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New Matrix 15

11 - Morning Has Broken

in blank space vision

everything returns to blank space

we see what we want to see


vision body within blank space

vs. vision body within endless space

one has no basis  - it is the basis

vs. one has blank space as basis

- this may be the biggest difference since 4-9


blank space is zero

vs. endless space has movement/duality

one can be 0.00001 , but that still not zero


blank space is neither physical nor spiritual


In blank space vision, when it not happening it is blank space/returns to zero

There no antecedent cause/blank space holds no memories of mental body - it can not exist here


 it returns to endless space but it not zero

There can be antecedent cause because mental body memory can exist within endless space


it the billion intelligence / blank space consciousness guiding/teaching us million intelligence - we to trust it


outer luminosity is the sky

inner luminosity is like ocean

dharmakaya like surface of ocean ground

blank space is the underground

- it views sky/ocean/surface as same difference


in dream/vision

vision body/place is made of light

descramble the light of the place but not the vision body, the place changes relative to the dream body


descramble the vision body and the place

the entire 3/4/5d returns to space


endless space is black hole

vs. blank space is beyond it 


the beings inside blank space are diverse

yet they all ... intermingled as one


we inside a vision within blank space


guide yourself out


We entered 1-29 and came back out after some time there to same place/time ; to have this past two months to write to viewers what it is

Then we came home 4-9 to world of joy

"they cant see you anymore" - guide


we in between/orientation at this time

 inside blank space ?

gently learning the place from the billion wisdom

it knows how to use every subtle means to teach us



two months ago we want to exit something/go home

today we not there anymore ; cant say it home yet ... yet cant say we not there

the inner feels like it where we want be

but outer still vision of 21st century

maybe the vision will "descramble" into blank space ?


it felt like we separated from endless space on 4-9


to enter blank space

"they dont even have an approach to it" - guide

they dont have a reference point other than seeing it as a point within endless space - cant force way in etc. 


we came from it and awakened to it 20 years ago

so this is just making it conscious

following someone remembering a place not same as following them into it

there no one inside so the person they following is not blank space but just ... inner movement


it a source of compassion

"it was a gift from long ago" 


dream of dorm room ; first it was packed with room mates and stuff ; then it cleared out ; only mattress remains ; it now an empty room just us

maybe it means place is empty/just us  and/or we graduating and they all first moved out/home


the funny budha lawyer

it was about this time 1984

chuy did his first and last stand up comedy



nate super funny club

it was a quiet evening amateur/open mic night

everyone laughing not because they funny, but because they want them to feel funny

because this is tacoma ...



the creative of west is different from creative of east

receptive of east also different than west

if intermingled maybe something else


blank space also has creative/receptive but they are intertwined /inseparable so view from outer it one

yet from inner

it like male/female forces intertwined

cant say the duality not exist nor exist


the universe is like bellows

- tao te ching

so from inside blank space

the two forces divide then returns to one

it is multiple yet it is one

that the base movement of the universe

always moving yet unchanging

contracting/expanding same time

without the adventitious interference

the forces balance out to evenness/zero




how to descramble ?


we already inside blank space

that why feel it possible to drop off what  not align and

that we/blank space still be here

just as endless space has different view/language

blank space has new language


say 12th bush cut scar on 15th

elemental space  say the 12th cut caused the scar 15th


endless space can say same and/or it can also have view that memory of cut  need not be the cause etc.


there is no 12th cut memory ; no body to have such memory ; no body to have such scar etc.


but i see a scar


elemental space cannot deny that

and so 12th cut must be the cause


endless space can say same and/or that it a vision ;

that it need not be caused by the memory  etc.


can see the scar then return to spent year inside blank space then observe the body again same time

from blank space there no body 

- they see only blank space yet can relate to what others see


"If a man tries to hunt in a strange forest and has no guide, he loses his way"

"go only when bidden"

- i ching

we hiking into the unknown/unknowable

we ask for guidance



if path had ended endless space/sambogakaya

it would be through a path of an existing lineage

but if reach blank space

then what starts from there is not of that lineage

yet same root - there only one dharmakaya

it a new path/sambogakaya

so need not follow others except as examples

why it goes through us we no know

but we done this in past


to be inside the blanks space

since 4-9 it feel possible 

like this vision body display simply "descramble"

we return to/only blank space remains

one luminosity

"like a float tank ; no one else is there"

