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"This is our proposed NBA playoff commercial for Chewpi TV. "



evening meeting 





Airball (2)


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"One day a rabbit was boasting about how fast he could run. He was laughing at the turtle for being so slow.

Much to the rabbit’s surprise, the turtle challenged him to a race.

The rabbit thought this was a good joke and accepted the challenge.

As the race began, the rabbit raced way ahead of the turtle, just like everyone thought.

The rabbit got to the halfway point and could not see the turtle anywhere. He was hot and tired and decided to stop and take a short nap

All this time the turtle kept walking step by step by step. He never quit no matter how hot or tired he got. He just kept going."

- internet

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The Canyon of the Strange

pg - 13

kung fu grandmaster

Lao Wang Tong's kung fu little sister

Lao Wang Ji ...

their other kung fu older sister

lao fong ji

Chewpi Time

if we to send compassion to ourselves five year ago today

we would not listen nor believed

if we were to send message to us today

from this day next year

same place

a few of us may be listening

if 50 years from this day

they/we want to send

to us 

something maybe they understand

but we don't 

only the people that

understand today

can link in

we don't know

 different inner/outer as past

yet something remains familiar

if that what happening

then more people be feeling it


 it may then have potential to turn the tide ...

















"if energy can't die

and there only present

then where you going / from ?"

- poet chang fan kang

18th century





An old piece of object



2005 Hopiland



Dominique (Dominic’s French name) is a Hopi with a very fancy french name



Chewey hands Dominique an old piece of object: “hold onto this: The Last Of The Mohicans…”



Dominique: “I will bury it and keep it safe” "

- The Eternal Fire

starring dominic east

as mickey west ...

fong chi siege

 zhu ren zhang  vs. international sumo fong chi federation


when one talks to people

one sees them as fifth graders ...


"where did you go to elementary school ...?"

(your name and elementary school name)


watashi wa

(i am )

wasakawa watasabi ...

of ...  elementary school ...!

"wasakawa ... of ... elementary school ...?!



never heard ..."

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preston is someone very deep

speaks little ; knows more than ...

non serious as any "kid clown" - his hopi nickname

but when he talks ...

in few words 

that massauw is the living and the dead

the trickster and the reliable

the little circle within the dead world

the dead within the living world

the billion softer than the million

sounds like how humble describe

padmasambhava ...

that they ... still here 

but not in ways we understand 

likt it is two large populations

exists independently of us

as an inner movement

we don't know

the more they yield  ...


the more our middle circle moves ...



it be cool to see taylor in hopiland with the airball band

mickey says she a great cook

should have been there in 2015

was just sitting with her but didnt recognize because she looked like teenager


it my fault ...

- john chu bows with honor and respect


"in padmashambhava buddhism

no one is bound by any oath"

- humble rinpoche

(what he meant was ...

there nothing to prove

if it better, people will play along)











trump think tank

the reason why people don't envy trump

and/or less so

is that they elevate others

while elevating themselves

it a personal power

a deeper intent of compassion

yet he a lone biker and a hopi in spirit 

doesn't care what others think

the original american spirit

we all like to preserve

the hopi book club

the awakening of compassion

the challenge for all 

is to find a way

pg-13 way

to relate to the reverse flow

to make the corner turn

of the weaker flow

of the weaker circle

we may not need it now

but when it need to turn

we want to use it to laugh

given chance to do something 


but with reverse motive

that can be sustained

- link from future

that best one can put it 

so whether they want to play

at this turning

is their own decision

so you got be

bit spontaneous

so this a more formal  way to start over

and find new potential business partner

we not found partner yet

and no hurry

just present day business

negotiate from clarity




power of silence


"profit from what is there

usefulness  from what is not there"

- tao te ching

money from what is there

power from what not there

that what we can learn 

from people with deeper capacity

"enough is enough ..."

- tao te ching

"2. Protect the downside and the upside will take care of itself

"I always go into the deal anticipating the worst. If you plan for the worst--if you can live with the worst--the good will always take care of itself."

donald trump

on art of negotiation

"and if you keep receiving over pg-13 blame with over pg- 13 acceptance

then that also a reverse"

fong chi advisor

"paradox physics - the use is in what not there"

- pastor fisher

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hey you look younger 



writer knows little

but it seems we maybe sitting at different corners of same triangle

with our paradigm similar yet different

“If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.”

