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The New Hope



ms omoshi r.  tamakawa

granddaughter of the 

great general tamakawa

who married a french princess

in mid 19th century

why is this important

because  kamakawa

is the shogun

of the motoshoju dynasty

from the land of the rising sun ...


ms omoshi tamakawa

photos as kid and adult

with family/friends

"Which action one takes

one should be aware of its existent natural counter balance

if one works to strengthen couner balance

the action may seem more effortless "



starring ...

motoshoju son

as principal chu  


as ms poop hero


"compassion is the all inclusive counter balance"

- ivars whitehorse

who owns a book store 

he worships the spirit

which made book reading possible 


this maybe and/or not be a zhu ren bon

aka comedy god of software engineers frank chu ...

look alike

actors in taiwan

zhong xiao elementary school



"i am not the principal

this no fairy tale 

i am a pastor 

pastor fisher"

john fisher bows with honor and respect

he will talk about anything

but religion

that th pastor we know in the reverse world


"you the lucky one

oh oh oh oh ..."





"this next assignment is easy

retrace  chewpiland journey

replace your own photos

add your own videos etc.

everyone can do it

and we'll do it step by step

it is your own journey


we the pioneers ..."

- professors emeritus

"the story tellers"

the fisher export has three divisions

toiletry hardwares / toiletry softwares

toiletry products

toilet / toiletry internet link

bath tissues

this the tale of one time the internet broke down and interrupted the use of the fisher toilet online system

causing many customer to be without fisher automated toiletry voice command system for days

"you called

the fisher plunger support hotline... ?!"

"yes, it won't flush after i voice command it ..."

"did you try the hidden option ?"

"yes, that why i called ..."

timeless compassion



profession / passion

old friends

if only our constant circle link


family / old friends

then even if profession/ interests change

constant is the same

relative to the other circles

if the passion links (clown circle)

and there is constant link

professional flow gets stronger with more passion and support

if money circle and constant circle link

- old friends doing business

the reverse circle is already open

they will naturally joke around

vice versa

how to strengthen the weak flow of the weak circle ?

so when when we need to link to their weak link

it'll at least be unclogged ...

vice versa




there a middle circle

male must use their female 

female must link through inner male

but both sides strong will need humble to other weak


female must give compassion to the female flow of the male - we all kids deep down 


it be female circle talking to pre programmed male response 

the female within is treated same by the male

as the outer female

vice versa


how to deepen compassion for the female within the male

the male within the female ?

that if gender the issue


gender/ no gender


a deeper inner circle

existed from beginning

grandkid clowns

the point is

maybe male can strengthen the inner female easily simply by over respecting the male within the other female

vice versa


if zhong xiao 1975 programmed like we today by hollywood

then gender would not get along then

and today and male also not get along with male

but it was not ...


fong fei fei 

"i am also a woman ..."

"wow ...

honor and respect ...!"

the crowd rise to cheer

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here a matrix

centered in japan

factual fiction

late 90's


near the palace

a group of friends 

gather for drink at an old back alley  bar

ivars whitehorse and then fiancee michiko

her sister satoe and john fisher

they just met

their cousin nancy and husband tony grega

singer romi narita and writer

shelley and phil bailey

we'll start the story from here ...

ivars once joked

you never find him dancing at a karaoke ...

and/or singing with fisher ...

"i am 65 years old ...!"



lin family

fong chi team

this the LA cousins

uncle ben  etc.

front left is bing

star actor on the rise 

if had to guess

written by the twins

"people in asia think they know us the same way we them ..."



if they simply imitate us 80's

it be more real

and funny

here a fresh off the boat

west to east


nagoya castle


new to the karaoke culture

"i don't need the lyrics ..."

-  fisher


looking to impress satoe

as ivars and michiko dances to the tune

as the screen show footage of old band singing

the customers clap and  sings

along ...

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laugh/no laugh


"if more strong no laugh

more strong laugh "

- fong chi advisor

 "もっと笑っていなければ笑いません より強い笑い " - フォンチーアドバイザー


motto waratte inakereba waraimasen yori tsuyoi warai" 





how to rotate both ways ?"

if it one circle

then it like taylor swift

with her fans

"we love our customers"

- kelley

they don't feel like a customer

because she not view them as ..

three circles become one

we patiently waited ...

