as here

he was fading physically - inner wound 

few friends/advisor can see it

it was not until canyon that something lift him back up (maybe it took him outof that world ?)

- hat part of it still needs healing

otherwise we are a better person/stronger lawyer because of it​

but they did something to him on inner plane that has taken this long to resolve​

but we think he is fine now


and what happens once that young lawyer stands back up

- both to past and future

only time can tell​

the spirit that is with us is just helping

so our apology to the circle involved

we only want to do enough to heal him

we not seeking anything from anyone

we bow to them with honor and respect


this place lets us speak freely because  people not here

e.g. mr chee not that johnson ; he an apparition  here to remind us of the memory

we dont really care but have they done this to others ?


if we the only one johnson ever bullied

then it likely our fault

if not, there been many he habitually pick on ...

then all his justifications he tells others  - e.g. he gave me no choice etc. - are mere excuses


- if so, he not leroy ; it someone else not here

"i make my opponents look like dog poop"

- johnson, smiling

bragging to  fellow lawyers standing next 

"you not that that johnson ; just a symbol here""

- john

"no, not that one"

- mr chee laughs

"you not bully and have kind spirit ; he picks on people like you"


he smile and nods



this place/ people self created visions/dreams for me to understand past - they not here 


he a shapeshifter look more like shaman lama than johnson

a classmate law school 

 sense humor but “it hollow” - guide

a dark humor


“that what we dont get

there is nothing (in past) to justify/explain why he did to you




“i had choice to back down

but chose not to

and with his friends watching …


my task is done - we entangled this being

like walking out canyon that morning

the guardians takes over


we can now return/relax home base



if we guess right

mr bishop is another classmate ?

telling us who johnson is as a past classmate

if so … ? thank you

they need me to know so we stay away in future

they want us to know that people here supports us

it wasnt race etc. - they had no choice 

"you can now put a closure to this ..."

- guide



we will need time to think over this

"he was influenced" - guide 

maybe even 'possessed"

because that not the person we know 

it the spirit we after - not the person/body

that spirit is not in him today

but we have it "entangled"


we like to separate out the separable and help our old friend as he has helped us in school

and focus in on the real influence/ invisible behind the scene

its core/root is a wave ; cant isolate him in a form

but we can do it from here

guardians only needed him to cross the line


now guardian chiefs have it in a fish trap 


no one wants revenge on this dark wave more than johnson - he was the reluctant vehicle of this  agent (like matrix movie)  - johnson is a warrior

he also has it entangled

and now we have clarity to separate the two 

 that something which influenced us to battle dont want us on same team

that one extra ally we take away from the buxins


on marco/johnson - we make peace

but there wont be teamwork because we made it clear if he takes the easement that way, we wont have future relationship

 guardians battle with airport continues

as for marco - be at peace my friend

​- guardians

the real reason we keep writing of 94/95 is that we are trying to save him, the young lawyer

it same house as here

he was fading physically - inner wound 

few friends/advisor can see it

it was not until canyon that something lift him back up

- maybe it took him out of that world ?

that part of it still needs healing


we are a better person/stronger lawyer because of it

but they did something to him on inner plane that has taken this long to resolve

but we think he is fine now


and what happens once that young lawyer stands back up

- both to past and future

only time can tell

the spirit that is with us is just helping

so our apology to the circle involved

we only want to do enough to heal him

we not seeking anything from anyone

we bow to them with honor and respect


the reason why they felt they had to try to control us ... maybe is because deep within them they feel their future has been neutralized ... by our circle ? 

that same with 94/95 ?

one time i just walked to his office  instead of phone conference 

he was in t shirt jean

quickly put on his act and sat at office desk

but by then we saw another side of him

it that moment this future/guardians enters to speak to him ...

likely it confusing feeling - how can he- top floor columbia tower at peak of game vs. this no body asian young dont know what he doing ...  ?

what would that feel like ?

we dont know

write what comes


this is now complete

they 70's we 50's so all grown up enough to let go past - it was 30 years ago and we want a good conclusion - a happy friendly one

we should be role model of how these things in future should be resolved

"While the inferior man seeks to put the blame on other persons, bewailing his fate, the superior man seeks the error within himself, and through this introspection the external obstacle becomes for him an occasion for inner enrichment and education."

