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Chewpi Cinema
1850 B.C.



where memory is but

a dream

1-10 心肝寶貝

body does not exists inside three dimensional space ; mind does not exists outside of it

- the reverse i ching

Chewpiland Productions

from the ground of compassion

the source of great qualities

we can make changes to energy body/world

energy body within compassion

once deepens to a point ...

enters sambogakaya/chewpiland

a spontaneous presence

new vision/field which contains different possibilities

- the story teller


"It is said that the Sambhogakaya manifests not in any kind of spatial or physical location but in a place that is not really a place; a place of nowhere called Akanishtha

chewpi studio completes

we thank all those who helped

"keep going

 dont look back"




The year is 1975, place is zhong xiao elementary school 



ah-joun?! wakes up from afternoon nap



Start telling classmates of a dream he just had about 21st century, an old lady, an old Indian, attending a gathering and getting lost in the canyon…



But no one would believe such story and all started laughing at him like crazy

“hey!” one of the classmates yelled “fong fei fei is outside signing autographs!”



the classmates quickly ran out to get in line 

to meet their favorite singer


homeward bound 


there point where they first cross

there point where they separated

there point where we cross again ...

that point comes closer once we separate

it speaks to us from our future

we to follow it

images (26).jpg

The Great Compassion


- compassion is the essence/energy/form of deeper nature


- it is not of the false programming elements yet can appear as elements within it


- it is unchanging pure and cannot be tainted by false programming


- like the sun, it is pervasive as being everywhere at all times so not something which need to seek


- the compassion within each us cannot be polluted


- the false programming within us can only be pure in a relative way


- elements underlie/create the forms ; compassion elements create/underlie compassion forms ; it the quality which is important


- what is not pure is easy to see, even if it all we can see


- to purify it at the root - compassion is the essence/energy/form of deeper nature 





power of humility


- nothing is as humble as innocence


- it is simple earthly and accessible


- it cannot be tainted ; otherwise it would no longer exist


- it not hidden in temple yet is protected by all those who treasure it


- without it the sacred would not be sacred ; the inconceivable not inconceivable


- yet it is so simple and we all know it


- there is no ritual or religion which has exclusive claim to it


- innocence is not of the false programming elements yet any element which has it is purified at the root 


- and vice versa


- it is the ground floor because nothing is as humble as innocence





the appearance of compassion


- compassion as essence can appear as energy and as form 


- if it appears as energy, it has the qualities of being pure and unstained as well as quality of purifying


- it is unchanging and therefore not created by any other causes 


- like the sun light is just there and the qualities of it remains unchanging


- it was not born of any false programming causes and therefore not subject to its effects


- false programming like artificial light. if it begins it also must fade. There many different versions of it


- unlike artificial light, sunlight is always present,. Unlike false programming energy, it is present even at night


- if sunlight cannot be separated from our nature, then the forms and energy of it also cannot be separated 


- if there is form there is energy ; form cannot be separated from its energy


- forms are ever changing but its energy need not be


- artificial light cannot remain unchanging. no outer technology or power can change its relative nature 


- compassion as form merely reflect its energy, which is just there, unchanging and unceasing like sunlight


- just as how compassion appear as energy is not subject to how false programming appear as energy, how it appears as form is same


- compassion as essence can appear as energy and as form 





the sphere of compassion



- compassion is everywhere and so this sphere is everywhere


- it often can seem different or reverse of ordinary sphere, like a different root which creates seemingly same branch


- it the result which upon reflection we know it compassion. It does not mean that it what we want or opposite of what we not want 


- the energy of it is same, whether here now past then future there. The wisdom of it is what is profound.


- it knows how to get things done within compassion, but may or may not be what we expect


-  knowing compassion is our primal instinct. Everyone knows to recognize it especially as a feeling


- its wisdom may seem zig zag, especially to those who know too much


- it not have definite size place or image, but it can appear as place with appearance. 


- everything is equal within, like childhood play ground


- there not a place time it cannot access as it is of different basis

- those within the sphere may seem foolish and naïve yet they seem to have different experience and reasons for their actions


- it can take one into the darkest of the canyon within compassion and we would be awed by its wisdom


- to show us that compassion is everywhere and so this sphere is everywhere



the transformation of compassion


- the root can be transformed into compassion


- same root remains and need not be replaced


- the transformed root need not take credit for the above changes which follows


- within compassion root, branches may renew or be replaced, but the root remains the same – there need not be destruction for a new world 


- false programming is the program of the root, the energy which underlies the forms of the tree


- without transformation from deeper source, the new branch merely reflect the same, again and again – the continuous wheel of false programming


- once its root energy is transformed, the new branch merely reflect the same, again and again – the continuous wheel of compassion


- if elements makes up the energy of the root, then compassion becomes the energy which makes up the root


- without transforming the root, the wave remains same quality even if changed into another wave


- the paradigm easy to understand – the root can be transformed into compassion




compassion as essence


- compassion as essence is beyond energy and form 


- if it appears as energy, it can be seen as energy ; if it appears as form, it can be seen as form


- if it is seen as energy, it has the qualities of sun and its light which has been there before the beginning and after the end


- it did not come from the same source as false program energy and form yet it can coexist with them


