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1850 bc

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the fire of compassion

this fight is uphill

as all our fights are

against the wind and within compassion

and so we are always needed forever

- the 1850 bc office

grega tien and chu

andrew the top ...



Kumbaya My Lord

this formless world

everything happens is wisdom

it meant to send message 

if the lawyer rises

it would because of the support

they need his strength

it was really his role

not so much the details of work

 he not going get pushed over

not even by the airport

so if they want him to agree to easement

they need first compromise to our terms

seatac residents feel under represented against the airport

like we just here to serve them

the third runway need is different now 


they seek easement to maintain trees

we simply requesting a reasonable addendum that in future  if easement is no more needed, it be dissolved 

otherwise the land be limited in usage and they would have right over land for no purpose

but maybe they think they can have whatever they can get  - you get point

we just write what comes

they waking up something within us

we'll keep you all updated

my business card had zhu ren zhang written on it

now they know what it means

john j chu


dont even need a fancy 3d office

everything is virtual 

this a different kind of practice

for different reason

supported by different circles

it part of the 3 circles 


for the show

we first have a subconscious story/energy

then the office will take off

andrew the active lawyer

i'll be the retired lawyer with an office

of grega tien and chu

pg - 13

starring alec baldwin as grega

maggie as andrew

john chu as john chu

entertainment lawyers


this way reverse

we pay clients (to act)

if we get financial agreement with company support

then office be half real/fiction

it be set up without effort for both studio and real use

etc. etc.

we'll have branch offices

how big staff gets depends on the number of seasons


the show

andrew and tony hunters of demons after work

chu comedian


tony grega passed on 2019

we wish him best and will miss him

the stories are in honor of our friendship

andrew is still around

bellingham working for state


the town gathered to push back the airport expansion

it united the town

and then other towns joined in...

in your dream ...

you were there ?



it is heaven

it is sacred



walking out house

loud whistle from above

look up - two bald eagles

"there three of them"

- patty

on the office / airport

if you done with it give it back - the easement

just a short addendum to comfort

and go deal with kevin at jim detail yourself

if he has something to benefit, he will work with you

that all we asking


we got bigger things to focus

and future tells us every step counts

so aint got time for this

we aint gonna fight you

if they want to join us

then they can make choice to help us

otherwise i dont really care ; we no need talk

you win


but then again

we also no need to back down

i dont care and no want to fight

but if spirit / future directs us then we have passion

it their attitude we watching

- the office


on airport

you help us we help you

even if we ok with easement language ...

they offer us $3000 and we fine without counter offer but ask jim's detail be also compensated


personally we dont care

they outstanding and we fine with it

but if future is pulling

we write what comes

if we gather support

get funding etc.

we can hire another law office to handle the details

we then would have leverage to negotiate

and our offer be much higher for both us and jim's detail - closer to fair value

as well as the very reasonable provision we request

the resolution allows the port take what is "reasonable" - it not an unconditional easement 


writer then coaches and documents it

we deal with them from this website

we want set up office here 1850 bc

its basic structure

it the protector of the other offices 

this the center power

the office

1850 bc​

pg - 13​

so if it must be

to have own own base

inner battle station

in a parallel world/quantum space

then we gather as team

use office to take over the wave of this construct


we use airport

if this vision

we the authority

not they


if this vision, there is no airport

just memory of it

in vision

airport want right over our land

there inner/outer to it

as inner, if we recognize their power

we deceived by memory wave

as outer, we first gain understanding of issues before we talk to them​

- future guardians


if this vision

it only present apparition/memory

who are they ?​


dark world like a inner kung fu world

our office has many staff many worlds​

we are a united circle


madame voltaire is mic

our combination is what will be power

there wont be higher authority from airport nor anyone in our pureland

just myself

we easy to get picked on because dont know what going on

there inner/outer to it

as inner, if we recognize their power

we deceived by memory wave

- wave guardians


the legendary kung fu novel

the 1850 bc office

pg - 13

our ground must hold here

it our own vision base

there no outer authority beyond this light

as inner

the guardians taking them over

we only need each get out of way


they can join us

because we have affinity with compassion

or they can create their own inner seatac

chewpiland vs dark world

which your future direction ?


inner authority is false programming

it the base of memory wave​

- inner authority is force

presence is power


on airport

it for lawyer to analyze whether their position is in alignment with what they entitled or are they over reaching ?

at issue is whether 

1) they can have easement without conditions - even after trees removed


2) if trees never there

are they entitled by statute to claim an easement ? 

they say they have a claim because there possible structures - e.g. cell tower - we can build over it in future

if so, can they go any seatac resident without trees along the path - to make same claim ?​​


we ask for little time to research the issues

they offered 3,000 we countered 6k to share with tenant and ask they give back if  purpose served - trees removed

they counter by saying they seek permanent easement 

 didnt really explain their position


so if this discussion continues

we will ask them for explanation of basis of their entitlements

they should only take what framers of the rules intents for them to take

- anything more there be a word for that 

and they wont get signature from neither us nor the middle force

we will keep the audience updated

- chu office

we bow with honor and respect 

the legendary kung fu novel

pg - 13

the 1850 bc office

as inner

if they try hunt our power

it the feeling

we humble and allow future guardians to enter to hunt them from behind

- the office staff 

the guardians want be fed

waiting for past to help them

- the office staff #2

the power hunters hunt the power predators

it an inner battle

we now have office in the programming world/center of universe

- chu office staff

dark world


in script

in vision/dream

the resolution passed giving airport power over land rights is a present memory

it could have been implanted

"are you certain it happened ?"

in vision/dream

there is no antecedent cause

just what is here now

we neutralize its inner authority

 the impure vision fades

- guardians

the training simulation


in script

the battle ultimately at root world

dark world

where the conquerer makes script 

like inner kung fu world


if this vision, power is seen very different

the authority not exists in dream

it is something else adventitious


it not the same authority we agree to 21st century but a "boogey man no one can find"​


