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"If you have to act like a clown to be a clown , you not Hopi."
- Hopi Scholar

"A world longing for light again. I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. In that day there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things, and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be as one."  -Crazy Horse 1877

if 20-30 years is one generation

that 7th generation is 2017 to 2087 circle

the sun is rising

hopis the inner bridge

to the 5th world

one feet in / one feet out

for rest of us

we not in 

and on way out

since hopi land penny in size 

how to bring the penny to all of $100 ?


Darrel tells tale of 15th century

 how when spaniard first arrived

they introduced the first toilet

the villagers who were lost in their ways by the technological revolution they jumped up and down in excitement 

Darrel tells tale of 19th century

how when visitors from east visited and showed off their upgraded toilets

the villagers who were lost in their ways  by the technological revolution

they jumped up and down with  excitement 

Darrel tells tale of 21st century

visitors from beyond earth visited and showed off their advance artificial intelligence toilet items

the villagers who were lost in their ways  by the technological revolution

they will also jumped up and down with  excitement 

in our script



good/evil has different levels

that it not absolute

if you chicken

then human no good

no matter how good humans are

maybe humans race not the only race​

in this infinite universe circle

maybe we not even the master race

outside the zoo

maybe in this persepctive

what is consider good for us

maybe just those who ally with us 

because common grounds of interest

and /or those who have experienced from our inner/outer

creating compassion to help their own past

but that not many

maybe parallel to us

those with advance technology

can see us from beyond four dimensions

but we not them

they can see our energy patterns

and observe its movements

- our inner world

"they can prey on us like chickens


they can also help us free chickens"

- judge darrell

"yup, and why would they free us

'if we don't help free the chickens ?"

- dominic

"compassion attracts compassion"

- preston

"courage attracts courage"

- selena

"we help ouself

we attract

we help ourself "

- leroy

darrell belong to trickster world

that few would dispute

and within this circle

they all  happy

whatever race they are

and at times, they may even rotate seat with darrell to let him play pranks on other aliens planets ...

so here the story

of how darrell

using their techonoly of the top tech race 

went and spook another "master" reptilian race in distant planet

they call themselves the ascended angels

" the  bird clan is the most ancient ...


they flew  into this world from another dimension  and  can shape shift into dragons and  even human forms  ...


but they do not intervene in worldly affairs


but their power make the reptilians be like what snake is to a snake charmer"

"how do we engage their help ?"

"by playing with them

they know now that chu office can now rival them in fong chi offense ..."

"the chicken gods ..."

"yes, the chickens have been around longer than the gods"


preparing a speech for chiang   to read

once they get to the distant home planet of the dragons

once hopi book club all got their attention

4d image appears in sky for all them to see

"greetings reptilian gods ...

 we have waited so long to communicate with you

and share our compassion and advance technology and knowledge that will forever transform you into the wise and kind flying dragons you are destined to be  ...

for you reptilians are of such glorious and illustrative beginning ... 

and we are here to help you evolve the way you will help other species evolve 

etc etc.

"so  it is an rising chicken energy ... ?"

" ...the counter balance to the constant chicken energy ..."

"as inner

just as there was a time before the sun

there was a time before the moon"

as outer

same difference

as inner

total attention one way

no counter balance

until its path crossed with

 bonsai bonsai !

 “In the earliest times, when the moon was not yet in the heavens,” 

native americans not alone in using terms  ... time before moon

we don't know

but in reverse world

there counter balancing

 moon called chewpiland

the sun is the constant

once asked ...

"in tibet, we say if you look east does it mean west not exist ? "


"you mean you can say what you cannot say"



"right right ..."





the point is

we ride the reverse when they ride the  rise

how to optimize the inner opportunity

we will all be sending compassion from future 

as inner

chewpiland cannot be moved by anyone anything from where we are 

we have held our ground and that all future need

it been let go and  is free to rotate of its own



if hopis can hold their ground

then we are fine and even give ourselves the credit ...

but to the hopis

the job is done ; nothing more  to prove ...

thank you 



in our script :

"the smoke links the spirit"

- hopi friend

as outer

it is relative less dense  

as inner

it can be compressed into an over dense  cloud ...

receive let go share  

the shamans circle of all directions / dimensions speak this common language

the chewpis constant circle

anchoring down this weekend

compressing / riding the over rising energy

simply by looking other way

accumulating the cloud of denser compassion

the deeper the anchor

the more the receive 

and more the future can share


in our script

as inner cycles repeat

even the movies upgraded in style and image

there those who believe because of experience

it no big deal

especially places like hopiland


not easy to find someone who not believe

it like the spaniards first came

they may have machines which ...

but after awhile

so you can fly 3000 miles in 5 hours

and/or 3 light years  ...