- the energy of compassion has its own sphere ; within it the elements of essence function as one energy within space 


- that space is not separated from the qualities of five elements and/or elements not separated from space


- that whatever arise from essence is not separated from ground and what cease is also not a separate energy/form


- unlike false programming where form and energy are divided ; within compassion they function as trinity


 – the energy and form of compassion are inseparable as the essence of compassion – but any form or energy are relative  and so not the ground essence


- any power and qualities of energy/form come from the essence, and so in that way it cannot be said to be the same


- for those realized compassion as essence, they see they are not energy nor the form and don’t need them as basis


- this is because compassion as essence is beyond energy and form 




the wave of compassion


- compassion as energy is the luminosity before the world of form


- it is inseparable from the inconceivable essence, the ground which has no visible wave nor vibration


- it neither is created nor ceases from the ground ; it is just there, along with the ground which neither exist nor not exist


- because the essence of compassion cannot said to exist nor not exist, pure nor not pure ; relative nor absolute ; vibrate nor not vibrate ; compassion as luminosity also has same qualities


- that its vibration is empty / its emptiness can vibrate 


- it is therefore unborn and unceasing the way sunlight is not created nor cease relative to artificial light 


- yet it can purify the false programming energy the way sunlight brings light to dark


- this luminosity is seen by very few ; only when it makes appearance/manifests can it be seen by outer


- compassion as energy is the luminosity before the world of form



the sphere of compassion (2)


- compassion as sphere is the indivisible union of ground wave and appearance


- for those without realizing of essence, they can only see the wave and appearance


- for those without perception of the wave, they can only see the appearance as similar to their form


- those who can see the form can consider themselves fortunate


- those who can link with energy of compassion can consider themselves very good fortune


- as a sphere / the world of compassion, it is beyond the elements which makes up false programming sphere


- it is only here as benefit to others as the essence is not of this world and neither are its manifestations 


- because it has compassion as essence as basis, the sphere does not cease with the relative/illusory kayas ; its luminosity returns to the essence


- whereas false programming energy and form ceases once its basis is no more


-  those who can see energy of compassion can be purified by the world of compassion 


- those who can see the essence  of compassion will have a new basis 


- with the new basis, they will gradually have three bodies – essence/energy/physical – rather than two


- under false programming, the two memory bodies cannot merge ; without emptiness, they remain divided


-  whereas the triple body of compassion cannot not merge as one sphere


- compassion as sphere is the indivisible union of ground wave and appearance




the body of compassion (1)


- the body of compassion has a basis which has no relationship to the false programming basis


- it stands on a different ground 


- as inner movement, the energy body of compassion  cannot be defined ;  “there is no actual border”


- because its subject is the essence and so its object has nature of emptiness  - empty luminosity


- to separate out the separable,  once essence/ground is realized, it is not difficult to distinguish between the body of essence and the trapping of memory body wave


- that it the wisdom essence which brings out the unevenness to  be purified naturally  


- “in evenness, the occurrence of unevenness is arising from evenness space” 


- one with realization of ground can see memory body wave as separate from compassion wave – that seeing itself is sufficient to transform / clear the old wave


- the body of compassion has a basis which has no relationship to the false programming basis




the code of compassion


- codes of compassion have different basis from other codes 


-  patterns / codes inherent within the program are what determines the inner movements


- codes which has defined boundary and direction creates appearance which has boundary and direction


- codes without boundary or direction can also have same appearance and movements


- the difference is that one is not subject to the other ; same plant different quality of root


- the codes within compassion sphere have different programming potential 


- its basis has no relationship to the other programming basis – “not even a single atom”


- codes of compassion have different basis from other codes 


"The continuous wheel of eternity"

there are two simultaneous realities

this one and that one

this our sambogakaya

those who are here

very fortunate

the 64 hexagrams (tai chi)

is made from the inter mixing of

the 8 trigrams

the sub atomic

wuchi world/dimenasion

gotta get past the 64 skandhas to get to ground floor

the eight quantum energies /waves

there a ninth wave

fong chi

so it an upgrade


can also code it differently

9 trigrams and 81 compassion skandhas

thus become reversible

you get the point


New Matrix (9)


the township of poop is oceanside

the poop beach a popular local park

before feel like someone else in control

and so cant change the programming

now feel it own programming world

- chupi

and we can change everything 


you at the top here

- la lady


if fulfill everyone wants - high tech  etc.

then they get bored without compassion

within compassion

the body is ceaselessly transforming

that the nature of compassion


what if one an old person ?

the part within compassion will ceaselessly transform

may sound impossible 

compassion's motivation is compassion

billion to million

we can and will ceaseless improve


high tech medicine can give perfect body

but not the satisfaction

ultimate medicine ceaselessly transforms

there is no end to the spontaneous presence

do it not for oneself

but for those who needs it other worlds

to do that we need to ceaselessly transform to expand the presence / joy

this is our sambogakaya now ?


then we can begin the work?


before we had to respect their worlds

and share joy

but they dont have same qualities as people here



this possible in few worlds

we have the reverse wave here

no one passes and they can change shape

entire body can stay erotic yet without the desire 

united small circle

been here before they heard of columbus


the upgrade here is the program skills writer gained 


relative to page 9 /

we in different earth/sky ?