"you order from us

 we deliver to you"

- fisher exports

"this tale of the first

technicians to enter mongolia

remote village

and install toilets

upgrading quality of living

the brand name of the plunger they brought with them

and left behind ...

is reflected in our pride"

- fisher exports

starting ... as the technicians

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The annual international

toilet paper convention

Richland , Wa

june 3 2017

those who knows of this convention

has likely heard of it

those who heard of it

likely knows of this convention

those who have attended this convention

will likely remember
















it may sound little funny

but toilet paper used by billion people

just in china alone

and the average consumption of "soft tissues"

per american is three times more than china

"the company which dominate this product 

will also dominate the toiletry industry"

toilet paper weekely

"last year

the fisher plunger again took home

the award for both excellence in  design and quality"

- fisher exports

male/female inner union is about maintaining and accumulating the middle reserve

if inner circle complete

then link to other circles

become two circles then three



two may become one then back to two

how to deepen compassion for one's inner male/female ?

as inner


personal body/impersonal mind


impersonal body/personal mind



like dream

what not of personal physical

is called impersonal

what not of impersonal

is called personal

then maybe inner rotation can more easily shift

chewpi travel

satoe reading a book of poetry

there one which writer like to share

but the translation may not link the depth of ...




これらの質問の答えは "


"wind blows wind

sound carry sound

is it not wind carry sound ?

for these question ask answer is"

japanese haiku

ok, fisher is no pastor

and this not their rv

but it feels like it


when you can make celebrities of your friends

they all like it


william su is the 600 year old

tai chi  / wu dang  founder

chang shan fong

history will look back and say the transgender revolution started with chu office, but chu had no clue and so more and more of circle linked in 

if i see mickey talk walk as mickey, i treat him as mickey - looks to me for fashion advise

but if see karlie

one be professional and courteous  humble like she

receive her fashion advise

if one sees leroy /fran dress as clown ; one will treat as leroy/fran the clown ; if see leroy dress as tibetan lama, one will treat him with tibetan respect and humility

did the week wait lengthen the inner week ? did the month wait strengthen the inner bond ? and for gompa friends, did the year ... deepen your understanding ? if so, it creates a paradox  :)

the creative years ; maggie also stars as ... jane, wendy, andrew and pricilla (anyone else?)  ; bridget was many, long ago and today, including a buddhist nun in india

is william su really Long Kong Fu , the taiwan pop singer of 90's, may and/or may not interest you ...

but his songs described to have "moved heaven into tears ..." 

this be the ... today of the more mature people who listened to william su music in the 90's

- overly mature self/overly immature self


how to strengthen overly mature self easy way

e.g. i am 65 years old and i like this music !

starring as ...  chang ding - teressena's boyfriend early 2000's and as zhong xiao classmate yan ruai shen 051414 ;

she is not singing to william su , although by the emotions of her voice, many would believe so ...

as person, he one those genius/enlightened beings

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tigers bigger stronger and solitary and in jungle

lions hang out in pack and not jungle

one on one

there no contest

a bottom of pack lion , if alone, would run from dog , but not alpha male lion ; a tiger sees all as meat, including alpha male lion

as inner protector

the female tiger is the queen of the jungle

symbol of earth

but the roar of the lion

is the loudest and most intimidating

like a no fear dog barking

a tiger need not make a roar 

because there no competition

master hu's 


she looks like 8 pounds lady tiger

before master hu, belonged his friend 

from nepal ; he calls her special dog, we call her buddha dog

"where are we ...?

this is not my matrix ...!"

- architect  

"no, we in poop heaven ..."

final round exam for the top minister position

the one who knows the answer 

honor and respect is given


"tough good and/or good tough times

your home toilet is the #1 constant

it makes you feel at home and you are always the boss"

- fisher exports

"table chen ...?! never heard ... ha ha ha !"

- kung fu world boss

as kids, table chen always imitating kung fu masters

and zhu ren zhang always getting knocked down

"wow ... table chen kung fu truly #1 ..."

then passing out

table chen was also the best and most willing singer in our class

he projects vajra like inner toughness

an enlightened being

zhu ren zhang learned how to bs from him

the idea is whoever can bs big and then lose big will get big laugh

"then have you heard of  kung fu master ... chen ... wen ... biao ..." 