"if you let it have you

you be in that shit forever

can you have power over yourself if you give up any amount of authority to something else

dont ever give in, not once

the trick to this whole thing is not be afraid of something that’s horrifying and everyone is afraid of it

but if you let it control you one time, it’s gonna ...  control you over and over again


and if you see that thing you don’t apologize to it you don’t bow down to it you don’t conform"

- endless movie


future sending reinforcement

neutralize inner authority

impure vision fades

non response is also a response

you know what need be explained

- the office

to the airport


we already explained several times

either they not understand

the issue or they pretending they dont

- they need explain their authority to retain easement even after trees are removed, and not just say they want it

they the ones seeking easement and it not our burden to  explain

if they have it - show it

if we didnt clarify the issue 

we apologize for our lack of capability
but if they just dancing around, evading the issue - it is ok to ignore  ?


stay polite and respond to essential 

but we wont sign anything 

until future give sign

in the mean time, they are free to trim any trees they like


future to give reinforcement

we write what comes

we like to see how things may change


the office bows with honor and respect


the fire of compassion

this fight is uphill

as all our fights are

against the wind and within compassion

and so we are always needed forever

- the 1850 bc office


we waste energy if fight

we gain energy if compassion

just a shift of perception



in vision

inner authority

are you certain it is real ?

are you certain it happened ?​


once the inner authority/shadow is neutralized

the ground is easier to see

the two veils in buddhism : ​

1) emotional veil - once inner shadow is neutralized the passion becomes clear

there less fear 

2) veil/barrier of perception - like hologram/dream

there a fourth dimension watching us

it our own self - the compassion one

the 3/4/5 d preset 



with time we have

guardians work as hard as possible


to neutralize the airport authority

it a tug of war

if group of outstanding tourists fly from spain to seatac 

just out of gate

they took out king flag 

and claim the land as theirs

and they haven't even clear the customs


columbus arriving in 15th century​

the difference is the inner authority


in vision

columbus discover america

are you certain it happened ?

are you certain it is real ?


"leloy ...!"

we just messenger/ neutral observer

we not look to take sides/ words not ours 

we not looking to be against any system

we still want visit/welcomes by old world

so only if both sides want us to write

they let us know

for now we stay silent


our apology to airport

they just do what they do

but maybe both our future speaking ?

- to use this to deepen compassion

 we all seatac neighbors 



the more neutralize the inner authority

the more they respect you

the more they want protect 

it a paradox

- the office



they shift their view of us

less authority / more friendly

airport no outer jurisdiction over seatac residents  

but maybe inner jurisdiction if we let them


we given permission to airport to trim the trees this summer

- so they in no hurry to easement

we want to resolve this easy way 

but only upon appropriate time



now agree trees be trimmed this summer

it be good for decades to come

there no practical hurry to sign easement

just let the time suspend for time being

we need your help

to keep this show going

we anchor both ends of pole in harmony

we seatac vs. world not we vs. you

we already sent you a tale of gratitude

and can keep writing if the spanish tourists keep coming

- the office​​


it not about this place

- it the wave of it is what causing ...

if we can match it here

we can match it when we out there

vice versa​

you can all then work with us to neutralize the waves out there

this what truly matters

not the addendum nor the extra buck​

we both can make little compromise 

- the office negotiator



guardians already spoken

so if they still want come near like it their task then welcome

we'll be debating the technical language an interpretation of the easement statues for months and if  you try force the issue you likely wont win and would only link guardians upon those participating

the guardians future wont let him sign an unconditional easement and you already have your temporary easement in a temporary vision


the office bows with honor and respect

if this vision ...  and the above scenario presents 

and if we have equalize their inner authority ...

what  would happen if we just do nothing ?


maybe this points to something 

an opportunity ...

it the perfect scenario - it insignificant and it just crosses the path


if they truly not have the inner authority

how can they make claim to anything ?

in a vision there is only what here   

it is the memory wave/ subconscious 

if we neutralize its inner authority

we merely seeing it for what it is

an inner movement

in vision, the reality change or are we dealing with a fixed reality ?

this is a perfect scenario to find out

there really  nothing to lose


in vision

if accumulate enough energy

the story changes


1850 office

if this vision it only as big as our view

like dream - only what is here

and none of it has antecedent cause

like computer simulation

it all codes running in waves

we given own land

means no one else owns it

the simulation is such that we to be the authority here

all that news is second floor memory

it not register to dharmakaya


the guardians land is here

in own vision

you the authority here


you should have authority in your own  vision over own vision airport

- guide

we control the inner world from here

- future guardians 

- the 1850 bc office



battle is in the subconscious

why we give basis to apparitions without basis ?


dream in train india

someone with power walked in to help

clear out most passenger/ask them leave

keep only those going destination

- express train

that like airport

in vision they not going where we go

yet they follow around

and so an inner authority enters - guardians - to ask them exit




"if you let it have you

you be in that shit forever

can you have power over yourself if you give up any amount of authority to something else

dont ever give in, not once

the trick to this whole thing is not be afraid of something that’s horrifying and everyone is afraid of it

but if you let it control you one time, it’s gonna ...  control you over and over again


and if you see that thing you don’t apologize to it you don’t bow down to it you don’t conform"

- endless movie



we to send compassion 

the battle new matrix (6) - it 2020

their battle is now

they await reinforcement from own future


they keep coming 

wanting to talk to us about signing the agreement


i had to ask myself if the lawyer in me takes over this file

what would he do ?

and maybe i should for once

listen to him

he had that "coldness" when necessary

they dont have legal authority to force client to respond


we already made our offer 

it an easy and reasonable one 


there no reason to talk until they make good faith counter offer

so far, they have gone the other way

- john j chu



we bow with honor and respect


there the inner authority which relies on pretense

if any common citizen seeking prescriptive easement  - say it very clear they entitled. they also applying statute and hire own firm


that no different from airport authority

they do not have the legal authority they may try to subconsciously imply 

they have a statute given to them by legislative branch

the constitutionality of it can be challenged

from the middle force - the judiciary 

they are no different from any citizens with a claim based on easement statute


the only difference is that they paid for by citizens 

they should only use it to take the necessary 

anything more be abuse of authority

- the office


they have no legal authority

they like any ordinary citizen/corporation 

the middle force/judiciary is not on any side


Ephesians 6:10, ESV: "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might."