they see us as center ?

as formless relative to them yet exist ?

they can feel us now in their present ?

they look to us for help ?

to us in 2020 ...? ! 

they dont have what we have

we didnt know until look back

this is precious

like outward bound

didnt know how much stronger until after backpack off and run a mile 

8-31-88 day grandpa lin  passed in LA


had arrived from hawaii - visiting college friend chris with college friend nick

- not know until frank greets at airport

that be good year to start over

now i know more about him

chewpiland productions


uw , seattle


eating with abugee at master and mrs hu restaurant

john fell sleep

entered a dream

went to law school / lawyer/chewpiland/pvf vision

woke up 15 minutes later

remember everything to 2020

jim already been through

they look at him

he smiles


if they have reason/purpose meaningful to stay

they can


no go to law school

it may been future calling

but already been through/gained experience and the skills

start chewpiland

use actor as writer disguise

e.g. sheila from flagstaff

avoid the fame

gather phil and dave as helpers

the airball teammates actors

they already be waiting

why waste law school years and have them disperse

there no internet yet

so it be something else

if they all been through it

then they all just want help

he too young but has support of this future


cant repeat the past ? no

but we can change how it influence us present

and into the future

even if it means a new past/future in a new earth/heaven

the buck stops here

- airball 1988


this reverse world

weakness is strength

yet strength remains same

because there is no one here

everybody is here

reverse world is based on a paradox

that why it is forever dead / eternal empty


"image within imageless

form within formless"

- tao te ching

because it has no form there is form

they arise from spontaneously present


airball post game party

sheila and phil dancing

difference this now vs. previous stop


people here feel content and non seeking

signs/qualities of advanced civilization

no conditions placed upon us


the inner/outer body we see is different 

not just in a relative way

it a new heaven/earth/body


if there any activity

ideal there no inner effort no ideation

it just happens like walking

we can do now is get ready

any route is possible


once they become that sphere

they dont need drive back to return to nw

"if enter 7th

others get pulled into 6d"

- 2004 notes

maybe by time we gather

we/they know where we going

so we ready 


do this one for the road 

that once upon a time 

we were here ...


"going away party"


also to say we hope to see you again

future to us

we not here

but you are

make the most of it

only your circle can

exit has own timing

like 1978 taiwan flight

the last scene before waking

 from dream

most influence how we interpret 


from the eye of the storm

the heart of the darkness

we send all joy ...

if we can do it

- and we can

they/we will have a content bottom


it an opportunity we should use

writer's message to future is

we know this is an illusion/vision/dream

and that you/i are/am there/here 

we both aware of each other and both spheres

it not about waking up 

there a time and it need no effort

we only need know what need

we entered the middle zone

between that/this 

we and us

so it very friendly

some came from them /us there

some from where we were there

maybe this the ... meeting point/day ?


cedar mesa there a place

where ... chewey and villagers send us off

it nearer to top

you get that feeling the ancient ones

gather and say bye as we hike beyond that point

then we feel alone again

it like walk in and they all laughing and playing

then walk out and not remember

look back sees only barren land


in reverse world

zhu ren zhang

is humble flute player

he so good at it 

yet he never brags ...

that how script begins

a group friends NW

drove into cedar mesa

years later

they all remembered that they spent years inside the world of ancients

only to emerge hour later into same canyon

without conscious memory of it

because it didnt register in their 3d bodies

yet their 6d memory "cannot fail"

it the world of joy 1850 bc

years later

they gather again

drive back in search of this place/people


buddha butt lady


once we get to beacon #1


chewey will talk about his memory that night lost

the scene takes us to 2005

and upon exiting

seem to remember the villagers etc.


a scene down below canyon

film in hopiland

karlie stands there like model posing 

that when they know the villagers are here

villagers running home in line

they say rain is coming

and they need umbrella


designing / upgrading program from future century

chewpiland world wide web


to the writer home

they are simulation of this home in future 

same essence ; different surroundings

a private retreat cabin

we were here in 20th century

the people all here 22nd/1850bc

this body/world is a simulation

replicant to those inside it

writer future the player

chewey still here

so it can be old young

weak strong

any shape possible within same form/hologram


they have not the emotions of humans

they dont get upset or disappointed

they can be old they can be young

- la lady

this is good news

that means we've established the setting

and we can return to enjoy this moment at anytime

The wise are impartial; They see the people as straw dogs. The space between heaven and Earth is like a bellows. The shape changes but not the form;

- tao te ching

hologram like bellows

form within space

there a point where the two meet

the wise and the people/simulated

we call it exit

they call it entry


the 3d of this journey yet to change

the house/people same even if we journey across 5d universe

like 85 return to taiwan

there that feeling which will repeat

and the 3d will change

that feeling walking out plane

(vs.walking in 1978)

first link with feel of the old culture

then few days later

taichung/zhong xiao

walking back into old neighborhood


trust your feeling


that how i feel now

like returning to taiwan

long flight ...

feel the change of energy as plane/ship approach

waiting for 3d to change as plane/ship lands/docks ...


remember airport bus back to taipei

whole bus felt with joy

just want to smile

this a good place to begin

if airport was euphoria

return to zhong xiao was profound

walk back on ground  ...

same spirit which never left

reunited with the new body ...


so  we had to take the long journey

return to where we begin

been away for like a lifetime

"better to do nothing than something" 

patience the advise those talk to regularly


as destination approach/feeling

there will be change in 3d ?

once that veil /curtain lifts


perhaps the ship docked ?

people waiting

abugee ?!​

ultimately the home must include the people​


1850 bc​

it a formality - the journey to take

symbolic way of dropping the vision body


once zhu ren zhang returns

he is a nicer person


the more bored try to be

the less bored

- the boring society

"i am so bored

i am so bored ..."

as they look at ground walking into the convention

i am more bored than you !

