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as inner

the power of mountain lion exceeds that of the  machines

that is why it still captures the imagination

over the likes of the binary inventions

there something more

that make the lions

queen/king of the jungle

the flute grandmasters  of 70's 

the modern pop diva

"different form

different essence

same difference ..."

- haiku

when it has be done

trump won

honor and respect

it that skill we now need

not as much  whether over left will shift more right 

vice versa

the middle inner balance dictates the movement

how to strengthen the middle bond ?

"i am good at ignoring those who makes no sense"

- a busy waitress

once smiled and joked when asked how she deal with customers who talk non sense 

how to use the non sense as a third force, and not the second ?

the trumpis will be challenged underneath the boards

this they expect

they will be dividing influences  seeking to uproot

some reasonable

some not

the battle is now

how to strengthen the original rotation ?

what was missing was a third anchor

however silly insignificant

it may be at the time

relative to the lights ...


if you celebrity musician


you know who your real friends are


few recognized the flute soundo ...

to have come


not from chu ...

but the legendary flutist

kitaro ..."

"honor and respect

but if you live

far west

and ...

"who is ... kitaro ...?"


"according to wikipedia, Kitarō  is a Japanese recording artist, composer, record producer and is regarded as one of the most prominent musical acts. He is the winner of a Grammy Award  and with record 16 nominations in the same category, and a Golden Globe Award for the Heaven & Earth original score"

- chewpi news

"outstanding young people these days


pay attention to singers who can scream the loudest


and  soothing to their soul  ..."

- chu

the soul ...

so elegant  ...

ah ... kitaro ...

Early life: 



"Masanori Takahashi was born in Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan, and is a graduate of Sahid University. Kitarō, which is his boyhood name meaning "man of love and joy", a practicing Buddhist himself, was born in a family of Shinto-Buddhist farmers..."

"After graduating his parents were first opposed to the idea of their son having a musical career...


In an effort to maneuver him towards their vision, they made arrangements for him to take a job at a local company.


In return, he did not show for the job without telling them, and managed to convince them to work on something he loves..."

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Chewpi U

Cinema History

"i am your future in 2017 ..."


"The Very Old French Lady Living as a Young Lady in 1785"

was the original title to the movie

it was later simplified as

"The Very Old French Lady"

- Assistant Professor


"so if someone to say 833 years from now





83 years from now ...


our third wheel gets weaker


just upon hearing them inner numbers ..."

- chewpi u

math professor

as inner

two circles moving one direction

the inner conflict is the conflict of the two circles

as one outer person

if two inner circles harmonize

a third two way inner circle emerges

to unify into one circle

micro of macro

harmonizing the inner conflict


as inner

if the two circle share 

different rotation

same compassion

then ...

a new outer of inner way of relating to people  places and time ?

we don't know

starring ... as


the flute player


zhu ren zhang ...

"Kitaro's latest studio album is Final Call, which is a homage to Kitaro's lifetime reverence for nature and was released in September 2013. A year later, in September 2014 ...

...  More recently he has reissued his critically acclaimed studio albums Kojiki in 2015 and Tenku in 2016 ..."

- chewpiu news

kitaro ...

 fong chi hell

and/or chicken heaven ?

is there a third option ?

a voice whispers ...

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"the fong chi elvis ...?"

"yes ..."



just a script

elvis be 81

jerry 74

let just say

they all look about 10 years younger

happy and in good shape 





The Canyon of the Strange

what going on ?

not much

russ next door

wants to impersonate elvis

and old man jack

want to act as jerry garcia

cliff at hidden lake coins plays guitar in younger days

lynn  can act like marilyn monroe of today, but  50 years younger

chewpi studio

the asian waitresses at the

restaurants one consumes meals at

can easily act as the older singers today


as for bruce lee

he likely not so chubby today

like william su

(this the photo frank took at the summit of the hike)

"taiwan mick jagger ...?!

never heard ..."

"well then, have you heard of singer william su ?"

"you ... william su ...?!

i don't believe it ..."

athletic ...

wow ... william su ...

Power of a Chicken



Crazy dragon humbling to

Mighty chicken


Mightier the chicken

Crazier the dragon





The ancients say


“Power from what is not there”


Tao Te Ching

"if you a cheap chicken

she a cheap chicken

then you mr and/or mrs

cheap chickens

but if you a movie star

she a music star

then you both not cheap chickens"

- the chief cheap clown chief

as inner

cheap chickens at bottom

as outer

cheap chickens at bottom

in the reverse world  ...

the  free chickens cafe

the power of mythology

if we allow the characters

to re emerge

but with a new way of perceiving the dark world energy

which may and/or may not be here anyways

and transform it into compassion

then that is deepening of compassion

and require more courage and inner strength

and endurance of character

to confront the buxin lord

which dictates the directions of the third wheel 

without having to play into their game


this way or the other

how to free the inner chickens ?