- steve

maybe the spirit speaking here ? 

we to stay with it

and allow strength to work its way

the world spirit vs. natural spirit

something about this feels off

we to hold to the spirit and if they act fair the spirit will respond naturally

if spirit speaking

our power will rise naturally

if they were reading this things be resolved 

we simply ask they stay away and give this page time to ripe


when we are ready we will work with them

the compensation not an issue and we simply need a language both sides find sufficient for their purpose


we already letting them trim any trees 


in addition to a feeling

there few signs that spirit at work

both times we wrote an extended reply to resolve the issues

press send ... the e-mail freeze

we then write a different version

one which only attend to essential/short term tasks

e.g. trim trees summer


chewpiland need be strengthened 

not weakened 

without film/book' chewpiland already retreating 

losing writings does not help

airport should be helping us

we should be working together

create a new inner relationship

- a sense of equality  - for the universe to imitate

more compassion we each accumulate 

stronger our past/future becomes

write what comes


the office bows with honor and respect

maybe should let them keep annoying us

there a side in us that may just wake up


the airport battle is worth the effort

- hu


the 3/4/5d power (world power)vs.

3/4/5/6d power (spirit power)

in vision

our future - 6d - the ultimate creator/authority


something just dont feel right" even if it looks ordinary  



on 3d level - it what it is 

on 4d level - they dont know how to deal with office

on energy level - we need guardians help

there the battle is - it not  the 3d issues

it a subconscious battle now

in which the surface 3d is but a symbol

- guardians 


conscious authority is what we agree to

it the rules when we go to stores etc.

but if there subconscious authority  - they want more and we cant say no 

inner authority also cause of energy imbalance

if energy cant say no to something it not want be part of - it is not independent to free flow


guardians training us to deal with   something bigger 

so far we gaining ground but still behind

good work guardians


if we can neutralize the inner authority

they will naturally take step back

it be sign that this works

and there hope for future/past

something about this...just dont feel right

something we yet know ?

so we to do only essential

we to trust our future/feeling



we only need to ask

"what compassion want us to do ?"

- teresa

Marco Milanese

the name of the rep/he has compassion

but he not in charge


seeking again permanent easement

the tone has changed from friendly to stern

from john to ... mr chu

attaching multi page documents for us to sign, including permanent easement

- but we never even have any agreement

verbal or writing

you get the point

they showing their inner authority


we have already offered them, in so many words,  to remove all the trees for free

- that would satisfy the real purpose 

but they didnt respond to that

they want a permanent unconditional easement

even if all trees removed

they still want make permanent claim

for marginal price

 make us wonder what their real intent is ?


we need time to figure it out

let the guardians dig this one up


wouldn't sign anything until understand situation 

- advisor


either way

we not to ask any seniors to sign anything needing notary until this world wide situation is cleared to do so


If we venture too far we come to a deadlock,... and whatever we do merely serves to complicate thing further ... But if, realizing the situation, we compose ourselves and decide not to continue, everything will right itself in time.

- i ching


they may pretend they know nothing of this website, but who among them is not aware of this website ?

and how many of his outstanding colleagues  and supervisors

are behind him to go beyond the need ?

maybe the future already has the moment we realize it



we believe we will work it out

we are neighbors and all have same common bond - compassion

maybe another time when we have funding and know who has our back 

we can do more


so this is not that person  ?



and that person is your friend

he would never do anything to you

this just airport employee

the town is watching

you need not fear them

they go by rules

and people behind wont let them abuse the process

you also have friends in high places

they all watching this

so he also aware of you

- advisor

that a relief



to marco :

visualize a happy ending

we shaking hands smiling

win win

that the image we saw at riverside snoqualmie today

we just dont know how long

or maybe ...

it you working for us

that also happy ending



johnson you should approach

you two can help eachother

this a time people need you

as a bridge to asian culture

asians too easy picked on

they just look other way

- advisor

to avoid global conflict

they need think zhu ren zhang when think of asia and not some dictators 20th century

no matter how sexy they are

- john


as for friends warm support 

we are self sufficient and rarely ask for help

we just want know the support is there if in need ; we keep burden to minimal

just a place to receive mail etc.and answer few questions to make sure we updated on the rules

we can write our own memos

cover costs and make own persuasions 

in return we pay for your time, promote your business and work together to create scripts


we rolled i ching

3 straight times same hexagram

- possession of the great

it the spirit speaking

it sign we cant back out

photo from mic of cedar mesa
where are you ?!
cedar mesa ?! ...
- john
 yes sir
the battle station
- mic​​
wish i be there
- chewey
3-20  6:30 pm

can the airport expansion be challenged ?

e.g. the new runway

if sothis be no better time

if we to hire a legal firm

and gather the support

we may begin research into it

either way

we hiring a firm to continue the negotiation


johnson name surfaces

but whether he has interest we dont know

we give him first chance

he has compassion

we cant really approach him

but if he makes a gesture our way

we can meet with help of a middle

another tale writing points to -

there a subconscious battle 

but the symbol on the 3d/conscious is this

like they relying on us holding ground

if we let off on the resisting spirit

they will also lose it


they cant move our inner

the dharmakaya

maybe that what the other realm needs from us here ?

at first we were annoyed, wanting to sign and clear it out

but now we dont mind as long we have friends' support

 to watch back outer


we looking for a legal firm to take over negotiation 

and receive any future correspondence

in mean time

we work through the website

to dig into this

- john j chu



the return of the guardians 


the legendary kung fu novel

pg - 13

if america is the soul of the world

this the battle for the soul of america

- general bd smith

if we cant stop it on the inner here now

no one else will

- buddha butt lady

june 2020


Neighbors of Sea-Tac Airport feel powerless over airport's sweeping expansion plans

