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the following is factual fiction

using celebrities as old friends look alikes

just trying to keep show going

with what one has ...

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the following factual fiction


people and/or places may and/or may not be fictional




 called from outside

mickey came out


you can tell 

who the stars ...

dressed and bathed in aroma so strong ...

lovely young couple

few times seen them together

we had a good conversation

as ... parted

 told him

"you a lucky man

take good care of her ..."

he smiles

got taylor laughing

when i asked her

"hey... where is my grandma ...?"

they looking more more different

- on the outside

that is

rihanna is quality

drake is class

the dude is polite

the outstanding ms perry

helped intro writer

me no act - just write

but mickey is emerging as star actor / guitarist

we walked in


you can tell 

who the baristas  ...

more coffee ...?

"outstanding old dude

 seen him several times

we never had a long conversation

claims he older than kitaro ..."

got taylor laughing

when i asked her

"hey... where is my grandson ...?"

they looking more more the same difference

- on the inside

that is

rihanna is quantity

drake skipping class

the lady is over polite

they introduced themselves to the writer  

more coffee ?

me only acting ; no writing

falling like a cheap actor  ...

- she has the same potential  and definitely for women self empowerment ...

melania is the deep silence  ...

we are for and/or against both sides and/or each other

within compassion

outstanding !

ChewpiU Cinema

the classmates have honored me with the presentation of this movie

at our lounge this lovely evening ...

it is a movie

from taiwan in 1975


the zhong xiao inn

- since the production company to this fong chi movie holds the rights

we can only share its story and/or content

through the lens of past outstanding kung fu movie clips ...

"i am the twenty seventh generation keeper of the master hu fong chi lineage

dating back to 15th century ..."

​鳳極大俠胡大師, 豬皮客棧就在面前 。。。“

fong chi master hu

arriving no laugh kung fu finals ...

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chewpiu non travel fiction



san francisco peak




flagstaff amusement park




saw the four french ladies tourist again


they visit four corners every year




ms t 


pointing to top of the peak



"be careful 


there is a big foot spotting up there .. "



the four ladies


looks up




"oh ... big foot !?"




ms t 






"no ... i was just joking ! ... "



the four french ladies









"oh ... no big foot ?! ... "

ms t clowns

fong chi ranking : five stars

"which is fong chi greater ?


a mighty sumo champ bowing to a chicken before the contest ...


the mighty fong chi chicken getting the flute player to laugh ...


and runs away ...?"

"mr poe ...

so we meet at last ..."

catch it   ...

"the swifts   knowing the poop postman would be out fong chi muscled by the mighty fong chi chicken

send in reinforcement

trading loretta chow once again

to the chewpis for instant offense

william su ..."

- fong chi league news

fong chi


"You Will Laugh"


this is fong chi sumo

and laughing means you out of circle

 outer weight and size

got little to do with it


"before you enter the fong chi circle


you already lost ..."


- ms t jr

swiftpis captain

intimidating opponents team

"you look too fong chi skinny to be walking into the fong chi sumo with me  ..."

- chewpis captain

"please don't make me laugh

which i will only do after you are defeated ...

hee hee ..."

- ms t 

"that sounds like the fake laughter of fong chi ...

ha ha ha ..."

- 051415





Warau... !


Īe... Anata wa warau... !

" laugh ...!"


"no ... you laugh ...!"


drake 30th

chewpiu non travel fiction

the following fictional

oct 25, 2016

cousin bing 

knows some people

taylor is super nice

had a few drinks

and got talking with this cool dude

a musician

dressed elegantly

drake came by

big friendly smile

"hey whats happening !"



reverse world



cousin bing 

knows no one 

taylor is silent

had no drinks

and got talking with this cool lady

a musician

dressed casually



drake came by

big friendly smile

"more coffee ...? !"


pg - 13


script starring )




first week of school

outside the cafetaria

young actor in disguise

ordinary engineer studentt

from out of state

deeply in love with her  ...

this before top gun

phil , david white and i

the same dorm

we from clover park high school

something about her that made me run

after sophomore year

never really saw her again

starring as



contract law 101

penn law 1989

study partner

she dropped out



starring as ...

robin lane

chinese 101

one of chu's best friends

in college

end sophomore year ...

said she was getting married ...

didn't know how to respond

walk to book store

there in line

was also lisa ...

saying good bye ...