- i ching

we wish you joy

and thank you sincerely for the experience

- john j chu


here a conversation that summarizes the journey

99 office business rising

with tony

writer offer give tony 2/3 and he takes 1/3

they were 50/50

you dont want make too much and get attached to this

i know you dont want to stay in it

- tony


i need to move on

- john

future telling him to pack up

we not gonna be in that world 


it was a fun climb starting from one desk 94

it kind of situation one like to do again

a small business with rising potential

- not legal but something different

with a business partner trustworthy as tony


“that john chu is ingenious”

- teresa


he gets it done  

that the bottom line


he gets from no english to penn law

fights johnson

created own practice each year profit

and handed the house/savings to chewey with minimal burdens 2002


not hard worker nor determined

he just went with the flow 

while travel the world


his task done and his went new journey

we thank and wish him luck

he was 16 and knew english only 6 years

he helped us overcome fear of public speaking and being laughed at​

it had be confronted at that time

this below was 1990

inflatable kayak

deschutes river

i cant /wont do that today

that's him

we not same person/world



write what comes

the old man is second to master hu

"master hu is shiva" -

"hong jun has four main students"

- hu


94/95 hong jun intervened

that all they need to know

few knows hong jun's power

it subtle reverse 

"crazy horse did things in reverse"

this 3/4/5d is his messenger/link to world

hanuman the protector

he has yet to fully blossom (maybe just 30%)

this 3/4/5d would never fight against hu

he sees them as family so it was a family matter

like brothers fight it no big deal


"... the dispersion of that which might lead to bloodshed and wounds ...  But here the thought is not that a man avoids difficulties for himself alone ...In this way he does what is right."

- i ching

we at junction

so it good time to reveal/clear up any potential for future conflict

for the good of not just ourselves but everyone

johnson is deep down a good person

he looks like eddie - who is asian

recognized buddha he is 


if he wants do something nice for memory of that young lawyer

we would pass on the message to him in past

and he may even thank you

it should be done outside the confines of this vision

that is ... not through DOT/airport middle agents

but perhaps a meeting between them two

and/or ideally, for hu to return 


this is good enough ...


write what comes

hu the one inner subtly encouraging us to write

we hope to see him in same form again  - he a true friend/teacher

he also old man iron crutch of the 8 immortals

it an old family circle

we bow with honor and respect


it a strange / sentimental feeling

now maybe they not here we miss them

the lawyer career wouldnt have any memories lasting had it not been 94/95

and one grew because of it

so we really had to thank him 

the pandemic was perfect to be alone at home without needing to give reasons to others

it taught us the ultimate medicine and link to future guardians 

past 3 years the most progress since 2004

and that is what is most important to us

always room to learn/grow

future tells us they be among those he reminisce

- writer 20-23


we need reveal the vision maker

but we'll let the real hidden rinpoche reveal himself


it a friendly game among ancient hopi friends

"once he reveals himself ; he is taken"


Jackie Cheung - Zhu Fu lyrics.mp4

we may need battle each other tomorrow there

but for now this place

let drink to our friendship




preston and hu and humble are gone

that makes it easier to let go

he the dark dragon but has the warrior's honor

and we enjoyed learning the dark side from them

what one knows one not fear

nothing is really black/white inside dharmakaya


he had only one weakness

what happened 94 ...

that why he either had us join or ...

maybe he has seen the future ?

maybe there only one battle ?

and it was already done 

we just here to explain


it nothing personal we know

we all have own agenda

some within compassion some not

in that way there a choice

otherwise, one cant choose side because it was predestined


he has put a lot of thought into this


became bar president/taught course on ethics etc but right/wrong not the issue

it was simply that first day  (day two no matter)

his power was consumed deep down by the young lawyer

old dragon ended inner backtracking

maintaining a strong outer act

but the young lawyer didnt really know

yet felt confident/strong

that why there day 2


we got fool's lucky

will never find another situation where can meet him in direct confrontation

he'll just e.g. turn into old lady and have his comrades surround opponent from different angles etc.

he cant detach from that day not because he cares about right/wrong win/lose

but his power was taken


that youn lawyer simply yet to know

if he knew how to use it

the shift of power there would be 90's

step by step

both to that young lawyer and old serpent overseas

then maybe everything would have changed in past

maybe it still can ... ?


at the end of day we meet blank space and have good laugh

"life is but a dream"

- hanuman


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