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A New Beginning

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"wake up fools !

this vegas baby and not a second to waste 

tickets go on sale at 9 ..."

imagine - your  city / nation

PVF 747 jet arrive with star musicians/charity team to strengthen weak flow of weak  circle

outer serious/inner clown


inner serious/outer clown


with over hollywood/media hype and drama

we have overly inner serious

over outer clown vs. rising inner fire

vice versa

in our script

when it comes to comedy - chu

(mickey and maggie and/or john)

the religion circle belongs to no fear sr.

and the hopi book club

money circle is phil's mother behind the circle

they simply humble 

many actors sharing / presenting their compassion

if ideas from yogis  circle ; they may ask actor/writer to publish

and taylor swift to be new money symbol /  actress sharing her good fortune  

- fancy private jet ; surround by super models and friends etc.,  welcomed by each city etc.  -  ; talk same taylor  message of sharing and compassion



tibetan physics has notion of someone who has realized "the three times"

past/future and/or reverse ; projected/reflected and/or counter balanced


(present is when past future in balance and so reverse force is always there to counter balance)

"if inner clock can only go clockwise

constant circle is both clockwise and counter clockwise

and so reverse circle is counter clockwise 

or it not three circles"

- chewpi news 2004



outer serious/inner clown


inner serious/outer clown


if we outer clown vs. inner serious

and inner serious turns into over outer serious

that was venice beach 2011

that why we need to resolve it

within compassion

because we were sitting center stage

first make facts known

and maybe we then can unclog the weak flow

for the benefit of all

in our script made for movie :

each of long lasting religion has a center figure

they of a small circle still living

yet not same way as rest of us

tibet has concept of rainbow body

a living rainbow

where they enter/return from outer/inner to the "dharmakaya" - a living middle

"padmasabhava still lives , literally. Since he is the state of dharmakaya, the fact of physical body dissolving into nature is not regarded as a big deal. so if we search for him, we might find him. But i am sure you will be very disappointed when you see him"

- crazy wisdom

the dude here too - in our script

in other words

in our script, padmashambhava is not a statute, idea past life reincarnation  etc., but an actual person who still walks

there is no reincarnation for him in their religion

master of all three circles

including the physical (nirmakaya)

passion which coming together from future is combining passion

in hindsight, even a fool is wiser than sage

and passion deeper than money etc.  ...

it a feeling 

we get them all to link in

then there more PVF to be shared

kung fu movies

imagine asians speaking english ; non asians speaking taiwanese (it easy language to pronounce) - someone poor english do translate in english for the hollywood actors and vice versa

"the wisdom of over clowning as counter balance to over serious is that it eases the standard for what it is to be real ..."

"some people like to get right to the point, that is , if you have to fart, and it not advisable to do so at the moment, it still gonna emerge gradually so it is advisable to let it go with diplomatic charm and grace and with, as confucious wisely phrased the term - speed of an ox"

- the book of poop

" poop is real 

  description of it  is not"

- the book of poop

it takes focus and energy to create

that why , past to future : writer unemployed

maybe future to past -  this is the work period

been here alone since nov 2016

and there was PVF every day 

it more of how much one can get out of way and for how long than the will to write and stay alone

alone for one at home  is 9 to 10

spending time with those one enjoy is also 9 to 10

the third corner activates when the unnecessary fades


not good intention and wrong direction

not good intention but right direction

there the good intention but wrong direction

good and right direction but no result


kind of like good intention but bad words are more ok than ...

if we over call someone an ascend master etc.

then simultaneously the name will also feel of descended bums etc.

then maybe we then project the built up onto those who are not really much different from you me and/or them - "if there understanding, there is no conflict"

maybe they simply know how to use the descent as fun and easy way to rise and rotate the circles  better than us e.g. master hu is a famous descending bum 

and the more mickey tries to descend as bum, the richer she feels - maybe she should be the new money symbol overtaking gates as #1 - andrew is her top assistant and chu the messenger/inner world lawyer - everything below  first goes through office - if you want to say some people first mesa has been expecting us, then maybe that also over expecting

the real constant here is very ancient, in our script

to an immigrant kid / family fresh off boat from taiwan


the division between black and white circles aint that far

the difference between right and wrong people circles aint that far if they lack compassion

the difference between good and bad  aint that far if they intent from compassion


the three circle always rotating

our mind may lose link with it at times

but it always rotating

the three circles always rotating

like earth 

but if there force making it slow rotation

then three circles still rotate

but there may feel clogged below etc.