― Albert Einstein

all we offer is a simple paradigm and example to flow both ways in a way everyone can link

replace proton neutrons electrons with


hurry woman/lazy bitch/constant etc.

basketball team

and we may have way to play with our micro potentials

if you know the ball is coming 

catch it to use it and/or

simply get out of way

 the hopi book club

"The 18 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics

Pandora's box

In 1900, the British physicist Lord Kelvin is said to have pronounced: "There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement." Within three decades, quantum mechanics and Einstein's theory of relativity had revolutionized the field. Today, no physicist would dare assert that our physical knowledge of the universe is near completion. To the contrary, each new discovery seems to unlock a Pandora's box of even bigger, even deeper physics questions. These are our picks for the most profound open questions of all.

Inside you’ll learn about parallel universes, why time seems to move in one direction only, and why we don’t understand chaos."


the outstanding writers of this did their job

of making it easy to understand

we don't have answers

but we have interesting perceptions of the same

and maybe a new paradigm

if three circles

gravity can be the force which self-adjust the circles

throw ball up in air

it pull/push back down

until reaching relative more dense object such as ground

but the gravity still there

just that the ball counter balanced by relative density of the ground

i know poop but

you get the point

similarly all encompassing / underlying constant is present only if one looking from outside of the constant circle


maybe from certain view

the all encompassing matter also the smallest / contracting

there always three

even if experience only two

and there that extra circle only because we contract as one 

traveling from point a to point b

speed of light is the maximum

but if view from point c

the shift may appear spontaneous 

like flip of a dime and/or trading places

you want be the plungee

not the plunger

if inside plungee circle

you want be the plunger

not the plungee

if inside plunger circle

to the plummer

it makes no difference

hey you look younger !


it like this

we can't widen the space we have to comment

but we can compress the fonts photo words etc. to expand writing space

the reader - the third circle

merely need to adjust to make font look same

scientist friends here


to work three corners

we must be of one silly class room

with sufficient focus and energy

one not of three intelligent corners to view it by myself

one knows poop

but write what comes

"What is dark energy?

No matter how astrophysicists crunch the numbers, the universe simply doesn't add up. Even though gravity is pulling inward on space-time — the "fabric" of the cosmos — it keeps expanding outward faster and faster. To account for this, astrophysicists have proposed an invisible agent that counteracts gravity by pushing space-time apart. They call it dark energy. In the most widely accepted model of dark energy, it is a "cosmological constant": an inherent property of space itself, which has "negative pressure" driving space apart. As space expands, more space is created, and with it, more dark energy. Based on the observed rate of expansion, scientists know that the sum of all the dark energy must make up more than 70 percent of the total contents of the universe. But no one knows how to look for it. The best researchers have been able to do in recent years is narrow in a bit on where dark energy might be hiding, which was the topic of a study released in August 2015."


replace words with another word

it is still the rain which is wet


inner space/time relative

rise and reverse ; manifest and unmanifest

as circle of space expands ; circle perceiving space contracts


from perception of constant

same difference

so if space expanding outer inner circle

and we not counterbalancing inner of outer circle

then the constant circle will look/react little differently

to the other two circles out of balance

but believing its one way flow to be  the ground circle

one way information is the boundary

matter/anti matter


no matter how much brown/pink make up the circle, even 99.9999

there still emptiness

"space between two ends is like bellow ... "tao te ching

maybe the "emptiness" can hold more than .0001 percent

how to use emptiness to adjust the matters ?



look from particle - it waves

it plays with you

the third circle

hey you look younger !


the deeper the energy

the "farther" and thus smaller and darker it appears

so it is very small

having compassion for the smallest within

e.g. the chicken clown corner

may also have its counter balancing effects 


Protect the downside and the upside will take care of itself

nurture the weaker circle

no need to win / advance

just that it flows and that we can be PVF with it

it that flow which determines the strength

you stand there

it not move


you not stand there

it not have to move either


because it is 


even if it is the only exception to physics

it still is ...

"What is dark matter?

Evidently, about 84 percent of the matter in the universe does not absorb or emit light. "Dark matter," as it is called, cannot be seen directly, and it hasn't yet been detected by indirect means, either. Instead, dark matter's existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation and the structure of the universe. This shadowy substance is thought to pervade the outskirts of galaxies, and may be composed of "weakly interacting massive particles,"

- live science


there a circle which not visible to the 16% circle

yet link through the constant

some more aware some not

but scientists are beginning to 

measure/see the other end of it

but still don't know how it can also rotate the other way

hey you look younger !




