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summer basketball league


"ice man jr. 

the leading scorer

bobby jones 

william lumberg, brad gibbons jack portnoy and chu"

"bowling and jones are six feet two

chu is 75 pounds and has attempted most threes but made the least"

- game announcers

they all laugh

Chewpi Basketball

"hey , how it feel to get shot blocked by chu ?"


"making fun of smaller  ishitoko does the savvy veteran 

making players all laugh

ishitoko masataki simply smiles"

- game announcer

"that team airball

that ice man jr and jones

and chu is over 100 pounds and hit the winning three at semis 


  no matter how he threw it up it went in

like someone with power was near directing the basketball"

- billie wa

team hawkins

- 1983

chewpi basketball national tournament

the power of humility





for rise daily gain

for reverse daily loss

lose and lose until it is done

until nothing is left not done

- tao te ching 48



chewpiland history



parents and little brother first arrived LA in july 1977

not finding ideal situation

they start out in oakland motel in tacoma

when frank and oneself arrived february 5, 1978

it was seattle/tacoma airport

we start out inside oakland motel 

a month later

realtor came and offer to buy old small motel

into us bank

first lucky break ...

parents then purchase another hotel and a house in lakewood

there it be for until 85

move to hidden lake motel - travelodge

then things got easier from there

there they be until may 1992

when they purchased this house

then it easy from there

they the sponsors of this show


interview with dakini


the wheels of compassion

"compassion the ultimate medicine


energy = mass

energy chakra = mass matrix and its flow


there always three

each wheel same emptiness


compassion for red and root and earth etc.


they call open root chakra etc.


there one compassion


root calls it compassion

crown calls it compassion


so it a rainbow but one compassion


it a feeling and also a color sensation etc.


one color - compassion"

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

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