unconditional love

in reverse

we be female and getting younger

she be the water

in reverse

she be male and getting stronger

he be the fire 



there relationship of conscious

subconscious and unconscious

there relationship of physical body (3d) mental bodies (4d) and/or energy bodies (5d) etc.

sometimes what the 3/4d  believe to be important may be the least important


two people can stay silent and from distance

yet they can have relationship just by meeting of dharmakaya

it more important there relationship

words can get in the way

What takes place in the depths of one's being, in the unconscious, can neither be called forth nor prevented by the conscious mind. It is true that if we cannot be influenced ourselves, we cannot influence the outside world.

- i ching

we dont choose who we truly love


there first a relationship of yuan

inner affinity


everyone we meet we have yuan

some more than others

"no yuan is also yuan"

- dr dean tsai

there the placing the physical mental energy

conscious subconscious relationships

within compassion

for others and for ourselves


relationship is simple if it only love

otherwise it may not be



dharmakaya is an unconscious relationship

they need not be consciously related


our unconscious links to fong fei fei unconscious - same dharmakaya

her unconscious links to ours

- same compassion

as we improve she improves



"you think she knows the dharmakaya too"


la lady


she at that level

- john


mother's home

that hopi like

a mother in the spiritual world

maybe another lifetime

different form ; same being

she might even remember you

go back home

that where mother is


memory of that taiwan movie

orphan asks this lady if she recognize him

"you remind me of someone i used to know"

she politely says no

"maybe another lifetime"

he not disappointed 

but he had to ask


see someone but like stranger

seeing her makes inner want to cry

but dont know why

but this a strange world

like a new lifetime

so he had to ask if she recognize him


this a home 

it a good place

we make deal

let everyone continue

there a wedding party

everyone there

there a happy photo from future

it the way of a happy future

which protects our past


i've always felt when younger

that my mind be realized 

and there be a companion very closed to


the primal buddha


first day spring

early lunch ​ tacoma 

dharmakaya is similar to the great spirit

but the great mystery may be better word

- bison shaman

many can feel great spirit

but great mystery is not seen nor known

- buffalo witch

you two same being



you get more work done with two

- bison and buffalo smiles

so if i just saw you and her this am

did you drive here and change shape ?

- chewey

no, if this body and place

there that body place

so i just come over here

- bison

and so the scene again has two of you

- writer bows with honor and respect ​​


am coffee​

kent nayas cafe

you and jessica same being

- john

jessica smiles​

page smiles


3-20-21​ noon breakfast burrito

north bend​

hey you look younger

- zhu ren zhang

you and i are like benjamin button

- lane

the poop bakery lady​

it good to see you

- john


2pm coffee​

kent nayas​

saw page

 it good to see you

- john​

somehow the line just slipped out

just saw her this am

and just about everyday am 

chewey pauses ...​



came home neighborhood


mei and claire outside playing​

ran around with them outside

chatted a little

they same being​​

it a good day​


and therefore​

mom and dad and 

frank and jim all same being 

and it always been that way ?

they have all awakened into it

you are also part of the flow

- la mom​

it is ceaseless

- la dad

the world of joy


in multiverse within compassion

the power of beauty

they have power of attraction

they have it naturally

even after all these years

she has power of beauty

that why still top actress

we like to learn


so lisa smiles at us 1985

she smiles at us 2021

parallel worlds

which one happened first ?

林慧萍 愛之旅

chewpiland productions




she time travels back to 1915 taiwan

she meets chewey

he was there for the kung fu showdown with dragon clan 

scene 2



working att cafe

she meets chewey

at first she didnt know ; he wear cheap looking suit

he looks as different as she was to 1915

but when she heard the melody of the flute ...


to meet with krystal

help me remember our past life together ...

it must have been deep

then we go from there ...

"wait for her to appear"


"she not need to be same appearance

just wait for her to come to you"

- la lady


kokopelli jigong and laughing buddha
three spirits wild
three circles intermingling in world of joy

co-created a new being - a nirmanakaya
there two of them

in script

the twin spirit
if she is evil witch
then i am also
we same three spirits intertwined into two bodies

one plays the flute ; one not


genderless world this realm is

we like to learn from people here of the shapeshifting skills

once we lift the veil that is


our task to reveal the message

so w must enter it the circle

yet we also other half out

we the messenger

once we do

we be rewarded own way

and gifted part of the circle's wisdom


western yin vs. eastern yin

western yang vs. eastern yang

if you west

you have/seen 3/4

if east

you yet to seee real wild west from inside

for each side

they have to let you in


writer very fortunate to receive the dakini energy

it an extra current that compliments every current

our emptiness / her compassion


diverse gender people have stronger immunity

they are also more creative

- krystal


in script

the upside down world

travel to/in reverse

the forward world is alone and anti-social and keep distance

the reverse be opposite

male be female

54 be 24

she be living with two other roommates

into art and not writing

body and not the mind

she can shapeshift into man

so can come this world as man

her reverse world

we now learning to enter her world as she


like the show counterpart- the two worlds meet eachother's counterpart in a middle world

they each cannot enter the other world because one already there

but this is a middle field 

so our story goes ...

john meets krystal


in another middle field

krystal who was john meets john who was krystal

it like her spirit overtook his body and vice versa

they switched

that can be a movie starring jennifer


the new realm is different

the being is male/female

e.g. both krystal and john same time

krystal is mic's female to match our male

we also have an inner female to match his male 

she is krystal ?


ok, if put krystal and john together they be like mic

and if krystal (of john) and mic together they be someone new - chewey

that why mic said he is also chewey


this vision body does not belong to us

so it can be mixed with krystal's energy body - it a rainbow synergy

two rainbow bodies - one rainbow light


the energy which comes of this synergy is the ultimate medicine