- westside seattle magazine article

at first they came and then they keep taking


moving the new runway to outstanding everett - is the image we visualize


 we first block their inner expansion

seatac/kent to south/east

burien/tukwila to north/west

deal with small before it big

we still watching this - undecided

it depends on their attitude and whether there is support

for now just writing what comes

maybe task is just write the insight


we dont have clear view yet

so cannot make any decisions

and wont sign anything until we do

but we have no real issues with giving them easement or the amount they offer

there something else to this we yet understand and need to wait for it to ripe

so we ask airport for forgiveness

and little patience 

they now know why waiting on this


"there a fire mounting"

but these days people are more self-obssessed

to no fault of their own

"there too much they dealing with"

- bison

but if there no interest to support

we call around

- we'll give up this fight



the insight arrived

and so the airport battle is over

we to neutralize the easement ego

- that an inner battle

that good news for marco

we apologize - all of us including guardians

for giving him a hard time this past weeks

he is professional and has compassion

should be promoted

we bow with honor and respect



"yea, what do they really want"

- was what phil had to say of airport 



we work out terms to both satisfaction

you get/we sign permanent easement

we get to build over it under certain height all hopis can walk under


we only need write what comes

we leave decision to them


i just want to know if there interest

like we back at pvf

there something we to do ?

- john

we to team up

- he nods 

clapping  two hands together

we be very formidable

- john

they shake hands

4-1-21 7 am



there no need to meet now

but it was good we had an understanding


they give us till wed to respond

so we'll wait few days to research and review the paperwork

again, he is not in charge

- we thank marco for working with us



from future to airport

what does your future say to you ?

what does your past say ?


that if they different

 is your future trying to speak to you ?


this be our e-mail to marco :
(send it later today or thurs am)


Hey Marco 


The documents are well drafted. Our compliments

we have narrowed it to two issues -  they are very reasonable :


1) if in the future all the trees are removed from site - say we pave it over - then the easement would cease ?


if you have reason it not, can you please provide the legal basis  - e.g. statutory language and/or case precedent in support 


2) does the easement prevent us from building over the lot - say if we to pave over and/or build a garage under the height requirement 


and what other restrictions should we need to know ?

please take your time to respond"


we will post response from them

we have come to have confidence and trust in marco 


marco is delaying his response until after 4-19 - he says he has another project

we thank him for the kindness in  giving us space to focus in on our task

we bow with honor and respect


legendary kung fu novel


pg - 13


seven kivas

the scouts brough the message

what all can already observe

4500 trumpis and 3000 switpis

surrounds the invaders

(like tukwila and burien)

"we only need to hold our ground"

- crazy horse




dark world

"chu only has to sign the easement 

... and it be over here

- oracle

we must encourage him to not sign it

- guardians


chewpiland airport exists chewpiland

a parallel world to seatac 21st century

this realm/chewpiland

they just go and trim the trees

no one need sign anything

a hand shake is agreement/permission

seatac 21st century

they sent him five pages of agreement to sign

after he told them they can pick the berries on his driveway


it like there is fire

but no one want to fight it

but we to do what we can 

we just here to help

those who can see us are fortunate

it like two different spheres

- bison shaman


- didnt want drag others in to this

co-own with family


could have hunted down more of the adventitious 

but this is enough


writer task only to write what comes

he be rewarded own way

we no need the show

no need to sign to the obligation

we know nothing of the industry 

we appreciate friends gesture to help

and like to keep option open in future



if phil takes over bill on the inner

there be a revolution


so that phil needs to rise

-phil ​

the 1980's mischievous hippie


we not asking anyone to join

only if their future tells them

 "it the intent which has value"

we have help others/self neutralized something which needs balance 



what would compassion do ?

for now

 we stay

they need us here

- guardians

chu office negotiate another peace truce



a self deprecating attorney in america is 180 of stereotype

we like to coach others

here at home and globally

it the weak circle

how fake is the humility is how fake is the lawyer - same act

we bow with honor and respect


to stand  against giant bullying = neutralizing their inner authority

- many go law school for that reason


legendary kung fu novel

pg - 13

what happens in another world

what happens this world

dark world seven kivas 

"we bring words of good news from scouts

- a temporary truce

the freemonts have opened the gate to allow northern helpers through 

and they will stay neutral and not help the mayans in the siege against their southeast neighbor "

-anasazi chief


meeting with phil/kurt gave further confidence the project may have future

the circle here - jessica - be the ideal production partners



mr week chee

attorney at law

he is a chef at nays cafe

but an attorney from mexico

he passed the bar and is now licensed lawyer

looking for job and starting own office from the cafe

meets clients during slower hours

sometime cook same time

jessica/page turn into parallelgal/secretary

right now only do parking tickets

he takes 1/3 contingent

client keep 2/3 what they save

the restaurants packs up with clients/customers

(photo here)

we to post their response here

the history may be watching


can we find a common middle ?


permanent unconditional easement for minimal value or they bully you over with their resource

they should try to see from our angle ...

a voice need have for people who lack it

no one wants see us lose this

this not a private corporation

they need to see from both sides


you calling their bluff ...

- phil

maybe, but do they really want us out of their way ?


if momentum builds

how far can this go ?