"wow ... chen wen biao ... is a legendary kung fu master"

- the classmates bow with honor and respect

in tibet,  an ancient culture which recognize reincarnations of past talents and gather then together in an easy relax setting as kids

sometimes we write ahead ; sometimes behind a journey ; but these are paths we have  crossed 

"...not covet neighbor house ..." ; 

how can we help vs. how we benefit ?

me just one person ; don't know how to always politely  ; so if rude over the years, my apologies


should have made my intent as clear the first time

there an unique presence here which is not of one own and duty it is to preserve it and share only its way ;


it links out those with capacity  and not want those yet of capacity to seek in this way ;

it under- stands the intent of those approaching 

even if writer yet not


those wanting to help most welcomed and opportunity may present it self effortlessly

it reciprocates the intent many ways

in this script

a team of writer gradually gathered and a studio settings emerged

they would gather writings nearby and then writer/actor would present it - they be all laughing next 

some style seem spontaneous carefully prepared

while some was spontaneous - like the laughter

in our script, the fantasy script

 john chu hired as  "boss"  / bodyguard to train maggie cheung as western lawyer 


the ladies very talented but not like take credit for writing philosophy etc. 

within the circle

the idea for celebrities , especially in asia, not share family background is ... - why you must know  ? 

and if you must have something to read ; there also a look alike in our script with a typical tale of successful taiwan actress marrying into rich hong kong business family and staying inside the mansion - back then was considered pride to the kmt

that why we want to make funny tale of taiwan 70's from zhu ren zhang viewpoint


chewpi travels

weaverville art fstival

omoshi riding work out bike that grinds juice ; customer  joked "you riding too fast  !" omoshi responds laughing  "but i am not going anywhere ..."

we all laughed

in the script :

visiting ivars michiko maya taylor ; they have house outside reddings ; breakfast at small cafe this morning 

this weekend they join us vegas

was john lenon the actor behind rodney dangerfield ? if so, then that be funny

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PVF like college party that still going and it is past 2 am

"it is passion which enables us to install helpers for the completion of an undertaking without fear of secret opposition. It is passion that can unify mass movement ..."

- the i ching

when people responds out of joy vs. out of buxin

when their own future  links in vs. what other past lack 

andrew and mickey both super happy and free but their female circle not of same inner non burden ; so they should continue same roles with me ; single and hanging out

together like partners - chewpi sexual

it invite paparazzi and since we'll be filming from three angles , the exorcist bait is very alluring ...

the voodoooland rock bind you before - from past - before you even know from future

it also little paradox the more me act rude with them the more they enjoy - that abugee too - and bunch of other friends prefers ah-join?! humor over writers'  humility

same with master hu and his friend hu nine nine ; they like the humor style  too

the reason bruce lee links in is from also future where he a bigger star - wise and gentle sage

frank, who is an actual wu shu master - can play bruce of the 60's


the more weird the other inner circle 

the more our inner circle feel constant

the softer the other circle

the more our inner circle feel firm

that why mickey always purchase "extra manly' scented body wash and andrew "ultra man" cologne

to chu - it makes no difference

jane can act as maggie , in our script. the real maggie cheung lives in hong kong. bridget lin too  but  satoe may look like her in the 90's  

writer is  old but andrew can act as john chu in the 90's and mickey as tony

there also a maggie look alike actress pricilla

she younger like in her mid 20's but can act older - that an actress dream job to start career - then later she lands a real movie actress job and pretend she is 18 - that how it works sometimes

this no one man puppet show, but ivars sponsored multi million project - in our script, hundred of millions like budget like movie avatar - top of the line director and cutting edge techlogy behind every presentation

chewpi travel

this for script :

within a circle in japan

there notion that 

like tibet's revered ones

the queen and princess are still ...

- ivars

no one is perfect and most act bigger than they are

that builds up of feeling smaller than they are

that why we gossips the other way

"wow ...this food better than taiwan !"

(talking to other customers at outstanding taiwan restaurant )

trying to be the rare counter balance of this inner circle - to elevate others and laugh at self using false gossip

some culture like ancient yogis all talk that way when they meet - trying to be most humble , always bowing - "compare to you , i feel like an useless old man" etc. - it always fun talking to them

if we can get you to believe, even for ...

that maggie cheung married ... karlie married ...


in vegas last night

and/or maggie is john chu  etc.

then that good story telling

and if you enjoyed it, we'll  play only if you all play along as we link into a bigger circle

that why ya'll lucky to get this free preview and overview, in story form, of the people behind its making and the people behind its making etc.


so if when it enters mainstream market and many names are changed ; and some artists/musicians from taiwan/japan who speak poor english that look like us entering american market promoting the oldies songs you've heard here 

just play along 

e.g. - your friends all be wondering why you such big fan of taiwan flute music 

it really is more fun to over elevate others and over laugh at oneself  - the personal circle don't get in way as much


buddha mind and/or body


we'll keep using this website as studio to promote our album and music videos of stories written by writers

maybe we'll even introduce a new musician from eastern europe named ivars etc.


so imagine at root a circle of three teams

taylor family captains the money circle 

(investor friends)

mickey sisters the native/shaman circle (hollywood actors)

and chu family the eastern circle


if it links in from future - that the name one receives

business not writer present attention so it be up to another circle 

what next ? don't know but we can return to this like chewpiland and/or arrange set dates for publishing etc.



trail blazers

chewpiland readers were the lewis and clark

they foolishly followed the writing

PVF readers the pioneers - there already a trail and a map

"you young people are outstanding !

truly outstanding !"