how to strengthen the counter of this weaker flow ?

the more clear we see the natural circle and its free rotating directions

the more creative our body and its under patterns can be - if billion is ultimate medicine, we at 1.1 million - how to remain low 

it a matter of understanding, then our compassion will naturally deepen to include even the inner opposites

- mickey



she is wise but not mind being called a fool

high but don't mind if those who over one way labels her low etc.

she is who she is

it like people in china want to label writer a devil for protecting taiwan - that ok,   they may and/or may not be over glorifying themselves like left media with trump - if democrats lose again, don't blame the other side


it like the  hopi book club vs aposols 

why we so dark and you so bright ?

why if we choose to take our holiday puff in 21st century puget sound and you in ... sipping wine

we should be called devils  so you must be the other ?

but if we can help to make you feel more righteous about your ways

then it also compassion


"they took natural female symbols and replaced it with  ... creating the programming for the one way flow and clogging the inner rotation, such that the three circles is limited to one circle and flow"

- mickey

parallel reflection

if we walk in dark world with sword

why wouldn't they have one too

 so mischievous we make coyotes chief feel domesticated

parallel reflection

if there inner movement which can counter balance inner density

then this may have long term potential

the element does not change

like the fonts

it is the relative density which changes

we get more firm relative to it

it gets less dense relative to us

as inner

if we can learn to make inner body more dense

we can also make it less dense

even if it take a year to have .0001 effect

there is movement


in our script


universe compressed into density of  a single atom then they live in a different density/dimension that seem contracting like black hole to the dollar etc.  - yet they experience inner outer same as us - so the dollar feel etheric to the 100 but dense to penny world ... 

"there point where they cross ..."

- mickey

"it turns no one away"

- andrew

"yet rejects everyone ..."

- chewey

same place and time but different density yet same quality etc. - you get the point, that best one can explain

but there few who can use all three inner circles at same time - e.g. inner penny /outer 100 etc. 

like there a penny circle can rival hundred

e.g. same size memory chip can hold an entire building of data vice versa - micro/macro soft/firm

it the paradigm shift - same circles yet once they have self benefit to link in to opposites of equal compassion, then they'll find a way ...

feel like we missing a turn again  - that 6-3-17 a message from future

writer has written out the requests over years

maybe the task is about something else bigger and not just watching the show ;  what past of personal - who is who of who  -  cares not , just glad they all here - our world is just small part of whole, and/or whole of the small

and  if already know who you are it may be fun playing for others to watch but if even others  know who ... then it less passion from future


if i don't know -  one can't start the show

if i don't know by now , aint gonna ask anymore 


on all that lying, it gets little tiring and maybe even counter productive 

and is not what one needs at this point ; you gotta remember, the future is also watching in and they may have different feelings 

e.g. they may say there "no more need for that" and send it to writer 6-3-17 they may say "stop lying and help him" and send it to those who link into that message on 7-4-17

just as a few of us  send  message to writer at gompa two years ago ...

"let go" - the future passion not link in even if past ...

that message we send him today because we have enough hindsight

when alone, he listens


say writer were to lease out the studio to the couple

and continue to be rude to anyone ...

can the neighborhood retain their composure the way of writer  ?

it would explain the future helping past feeling

as inner movement

"it the safest place in the universe"

"The more try be visible

the more feel invisible

so i try to be more visible "

- master hu


each with three rotating circles interlinking

"if mind and/or body then third is other circle called spirit

mother/daughter/earthly spirit can easily be also holy ghost/son/father etc."  - ivars whitehorse foundation - counter balancing the nucleus through PVF 

they each unique place within the rotation

"if body/spirit circle then  weak flow circle is creative thinking and over glorify mind etc. - what is not old yet of old is call new and/or the third ; if mind/spirit circle the other circle is kung fu"

shelley and/or phil foundation - strengthening the overly weak circles outside nucleus (one of three circles - to simply make that flow stronger - against the wind and winning the race)

"triple world is this that and/or reverse

not an actual third but created one

not created but the creative

it a paradox depend direction one looks"

three sisters entertainment network - strengthening the female/male symbol within the nucleus 

"past/future and/or reverse ; awake/under world and/or reverse etc.

it the crossing which creates the seemingly reverse from both circles - that it not of other and/or this yet ... - ; it the wisdom which allows the two to link when they cross paths"

