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The wave Guardians


"Each key has a designated person

this one is yours

it matches only you

the door to the wave kung fu palace

once there

learn much you may 

- oracle

"it opens of its own

but for your eyes only ...


find chu office

hand them the key


the staff will show the way


we to hunt the newsmaker"

- the trinity key maker


there only this day

it / they cant do anything to you this day

we have won the battle for this day

Training Manual


to us

as background

that horse is timeless

it always same/moving

second floor 

that how it is vision

we see a horse

like dream

no one else here

not even us

it just dream/simulation

which includes our view of body 

and its vision

like lucid dream

right before/after awaken

from inside

we become aware of it


to the vision body

there only this moment

everything else wave

that the vision body has a cause

from within the vision

e.g. birth date


the cause of the vision is here

the formless presence

be as inner humble

even if know

the future knows better

like this romantic couple

are you able to do nothing

dream within dream

in dream vision

the lights move

not the place

"In the place of Akanishta,

without center or limit"

"When someone looks on it, it appears only so big, and yet its limits cannot be seen"

"They make their appearance in many rays of light."

- Longchenpa

the continuous wheel of eternity

each day new vision

each dream new body


to awaken into a new reality


to travel/paddle into a parallel reality

lights change/not the place ?

if this a vision

or you find yourself in one

then what/who is in control ?

we need first see it as not the old world


this is not 21st century

even your body is a vision

no matter how similar they appear

there is no relationship between them

no one there can do anything to you 

yesterday in here did not happen 

but only within your memory body 

and if you know how this place works

then you can be free of it 

- vision quest instructor

Chewpiland 2020


"in chewpiland

no death no taxes"

we first remove inner obstacles

then what is there reveals

- vision conquerers


we to have faith in this future



"the parties remain professional 

this important meeting to discuss better trade relations"

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