74 percent may seem more

and their ways dominent


but the stars etc. still important as third anchor


maybe they need us to make the turn

as much as we need them to help us make the turn



as inner stars

compassion for deeper dark energy

and deeper compassion may more deeper compassion for 


as inner dark energy

deeper compassion for stars =

less dark energy / matter ...

this dimension/other dimensions



maybe we not in control

maybe they not in control


we don't know ...


something links us and it has a feeling of deepening of universal compassion


when outer more chaos than inner order (understanding/paradigm)


the inner is less chaos than outer


vice versa


how to deepen compassion for inner chaos ?

maybe what they call quantum outer is what we call outer of the inner


we just not yet understand how it moves

- the hopi book club

"there always three sides even if we can see only two"

- middle force

if we are parallel to something

then there something parallel to us


physical / energy body

they seem same

yet they different


to the physical body (outer)

the energy body (inner) is the only parallel


- there only body/mind and emptiness 

maybe deeper understanding of how two independent  inner circles can co-create a new circle

which can benefit the outer circles

how to strengthen our outer circle

using the counter balancing potentials of new inner paradigm

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"Why is there an arrow of time?

Time moves forward because a property of the universe called "entropy," roughly defined as the level of disorder, only increases, and so there is no way to reverse a rise in entropy after it has occurred. The fact that entropy increases is a matter of logic: There are more disordered arrangements of particles than there are ordered arrangements, and so as things change, they tend to fall into disarray. But the underlying question here is, why was entropy so low in the past? Put differently, why was the universe so ordered at its beginning, when a huge amount of energy was crammed together in a small amount of space?"

the more one circle become scattered

the more the other circle become ordered


in an inner siege 


seven kivas

inner order of one circle is linked to outer disorder of the other

like sonics siege

losing 8 years but still keeping the composure


the weaker flow of the weaker circle

may not be able to advance


but because it cannot be moved backward

the other circle may reverse into the constant circle















how to use the inner black hole (descending vacuum)


to counter balance inner expansion of density (expanding space)


until they same difference - just inner movement parallel to the outer






refuse to compromise

this song "falling flower"

is like the airball band and sonics

the inner of the outer

we losing yet holding on to a new hope ...

otherwise airball fans wouldn't be singing

wiping away tears

building up reverse flow

waiting for sonics return

to seattle

"hey you look younger  !

what  the burrito you been eating ?"

" wow ... so romantic. ..."

wiping away tears of passion

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dark world


chewpi inc. three worlds conference

dragon lord inc. three worlds conference

same outer city

different inner city

same inner city

different outer city

and vice versa

then there one conference

where their same inner same outer


one festival

one where different inner/outer


the idea is we each have a dragon lord inc. side



and maybe also chewpi inc. side

- kid clown

this conference allow the professional circles in you to be recognized by your honorable and respected peers

as a clown 

and vice versa


fancy suite/dress

walk up to your teammates

and say ...

slowly yet surely 

they then all rise to cheer and say

"yes ...!"

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what happens if chief cheap rotates from cooking

into the art circle ?

"who then take over chief cheap's cooking act ?

"Al Tu graduating from prestigious Luan Kong Fu School of Art "

- Chewpipedia


hey you look younger !


i am just playing

like how as kid

maybe it not political correct for today standard

but it is what the kid within is

the kid within not gonna change

and maybe need not change

that how he plays at home

e.g. flute player has big ego

someone got offended when i said i am the best

just need to learn  a more mature way of presenting the mask and/or leave the circle to play with others

the little circle

has no aim

writer just go with it

and it is creating so no want to change style - the corner may not turn

so apologies to those may be offended

and/or not agree with the style


all we offered as extra is a third corner reverse flow ok

even if it barely flows

it  a good day


hey you look younger !


if mickey the reversible penny

chief cheap the reversible $100

a switch of perception

can also change everything

and they reversible only because the other is 

that why we business partners

the idea is to find the root of idea

its weaker flow nurture first

and rest flows with inner wind

to over value the inner kid clown 

in yourself , by over respecting it in others

zhu ren zhang is 63 years old  in the vegas convention act

his fake acting wife is whatever but under 60 

zhu ren zhang qualifies for 60 over seniors discount at the bingo night

that why wife is fake




the little kid inside having fun every corner turn

in this fong chi contest

the three corners

me / them 





the fong chi grandmaster / fong chi masters

outstanding audience


hey you look younger !

relationship with people just met

one always learning

if their inner a 5 ; your inner a 5

then you want to lower your inner to a 3

either by elevating them to feel a 7 and/or humble yourself

then they will want to elevate your inner to their five


if their inner made feel 4 and so you feel 6

then the 4  want to make you adjust  by giving you a 2 etc.

learned that from years of business practice

but as kid playing with each other

that rule no apply

among close friends where all three corners link

we enjoy calling each other a 1 and so the link endures


writing graffitis  with chalk 

calling each other names

zhong xiao 1975

alishan trip photo

- the legendary kung fu novel




already setting poop traps inside cave for aliens to step on


9. Deliver the goods

"You can't con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole. But if you don't deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on."