- fisher exports - cross path with it

i am old so passion from young people


last year i told dominic if he marries his girlfriend then they can honeymoon here in seattle

how much time has moved not matter

it how much time was extended which matters

every circle we have crossed has extended and/or deepened 

- 7-3-04 (chewpiland)

- still looking to design / create first chewpiland two way calendar using the dates e.g. 2018/2003 calendar  - free with purchase of fisher plunger

remember that sandra bullock  movie lake house

same concept : same place and time

but two parallel worlds moving opposite direction in time

so  a movie star reverse circle be a content waitress looking to become movie star in the future 

forward world she be perhaps a not content movie star of long past who now works contently as waitress

"do they ever  meet ?"

"no, but they can rotate the inner with the outer

the forward with the reverse etc.  ..."

"what you call that  energy ?"

"the reverse chi ..."

(in taoist , there may even be a reverse differentiation between the two

- entangled as one and/or three

and in this script

she the one who reborn in his world when he rotates and he the one who reborn in her world etc. - for those still stuck in she and/or he rebirth

- master hu discussion with students 

karlie is better at writing certain styles than is john chu

it the she writing first then ah joun?!  act to write which gives passion  ...

john chu is a real comedian and great actor as a writer - receiving credit for even the philosophies and/or hopi trickster tales

in the script




writer friends with many eccentric people

and more eccentric they are

more they friends over the years


met master hu and humble rinpoche

randomly - humble at ingelwood and master hu chef at restaurant etc.

few understood why a lawyer be visiting old bum  at a casino etc. 

it a feeling of enlightened beings

there some others

and they also make up the top helpers of chu's business link

they goofy and don't mind lawyer even more goofy and very easy to work with

and of their inner powers

it is very different and writer only beginning to appreciate a few old friends ...

in some buddhist cultures

if you have even heard their name 

then that not the real player

chewpi vegas

pg - 13

"for every coyote still single

there is no "taken"

- oscar readings jr.

19th century poet

"tickets go on sale at precisely 9 am

here, bring this to the ...

she will give you a discount

just tell her the oracle referred you ..."

if you stand on other side of clock and it moves counter

- the ticket agent gate keeper

as inner

"people gravitate to what bring them

more well being"

- mayor russ 


a third option to  rotate the circles 

as inner

where is that point in puget sound ?

northwest  ?


that why if it real

it simple 

"because you are real ..." 

in our script

 the counter balance  to the hopis world

vice versa

the middle of both circles



a trickster middle inter links



the meditation is of inner rotation of compassion



rectangle monitors



"nature is made of curves

it not recognize rectangles

if it can't turn the square corner

 may feel ... edgy"

the PVF motive first company


we agree the investors and staff

that world need more counter balance

what that is we can gradually build consensus on

we market circular computers

maybe even new window design

based on circular rotations

the clock go both directions

6  pm 1-1-2017 clockwise

6 am 12-31-2004 counter (chewpiland calendar)

the underlying intention to counter balance old PCs programming with a counter which can help mind/body counter balance 

it would take work and research

but it may rise to a revolution of social engineering

4d online world 


this the new synergy


we looking for investors looking for the research result

not the profit

"machines has made us less circular

and more one way and square

and we invented its intelligence

unless something intervene

it'll implode"

- buddha butt

in the reverse world

she a falling buddha butt

forward world

ascending arch angel

deeper and stronger compassion

and younger

than even 13 years ago

naively and deceptively funny

reverse of mischief and opposite of trickster

writer bows with honor and respect

in heaven

everything getting lighter and/or less dense

density continuing de-compressing until the circle  into the lighter  circle 

on earth

where nothing can be more grounded

even buddha butt can't fly

density continuing compressing until the circle  into the dark  circle

once inside dark/light circle

density continuing expand/compress until it links into/from  the "dark/light world etc.