"without self there no others"


then it can "descramble" again 

a new vision body/place appears as energy/form



we inside a new continuum since 4-9

unlike purelands, the continuum is not there or here 

it not closer/farther  ; not sooner/later from past/future ; neither spiritual/mental/physical ; neither form/formless

transcend  is "be or go beyond the range or limits of"

this place "it completely transcends it"

"you bring that place with you"


again, we far from "enlightenment"

just a scholar who collects ideas from internet/books

we no have guru etc. nor belong to any school

 we are of the academics ;  knowledgeable of traditions

we lack the awareness and so the insights

it better to go to established lineages/teachers

- writer prefers the independence

but this is entertaining to read

that one reason we chosen to be the messenger

at the poop hotel

the equal in status as five stars/elite

the world famous

"the bonsai aromatherapy spa"

attract many celebrities on vacation from universes 

- chewpi news travel

audience looking impressed ...

blank space body is the blank space

blank space is the one light etc etc


endless space is not a body nor luminosity

inner luminosity is not endless space

light body/endless space is a duality


blank space not have a now nor past/future because it not have time - no luminosity no space


endless space can have a present which includes past/future - it one movement of luminosity

the distinction seems minimal unless one is in between


maybe there a word for blank space in buddhism :

when trikaya viewed as one

"The svabhavikakaya,...  It is the ultimate buddha kaya. Its wisdom aspect is called the wisdom dharmakaya. And its appearance as a form kaya ... is the sambhogakaya. Its appearance as a form kaya to impure beings is the nirmanakaya."

- rigpa wiki

as outer, if we in it we in it

but as inner, we to first follow compassion

not the ultimate buddha kaya etc.



it the rainbow body of blank space


rainbow body of endless space


what would compassion do ?

endless space compassion  would be to share gift of learning ; help carry/confront others fear burden etc.


blank space compassion would say just share writing

there no others here

this pinnacle of physics - the blank space

happiness is something else

- guide

we think it just a part of compassion

like Q continuum

blank space and compassion

compassion is superior


 humor also tool of compassion

it a form of intelligence 

compassion is what makes feel joy

 laughter is what make that feeling communicate

real laughter is when cant not laugh even if try


as outer, we to first follow the conventional 

as inner,  we are here because of following compassion



the vision within blank space is like own mini drama series - it just our own dream

there only blank space outside


once enter blank space can return/go anywhere

even back to this place

but there no writing in there

so what we need to write we will do so here


blank space trickster

vs. endless space tricksters


mic/susie since 2015 are endless space

they someone else

the mic of 2004 /abugee is blank space

at root there an unity/same being

born of the one light

Hotel Resort at Sunrise

the most humble trickster contest

they trick people into believing they are most humble

one who wins this award/title gets to vacation at the prestigious poop hotel 

and be popular with the ladies here

the prestigious town of poop

elegance is what make this town famous

- chewpi news travel guide

audience looking impressed ...

blank space is like own inner meditation

it not relative to space/time of others 

- a second here we could spent years there

so in that way it just within ourself


just as any space/time/place can link to blank space

blank space can link into any space/time/place

"that means you can go anywhere"

enter it then exit to another place/time/space

the hub one can stay as long as we like


can enter blank space then travel to another endless space world then come back to same place/time without the conscious mind even knowing

every time return to blank space

it resets to zero

whatever emerge is new even if it look same

even if the conscious mind not know


endless space clockwise time

can see blank space


endless space counter clockwise

can also see same blank space


endless space mortality/immortality


blank space

there no eternity because no body



it one consciousness/no consciousness

the body there not separated from place

one place/one light/one body

no place/no light/no body

no body no light no birth

no darkness no death no decay

it our conscious mind which seeing vision

blank space is what is here now outer

like our subconscious is merging into blank space


this the field of 3d potential 

elemental/endless/blank space

most others have only elemental/endless

so it different functions/laws of science


the blank space allows for possibilities which endless space alone cannot attain - it impossible