- outstanding trump

and vice versa


"hey you look younger !"


- the fong chi

grandmasters ...

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"yes ..."


PG - 13



if opponent supply line also cut off

the game changes

in the seven kivas siege

words of the mayans reinforce supply cut off by freemont warriors

reach fast the surprised and  already tired mayans soldiers  


inside seven kivas fortress

a bird flies


 sends forth the message


inspire to promote to inspire

"refuse to compromise ..."

after eating the "wow ... so romantic" burrito

before and/or after 

eating the burrito photo

the recipe trademark owners

for every "wow ... so romantic" burrito you buy from us

we donate a penny to the fishers ministry

"we already ate one "

"if we purchase "the wow ... so romantic" burrito in bulk 

do we get a discount ... ?!

"yes ...with every $1 we received in wow so romantic burritos royalty 


a penny is donated to back to you ""

when together

and attention to not together

when not together

attention to together

when still here

attention to them being away

when away

they still think we here

that three circles

if you see us dine together at sophie's cheap burger at ...

fake boy friend/ bodyguard

she can walk around town freely with ... and paparazzi would still not take the bait for our exorcist slide show ...

"wow ... the wow so romantic burrito rewards program donating back ..."

wiping away tears of excitement

wow ... smells like ...

wow so romantic burrito ... 

imagine  more more water into 99% clogged sink


clogged sink while no rain

making the clog 98% to counter balance more water

is the reverse flow

opening the third corner for any possible inner rain storm 

that hopi rock

the most important  of it is not that if reflects today

but how to make the turn it speaks of

like walking on edge 

if it rains heavy

​can our sink handle it



why this story

one of sink clogged for months due to broken garbage disposal


outstanding neighbor mei suggested take plunger and unclog it

it that simple


it can rain all it wants

as long as it wants

the sink is open

outstanding neighbors ...

here the business plan

we have two of three corners

the knowledge and intent

character and position

now we have to synergies the reverse flow to make the third circle endure

 we have what we need

the food is not cheap ...

"there business circle that links to the flute circle


flute circle that links business circle



and a middle that is of both



reverse income means income received doing the reverse



how chu made received money from performing flute music


without  playing the flute


by paying the audience to listen to the flute ?



that middle circle can flow both ways


of course


only if there audience helping



a flute concert where we pay you $1


to not laugh





3-5 people at cheap cafe


5-10 at cheap pizza




the flute player then pays producers $1 to create the cd and dvd



then pays listeners $1 to listen and receive the cd 



and pays them $1 to pretend they like it and drive around party dance disco with it etc.



pays camera people / assistant directors $1


to follow how listening to the cd influenced and/or transformed they lives and hear their in depth personal interviews


their tears and joy of laughter




then pays the same people $1 to watch it etc.




people who work for flute player

pays the flute player $1




then we market the DVD in the reverse world"

"yes ...!"

the flute concert staff rise to cheer

the marketing staff

paid $1 by chief cheap for ...

all their labor

rise to cheer

the reverse walkers


the ego hunters

if you make fool of someone

they say why you don't make fool of yourself ?

if you make fool of yourself

they say why you always at the center ?

so the middle to that

is an actor

who simply imitate the trail the flute player and staff created

and we sell that version to the reverse world audience

note :

as co-producer , in order to attract investors circle

writer need learn to act both with humility and diplomacy to be more effective within the business circles so his style must change to fit their culture


upgrade fashion and change into professional style


and so the flute take back seat but not the style 

"honor and respect to our outstanding staff

our staff is outstanding 

our movie is outstanding

 that is outstanding !"

morning motivational speech

"yes ..."

the staff rise to cheer

outstanding ...

The “myths” are not really “myths”, they are a way of explaining Truth to a people before we have an understanding of science. The Truth has always been with us, science is a newcomer. They do not struggle against one another.

We are not aware of Earth Mother’s movement but She is always rushing around, (‘Itam Tuuwaqatsi qa navoti’yataqa hoyota niikyangw Tuuwaqatsi hoyota sutsep.) She is rotating (koruruta) around Her axis and She is revolving (qoqonlawu) around Tawa-Father-Sun, and also flies with the rest of the Solar System (Kokyangwuti) through space, all this running around causes movement within Her.