"like a black hole

only emptiness is deeper"

"from view of emptiness

there has be inner light and space  for there be black and hole

- buddha butt 

if there something we should do

we should do it soon

a silent counter balance that not conflict and even compliment rising and constant ?

as inner

money from future to past can be passion

from past to future - little practical for future to past

but the people who over possessing it from past to future flow


money energy can become the constant

samsara within samsara

even they let go

it the other flow of samsara

so why would they ?

the energy is recycling 

unless someone from beyond three circles intervenes ...

and shows a more efficient way of generating inner abundance

but why would they unless they can inner rotate  ?

keep your wealth but don't clog other circles


yours and/or ours

we'll discover a middle circle together

win win

so how can we help ?

actors want to introduce welcome

but for those producers  of past etc.

we knew you not gonna do it our way

so we left

but don't  block others by staying in the game

or use filming to your benefit w/o permission - especially our neighborhood and restaurants 

future to past - hindsight knows 

don't say we didn't ask 

to the circle behind this :

we got no time for this game

it not part of our PVF

you may want to tell what gompa game was 

or we withdraw as protecters

same with la pooba

don't underestimate the protection 

"Even in times when oppositions prevail, mistakes can be avoided, so that remorse disappears. When opposition begins to manifest itself, a man must not try to bring about unity by force, for by so doing he would only achieve the contrary, just as a horse goes farther and farther away if one runs after it. It is one's won horse, one can safely let it go, it will come back of its own accord. So too when someone who belongs with us is momentarily estranged because of a misunderstanding, he will return of his own accord if we leave matters to him. One the other hand, it is well to be cautious when evil men who do not belong with us force themselves upon us, again as the result of a misunderstanding. Here the important thing is to avoid mistakes. We must not try to shake off these evil men by force; this would give rise to real hostility. We must simply endure them. They will eventually withdraw of their own accord."

- i ching

the future understands the real intentions

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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if each circle can turn their corner

then  this the eternal middle fire 

it be here

 as long we need it to counter balance 

future to past


should be filming this summer

from our corner

preserving this 


but capacity/team not here

gather old hopi team

how to fulfill requirements for gathering

so we can ride out together

feel like last of sonics fans  riding out 

but they are not alone ...

if they not move

then we move into them

as inner

if we not move

they not move

the energy is still moving

more one direction and/or the other

three years ago they 7 we 4

now they 6 we 4

what happens if they 5.4 and we 4.6

with momentum still going our way

the orcs united the humans

- from three circles view

music of rising current/setting sun

still water

"a music collection of setting current music by

The Wa Ga Li Gong Band"

- those buying the CD rise to cheer

to play along, you gotta have the album and its instruction manual inside

- 6-3-17


if writer change a few  characters in this song and have star actors sing with same emotion - there be different circles of fans  listening  - whose who know and act along ;  those know and play along but no know taiwanese   ;  those know taiwanese  but no know our game etc.  

pg - 13 reverse inner movement designed to counter balance foreign mind

we charge by not moving

staying where we are

but looking right into them moving to us

so it like we moving to them

how to stand against the rising current ?

in this script


chewpiland has an inverse relationship to the ancient ones who once lived on planet earth

the densities of two worlds have separated long ago

held together only by a mysterious force

a middle dimension of simultaneously waves and/or form

dense and/or light ; east/west 

same relative  inner/outer density

but the two circles move in opposite waves and density proportion so even if parallel ; the other circle dark small useless to the other

like someone only focusing on rising dawn

would not have noticed the last of the setting sun

but if attention only on fire

something is setting/something is rising

there is inner / there is outer

as inner

both direction can be anytime 

the simple point is still ...

how to strengthen the weak flow ?

the more clarity we view three circles

linking inner/outer

the more we will find it important to let go of unnecessary and into strengthening the necessary

game plan simple

reverse music / video / circular PC window

over rising b/c square can't turn corner like circles

nature curve not recognize square 

re-design the core programming circular

video of  over busy/affirmation  person doing the five minute "over lazy useless "  meditation and/or counter affirmation

our script

three sister princess each powers and magic and ancient in age 

rare ones can self learn direct from source ; most need teachers/lineage  as link to the inner power

the grandmaster of flowers

also has ability to revive death and heal etc.

shifting into denseless clouds

legends says she is also the purple phoenix

having attained inner powers of rivaling a dragon

her whereabouts few knows

but her students is one of three sisters 

death hunters  hybrid of fighter/magicians

once reaching certain stage of both paths 

the death hunter level begins

as inner/outer ; there no lack here

but to do what the impersonal want get done

one can cover one corner only

so outer help useful and even necessary

"It is important that there should be men who mediate between leaders and followers. These should be disinterested people, especially in times of increase, since the benefit is to spread from the leader to the people. Nothing of this benefit should be held back in a selfish way, it should really reach those for whom it is intended. This sort of intermediary, who also exercises a good influence on the leader, is especially important in times when it is a matter of great undertakings, decisive for the future and requiring the inner assent of all concerned."