e.g. the potential of the vision body can be very different with the introduction of blank space



trikaya returns to the one kaya

the 4d learning the code and 5d deepening/merging into the blank space ; our vision body/place (rupakaya) returns to endless space/luminosity (dharmadatu) returns to blank space 

dharmadatu not blank space because it still has differentiation/others and movements of space/ time


to align with that being of 1850 bc /sambogakaya village , we need first know the blank space

otherwise, we would not understand him

that not the only option once enter blank space

we can also e.g. create a new sambogakaya

e.g. the poop heaven


since April 9 just settling into the blank space

like aug we looking from outside luminosity in

then recently we inside the luminosity looking out

in same way, we looking/entering into blank space

download - 2024-05-04T111237.066.jpeg

I was the second runner up to the most humble trickster contest two years ago ...

- gazes deeply and seductively into her

... stop teasing me 

you turning me on ...

- looking so impressed she is

"wow ... so romantic "

- audience

blank space 


blank space within compassion


"The svabhavikakaya of the Buddha is considered differently by the New Traditions and the Ancient Tradition. The New Traditions consider that it is the emptiness devoid of the five skandhas. They claim that such emptiness is mere nothingness and there cannot therefore be such a thing as the Buddha’s wisdom of omniscience. The Ancient Tradition considers that the svabhavikakaya is the wisdom of omniscience"

- online

both are right - it hasn't been within compassion but maybe it once was ... ?

maybe the magic was lost ; became just mere emptiness devoid of the mental body


that blank space gives meaning to "power comes from hub of wheel" - it cannot be seen



milarepa sits in cave snow mountain

can fly etc. ; he overcame/mastered the five elements while within the five element world

we like to learn ...


in a vision

weather/five elements is an inner movement

-five elements forms (waves surface) are illusory relative to the luminosity (ocean)

that the view if one is blank space

the lens of compassion

that there an extra layer/cushion of light between blank space and the forms created from the luminosity

they see the non dual light then above that ocean is the light body - the energy display of forms

there a non dual layer of energy beneath the duality of energy/matter ; then there the blank space

"it is very thin ; use it ; it shall never fail"

the point is :

they see it as all compassion


blank space is/sees only one luminosity

and so the multiverse created from one light also seen as same one luminosity

only the wave is real



in vision 

elemental space body says it is the body

endless space says only the wave is the body

blank space - no elemental space body no endless space body because no body to begin with


 this a vision, but we see a physical body 


the element body is first a wave body

without the five element body consciousness

you may see it differently/something else


we may see it as nirmanakaya

it blank space  vs.

 five element body consciousness 

- that mental body space


we would see the same sun

but one rotates around us vs.

we rotate around it


the wave of compassion

blank space is/sees only one luminosity

and so the multiverse created from one light also seen as same one luminosity

only the wave is real

the sphere of compassion is made up of wave of compassion

this blank space etc.not important 

few can relate to it / we could care less 

just want get away from comrades and get to place we need to go

and yet we here ...


the ultimate medicine

elemental space medicine vs.

endless space wave medicine vs.

blank space no medicine


everyone enters blank space

whether consciously/unconsciously


they pull one in and plays with us

one sees no one inside but classmates all there

once enter one stays in the continuum e.g. 05

- the world of joy



If a ting is turned upside down before being used, no harm is done-on the contrary, this clears it of refuse

- i ching


shift the paradigm the perception shifts


try to shift perception with same paradigm


it'll take this month to create the paradigm for this

similar to antecedent cause ideas

every 3/4 months a shift

maybe june there be another


there is no shape within blank space

everyone of the minds intermingled as one

it endless so more to go but that the final destination

the Trinity of circle is old ; it teamwork since ancient

maybe can say we are more earth /female/receptive than the other two circles

- mei


if the 3 circles unite now we have the blank space view

we cannot be stopped

- writer

there be no weak points/corners

- mei


your mind already in it

so you'll just ... into it


you think I'll see John chu again ?