or one day

we can call each other from another planet

for the relative same cost of living as today


inner is inner

outer is outer

the outer improvements may be necessary

but for the hopi inner to become the spaniards as inner - they would have be even more happy

or they be like high tech CEOs visiting hopiland today

the hopis not gonna worship them just because they have faster computer airplanes quieter toilets and know places hopis never been to 

they trust the feeing

a link of passion and joy from future

a voice which has guided them not take bait and

which has sustained the culture throughout time

the legend hopis most speak of within is perhaps someone who actually exists


from their point of perception

- that if they see him and you dont

does it mean he not exist


"you never hear about this being"


he humble, so it the small offering

if given option penny dollar hundred

the one who pick penny is his student

the great earth spirit - massauwu

we return to earth

the primal mother

"The theory holds that under centuries of pressure by white culture, Spider Woman has only recently been replaced by a male Creator and "the Hopi goddess Spider Woman has become the masculine Maseo or Tawa..."


- wikipedia

The Deepening of Compassion




deeper the emptiness

more compressed the inner movement

deeper understanding of three circles

more fluid the inner movement

more fluid the inner movement

deeper the emptiness

the three sisters / older brothers can also defend the northern gate 

the three sisters and/or little brothers protect the southern gate

"...  not good grade

... but we passing  ..."

"yes ..."

- gyaphal 

"then you have a game plan ..."

writer smiles over the phone


"because we live distant 

dominic is a good intermediary ..."

- preston

" ...  there an understanding ... 

you have the awareness same way i can organize patterns ...


but we do need a middle ... "

- writer

three corners

there a corner preston knows which he alone can turn

maybe writer also good at turning another corner

the link between writer and the hopi elder

is ancient

"you don't like attention

so we'll find actors to represent our presence "

"yes yes ..."

phil p smith

writer type who stays where he is

had he born hopiland

probably still sitting same house

joking with neighbors

so if get a scholarship to attend some prestigious university in france

he'll be back if the same house be there  ...


the story tellers had written many tales

he will take his talents to begin new career 

as a  story teller from the orient teaching also trickster flute to non trickster  natives (e.g. natives wearing western suit)


a kung fu dude  from the west lecturing on the tao of law to the non kung fu monks/nuns in orient 

we pay them - this the reverse world and they opposite and willing to receive out of compassion


future to past

fong chi the link from future 

that best name  to use

no laugh/laugh

fong chi

that the fong chi circle

from/to future/past

it a happy feeling from yourself to/from yourself

so long it feel right  ... stay with it

if it keep stronger

than our past/future fong chi 

"...   (this being) is  even higher than (lotus born)  ..."

- master hu

not story teller nor the nurturer

but his present alone takes us all deeper

the power of silence is humble

when the original hopi book club gather

the center was always the father/uncle

when he spoke, there silence

writer didn't understand back then


in our script

the kachinas are star beings of past who visited  

the masks represents

maybe ... inside kiva ceremony

not every mask is a hopi 

and not every ... inside came in from the  ladder ...  ?


after years of learning 

writer can appreciate the humble compassion

 ... if he the only being who can comfort us within that deep darkness

and everyone else compete for the light seat

then  no care if hopis/tibet call lord of death

because maybe they  feel safer and joyful  just thinking about massawu that way

also the lord of emptiness

of the 500

the real crazy yogi

we are very fortunate

it takes only one from outside

to open the gate


there a cave behind wepo

underneath it

then there opening above from ground of cave

preston standing there w colleenn

rodney the guardian standing on  builder 10 feet above

writer on a platform another 10 feet above

dominic and leroy

10 and 20 feet above

where there opening to look out

remember writer :

saying something about the formation

we all just stood there long time 

there a silence


kiva dance 2009

packed and cass and sam brought writer in

- female and children

late night

last dance

many kachinas pack room

then there this one starts singing - lip sync ymca

all were looking at this masked katchina

looking back

many thanks ...

kiva experience links back to and/from

that why hopis can seem to get feeling of past to/from future in ways they have knowledge and experience

and if they say there a way

it means someone has seen a possibility

a link from a future to our present to their past

that we are speaking to the past hopis from where we are and will be

it the farthest back we can speak to

so if writer at the kiva in march 09

what we tell him then ... ?

cass sitting front 

sam sat next to writer

middle of the room

after that they say writer  ... into a hopi

hmmm ...

there a chubby kid sitting near

10-15 years old

writer caught a kachina gift and offer to him

he smiled

"keep it ..."