1987 was when william su met his current wife

ms taiwan hawaii


(the contest of hawaiians living in taiwan)

at a taiwanese party

in hawaii

want to hear the tale ?

starring as ...


william su 

old friendships are real

however we met

after 30 years

the link continued

and deepened

always wondered how where they are ... and if one not so shy ...

never though they be ...

here and yesterday and into tomorrow

silently helping an old friend in need

same inner

this path has room ...

it just opened up ...

"poe can play DE nose and offensive tackle  backup punter/ return and/or QB

when flying chickens get to 1yard line

poe the fong chi beast ...

the jr version ..."

- fong chi profile

as a receiver 

he looks like tackle

defense instinctively not cover 

 the fong chi anchor the flying chickens can use

"look how poe elevates and the throwing motion while in air

has one of the highest QB fong chi ratings 

and brings happiness wherever goes ..."

-  fong chi news

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outward bound 1983

deschutes river


didn't know until ...

what deeper meaning ?

it may be this

how can we

as team

go back

and transform the past 

by shifting the present moment

perception of


how to strengthen women

/immigrant etc.

inner strength in the present

from the future ?

we the role models

we have all inner matured

i opened my heart

and you allow the kid in you

to keep playing

that 80's

this 21st century  ...

if we had read books / studied together at the library  ...

we got nothing to prove

and offer no explanation 

but we can create stories

at our

real school reunion

about how we remembered our outstanding and athletic  selves in the 80's


"oliver wendol holmes ...?"




"sheri dropped out

maybe because she wasn't doing her home work

quizzed her few times

on assigned readings

but she didn't seem to be studying hard and/or listening to teachers  ...

tried to advise her of this few times like older brother would 

that she need to study hard and listen to teachers...


" this show is over and said good bye ..."


Chef Chu




  1. the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients.

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tour guide jose ecudora

is a comedian 

known mostly to locals

and translator

steve merritt



"chu cooks good ..."

- jose ecudora

in elegant spanish

"yes ..."

some talents may not be hidden

such as chef chu cooking

when circumstances are compromised ...


outdoor and limited options

ask those who should know ...

"chu cooking the "wow so romantic " burrito tonight 

at the party ..."

"wow ... 

outstanding translator we had ...

"how was the burrito ...?"


these were

fong chi top guns proficient in several languages

trained with special fong chi forces

to make them laugh

will need good translators

who can communicate the inner clowns

both to/from  english - spanish - native raramuri 

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clover park


starring .... as chris griffin and kurt schmidt

co-writers of the comedy scrip

hopi book club

starring as ...

malcolm , aaron s.

starring as ... david white

and elaine b.

Vancouver b.c.

world fair




lochburn junior high

danny, lee and cheryl

also high school

this when first met

1981 be the year

they all there




type park elementary

jeff and mon 6-uw


5th - 10 grade

chris bowling and bob jones

5-12 grade

where chu learn his american humor ?

listening to neighbors


cori and kristie 6-8 grade

abugee's 1st grade friend jason c.

and/or sister dana

looking back

never seen them together

march 2017

what is impressive

is the endurance

the fong chi force is with us

there plenty space left in the fong chi ship

maybe even expanding

to keep puppet show going the way ...

we , staff and/or audience

just have be even more creative

not fearing aposoles laughing at us 

the way we at them -

pg - 13

and so long audience having fun

the factual fiction can become more and/or less fiction


than it was factual and/or fiction ...

our mission is to create PVF 

as many as we can

with what we have

until it overloads into every corner of the universe

may all sentient beings benefit

The Legendary Kung Fu Novel

PG - 13

Dark World

"there three types of ship captains

three circle of ships



- chewpi inc.

tribunary ship captain ms bubba

(captain seat also rotates

to/from other ships )

people with gifts of deeper circuit

if teamwork

help link to/from a deeper field 

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