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The Rising Years


University of Washington


University of Pennsylvania  Law  1989-1992

Worked for a year at a small firm


 English was his biggest challenge

Knew none in 1978

There was a boost of intelligence

a burst of passion when needed

"one day we will discover a medicine that will clear the mind"

-phil "the comedy" bailey

 that his 7th grade nickname 


cp85 is collection of scenes in a movie

a network which one day may have it own netflix/virtual reality game

we each have own chewpiland cp85 memories

classmates all here


everyone had romance to remember

even if none remembered it


phil and sheila

same cp building today

built early 80's

the clover park warriors


chris and writer one time called kurt and jay 

told them we going to wedding

to dress it

took them on a hike

we juniors they sophomores

the look of hikers when they saw them on trail

these two have good nature


senior year 85

four of us and phil and another formed creative  solving team which made to nationals

we traveled as group to dc for an event on graduation week

they  had visions of future 


airball years


we will keep adding to story

1988 applying to law school

needed prof to write reference but knew few

turned to a writing teacher from freshmen year 85 - cathy beyers

she surprised me with a two page typed letter next day

i was really moved and thankful

as immigrant, writing my worse topic

and even in law school struggled 

not to mention 1985

never imagined i be a writer 


to this day

 wanted to thank her

others may have helped in obligatory way

but her help was genuine and heartfelt

she retired in 2016

we wish her the best




cruise/pitt room mates down hall

denzel also there

nick is depp my roommate

86 tom cruise/top gun

i had no clue

he was humble/ordinary

but that time only cruise was famous

so happy to see them rise to top


phil/dave there freshmen year

year 2 they moved to a different dorm cross campus

i would always walk by to say hi

they have parties all the time


it was a great 4 years

airball game be at night

we would gather eat dinner dining hall and walk over

we always lose 85

until we recruited mike and nick's brother matt

then we had two actual high school players

pt guard handle ball and rebounder 



what does all that have to do with 2021 formless realm ?

we dont know

The wise are impartial; They see the people as straw dogs. The space between heaven and Earth is like a bellows. The shape changes but not the form;

- tao te ching


the 3d of this journey yet to change

the house/people same even if we journey across 5d universe

like 85 return to taiwan

there that feeling which will repeat

and the 3d will change

that feeling walking out plane

(vs.walking in 1978)

first link with feel of the old culture

then few days later

taichung/zhong xiao

walking back into old neighborhood


trust your feeling


that how i feel now

like returning to taiwan

long flight ...

feel the change of energy as plane/ship approach

waiting for 3d to change as plane/ship lands/docks ...


remember airport bus back to taipei

whole bus felt with joy

just want to smile

this a good place to begin

if airport was euphoria

return to zhong xiao was profound

walk back on ground  ...

same spirit which never left

reunited with the new body ...


so  we had to take the long journey

return to where we begin

been away for like a lifetime

the ocean looks same from any angle

while in between

"better to do nothing than something" 

patience the advise those talk to regularly


as destination approach/feeling

there will be change in 3d ?

once that veil /curtain lifts


yet  "there may be a journey to take"​

until plane arrives

everywhere we go is same ship

everyone a replicant


perhaps the ship docked ?

people waiting

abugee ?!​

ultimately the home must include the people​


1850 bc

it a formality - the journey to take

symbolic way of dropping the vision body



once zhu ren zhang returns

he is a nicer person

- 9-20-21


chewpi bank

somehow in our future we figured out how to send money to past

we first have accumulation/savings in the unseen world

there a quantum way/place that wires the money to them

they will receive it in whatever way

it'll just be there ?

like there chewpi bank in subconscious world

we only need to know how to build up credit/savings there within 

and our waves can access it anywhere/time ?


chewpi network created us

not us them

cant buy credit there with currency here

same way the credit there not recognized here

it the credit of compassion

- fong chi inc promotion team


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