- contestant #1​

"no ... i am more bored than you"

- #2 speaks proudly

not to be outdone

most bored grandkid trikster contest

to the essence world

this not real

to the energy / physical world

the essence world is real

the wedding is other parallel present

we a shift away from entering anytime anytown 

once ceremony begins

this vision dissolves

you may see a new body 

a new synergy energy/form


a new heaven and earth synergy 

until you walk up the altar​

this vision remains

one goes east

so one goes west

they can never be separated

the same element

different formations

we can go both ways

at the same time

only when we merge as one

will that flame be seen

it would make things easy

there  a ceremony


which is more of a lawyer ... ?

who the more of a liar ... ?

zhu ren zhang 21st century

who brags but cant play flute

zhu ren zhang 1850 bc 

who tells others he not play the flute , just a beginner waiting to learn ...


when he the legend of the flute


the character inspired by 18th century japan go master

hiroyuki misagawa

as pro never been defeated

like chess grandmaster

he started to lose to everyone

go to tournaments just to lose first round

making others feel good

- he tells his students


it neither dissolution nor creation​

 it not like that 

that skandhas logic/language

the dharma body is inconceivable to the skandhas

this sambigakaya is reverse​

same characters/alphabets

but different use

if we go west there is east

but it not that


"you know how there is energy body ?

you know how there is physical body "

well, it not that"

drum roll

audience laugh

there one 7d with three 6ds (worlds of compassion)

the form the energy the formless

each 6ds with 3/4/5 d s


if we in 21st century

most we can go back to and be comfortable be mid 20th century

go to 18th century

no toilets in most parts world


so if in 25th century

most back they can go is early 21st

they need communicate  in an instant

technology they can barely adopt

our understanding of body they cant accept/agree

they in quantum and beyond

we not using the reources

but if they content here

with what is here

then they can enjoy 25th century and/or anywhere even more


"each person here has own pureland"

"you own it"

like own real estate

we create our bodies here

we balance it ourself

can become young old male female

images just pre-programs


what about 21st century i see now ?​

they just memories

waiting be replaced

as 5d like we inside water

that flow of the new energy body wave​

the new 3d yet to upload

john chu the designer

"the world of compassion"



compassion body

the body changes according to program

not to the amount of time spent within

oldest player here may maintain a young body

can appear as weak and/or strong

young and/or old etc.​

but if appear as strong

it not because the weak got stronger

nothing is impure nor pure

in other words - the body is from code

there is no birth sickness aging death necessary​


it cannot be found​​​


we the chief here

matriarchy - she the boss

we the protector


the old world is no more

the new world may look as it

but 1985 is no more

it can look/feel 20 years old body

but old body/flesh is no more

there is no age classifications to different forms of beings here

 "image they project"


the legendary kung fu novel is a tale read by multiple / three worlds same time/space

we each have own character to share/middle with our parallel


everything can be new in this field

and so can never really know what is to come

in dream/vision

different 4/5/6 ds rotate

different reference points

yet same space


that space is 1850 bc

it the ground of everything

and so has shape

but space not of the form

it is more intelligent

and more compassion


if quantum physics appear in 15th century tibet/hopi

they would use another reference point

another language


calling it dharmadatu

center of universe


there a world not made with hands

has equal compassion every corner

compassion is kind

compassion is generous

gifted us a land/estate

a space of our own


this house was built by hands in 20th century

here ... it is a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."



this samboga field different from others

they all have same ground of compassion

it cannot be seen/ destroyed

- like quantum space 

yet the content is based on each designer

like own art within same class

different websites within worldwide web


ours called reverse world for a reason

andrew's eternal heaven filled with millions christians

ours only several thousand

like hopis today


if hopi returning home from flagstaff

sleeping inside bus

dreamed of being in a parallel world called 21st century

there also hopis

same land but "they cant see the energy field" so they all like ..."cant do anything about everything"

- the chewpiland hopi


we can have the body code

or we can enter the no body code  and then return to body code

there only this screen/moment

we can enter their body fields without losing our body code


the hopi from chewpiland

the hopi from 1850 bc

they both parallel to hopis from 21st

1850 is reverse

so it be the world which 21st dreams of needing their teach/help with their english literacy 

- it the only way to learn


in vision we cant change memory of what happened but can change its effects on present

we cant change the people and conditions of 1985 but can recreate the qualities of it

we not in control yet we can influence quality of it ​ - this world of compassion