- i ching

if someone walks up and tells of vampire story and say they want royalty for idea 

then writer can never use vampire and/or first emperor of china again w/o feeling idea taken from that person

unless we producing a script as team

 best not to share your ideas that way with writer


inner entitlement blocks creativity

writer not looking to borrow ideas

writer simply writes what comes

not making any movies with them this way  but enjoy the conversation

thanks :)

trump think tank



if we 2017 to look at as

if we in 1915

1850 as past

1975 as future

"then we may see patterns recycling"

- chris blake

what were the top stories making headlines

making people give attention and energy in 1915 ?

what should have they been ?

what making headline news opinions today

may and/or may not be what is important 

if we to ask same question in 2037 

our round table is 

if we are 2017 looking at same round table in 2008

what should be the main discussions ?

if it blueprint

we gotta get it   right or ...

so our  deepening standard  compassion to cover  all  inner corners / directions

hidden lake

a world with a world

"whatever their world is

ours is not it"

- mayor russ

5 pm daily setting sun world morning meditation 

"breath in breath out meditate"


- russ


"when they all rushing

we absorbing the reverse   ..."

- patty 

meditation instructors

hopis who flow both ways

don’t feel density / boundary of body

that why they look buoyant 




the rarmuris who links into sun when we moon

moon when we sun


can travel long distance throughout deep canyons without over pull of inner body 

"if we learn to share -

one plunger is all the entire village need"

- fisher export

if we are getting younger

because future we will live longer than what we even expect and hope

then paradoxically

it may solve over population and inner conflict

that we have something the personal circle has reason to participate on larger level

and people wouldn't think much about saving for retirement etc. and more of interest of preserving long run larger circle interest

the older we can get

the wiser the society evolves

it a shift of perception we part of a link that regenerates

"ancient dragon's  anchor is a deeper sun"

- legendary kung fu novel


idea / name emerged hopiland

so did chewpiland

they had the only element we need

- passion from center of our universe

that if it links with them

they feel their future agreeing

then they smile ...


last time hopiland late march 2016

text with mickey often

but no talk with anyone

rather than enter alone

there those past story who should have been there - under the script - chance circles around again 

writer want document the experience

he can enter alone in car driving

but two buses can follow behind 

we start from seattle - yakima - deschutes river - bend oregon - vooodoooland oregon - into nevada ...

resort - free time outside vegas

- that the script

flying phoenix /reverse/ constant 

within each - flying phoenix / reverse/constant

how to strengthen reverse of the constant ?

e.g. from busy city hidden lake we think we the constant

but if we have be ... there is chu office

writer drive and talk about what he remembered from each places

when inspired

we set filming with an act at a certain town


and then somewhere along edge of ...

the staff go rest at luxury resort near outskirts of vegas

they smile as they party night away


writer then meet them some days later

at culture center lodge of hopiland

as film team go shopping spree with 100 top hopi shopper  downtown

- from 3 pm they have to use up the coupons by 5pm

and up to $100 per 100 stores each with $10,000 credit scattered along the strip

if they team up , organize it and scattered themselves across vegas strip

then there be no long lines etc.

what percentage of rain can they gather to bring back to share with villagers ?

start out same hotel


energy world/matter world


dark world/21st century

1850 b.c.



"there seem to be director but we can find no trace"

mythology the language of dark world

binary logic the 21st century

paradox humor the 1850 b.c.

there a three headed rainbow dragon 

more ancient and wiser than ancient gold dragon

it also can shape shift into platinum ; flying chicken etc.

the queen of dragons friendly to humans

friend of chu office

the chewpiland dragon 

energy only change

at opposite of it is dense matter

matter is energy

at opposite of it is light energy

there a common point

f flute player act over self important

it not because he knows the flute

if lawyer act over humble

it also not because he knows the flute

zhu ren zhang the flute master simply is ... 

nothing to prove ...

video  years ago

writer now over 50 -

this recent photo at zhong xiao


if there old friends and circles  - east and/or west - who want to produce what has been written in PVF.ME 

share royalty with writer

so minimal pressure on the producer

writer can link in only as independent consultant / writer


- chu










why it may want others look other way ?



"why would someone enlightened of that age want with more power ?"

- neo

"that the way people with too much power can become-  stuck / free in the same cycle  by the very energy they use to control / free others

there are different levels of enlightenment"


"karma ..."