- fisher exports

"the more male they over perceive you

the more feminine one can feel"

- dominic 

and vice versa

in other words

 the more  people over estimate her male

greater power and beauty she feels

and vice versa

it a little paradox


"what you do with my ultra man cologne ?

without it, i feel more manly ..."


"i am wearing it now ...

can't you feel my elevating softness ?" 

"yes ... you smell even more man

but feel even more woman ...


honor and respect ..."

- walpi studio

in our script made for movie :

each of long lasting religion has a center figure

they of a small circle still living

yet not same way as rest of us

tibet has concept of rainbow body

a living rainbow

where they enter/return from outer/inner to the "dharmakaya" - a living middle

in this fantasy kung fu world


the great one  appear as one but contains the entire hardware - no one two and/or three binary label can identify compassion

billion tapping million not make million half it

the knowledge and master of three circles implies this person and/or this circle can help us in ways we cannot yet understand, - simply by silently nurturing our weak flow

- in our script

maggie cheung stars as john chu - helper from sister office in chewpiland - helping the wonder women hunt the parallel  world demons 

mickey west stars as chewey, sent from earth to intern at chewpi inc., and helping big foot family fight the parallel dimension beasts

the exorcist disappeared into the demons of chewpiland  ...

seeking to overtake the seat of the kung fu world boss and then over female it - e.g. after winning the lawyer of year award, letting people know andrew tien is maggie cheung

the ancient ones still here

just ask william su

what he remembered from the mount hua showdown 600 years ago ...

starring frank chu as guo jing ...

zhu tai ming as qiao fong

starring frank as retired attorney john chu

and ... as jane of the 90's and wendy 

"long kong fu  ...?!

i challenge you to fong chi ..."

"long kong fu ... ?! why won't you laugh ... don't you know who i am ...?"

"long kong fu ... after i drink this bowl ... we will fong chi battle and you will laugh  ...!"

"long kong fu ... ?! i cannot not believe ..!"

quotes from notes - some didn't really understood until 


"economic prosperity may be due to this and that but it always seem to follow the circle "

- waiter at 8th ave cheers 

"the northwest legal culture need not imitate the new york legal culture ; they are not our founding fathers"

- older customer at japanese restaurant

a well known and respected trial lawyer

"andrew tien for lawyer of the year"

- chu

customer at cheers

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there may be a billion plungers in this world

but only one original fisher plunger

there may be over a billion plungers in this world, yet we will hear of over glory only for this plunger ...

as if it links to a plunger of another dimension ... "

- pastor fisher

at the french antique auction

for the elite aristocrats 

there are 500 look likes

situated craftily in 500 homes across hidden lake

but only one real 


"yes, you likely guessed that one in photo is not the photo of the original - same outer and color etc. but  relative to the original - this plunger's got no soul

the real original is protected by 20 sumo wrestlers

- pastor fisher

responding to questions as they up bid  

"yes, fisher export has agreed , to sweeten the deal, to include  the patent rights to original ingredients behind the sweet fragrance of french scented toilet paper - one of the first french scented soft tissue to enter mainstream  market in recorded history"

- the historian / fact verifier at the auction

a family is you wouldn't want anyone else despite their imperfections

past to future -

little kid within got used to them

and it not be same without

future to past - same ; as soon you meet the people , the future links in

they are who they are

and to the old man and french lady,  it not be same without


those friends who from past also linking in from future

are the ones we can and should trust

despite imperfections , they link through passion and support

karma means big/small ; left/right ; we/you binary - we can be liberated of it

yuan is more like  link of compassion

it always there and here

who gives you passion in that way

you two have yuan 

the personal viewing all three circles more clearly

vs. one circle looking only at itself

kind of like if 100 year old dude reflect

and 10 year old can listen

that the family , anything else will have no passion from both circles and therefore feeling of not belong

"vegas may be hot ...

but not as hot as the wow so romantic burrito ...

for it not the burrito which is wow so romantic ...?"

- julie

first place poetry reading contest

"vegas is hot ...

vegas is hot ...

why does my heart feel so lovely ...?

because it is so ..."