"caged/free range/flying chickens


tale of crow which can shapeshift into flying chicken


tale of a great shaman who can shapeshift into ravine

is the same story of the chicken which became the shaman

- chicken shaman 

the story teller

only in our synergy can we have the desired effect

it a funny synergy

yet a good one

only if we combine our power

this next generation will be bigger than us

we the preview/preparing/paving trail

they all have the link to 1850 bc


guardians enter first to clear path


1989 / 1985/ 1975 etc. are parallel worlds

not the sequentially/already happened 

what we see was that memory

there are infinite number/possibilities

quantum state not subject to that memory


"i dont know what you meant by quantum state , but yea ... (white) island ...  that place is of the mind"




mid 90's

1850 bc

jim and i traveled together

cedar mesa



visited him in paris france

that how i know fransue

want to hear the tales from each country outstanding

it the reverse world of france

chewpiland productions

pg - 13

La Parle Vu Fransue

in reverse world

the poop heaven is a place within

a space within timeless

- poop hero

as inner

if we start with poop

there be no need of body

- poop museum theme

as inner

poop is not cold

poop is not hot

poop is soft yet not liquid



inner poop has no outer smell

just a word

pg - 13 way of strengthen inner circles

we to honor and respect this place which calls itself ... the poop heaven


villages here not named after people

the very humble village

is near

the most humble village

that their names here

how know they local is by their name

if has poop in it they likely the poop people

they never arrogant because they all remember their humble beginnings


poop museum located in the township of poop

the town actually named itself after its founder dougless poop 

founder and ceo of poop inc.

specializing in quantum technologies

the poop foundation

is one of largest in the world


starring abugee as ... mr douglass poop 

PVF, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white clean and bright
You look happy to meet me

Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Edelweiss, PVF
Bless my homeland forever ..."​​​

- the elegant song

chewpiland audience rise to sing 


in french - ready?

"PVF, Edelweiss

Chaque matin tu me salue

Petit et blanc propre et lumineux

Tu as l'air heureux de me rencontrer

Fleur de neige, puisse-tu fleurir et grandir

Fleurir et grandir pour toujours

Edelweiss, PVF

Bénis ma patrie pour toujours ..."

- ​

- chewpiland audience look so touched by the french


the most humble man in hopiland contest

culture center holds prestigious contest

the most humble in hopiland contest

you dont have be hopi or a man

but you are inside hopiland

competition attract international audience

"i am the most humble hopi man in town and you all know it !"

- contestant #1

from frist mesa

"you not even as humble as my grandpa

how you be more humble than me ?!"

- constant #2 second mesa


the one who stands below prevails/gets the respect


it the most humble contest

the most bored contest

you win we lose contest

we bow with honor and respect


usually even in good hexagrams there a imperfection among the 6 lines

teaches us how to elevate the weakness even with strength etc.

hexagram called humility is the only exception - all 6 lines are favorable and there only praise of the humble

The New Matrix (8)

there two spheres

memory body wave/compassion wave

memory body form/compassion form


as inner movement

is it possible ... for the elements to be as fluid as water ?

that it tangible wave

it one compassion element which can simultaneously firm soft moist air etc.



the sense faculties/five elements

they divided / separable from eachother


it one element so nothing rise/cease 

just intermingling of one element

from unified field the trinity force 

it one element so the circles not obstruct eachother


as inner

if sky is above poop

then there is an inner body

- the poop yogi


there place/space

the place cannot be destroyed

"other places not have the center"

- la lady

even they go forever

forever means there not forever

they inside the merry go around

timeless dont mean no time

it no mean time either

if there is time

there always this time

it no mean no merry go around

it no mean merry go around

always going around 

yet not moving from same space


not moving from same space

yet always moving the world is 

"not a single atom" means the sphere of compassion not subject to any wave

any patterns any atom of inner movement


jim's arrival may have marked a new era




my name is howl tu

why is my name howl to ?

because when i was born

the name howl tu

people ask why this is called howl tu makes empty room laugh ?

i tell them


i am a comedian and sometimes the room is empty

my advertising is

howl tu make empty room laugh

that is , of course, unless you show up

A New Era


this space our own

there no one at bottom of it

in the new script

"we to reinvent ourselves into the new physical"

- mic

the new language reflect the new energy

two ways same time

one plus/minus one is not two/zero 

there only one

the synergy is called


mic the one taught me the basis of energy

"he is very humble"- leroy

"all of them is same being"

- calvin on hopis visit seattle

we all trust him/her

he sent tony andrew, mei, la lady , adrian, ms t etc. to help 

i am the messenger/helper

dominic is a woman

- la lady

mother earth ; hopis matriarchy


why write it ?

she/he may not want to settle

- la lady

mic our first foremost choice 

wife/partner/roommate etc.

we offer it with sincerity and respect

then after that there no misunderstanding

- john

then it is wise to let her know



the reverse movie​

in reverse hopi world

the american culture center

last of the americans

like hopi culture center in forward world surrounded by 21st century culture

the america culture center

surrounded by ancient hopi world

seeks to preserve last of its heritage

the museum features oars used on columbus ship in discovering the hopis​

- the most humble hopi


quantum compassion


newton compassion

-that same compassion

two different realm/spheres

compassion as space as compassion

compassion as form as compassion

compassion as energy as compassion

that same compassion

space form energy


if universe moves right ,skandhas patterns left

​if circular it square

when universe is square it circular 

so whatever we see with our senses

we cannot see the other 99% that our science has measured

"what we call empty space is actually dark matter"​

there a field ​ - you call it something e.g. akashic field

we call it compassion​ - it just a word

every word has compassion flow

e.g. poop - everyone has master own reverse word​

for benefit of the world

the team of everyone gathers


The Field of Compassion


"Dharmadhātu: The Unique Absolute; the Ultimate cause of the elements; Realm of Ideas."