"cause and effect ; they made the choice without understanding the effect

whether their intention 

is of compassion

you must judge from your own feeling"

- oracle

"if that the truth rock

could he walk past ...?"

- oracle

"no, it would have fiercely blocked him , but why ?"

"yes, and it would have still let in the la pooba taker .. it the circle which controls her which you seek to fiercely block


the future knows ..."

write what comes

am coffee

chu office

an old friend chatting over ...

spoke more precisely than usual 

"... like a lame duck because of this russia thing,

but what the big deal so far little ?"

"you think they keep talking about it if they don't know what is at the other end ?"


"you ever watch that movie lord of ring

where the stewart just sitting there while army of orcs invade"

"not yet, but i will get to it ..."

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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in the condor trilogy kung fu novel

there a kung fu boss who harm many

and bully all

so lao wang tong (clown kid)

followed him for 100 days

everywhere he went - the clown kid bullied him in public

the character turned to good , became enlightened monk following lao wang tong and beg forgiveness from those he ... so to counter balance old karma

those who followed his ways

were also forgiven

they simply need to acknowledge the facts before crossing the truth rock





TO ...


"cause and effect ; they made the choice without understanding the effect


whether their intention 

is of compassion

you must judge from your own feeling"

when hopis say east and/or west

it may be  new york and/or /tokyo 

it may be  the stars ...

their inner world is bigger

and deeper because it includes under dimension world and outer space worlds 

deeper density world and/or lighter density world

a circular cycle they observed

and/or was taught and confirmed

there only present

the paradigm of emergence of friendly under world  (kachinas) and return of above world (ancestors) and clowns of all three circles  flowing together in synergy  

we call it PVF

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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"is that your truck ...?

i used to drive car like that in 70's..."

- chu

the older dude of same inner  generation

morning coffee

fong chi season (winter 2017) when ah-joun?! was unstoppable

only one dude did not laugh

just one

he had to keep looking down and walking off every time chewey tries to talk 

"i bet that truck can go 0-60 in 5.4 seconds ..."

but round after round after round

7 :10 am 

he simply look down and walk out 

it not fancy fong chi

but he did it  ...

honor and respect

"there four different consciousness in the universe

one that go one way (force)

one that go two way (balance)

one that three way (reverse)

and those that are neither (just watching)  - which is 95% "

- paraphrasing wise native scholar

if 2 pm and 12 the constant

to balance - one way slows and/or stops

two way go 10 am while three way may  over stretch 2 pm so it  also want to go back  etc.

so three way may look like the 5 percent to 95% - those just watching to the 5% etc.

like in school

there those who think one way

and if you not their friend then you must be "their" friend

if two way

you can be any one's friend

but you still must be their friends to be cool etc.

rare a third way -  a loner and/or friends with all ;

 friends only with one circle and/or all ;  friends with none and/or both circles etc. - depends which circle they looking from

(that they don't buy into such inner binary paradigm)

yet those people tend to hang out

even if their background very different

to the one way  - there must be purpose

two way -  there must be a reason

to the three way - they may over agree

those 95% percent watching are the alums 

fong chi 

one way people try to force not laugh by will alone

so the saying : the stronger the will , the stronger the laugh

two way people are more experienced

they may use counter balancing techniques to help subside their urges to laugh

while three way  people

with fong chi as their constant

simply don't need to laugh

in our script

it matter of time

zhong xiao to taipei took 2 days in 19th century

4 hours in 1975


now if future to past say earth to ... chewpiland planet in under 4 hours 

it means they can fly  much further and  with much less time

we will likely to keep traveling faster  even if speed of light is the constant

so it makes link from future

in our script

that there other colonies is information which gains passion from future to past

one writes when it over flows

all the information on internet


same patterns different images

"you mean instead they come to us

they invite  us to go to them "

"to bring back the knowledge ..."

"inter galactic mail person arrive once every month to this galaxy

it is then the videos and writings from us in chewpiland is downloaded to earth

they have technologically re-created an identical old earth for their humans to visit

one which is still green"

 "show the cause and the effect is simply dissolved

and then  show a new  cause to create a new type of effect"

"the deepening of compassion  ..."


the perennial intent ..."

given what we know so far

2017 summer

if we to give advise to writer


in 2011(evince beach)


2015 summer (gompa)


from here

they all playing games


so what we tell him ?


