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 Wow Bonsai 

watachiko rikuchi

interview with chewpiland celebrities

"i was going to attend the international bonsai festival featuring some of the top bonsai experts from japan including leading planetologist watachiko riguchi who is 

professor and leading expert on modern bonsai  technology ! "

"wow yes .... watachiko ..."

"and the festival further be attended to by renowned bonsai experts from all nations and bonsai consumers who enjoy the opulent feeling bonsai plants brings to elevating their natural spirit"

"wow ...  bonsai  ..."

"wow ...  bonsai  ..."



frank chu is funny

our fong chi lord buddha butt is here ...!

"buddha butt is the funniest non earth human in our universe ...

there are only three earth humans funnier

and only one lives on earth"

"the software engineer comedy god  ... ?"


"you hide your humor well frank  ..."

"yes, that what funny people do ..."

"frank chu is funny"


The Code Breakers

"to see the code breakers

you'll have to first make us laugh ...

 hahaha ! "

the guardians  all laughed

the code breakers 


frank chu

"the flute master is arriving at 8  ..."

- rodney

"he will teach us the ways of the traditional flute  ..."

- dominic

"wow ...  the flute grandmaster ..."

- chu

"yes, it has been said ... upon hearing the sound ... one cannot  but forget ... the  heavens above or the earth below ..."

- dominique

"yes ..."

the youvella family

frank chu 



the flute player

"i received a vision of you performing flute to the hopi elders ..."

- the wise oracle

pauses ...

"luna, you must  be linking into yourself from the future ...

for i do not yet own that flute ..."

- chu

pauses ...

"so you do play the flute ... ?"

pauses ...

"luna, your vision serves you well ...


for my future also tells me you will receive a vision of me performing flute to wise elders on this day  ..."

the flute player


yes, frank chu

"so you play the flute ... the same way you play the guitar ... ?"


pauses ...

"i don't play the guitar ..."

- frank 


"yes, frank chu ..."

yes, frank chu




very good

taiwan 1975

there use be restaurant called ...

tai how chi !"

​太好吃 !

(wow taste so good !)

they hire people to sit inside restaurant and say "wow taste so good!"

​they hire more people to sit outside/inside their competitors line and say ​happily content look

​we just ate at wow taste so good ...!

​wow taste so good ..."​

​one time they short on staff

​classmates working at eating 

​table chen and 051415

was asked to cook ...

little did they know

who was coming in to eat ...

yes, madame chiang kai sheck ...

and her contingency of dignitaries


他麼都說太好吃的鳳龍雞湯很好吃 。。。”

“那。。。 我們就吃吧 。。。”

she then turns to the visiting guest

"the heaven and earth chicken soup here  is of sound quality ... so we have heard ..."


"oh ...

that is very good ..."

the guests responds politely




yes sir

it is 1975 taiwan

wow taste so good eatery

customers having a serious discussion

"if over humor only when no serious

then over serious no inner counter"

- customer 

"it an inner thing

we can and should always act serious outside"

- invited guest

"with media sending serious from every corner of world and time 

onto our screen  and demanding attention

like it all happening today

there not enough over humor counter balance inner over serious"

- madame chiang hugs

"yes my love ...

we should and must act more silly "

- chiang spoke with authority charisma and power

"yes sir ..."

- the staff bows with honor and respect


- Tao te Ching (47)

​(use reverse move forward)

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