- synonyms of the absolute


4 pillars  of foundation

writer can only speak of the air temple pillar

but he can write about the other three pillars of chewpiland

they each own circle with same circumference

the circle of compassion

we can teach/share what we have learned

e.g. how chewey became more fluid and earthly

how he improved english year by year


but we cant really teach gifts we born with

e.g. sense of humor

how we can sense the current and follow/use it

to our own advantage

it helps you with everything ...


it an art - comedy writing of fong chi

there a feel and touch


we can say it just comes

and it always new

it the result - people still reading old writings

a new 4d field independent of old

they only look same - the words 

so it not a quantum mind

because that be limited idea

if our 3d body can be like that

then it be just as new

non body be like non ideas

fresh and new 

so if we can learn the other schools

they can learn our art too

the reverse movie

funny yogis ?

- chewey

they are yogis who are also funny

very advanced they are

they hide their humor from outsiders

- gyaphal

you mean they pretend to be not funny when funny ?

- chewey

and vice versa

- gyaphal


in the reverse world

poop is top

and sky bottom

that is ...

relative to the forward world

but in the reverse world

it the other way too

- the poop yogi speakth

as he reads from the old text from taiwan

the students listens attentively

meditating deeply into its meanings ...

as the poop yogi continues

"the poop people are proud people"



in script

we use buddha butt lady as leader

each sambogakaya there a leader

conquerer of vision

and a retinue of few who can see it

if they can reverse the movement sambogakaya

they can reverse nirmanakaya

"the art of using it makes each sambogakaya distinct "

- western buddha

we to study this


the root mythology (ground floor rules) can be changed if inside a new matrix

- western buddha harry

e.g. quantum different than newton

nothing created/destroyed because energy never die - they simply change shape


if have own field

then it like old house buy

we can re-write/remodel its energy/code

same background of trees mountains etc.


two ways circle same time


- downward slope one way path

vs. flat slope circular path

one need blackout to return to top

the other starts over new spiral 

flat slope circular one way vs.

flat slope circular free two ways

one goes only one direction in spiral - up or down ; the other has option

two ways but only one at time vs.

two ways same time

one goes one or the other way

using both directions to advantage

the other is neither coming nor going

it has no relationship to the sphere of going/coming

one has to make effort to move

the other rides on the other current


we export reverse current

the other compassion fields

that what they need

they the ones who take in refugees - people who need refuge

we the poop world

the humble people are reverse

that why there not many here

a united small circle

if they rank us as compassion field/pureland

we tell others we the bottom

praise other fields and their people as being superior

if they ask us what our place is like ?

we say we poop they heaven

our language is using others in reverse so we not stuck in their words when we visit


the word curse in reverse world means blessing

no body is equated with abundance not death and word death means regeneration in reverse world 1900's

whereas word bonsai is a rising force in japanese - in reverse taiwan it downward direction 

they play with words here before linking with the one way downward slope 

so they not get pulled by its code


the poop auctioneer

the legendary kung fu novel

pg - 13

21st century

to pay $10,000 reward for any information

"ask audience if anyone knows/seen the very old french lady ?

been 326 years since her diary

"is there no one ...?"

just as about to give up ...

a dude in the back slowly stands up ...

the poop auction

the poop auctioner :

$1000 for the holy bison poop

do i hear a $1000  ?

many stands up

do i hear $2000 ?


do i hear $10,000 ?

$10,000 ? ... is there no one ...?

- the poop auctioneer

just as about to give up ...

a dude in the back slowly stands up ...

your photo here

"it is by how we respond to our fate which determines our destiny"

- sir walter mathews

the pvf symbol

upper chakras go one way

lower go other


writer first learn silence - emptiness 

then he to open to power of beauty


so writer knows how to be empty to receive new ideas

he learning to be empty to receive the passion

he better at one direction than other

it his female circle which needs guidance

he strengthens it - we all score

the pvf shines out

he good at feeling the love

but yet at expressing the physical

emptiness remains unchanged

(unmoved from dharmakaya)


we allow to flow through/enter a different inner world of female energy

"to know it you must enter it"


emptiness and passion is beauty

that is androgynous


this own sacred space

everyone talk to is part of self

that why  "you the chief"

and why it so quiet peaceful

there no self there no others

this place your own

before you share with others

they dont have power here

- la lady

from sambogakaya

then manifest body into other spheres/worlds

the entire sphere is the sambogakaya/body place

"you should learn how to use it"

we are very lucky to be given this space


like dream

if we see someone here it just a story telling us a message so we understand the past