- phil

airport is not our real objective

there may be something bigger 




if they insist on it we will sign

they may have own reason why it must be signed now

but what momentum it may cut off

what opportunities allowed to slip away ?

but if they join us

they become part of history/show

this needs both sides participation to work

we are just a messenger


airport authority has inner/outer

even if this a dream

it the intent which has lasting benefit 

otherwise, we always be subjecting to it inner from dream to dream


- if we team up and push them back - it may have influences in other dreams

- the opportunity present itself easy way

need a team - one can only do so much

- people just enjoying watching but in another dream they may be in different position

- you get point  - at first they came in dream and we look the other way  ...

it not the people we fighting - they just subjects to the mindset/system - it the inner pattern no one has control of 


we would need a circle and

then we have leverage to neutralize them in  air (mental world) ground (outer world) ocean (energy world)

phil first of the volunteers


recently saw bike shaman at bison cafe - he looks like our outstanding governor 

we thank them for the support

give us confidence that the process is being watched


dont get suck into inner loop -inner past authority​

there is no inner past authority other than now - 

there only present moment memory

natural power of justice and mercy vs.

fake inner power usurped

covering up the real power


"send them compassion"

- mic​

whenever see outstanding officers and/or people of authority etc. wherever 

- as inner send them compassion

"they appreciate it"​


over fear/respect (it a loop)

- there no human link


"i am the coyote man"


i am the china man

- china man​​

coyotes are tricksters

- coyote man

china man is just a name

- china man

who came up with that name coyote man ?


probably same dude who came up with china man


we all laugh

airport and/or compassion


airport  have a decision to make

- to fight or to join us

they may have internal battle as well ?

we send them compassion 

we like airport to join us

we can use all the help

but they may have to humble their ego

to be lowered to a loser like  us

we havent yet heard from airport

if they give us a clear response

citing rules and clarifying restrictions

then we will agree 

and if they do want join

we have many ideas to pass on

- help change the perception of seatac 

as for the easement conversation

let talk about it in person when we meet 

- we intent to give them easement of what they need

that would be win win

and a new role model for next century


we hoping somehow they also part of the circle so we can all team up


there also chance that they decide to take the ambush path ... ?

"no ... (they not like that)"

- mr chee


blessing can be cast from future

into past

from future :

marco is professional wise compassion

he should be elevated



we'll wait on hiring firm etc.

if they answer/explain our questions  and is reasonable - then we will sign it

we hoping our focus can stay with the writing and not be diverted 


we often last to know

is there something about this that future and everyone already know but we yet to ?


"yea ... what do they really want ?" 

- phil​

these wise words having more meaning

now more people with us more we know

the future guardians dont want distractions of such kind at this time

- that their message 


more and more we begin to ask what is it they really want ?

if it is just that simple/random

then we sign and take minimum

the motive - that not a fact which can be changed now - so we just waiting ​

but we will know

we like to make peace with johnson

it willl have symbolic meaning across time

without it we would miss a chance


we send johnson compassion

maybe next week we to meet formally

mr chee and i already agree

this weekend talk to mrs chee to arrange


the idea of meeting johnson formally is awkward - they all be watching

yet we have talked few times this week

so if we meet that way

we keep talk same way ?



- mr chee



he is most loyal/ethical to his people

and you not want be the other side

we need not be business partners but we can team up/work together ​

either way johnson and us should team up

our circles need us whichever world we in​

the synergy multiplies our effectiveness as protectors


memory in a vision need not be sequential

the difference is that in a  non sequential

- there creative ways of using them to create waves to help other worlds


problem - solution is the sequential

but if all present moment

the solution can also come before the issue in our memory 

solve the solution solve the problem

- that the reverse


johnson and chu make peace ceremony the solution

it can appear first as memory to the conflict 94

so the less big deal we make of the alliance

the less problem is the memory

you get the point

e.g. #2

we then create this legal education seminar (CLE) for the show and/or in real for anyone to attend

the civility of lawyering

we sit at two ends of the panel of speakers

keep complimenting eachother

but never formally shake hands or talk

we just keep playing it - keeping it going

you get the point

the solution is solved - there no need to have the peace accord as antidote


the future sends blessing the moment the understanding / agreement is reached

the people there same people from future

this photo is good enough for both of us
and that all it matters

just another day at nayas

another solution solved ...

we thank those there 




legendary kung fu novel

pg - 13


dark world

you focus on the wizard

leave the port encroachment to us ...

- green army general


we not want impose burden on anyone​

but if they sincere 

we can use all the help

Question 1) If in the future all the trees are removed from site - say we pave it over - then the easement would cease?  if you have reason it not, can you please provide the legal basis  - e.g. statutory language and/or case precedent in support?

"The easement is permanent and would not cease if all trees are removed from the site.  Even without any trees, the Port still has an interest in keeping the airspace above your property free of any obstructions that could interfere with the safe operation of aircraft, as required by FAA regulations and other applicable laws. 

Under RCW 14.12.010(1), an “airport hazard” means “any structure or tree or use of land which obstructs the airspace required for the flight of aircraft…”  For example, construction of a cellular tower that protruded into a flight surface would pose a safety hazard and would be prohibited by the easement (as well as federal regulations).  Any airport hazard is considered to be a “public nuisance,” and the Port is therefore authorized to obtain these types of easements so that existing obstructions are removed and future obstructions prevented (tree or otherwise).  RCW 14.12.020. 

-marco 4-30

he did/didnt give an answer ?

just same evasive response as past 

and/or he is speaking another language ?

he knows that it a non-answer

marco a wise and mature person

and he knows that we also know that ?

"you calling their bluff"

the non answer may also be a polite response of acknowledgement ?

let write slowly into this ...

what is it he really want to say ?

this not really about the easement ?


airport in dream an inner movement

computer generated illusions/reality


real and/or not real, the point is 

we can change its inner chief

because in vision 21st century is no more

as inner, taking over the airport authority

that be the ground floor solution

- guardian chief


1850 office guardians to gather as circle

only those who sincere want to help

they have their leverage  

and now we may have ours

inner and/or outer ?

if they don't have the legal basis, they should just negotiate this  in fair and honorable way

but this not really about the easement ...?

it not about their attitude either

it not even about us or them ?

on our side

we can only say we trust our future

and future tells us to write what comes and no do anything until it gives passion


"Only that which has been honestly acquired through merit remains a permanent possession. It can happen that such a possession may be contested, but since it is really one's own, one cannot be robbed of it. Whatever a man possesses through the strength of his own nature cannot be lost.

i ching


if he is , we are honored and will sign it

- out of respect for him


if so ... the entire town would know by now ?

then we are honored to sign it

just another day at nayas

another solution solved ...


we need to humble and ask for his advise and/or guidance/help

this is a special person

we should first apologize  

let figure out together how we best do this

- john chu



ok, let say it is

what does his future want 

what does our future want 

that is the same ?


is there something more to both sides benefit , that there potential to continue this

but in a friendly fun way

the future both sides pulling ?


we still need respond to marco

we to agree but reserve option for time being

Dear Marco

we are pleased to let you know we have agreed, in general terms, to the easement.