he looks just like abel

From Hopi's inner space

they can feel the density of movement of kachinas

From Hopi outer space

they can witness the result

"If there is inner disharmony

there shall be outer disharmony

If there is no inner disharmony

outer disharmony cannot enter"

there those who can walk both worlds Hopis explain the great spirit as a katchina and as a being who can just ... appear out of no where


the great spirit is trinary

master of three worlds ; trickster counterbalance

here and/or there ; above and/or below

female and/or male ; soft and/or firm 

not restricted to a person and/or a species

nor to time and/or space


from endless space (taoiwa)

Hopis expressed through Massauw (trinity)

source of their joy

"by so doing, one can obtain mastery of pure presence, quickly and without bodily obstacles, thereby fully awakening oneself"

- dakinni yeshe tsogyal

"we can't yet see it as one ; but they can"

"wave is relatively less dense than particle

energy less dense dense than matter

there always three"

- master hu 


above density counter balanced by below density

the hopi upper world co-exist with lower world

over same space/time but of different relative density

they help us we help them


 from empty space

​into from patternless pattern / spaceless space

into space and pattern counter by another space and pattern


 we have crossed into a new reality

from world where density and patterns co-emerge

into a world where universes belong not to one world"


there is an army from the past

and it was here before we remember

there is an army from the past

and they will be here long after 

there is an army from the past

they have returned as the army from the future​

there were those 

of their clan and family

who chose to stay behind 

knowing what is to come

it is to them

even if only few left

they agreed to return ​​

anazasis to hopis


starring dominic and aj as the helpers who have returned


their technology is 2000 years ahead of us 800 years ago and is now 4000 years ahead of us

that  also what they say

about their sense of humor


they made appearance first to hopis

in a different way

as a spontaneous presence they recognize

4-18 (9-03 chewpi)

the inner world shared to the writer by the hopis

they call it center of universe

they can see the seed

that why they work hard to balance it

we can take you in


but no one can describe the pvf


no one hopi agrees with every hopi

so it not a hopi vs others thing

nor a leader they need

but those who live there

just know everything taking place where they are

within that bubbling energy

micro of the macro


and it is our task to send reinforcement into an inner no time world



and the real reason writer not officially marry hopi yet 

dancing on the edge

is one simply not have the power to handle that energy

my powers are all fake

night lost make one very humble 

but not independence

one need not inner become it

and that makes you hopi


chewpiland is a three way trading post

of inner/outer/hopi world




if we receive the  funding




this where walpi studio 

comes in

it has been commissioned to recreate the life as it is on chewpiland

with a group of hopis

the ancient architecture

with technology/humor 4000 years ahead of us


page 9

When the Great Purification is near, these helpers will shake the earth first for a short time in preparation. After they shake the earth two times more, they will be joined by the True White Brother, who will become one with them and bring the Purification Day to the world. "

He will have the ability to write, and he will be the only person able to read the Tiponi. When he returns to find his younger brother, the Tiponi will be placed side by side to show all the world that they are true brothers. 

- hopi

don't know how writer came to this task

as a messenger / intermediary / helper

this being must have the missing of the tiponi

and universally recognized by the elders as the undisputed leader

this being has yet to arrive

"if this five years ago

this being not enter"

"no ..."

"if this today

it could be anytime"

nods does the wise one

(this then the fiction script)

when was the last time this being was here ?

"over 5000 years ago ..."

"there is a missing corner to a rock ...?"

"yea, ... 

chewey and classmates bows with honor and respect


in our script

the monster lives deep below

the monster = the fear we feel 

it fears no one but this being


it writer task to explain it

it this being's task to exorcise the monster

what nation race gender this being will take

is not decided


when this being will return not decided

"when there is great change in this world

this being will appear"

- master hu

"there a sky monster king

there earth monster  king

the sky controls earth but cannot win "

they tired of fighting because heaven cannot eliminate earth

no matter how much it dominate

the  old resistance is still here 

and they both realize they need nature 


- master hu

" It is a matter of waging war, not of permitting the mob to slaughter all who fall into their hands; if they do, defeat will be the result"


"it is this line that ought to lead the army. "

- i ching

in other words

the middle army cannot be led by the sky king

"no one can go beyond  (inner control) you​

you have no inner boss

while all others do and speak not openly"

"you see someone in samsara

they are controlled by it 

it our duty to tell them"

- preston

abugee is the ideal chewpi leader

this middle party which simply emerged has the potential to balance the two forces

if earth dominates

it shift to the sky to preserve balance

it is now to the interest of both forces to protect/preserve and restore/regenerate nature 

we must restore primal balance


inner money/love projections may never manifest

yet money and love can still find you

the "sky king" controls the inner projection


but to the "earth monster"

they are merely inner movements which create little outer value


future to past

the reason writer cannot accept funding to further the "sky" direction is that it is the "earth" direction which needs reinforcement


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