"the chicken lord"


as inner ; our guardians

synergy cannot be moved nor understood by opponent waves

"no one wants be chief chicken head in the reverse world

just as no one wants be chief chicken butt in the forward world"

- chief cheap chief clown jr.

"the fong chi zeus  ...?

never heard ..."

"well then 

have you heard of  ...



of hidden lake expresso greek mythology fong chi club ...?"

the fong chi oracle 

representing chewpis

"the goddess of latte is my friend ..."

smiles does


the zeus of fong chi

the fong chi monkey


representing the trumpis  

kitaro , mickey

and other flute masters ...




taylor west


the zeus of compassion ...

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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they they are bound to each other as teammates

their inner will forever compete in fong chi


sugoi des ...

it means outstanding in japanese ...

ready des ka ...?!

- ref

"ready des ..."

chewpiu music history 

"words of the showdown between the two legends travel fast ;

never they met before

nor wanted to compare


the great traditional

japan flute legend

yoshi motoshoju ..."

- assistant professor

"the great traditional ..."

relationship and/or compassion

relationship has a third point

if middle flow one way only

the third point is still there

just not on surface



and there not enough of it in relationship between whoever and ever because ...

especially in tense and conflicting relationships

- good pg - 13 self humble humor lacking

good friendships 

the ones that last

always has high  room/tolerance for two way humor

how to strengthen the third point so humor can flow ?


male and/or female within compassion

gender is a journey

and if this future to past

they way ahead of us in usage and enjoyment of its deeper dimensions

it is the inner union of it

relative to outer

which ...

people relate to each other 

both as inner and outer

the outer rituals and standard talks should increase the tolerance of middle circle

but it often not because many culture not allow middle to flow two ways

and that the first appeal of american culture

"you can make fun of yourself any way you want !"

- madame voltaire

"no ... you ...!"

on the inner

it both female / male and in between which is relating

if one is compassion to male/female within

and has high tolerance and willingness to make fun of oneself

you can be  anywhere any race class nationality  ...

"omoshiroi ..."

"yes yes ..."

"trump = world peace

trump + madonna = world peace sing along

 swift = sing along

chewpis the constant"

- fong chi news


Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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free chickens news

free chickens movement

inner / outer



if this a team

we need to get going

- john j chu

law offices of john j chu

that kim schultze

share office with tony grega

still very good friends


- i've just been away frow everyone ...


office over lake washington

boats parked below

comedy club house

until clients arrive

then ...

in business

be competent

if a new office

then three directions

law office/chewpi news

hopi book club


chewpi news / hopi book club

law office

and/or ...

same building


cafe downstairs 

law office / chewpi news

staff upstairs

chewpiland studio 2017

movie continues



pg - 13



law offices of

chu schultze and motoshoju

starring ...  as Kimberly chapman

legal assistant

starring ... Marlena Hu

as executive book publisher

partner of the firm

how to increase imperial credit by working less ?

- dakinni yetnot

"you mean how not to work less by increasing the imperial credit ... ?"

- lama yetnot

"is that a question or  statement ?"

- dakinni yetnot

"flying  chicken vs flying snake

i put money on the chicken ..."

- chris blake

1990 oregon

it may be funny today

but to outstanding oregon 

it 20 years ahead of its time

chris didn't get far as comedian that summer

part of it may be due to my writings

my apologies ...

"hey ... i am sorry folks

i came out here tonight

hoping to make y'all laugh

but instead you give me this confused look ...

and wonder why only those people are laughing ...


they the ones who told me it funny ..."

- chris blake

wiping away tears

pointing to classmates

laughing uncontrollably in the background

"we are the elite of the elite of the fong chi masters ..."

- oregon fong chi riders

that their slogan and gaze to fong chi bully opponents into laughter ...

"wow ... omoshiroi ..."


the oregon classmates

another fong chi team from oregon

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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ChewpiU Travel

factual fiction

but if you see us in fiction

just pretend it factual

chewpi vegas

where we can return

to our earlier selves

this the characters profile for our 

chewpi days of our lives

soap opera

starring ...

as ivars whitehorse

age 59

owner of the  cheap but good wedding chapel

before owning the business

he once got kicked out of for reading book in chapel

but times have changed


starring ... as

ivars daughter


she the business manager

future CEO of

cheap but good inc.

his step daughter

with wife michiko


chief strategic officer

of the

Cheap but Good ! Inc.

"we the cheap but good ...!


i am cheap ...

and she the good ! "

- kung fu master

lao wang ji

place your own photos

create own page 

be own captain



Ship Captain

The Reverse I Ching


recent graduate of ChewpiU

7th level fong chi master

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