It has been my way to  let it sit a little time before finalizing the decision. We may have a few follow up questions. As a retired attorney, old habits remain.

so we will reserve our response and get back to you this time next week.


just another day at nayas

another solution solved ...

shift of perception alters the paradigm

it not about airport and seatac residence

it an old friendship maybe here to help us

future need us to wait until we know

then it fine to sign

he is here and/or can be our ally

we have met at cafe ?

any friend of mic is our friend

deja vu

the be a nice completion 

coming together of old friends


mr chee was recently the recipient of the  award for best parking ticket lawyer of the year in washington state

top parking ticket lawyers gather to honor the special occasion

including the legend of all parking ticket lawyers ... mr bud hart 

the  first recipient of the award

of course

the recent hike in parking ticket fees means the parking ticket lawyers fees also rise

it a good time to be parking ticket lawyers 


jessica recently graduated from paralegal school majoring in parking tickets

she want to attend night school to get her degree and become a parking ticket lawyer

Very good response from Marco :

"John – that’s great to hear and I appreciate how thoughtful you have been throughout this process.



we enjoyed working with him


we can agree  to the easement language subject to our time frame 

as for the extra tree cutting agreement - it did not surface until recent 

we like to keep it to the essential

we hope he can extend us that courtesy


this like a online CLE for those learning

draft of letter to marco (we send it thursday am/pm) :

"we bring good news on the easement.


there are two proposed agreements and they need  be treated separately



we are willing to bypass further questions on the easement (even if they can be answered, it would drag us into the summer).  in exchange, we simply  ask where notary public is needed, you allow the parties to be fully vaccinated - about mid june

if this is acceptable, please forward the final draft. we reserve right to have it reviewed.


if power of attorney is acceptable, we may be able to get it signed sooner


we will share proceed with two tenants after receiving it

as inner

there is inner airport /there is outer airport

the outer is not here/the inner is here


as outer, we now have a passion for future to approve signing the easement

- we did it as respect to our old friend

in honor of his reaching out to us

we are humbled and like to learn 

we bow with honor and respect


as inner - between us and airport expansion - nothing has changed

as inner, they not to expand into others land

- guardians


"if we are able to return early 90's

we not likely to battle again

we only ask you give that young attorney some guidance - he could use it"


mr chee nods


we didnt know this linked to our old friend network

it the reason future wouldn't let us sign until understood

these are people here to help us

and we are thankful

we didnt know who they were and so apologize if we reacted too cautiously

- it wasn't anything personal

we will work out the terms 



future to present :

make sure marco win and look good

but keep it simple


again, outstanding  marco is our friend 

he just delivering the documents

airport 's gentle PR person - very good 

it not matter

easement and/or no easement

that why he is successful

he gets it done

it the result

we will sign

he came to network with us

we want to work with the master

the office bows with honor and respect

john chu


Dear Marco :

 the easement :

we  agree to the terms

but give us until mid june to gather the  signatures

if above terms are  agreeable 

please forward the documents

 we reserve the right  to review the final draft 

it has been a honor to work with you

please take care

john chu



we about a week or two away from signing the first agreement 

- there is no agreement until signed

any subtle pressure to get us to sign earlier wont be helpful 

we ask for mid june - there only one agreement (both agreements)

- they not really giving us anything for this nor answered our question

- they should be thankful we doing this for marco


we dont know who they are

just that "there only few here"

so they likely part of circle ?


if so, we sign - they our friends

if not, we like to know who they are

- he is (linked to) someone at nayas ?

because if not, we need to know 


we like to hear from readers/from future what they think ?


our inner power with airport is equalizing

and we have yet to hire a firm


so if there a reason we should not sign

someone will need to speak up


what would bud want us to do ?


if johnson and i team up

he a time traveler able to see into future

we happy to sign the easement

we just want make sure the future is in agreement


if they here just to network

then that outstanding

we happy to sign 

we like to work together

maybe purpose this is  they here to get us to use this as tool to team up  ... 

because future needs us

and/or certain inner expansion need be stopped


then those who can see future should tell us what need done here


as practical matter

we to let them trims the trees no matter the easement

we already offered them what they can get and we already willing accept less than what we can receive

they should be thankful we gifting it and allow us all the reasonable time we need to be comfortable with signing it


on airport

the elder circle discusses what to do ...

it the same inner pattern

no matter the outer dream

- mr chee

if you seen future and

if give me a reason and game plan

to join forces

this be best time

we can consider change of plans

nothing is final until signature



it was a fools hope from beginning

but ...

if we can turn it ... then history has new ally from future

the momentum is what is important


snoqualmie pass


"we dont have to sign"

- future

they cant answer our question


 my present self says to sign 

but i dont know of my future self

if it different will let you know

- phil

my present self also says to sign

but my future self not clear



what if there really a future 

trying to  reach back to get us listen

can we hear them ?

they would need send us a sign this weekend

- that we not to sign until enter this sphere


so he had to keep up the show for five months 

now we good to sign




they may send a song


we write what comes

ask all questions before signing


airport is powerful


but they not suppose to be our opponent

but our ally

- john

we not looking to fight them

but to get them join us

maybe that what future trying to do to get us to keep working with marco

keep the show going then something will just click

like with mr chee and circle

but once signed

the possibility is over


write what comes

bible interpretation :

if eminent domaine gives them one feet but  they seek two - then they seek more than entitled

if it given/offered  to you 

vs. seeking things beyond entitlement


and they pressure next door neighbor  at a time they least likely to resist 


three pigs in straw hut

three pigs in rock hut

deeper the compassion

deeper the root

"deep roots are not reached by the frost"