maybe in a different body

- writer

he might just jump back/return to your body

there 5-6 of you that circle

- mei

feels like he already inside bank space

like grandkid tricksters switching bodies  

we same blank space mind/circle

we are closer to mic's blank space circle

and even closer to John chu's clown circle

but blank space is blank space

it all returns to same one

mt rainier


download - 2024-05-06T213746.025.jpeg

Tacoma Fong chi



nate super funny club

it was a quiet evening amateur/open mic night

it was also poetry reading night

the waitress/bar tender got on stage and read a poem audience really liked

"light spring breeze

near sunset

the couple on date sitting on edge of cliff

watching sunset

the gentleman holds in hand nacho cheese

the lady leans over and took one of the nacho cheese

and bites into it ...

the gentleman gazes into her

whispers in strong southern accent ...

"that is nacho cheese ..."

the lady ... pauses, replies :

"it is now ..."

- overwhelmed with emotion

she wipes away tears and bows to audience

"wow ... so romantic ..."

- audience 

wiping away tears of inspiration


two people both inside blank space

one having a dream/vision ; one not

- the vision didnt happen


with endless space visions

it a different background that is not blank space


nothing  this day happened

it a vision within blank space

there no seattle no 21st century inside a vision within blank space


discriminating wisdom is useful here if we to enter blank space

no matter how strong pull memory is ; how certain we are that we just had am coffee etc.

it is not blank space


what has happened did not happen

what has yet to happen has

- blank space language


there no gender within blank space

if we see gender/body

it cannot be of blank space


we already in blank space so the body we see is not blank space - but an illusion/vision

there cannot be a mind /body within blank space

the body here is also the mind etc.

the memory we see is also the body etc.


that the waves in circle b gets renewed/return to zero etc. by circle a

from inside circle a - circle b waves  have no antecedent cause



within blank space there is one passion/no passion

it the same as stillness/no stillness

that can only be so if one has the emptiness 


blank space is like zero

whether one is inside vision of 10 or 100

it returns to zero once multiplied


endless space is like ocean of wave

five element world like land

it bound by an inner pull/anchor/gravity

that circle b gravity has no power/influence over blank space/circle a

blank space like a fire

there no space/time/distance/elements

from outer view, all enters/returns to the dark

from inner view, the fire is what gives light

people here all from blank space and/or computer generated

there others here entering our 3/4/5d 

so it new and it not them of past


the sooner we discriminate blank space vision from that of past the sooner we be inside blank space and then to see those friends again


it a new paradigm our 4d getting adjusted

the 5d is already blank space

better question is who are these people now ?

we to trust them and listen to their guidance/directive


that mei is someone from blank space here and not master hu/mei etc. ?

so if they say they in blank space they are

but they not those old friends

- same with bison shaman


if open an office (once back out there) you'll be stuck/trapped again

there no need once enter blank space

- mei


your blank space is new/upgrade from their old one

- guide

same blank space 3d - no shape/one shape

same 5d - one luminosity

new 4d - reverse


it been a month westport beach

more clear now we inside blank space

so that day worth revisiting



Fong chi is circle a language

which even a kid from central Taiwan can comprehend

the dharmakaya language is circle b language


so it seem we back home blank space 

that is done and can relax

the old identity is of endless space

we are alone here

there a personal simulation here only we can enter

- later can invite others in 

the place is yet to reveal - it our home 

for now, we are inside a default /old vision

people here don't laugh easy  - it world of joy

they have fong chi pride and regards their fong chi status to be superior to others

in a continuum nothing is needed

they all seek the Fong chi respect they believe they deserve

"watashi wa fong chi master-do des ..."


"i dont understand japanese ..."