- adam loban, second place

"vegas so hot ...

we stayed inside

ate the burrito

the wind chills ..."

- jason loban

third place

the crowd all rise to cheer and/or lol wat wat

"ベガスが暑いかもしれない... うわーロマンチックなブリトーほど暑いわけではない... それほどロマンチックなワケではないから? " 

- ジュリ

ー 最初の場所の詩読書コンテスト


"ベガスは暑いです... ベガスは暑いです... なぜ私の心はとても素敵に感じるのですか? それはそうだから... "


- アダム・ロバン、2位 


"ベガスはとても暑い... 私たちは内にとどまった ブリトーを食べた 風の寒さ... "


- ジェイソン・ロバン 第三位




" Begasu ga atsui kamo shirenai... Uwa ̄romanchikkuna buritō hodo atsui wakede wanai... Sorehodo romanchikkuna wakede wanaikara? " 


- Jurī 

saisho no basho no uta dokusho kontesuto



" begasu wa atsuidesu... Begasu wa atsuidesu... Naze watashi no kokoro wa totemo suteki ni kanjiru nodesu ka? Sore wa sōdakara... " 


- Adamu roban, 




" begasu wa totemo atsui... Watashitachiha-nai ni todomatta buritō o tabeta kaze no samu-sa... "


- Jeison roban 


present to past 

this segment 6

your message to yourself segment 1 :

try to listen to your next week message :

maybe same feeling

stick to what gives passion and/or approval from future

this present the future of chewpiland past

we the passion linking in then

like our future linking in now

there a feeling of gradual retreat

we will continue to write to link from future 

but the point has been made and patience may now be the reverse

it like end of hike / main puzzle except details ...

we will be back

when it starts over again ...

and when they remake this journey ... times with ...

but it 'll be the original  ... this one which you will remember


when they remake this journey

they will rely on their inner interpreting the films and writing we left behind

maybe future to past they want us to make documentary on how it was created and interview with each of the ...

otherwise, they may over dramatize what was really a  simple circle 

writer's travels to link with these people should also be interviewed - how he made enduring friends with natives and have strange of the strange receptive to share their ancient gifts ; "root of pain fear of being laughed at" " we just want to feel normal"


only before 90's - as a kid

writer would go up to someone acting crazy and act even more crazy (like passing out at haunted house/walking other way in walkathon) until they flip and start acting normal and confused, then he would laugh 

it like people always late but never for flight

sometimes it the rotation they need to feel normal and/or see someone who always feel normal no matter what and when he does something even more silly, it makes the little kid in us feel normal too ; "everything is an act"

also, if over try be normal and happy then maybe feel reverse also ... ; and vice versa 

the circles need rotate like the fart . "i have never met anyone who has not farted in public when shouldn't" - poop hero  


6-04 (chewpiland)



Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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"Give up learning, and put an end to your troubles.

Is there a difference between yes and no?
Is there a difference between good and evil?
Must I fear what others fear? What nonsence!
Other people are contented, enjoying the sacrificial feast of the ox.
In spring some go to the park, and climb the terrace,
But I alone am drifting not knowing where I am.
Like a new-born babe before it learns to smile,
I am alone, without a place to go.

Other have more than they need, but I alone have nothing.
I am a fool. Oh, yes! I am confused.
Other men are clear and bright,
But I alone am dim and weak.
Other men are sharp and clever,
But I alone am dull and stupid.
Oh, I drift like the waves of the sea.
Without direction, like the restless wind.

Everyone else is busy,
But I alone am aimless and depressed.
I am different.
I am nourished by the great mother."

-Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 20

the wandering clown circus

in our script

if this the flute concert and performed closing song


the audience rise to cheer for the band to re-enter stage


some paid to see a few beattles talk

but so far they only sweeping the stage floors in between flute performances

yet for those flute enthusiasts and the taiwan oldies some flew ... miles to hear william su sing "za mo ..." 

they rise for william su to sing another

finally, the guitar and piano walks back ...

followed by ...

"it has been said that a few ladies even passed out  ..."

"no, i don't believe it ..."


"that why i am the oracle ..."

"william su ! william su !"

the oldies fans (paid fong chi actors) would not exit concert

finally ... but surely ...

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

the crowd rise to cheer 

- the story teller







fong chi

maybe brown not the constant

maybe male circle not the constant

but if it believe itself to be

that like pink believe it the constant

and serious and fong chi  same circle

maybe influence over rise  by leaning into pink as the constant 

how to make oldies concert more the constant ?

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