- jr tolkien

- reverse i ching

is that what future saying ?

we need to build on this momentum to stop something on the inner - an inner authority not american but taking over

it the same force taking over other nations from within - it not them

but only in american west do we have the power to match it ?

people attention shift away from the essential/what is really taking place beneath

writer doing admirable job of keeping the momentum/show going with his bs skills

by this time, he has delivered the message

and we thank him

if we can slow/stop that inner force in america, it will cease in other nations as well

we dont know,

we will keep writing

the future is talking 


the hidden option to either sign or not sign easement is for future to return to past and avert it from there

- guardians 


send the energy into the no fear rock

the being behind airport 

future knows

if you can answer our question

the debate ends and we gladly sign 

we ok with signing it but it may influence our relationship ?

we don't know 

we to stay polite/professional


"if they cant explain it

they shouldn't seek it"



maybe airport has message from future

and/or people using airport as point to send message to us ?

but there must be first 1) good relationship and 2) you cant take from him what he not want give


if this chewpiland

he doesnt want to sign anything for trimming trees

just trim the trees 

there no easements in chewpiland

 no one recording it

take on the burden to save the world

and it will wipe clear all your shallow burdens



compassion vs. standrad protocol​

if ones to go, which would it be ?​


we working on power of attorney

and then to sign it

they give us end of june

thank you

let get this done 



if airport retreats

it be a tie

we already ready to sign

if airport advances

they win


"Even if by chance a leather belt is bestowed on one,
By the end of a morning
It will have been snatched away three times."

- i ching

Here we have someone who has carried a conflict to the bitter end and has triumphed. He is granted a decoration, but his happiness does not last. He is attacked again and again, and the result is conflict without end.

- commentary

let the outstanding airport staff decide

they all reading ?

and then we can have an alliance based on respect and trust


measuring my strength
comparing it to 1994
we can time travel back to help that day

marco is mr chee /johnson ?
the alliance is a tool for future time travelers to benefit 

the realization of it may be the resolution

maybe we simply have a talk
find a resolution mutually beneficial

and this matter be done 



"so you marco of airport?




 i sign if you want it signed

but it not necessary ?



- mr chee

if so

we will work it out


1995 last we talked

johnson offered ... cup of coffee

the ideal conclusion is not for easement or not

but for us to meet and laugh over a cup of coffee

we no need talk about that past

just two  lawyers from seattle , for old times sake​


mr cheee does look like johnson but whether he is marco we not sure - but there no reason for him to make it up 

if so we should just be able to deal with directly at nayas and bypass the e-mail formalities


i will talk to him later this week


we have agreement with mr chee if marco needs docs signed sooner than allowed time - he will just ask us in person

we want to allowed writing to come and get comfortable first with the easement signing

we ready to sign and give mr chee what he needs

but if it can be avoided 

we would like to see the options

how can we help you ?

how can we help one another ?


we will retreat voluntarily  

next week we will begin prepare the power of attorney


"In retreating the superior man is intent on taking his departure willingly and in all friendliness. He easily adjusts his mind to retreat, because in retreating he does not have to do violence to his convictions."

- i ching

- our stance against   airport expansion stands


it is because our friendship with mr chee 

he came to us in spirit of humility

he is sincere even if not able to say in words

- we are appreciative 

june 5 2pm

it my fault for dragging this so long

but now i know it you

this way for us to re-connect

i will get it signed

marco can then done his task

- john chu


- mr chee smiles

bud ,  mrs chee and daughter naya smile

we can close an old chapter



show strength

lose every battle

that how it is to be friends


power comes by asking the right questions

likely mr chee is johnson

but he is not  marco ?


"i dont think (mr chee) is marco

you should just get it signed ​"

- la lady

i didnt think so either


marco a nice person

looking younger 


we waiting on approving the power of attorney form and tenants signatures later his week - then we will sign/mail  the access agreement first - then easement later



marco is/was protected by us


we like to meet marco and say hi

i buy him coffee


dream this am

tony in same train

cheerfully he exits the station


when meditate on marco

he is compassion

when dealing with airport

the quality not as elevated

so there room to improve

for both sides

john chu bows with honor and respect



yet to hear from marco on access agreement tenants signed

so signed and mail out our copy this am

the access agreement effectively confirms the easement

but the other 3 owners yet to sign

so until easement is signed

there no easement  


this is not fair

- guardians


cant solve something with same level of something​

marco is part of the circle 

with bud and mr chee

bud is the japan buddha at gompa ?

the one clown buddha said "if you want to know buddhism; he the one to talk to"

they all part of the circle 

what do they really want ?

"we relate to people out of fear or out of love"

- gift show


"he surrendered to the spirit

not the white man"

- bison shaman


"Making a boast of power leads to entanglements, just as a goat entangles its horns when it butts against a hedge. Whereas an inferior man revels in power when he comes into possession of it, the superior man never makes this mistake. He is conscious at all times of the danger of pushing ahead regardless of circumstances, and therefore renounces in good time the empty display of force."

- i ching

john chu is the inferior

making boast of his power

marco never makes this mistake

that why he won this round

he never pushed

yet we caved ...


airport easement we can agree in general

if $3000 their honest top offer

we'll agree to the terms


we apologize to marco for using up his time

we also like to use this as chance to make peace with johnson

which maybe we already have

just here to help

the trains keep moving



we to let guardians first speak

they have clear message for people of certain place/time

now they have spoken 

writer task done

he will be rewarded in own way

the rest is up to you




Business Notes

if there future which the show prevailed

it be sending us message now

guardians stay to protect

whether or not easement is signed

- the office negotiates another truce



just as they on track of the red october


"sir, the headquarter called

we must return for submarine routine maintenance and to change carpet


cant they wait ?