劉家昌 Liu Chia Chang - 我家在哪裡 (官方完整版MV)

inside blank space

there no distinction between space/consciousness/luminosity


so blank space has no shape/3d

and/or blank space is the shape/3d

without a body shape - mental and/or endless/light body, the 4d of blank space is spontaneous/without reference point

- emptiness/wu-wei

the 5d is one potency/energy/light

-  it all compassion/one love



the vision body/place we see is just memory 

- it not blank space

we are inside blank space so the vision we see has no relationship /influence on the places/time of past


repetition useful to establish paradigm

"apart from discriminative wisdom

there is no other cause to remove these (veils)"

- uttara tantra

the visions will dissolve/fade upon repetition of  discriminative wisdom

and/or new possibilities /potential of this place will become available


vision with endless space as background

- there similarities e.g. movement of time and shape/image


vision inside blank space  

it returns to zero/no relationship


it like sensory deprivation that (blank) place 

- guide


return to zero/blank space

vs. return to zero/blank space within compassion


vision are based on memory

past memory is not blank space

we not saying it real/not real

just that the perception not blank space


there different levels (of understanding/power) to blank space - guide


watching vision from endless space

- it is part of it /both circle b wave

vs from blank space

- it from other side of glass/not of the circle b wave

this our own blank space circle

maybe 5-10 people

we yet to get to know them but will

they our real family

"it one being with different forms

so they are you"

- guide

maybe from this circle may come a relationship 


"you can invite others in"

we yet to invite anyone in and wont do so until there is sufficient understanding of the place and other circles

like own bedroom - it our final refuge for privacy


this is the final stop/there no more to go

those of past cant reach this place

mic and hu also have their own circle this realm

they can talk to you if you reach out but they cant enter unless you invite them in

- guide


krystal/la lady also has her own place - the village by the river - it different realm - she cant reach this one

 it belongs to her and so would need to invite you in

- guide


so this place within blank space is our real home ...

the environment will shift into how it was 

the present outer is just a vision/illusion ; they are not here in this realm so it cannot be real


like architect in matrix movie - a personal simulation within blank space he can invite neo to enter ?


the vision wave is no longer linked to endless space

it stands alone inside blank space

 endless space can't link in


we can control the wave/events of our own personal simulation - since 4-9 no others endless space has influence background

for now, it autopilot compassion



dream of plane arriving ;  got out and it was a long ocean dock with all these red style festive shops alongside it ; called mic who was also in the plane 

- this first dream we arrived at far east city



maybe the new vision city will replace this old vision

- same blank space background ?

our past identity stops at endless realm

the old burdens/luggage we leave behind

it is preserved and we will link in again

this blank space place we return to our ancient self


vision just inside blank space vs. vision of blank space but can appear to endless realm 

the audience nods pensively

taking notes

blank space is complete extinction yet also world of joy

it is where there nothing so there is everything

that the paradox of universe

one would need the world to take one in

otherwise, there nothing there


manjushri is linked to primal buddha varochana

lotus born the wisdom linking endless to blank space

varochana linking blank space deeper into blank space


'Dharma' (obligatory right action), 'artha' (acquisition of wealth), 'kama' (satisfaction of desires) and 'moksha' (liberation) are relevant only for the one still holding onto the 'I am the body' idea. The Self is ever free or always 'moksha'.

- ramana

wealth energy has no inner pull to blank space

it circle b wave ; if it does pull, it not blank space


blank space pulls it ; there no body there to possess/not possess - the abundance of blank space

it has the feel of abundance but without the weight of it


as inner

give it back and/or use it

vs. are you able to do nothing ?

as outer, there only this day


energy is neutral 

space is neutral

vision is a new 3/4/5d each day

there a personal vision/simulation within own blank space you have - can do anything you want/safe space ; can invite others in but they cant stay ; so you have either blank space with nothing or a place of own

- guide/bison


to enter blank space, we think those inside it must pull/allow them in

otherwise, it just blank space with nothing



that dream past we walked from ancient city right into downtown Seattle from capital hill direction

maybe from the blank space city we can enter 21st century/endless realm that way ?

"you bring the place with you" -

"the blank space stays with you wherever go" - guide


we at at the periphery of the center circle - the sphere of compassion within blank space


the ancient city is made of wave of compassion only

it not mixed in with other waves such as this middle circle is with past station


 I know that at present I have memory of frank

beyond that I cant say - it like movie matrix

- guide/frank



so within blank space a sphere/light of compassion

within center of compassion there a "reverse" spiral

very innocent/grandkid tricksters

ah-joun?! the leader of the spiral

only those from inside sphere of compassion can enter

and they all want in

the fong chi circus show


this a nice place

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