they not here in this sambogakaya

- not in that way


sambogakaya is said to be uninterrupted

it not unchanging like dharmakaya

but always here the presence

in script​

the star beings gather at university

teresa now at the white island 

someone very old can have same 3d body as anyone ​

the 3d part is easy;  they have mastery over 5d

the dark energy never exhaust

it the youthful 4d personality they want improve

e.g. be a goofy 200 years old lady

it just mastery over physical, most of the advanced civilizations can do it

unless they coming from earth level 2

teresa among the new students

the simple earth people

we marvel at the beautiful old ladies here

some over 500 years old

they can shapeshifter into any form we know

they can simulate our memory wave to meet us in ways we comfortable

these things comes with knowledge

it the happiness we all seek

- ET

the star beings who a shapeshifter 

teresa remembers him when young

he took another form - they very close friendship

ET introduces teresa to the new world 

first inside a vision in which she sees the new yet remains within the old

gradually she ready to let go, crossing into it

once inside, although she still sees same 3d

she knows she is in new world

they like billion to her million

yet they all equal as friends

she trusts this star being



in script

they can just appear spontaneously to the fortunate ones

to our world

it cannot be explained by newton science

to their world

they dont know how to explain to us

like Q of star trek

from their continuum it ordinary

from ours

we dont know yet how to explain it

it like big foot as nirmanakaya

zhu ren zhang flute melody

if you see it you will believe it

pvf 1900's



under japan occupation

if they raise arms say bonsai bonsai to honor emperor

taiwan villagers must follow

and no laugh or ...

japan culture demands respect

it not polite to fart in meeting

when it happens it often the subordinates (fart catchers - おならを捕まえる人 taiwanese calls them)

 who takes the blame ...

"sumi masen ... it was i who farted ..."

- bows

even though it the minister who loudly farted

and subordinate far away

the guests suppose to act along


"riecht gut!"

- general smith

the translator : 


" Ī nioi ...!

("smells good ... !")

the parties remains professional 

this important meeting to discuss better trade relations

"your counterpart 

mr zhu ren zhang

is a well known flute musician who once played nba

in the parallel world

we need you to act his role


a friend of zhu ren zhang in counter world

"but i cannot play the flute ...

and dont have his offense skills"

you wont need to

you will only need to pretend you do


where is zhu ren zhang ?

- john chu

you have yet to meet him

but have felt his presence

he is looking forward to meet you

he will take your role

and you his

you two not be seen same time

- jessica

john chu lets go of the 3/4/5d to zhu ren zhang - the vision maker

and enters zhu ren zhang's 3/4/5d

the world of tantra


this vision body / place just code/reference ; a 3d suit/shell

complimented by 4d thought/center

and 5d binary energy

we to see it as a shell with memory 

which we can enter/exit ; wear/disrobe

not as something flesh continued from past/into future we stuck with

the reason "it dont feel right" because we still view it as flesh and not as a shell/tool


the fong chi finals ; part 2 is this year​

the no fear laughing clan

clown chief name is no laugh​

only no one has made no laugh laugh

at the last semi finals

no laugh burst out laughed so loud

people could hear a mile away​

that only time anyone has seen no laugh laugh in a no laughing contest​

"no one teammate is no body

they from team named  "the most humble"​

useless is the captain's name

they will try to make us laugh with the these names. we should get used to see the names as ordinary respectful names"

- fong chi scout lady​

teammates nod 


this is chewpiland

we all fine here

 this place/space ?

our future pre programmed it

to create the optimal environment


then it forgets itself ; enters game

and returns to this

the final place where we alone

yet we can return anytime

like arrived tacoma but listening to taiwan news believing it still taiwan outside


the others we talk to

they can be another being / sambogakaya

using the image to meet us

the vision body/place is just a 3d shell

one of many multiverse of body/place


this  your personal retreat

it a place to experience and try new things

we are protected here

the rules here just suggestions

"it is soft/not press upon us"

the hippies world/rules


we use same memory we link compassion

"then i be that person who is your mother"

- la lady


“Creation takes place out of five elements and it also dissolves in the elements. The five elements are the supreme Brahman alone, and is beyond the elements ...r"


to know elements - see it from within

where five elements take place

taichi is movements of the 64 patterns

and where elements dissolves into

wuchi is movements of 8 root patterns

numbers can also be divided 3 9 81​ etc.

study the energy/code of the elements

at root there three forces/qualities

yin/yang/empty ; forward/reverse/both

the 9th is like the joker card



the poop island is an island named after its discovery by the poop people

it looks like a ... floating in endless sea

whichever direction look from island

east west north/ past future past

the sea/wave is endless

teresa arrived in the township of the poop

she was greeted by jessica

the mayor/chief

this matriarchy 


"one could just visualize japan

and be there"

- raja buffet

chewpiland productions

the motoshojus

pg - 13

90's seijo setagaya ; suburn tokyo

place a good vibe

near midnightwe drinking shoju

every time i say motoshoju ?! they laugh​​

her sister restaurant​

romi teaching john english

"iwashi ..."