- captain

no, it standard protocol



guardians supplement


future/present to past/february :

let them trim trees

don't sign easement

bring the file to us


he holding on to power of attorney form

we not going to pressure him

until he is willing​

until then

the airport can try to pressure me

the guardians don't think it fair


we like to ask them to further clarify the legal basis of the permanent easement

they didnt answer our question ?

now that tree trimming agreement is signed by writer - we have shown our good faith 

there no more reason to be hurry to sign anything 

but we first wait for them to write us

then we follow the guardians


we like to make hopi peace

win win


we are willing to sign ; we will wait past this week to ask for the form - see what more may come out of this conversation



either way

we look forward to meet marco

the one who was there at beginning 

he has become a friend

"we see a happy ending"



we will talk to bud little more

we just want make sure he ok with it - for us to write what comes and use humor to show our view

- we want keep a good relationship

so far he seems to encourage us to stand up to airport

maybe his idea is to leave it as it is until we return ?


you on our side

you always been around me through our time



in one way or another

- bud


maybe the gift of this teamwork is not so much for ourselves

but marco and john have given the future a tool to deal with 



to deal with it now

or they be back

"In a time of flowering culture, an occasional convulsion is bound to occur, uncovering a hidden evil within society and at first causing a great sensation. But since the situation is favorable on the whole, such evils can easily be glossed over and concealed from the public. Then everything is forgotten and peace apparently reigns complacently once more. However, to the thoughtful man, such occurrences are grave omens that he does not neglect. This is the only way of averting evil consequences."

- i ching


"this place of the mind so nothing is random "


they already have their tree trimming agreement 

this is not random

what they really want ?

there is no legal basis to the permanent easement , only conditional one - so this easement is not fair 

and why they need an easement which exceeds what statute gives them ?

the timing of it and the value is also not fair

if it going to be permanent - that not a fair value just because people they hire say so

- guardians

just start chanting that to the airport people - "this is not fair"

what do they really want ?



on airport

you want me to sign it

just say so 

- john

half half


no need to sign but to keep the show going ?



- bud


whether or not he part of it - he seems to know what going on


likely they not want  get further involved and that's fine

we had to at least ask



maybe they just using us ?

and we had enough of that

if friendship is true - that only type we seek 

they no need keep play chess games

they will need choose

we should step back and observe


either way

he has become our friend 

we his protector of longevity


marco is a good and kind person 

we dont care

if they need us to sign we will sign

marco has his job to do

but if there chance to preserve the momentum - to come back and see how we can teamwork  to counter other worldly forces

"there is a gathering of people"

we should give it a chance ?

- 7-22

marco just doing his job

if they not have legal basis

his job should not/can not dependent on it

his is just convey bosses' directive 

it may depend on his bosses ?

the  commissioners

seek their support the guardians should if they want this to continue

writer just messenger

he not to fight this on own

- guardians




"John,  checking back on the status of the easement.  How is it going with the power of attorney process?  Marco"


"will get to work on it"




they dont likely have have legal basis to claim permanency and they know that

but they also wont back off 

and it not worth to make a fight over

we do what we reasonably can to keep gathering going so there no regret

- is it even worth the effort ?

so unless guardians can make their influence now

  this will come to end ...

we are just a messenger


write what comes ...

what if, just what if

future needs this gathering to avert something 

as personal - we want get it done and make easy on marco

as messenger of guardians - 

they  only allowed us to sign the access agreement

why guardians also persistent about this ?

it a bit confusing for us as well

but since they yet to answer our question

we have a reason to wait

we ask for guidance


dont step out of our capacity

and to stay humble to the words given

it may depend on his bosses ?

the  commissioners

seek their support the guardians should if they want this to continue


they got the guardians involved now

like they taking over

"if they want marco to keep pushing without a legal basis

we like to ask for their reason"

- guardians


on airport

by bypassing middle person and going directly to the outstanding commissioners

they can then answer what we really want to know

what do they really want ?

we dont care about the easement debate

no one does

we just have to draw the attention and give it enough time to persuade the audience this not ordinary/random


they know what we trying to do - gathering 

and they know  they havent answered our question


the guardians momentum  is matching their inner expansion



what be win win is for seatac neighbors

temporary truce - no one going on the offensive - let see what words come from future

we been so far playing defense

airball defense

we wont let writer to keep be on the defensive

- guardians

still water ...

both sides


Hi Marco


I am glad we have the access agreement signed so you can proceed with the tree removing duties.


As for the easement, I want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the details of the language.

There remains a question and I am hoping you can help us clarify :


On the permanency of the easement,  If all the trees are removed, is there a legal basis the airport has to make such claim ? Logic would be that the easement would expire and should not be permanent. 

But you are saying that the airport does have such right ? If so, are you able to give us more details of the legal basis - such as a specific statute and/or case laws that would support airport's claim. 


I know we've gone a few rounds into this and apologize if it sounds redundant. 


Thanks for your understanding. 



this is a very reasonable question any citizens should be entitled to ask


Marco's response :

"John -- 


Thanks for your patience regarding the Port’s responses to the questions you and your fellow property owners posed about the permanent easement. 


Regarding the permanent easement, one of the primary purposes of the Flight Corridor Safety Program is to prevent future hazards (as described in the Port Commission Resolution provided with your paperwork), which also includes obstructions that are not trees.  Even without any trees, the Port still has an interest in keeping the airspace above your property free of any obstructions that could interfere with the safe operation of aircraft, as required by FAA regulations and other applicable laws.  Under RCW 14.12.010(1), an “airport hazard” means “any structure or tree or use of land which obstructs the airspace required for the flight of aircraft…”  For example, construction of a cellular tower that protruded into a flight surface would pose a safety hazard and would be prohibited by the easement (as well as federal regulations).  Any airport hazard is considered to be a “public nuisance,” and the Port is therefore authorized to obtain these types of easements so that existing obstructions are removed and future obstructions prevented (tree or otherwise).  RCW 14.12.020.


I hope that helps explain.  Please let me know if you have any further questions."


they didnt answer the permanency question ?


they may think their answer is clever but it not persuading anyone