- just play same fool 

who should he trust from the circle then ?

if he stays linked to compassion

how does he proceed if future gives him mix feelings ?


future to our past

who can/should he trust from the circle today ?

old family and those who have over helped

and those you simply trust

as for rest

keep friendly distance for now



even friends of old


few  as simple as remembered

maybe the world has made them more guarded

the sedona psychic 

he saw image of writer walking away from the top seat


sitting next to lake alone talking to older sister figure

that be writer today on iPad with mother

"but it wants you to know

that you did the right thing ..."

the sedona dude said

mid 90's

honor and respect

from future


what we tell him in mid 80's when he started looking into going to law school ?

maybe that explain the surge of passion


receive the over/under respect

stay humble ...

there invisible power guiding the way

one simply had to give way to its unique expression

that it wants to speak the language the future want us to be

and if this march 2005

as he plans trip to northern canyon

it also explains the surge of passion from future 

be wild but stay humble ...


there the path down/up

if you first take down - descending canyon

then it goes down as deep as you can take it on your own


how deep/far only one knows


it could have been deeper/further

but that not what writer looking for ...

- chewey


enough is enough

that fire was nice ... 

it was  ...

only thing that felt living then

you had to trust it  ...

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in our script

karlie is an actor and a friend

and dominic a great shapeshifter 

the mystery of la pooba is that it simply returned to the original owner


in our script

hopi book club 2008 seattle

and hopi book club look alike actors today

same with master hu

that they not of the same presence

it may be act  yet the friendship and joy is real and will continue

the small circle is still around 

but it need not be understood in that manner

in the script

since 2013

each of hopi book club have a new look alike from 2008

selena leroy preston dominic darrell ...

vegas circle 2016 all actors

but they were there 

the hopi book club was once here ...

"The valley spirit never dies; 
It is the woman, primal mother. 
Her gateway is the root of heaven and Earth. 
It is like a veil barely seen. 
Use it; it will never fail"

tao te ching

in our script

dominic east is dominic east 2004-2011

writer best friend 

mickey west is mickey west  2012-2017

 friend and  model/actoress

in our script

andrew and lewis are similar

as maggie cheung and fong fei fei

there also fong fei fei and maggie cheung the actor look alikes

these all actors

but there a ... behind each 

so the power is real

they good people 


in our script

they exist and not just to the outstanding cherokees

maybe even the anasazis

"The Nunnehi are a race of immortal spirit people in Cherokee mythology. In the Cherokee language, Nunnehi literally means "The People Who Live Anywhere", but it is often translated into English as "The People Who Live Forever", or simply "The Immortals". The Cherokee believed the Nunnehi to be a type of supernatural human being, completely distinct from ghosts and nature spirits, as well as from gods. "

- wikipedia

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the little circle

the world of joy

they like inner family looking out

connection remains strong

they all still around

last time saw leroy fran

last time saw dominic preston ...

same ...

we had buried the eternal fire  in march  2009

leroy helped to come up with the name and idea

everything after actors

they still around

waiting for ripe time to return

where writer got side track and so kept still

was that the journey to northern canyon with them was one of warmth and deep earth and learning

what it like to be earth human

- compassion

while the ones after

was more of this movie script etc. 

but they not of hopi book club level

an adviser said unless one can leave it behind and / or they let one be

they will stay distant

that why we should return to where we started  ...

"if withdraw from affair in time ... he will remain free of mistakes ... but ... will in their excitement, certainly be displeased with him. However, he must not take this account." 

- i ching

the comrades ... forced by the situation to move, hence cannot understand why .. stay calm

the difference in behavior is due to difference in place

therefore one must be wholly independent in one's actions."

- i ching

writer only attention to the feeling

their inner kindness - before visit in 2002, never heard of anasazis 

but it that feeling/power/joy that writer invited them in 2008

and they brought it over and it stayed


you never hear of this being ... 

 older than oldest 

humble than humble

if this being your friend then you are the luckiest person 

can shape shift into young and/or old ...

big and/or small

dark and/or pale

...  joy and easy

- master hu​


weekend publishing canceled

but  writer may write what comes and  publish it on weekend

future to past :

next period may be better

but we will always reminisce this time  together ...



dominique and writer similar size and even look

she was first visit to chewpiland and before ...  

she not in seattle 2008 -  that dominic is like my little clown brother


writer thanks the PVF team

we will look back with fondness and gratitude for each other's teachings

- la pooba in hand of original owner who gifted through humble ...

the sword has will of its own

who she is may be next

honor and respect


-  to do this project PVF way


writer alone and not follow media

so who they were and are