she points to a certain type of fish

chu pauses

flips open the japanese dictionary​

as they all watch​

he finds the word​

reads it in japanese​​

"shindane iwashi ..."​

(dead fish)​

the room broke out laughing​

they no english ; me no japanese

​humor transcends culture

we will start the pvf japan show from this scene

if do for self preservation

it expire-able even if forever

eventually wont fit in the world

it not fit them anymore

where they go ?​

like merovegean in movie matrix

forever wanting to go beyond with self preservation​

the conscious ocean of samsara​


the dark ocean of compassion​

if to further compassion

then more and more

everywhere compassion go the world welcomes and needed - even if it not fit in

if there compassion as purpose

compassion is the purpose

life never gets without purpose and/or compassion​

that what keeps future passion

​like the oracle circle in matrix



coming from parallel world


john chu switch place with zhu ren zhang

he now in shambhalla

zhu ren zhang in 21st century



"you dont have to perform the flute

but you must have the look of confidence to be an actor for zhu ren zhang

your melody may never be

but his melody

"place our souls in ecstasy"

- jessica

tour guide

but i am just a humble beginner waiting to learn

- john chu

well, i suggest you take this job

there a award ceremony upcoming

musician of the year

you may have to give speech 

you must have the look of confidence

sandra bu will present the award

 - jessica

i will practice most diligently

- john chu

and you also play in nba

we will surround you with nba stars

but you must walk talk with the same confidence as them

zhu ren zhang apologizes to the defender before scoring

but you dont have to trash talk unless playing

- jess​

i will practice most diligently

- john chu

bows with honor and respect

zhu ren zhang the rainbow body

when he speaks flute the presence is 

when he talks basketball the humor is

he has own sambogakaya/own pureland 

in a place of no place - akanishitha​

if they could all enter ; they all be here


Cada hombre lega en sí mismo una fuerza más poderosa que el destino de su destino ...

- roberto 

the gardener​

sí señor walter mathews lo dijo

- the outstanding staff​

hidden lake  - chu may not speak spanish

but he hears them speaking it

and at nays cafe ...​

they always laughing in spanish 

not knowing that john the customer

may not speak spanish  ...​

oye te ves más joven

- mr chee​

no eres la primera persona que me dice eso hoy

- mrs chee​

también le dije que hoy

- jessica​

si ...

- john


this sambogakaya the reference point​

this last stop between formless/form

beyond this there is no link to past

only the memory​

what unique is this can link into past worlds


if just one person

then it just a road to exit

but if they return to help

we each specialists in different corners

then maybe we can change/use it


many bodies/same place

so the limits to potential is lifted​

we each have own place

same time/space


the poop town bakery

aka the poop bakery

is located close to the poop train station

 a historic monument named after the town of the poop


the zhong xiao village

quantum weirdness is understatement


in 90's

starring jason as frank

emily as mindy

the root sisters inc.

 ginseng perfume/cologn 

they models for

if the root sisters inc. and staff

arise again with same products

then their modeling wont be just an act 

"smells good"

that the commercial






征服包括新地方和新人 無法克服笑的誘惑

reverse is homeward bound

zhu ren zhang returns to 1850 bc

he the clown chief there

the clowns fight eachother by trying to make other laugh

those tribes that can make more laughter consumes the smaller tribes


the conquest includes new  places and people

that cant overcome temptation to laugh

- the story teller

by the fire

as the circle gather to listen


hat also our personality, those know us

if there walkathon and there no option to walk other way -  there no decision

but if it can 

but no one has ... because they fear being laughed at

there always the first

it a subconscious thing

not why he can 

but why we cant


1850 bc

a "news reporter" of the multiverse

zhu ren zhang makes up stories about other worlds he travels to to other worlds he travels to

those who want have good stories knows the value of zhu ren zhang


the deepening of compassion

wudidong like a two way spiral up/down east/west

everything moves but nothing changes

everything changes but nothing moves

we can deepen into it

the never-ending abyss of compassion

if there a motivation for rivalry

we all want to go deeper/kinder than the other

we all want to make others laugh

what we call magic of 3/4/5d not magic to them because they not of the 3/4/5d and almost everyone can do it

magic of 6d is how effective help others

it "a playground within world of compassion" which "walks talks in reverse

can change forms

reverse aging

like grandkid tricksters yet they ancient 

we the paradox of the paradox


economy here is about energy in and out

we get energy of laughter in

we send fong chi out


no body is a dude here

this place more female than male

- the reverse

feminine as strong as maculine

women expect to dominate men

ask them out etc.

the ones too shy are called a man 

in reverse world

I am a woman

is same pride/bravery as i am a man ​​

they all have powers

so can be physical stronger than any dude​

can shapeshift into human form

such as the lady from flagstaff


"everything has a paradox except this

- ​

what is it ?


it is a paradox



this place has no loneliness

no sadness

just peace and compassion

we miss the people of past

it a feeling of fondness​

we at their root

that why connection


1850 bc

the poop train station

we use snoqualmie train station

welcoming visitors to the poop town

the tour guide

the very old french lady 

that her name in this world

why her name ... ?

well when she born ... her name is

the old french lady

the name is a blessing

that she will be a very old french lady

when we young we want be very old

- live long

when we very old

we want be when we young

- that we have many years to live long


"it how many years we have left which matters, not how many lived

and both numbers can always be increasing"


no body

no laughter 

no audience