This movement is called “differentiation” the meaning is that heavy material sinks and light material rises. The same thing happens when a man pans for gold, the gold sinks, also when a woman shakes Corn, the husks rise.

In the body of our Earth Mother heavy material sinks and light material rises. Metals sink downwards and they have formed an Iron Egg in Her center.


This Iron Egg grows with every passing minute as differentiation continues because She does not stop hurrying around, we call Her Huurinwuti (hurrying around woman), and among the many other names She has. As long as Her motion continues, metal sinks towards Her center and Her Egg grows."

- bears

the point is something new is being differentiated

the wise of past know a way of smooth transition

the "hurrying around woman" is also an inner movement 

"the differentiation" is also an inner movement

hopis aware of two way flow

it in their art

even if few can express its flow using the english language

as inner - three circles

if one circle try be the dominant circle

the other two circle potential not optimized

and it may seem only one circle is flowing one way

there then not enough energy to make the transition / the corner turn


so if it two scientist sitting two corners

that one circle , not two 

if it hopi sitting 

and scientist and musician friends links in

that more a second circle , not three




there always three

so no force of one flow

can be the only circle

in other words

we not the only inner circle

even if we the only outer of our inner

yet it all compassion

how to make the most simple inner circles flow within compassion ?

how to counter balance the over outer differentiation with under inner Huurinwuti ?


"1 percent ? .00001 percent is more than enough"

- humble rinpoche

in other words

we only need so many

inner overly lazy woman

who can also be reverse

to counter balance 

change of perception (circle)

can change everything


as inner

hopi more inside the constant

maybe they see inner past/future more clear from home 

maybe they can influence inner past/future from the constant


there likely be  

three inner circles within hopiland

but because hopis are surrounded by two other circles

the inner differentiation gets compressed if

looking from other circles

e.g. tourist

how to utilize the

opportunity to create a new counter balance from within?


in song poop/love/poop is all we need

alternative the words

"deep down ...

i am not a huurinwutis  

but a overly lazy woman ..."


set aside 5 minutes 

to focus on being the #1 overly lazy woman 

but just 5 minutes

don't expect the filming to ever begin

that our strategy

but got be spontaneous if the PVF ...



three self enclosed circles

even if money gives to emptiness

 it needs not receive from it



there not enough self generating interest for all three wheels to keep turning 

unless it a family and/or teamwork within compassion

then the reverse direction 


may be stronger than receiving

we just need one from each circle to rotate to the other circle



the difference is that one is certified fong chi


if you walk around with it with the price tag like just bought it

and/or look proud

like driving a fancy car...

this original version

little different from edited

if inner of black hole see our outer density


it seem open space



if inside of us sees outer black hole


it seems no space 



the two outer linked


the two inner linked



from constant


two different circles


two different directions


one becoming more dense relative to the constant


one less dense relative to the constant



if inside more dense expansion


the other circle will fade 


because that direction is not possible and therefore that circle not exist



creating what seems like a one way forward


and an unstable constant




how to use the inner black hole (descending vacuum)


to counter balance inner expansion of density (expanding space)


until they same difference - just inner movement parallel to the outer



whatever the outer is


one will be have compassion of its inner polar link






outer mountain lion inner polar link is a inner puppy

as inner

if it cannot advance into it 

and it cannot flow reverse

then a hidden middle is still there

it simply that the one who cannot flow backward

has yet to recognize its mounting strength

- fong chi 

on how to make others laugh the easy way

"we no understand english"

if view from only inside sumo circle

the one in blue too skinny

how to keep circle strong ?

in the game of siege

once tide turns

each morning a new day

step by step

future to past :

those ahead/below already cleared path

maybe they cheering thanking us on even more our past cheering / thanking  the smoke of horse behind  ... 

sophie at sophie soft burger suggested riding out by going in reverse

step by step


taking care of the spiraling down flow

then let the rising blossom of its own

taylor and the morning class agrees

we never known when the moment of the 

showdown will be ...


getting lost in canyon

but we can get stronger and stronger with the weaker circle

so it not matter when

throw writer in now with same condition

he be smiling into it

why ?

because no choice ...

and because there is enough power of compassion

we transform incoming dark energy into compassion

so the dark energy may transform our  energy into compassion


the hidden option revealed itself because the corner had to turn

not so much what it is

just that whenever the inner dead end (end of one way) seems to be present

so is its hidden counter balance - that the square turns into reversible circle

one  just had to shift the perception into massau circle

maybe because one had earlier asked hopis to teach its understanding  of the great one

writer bows with honor and respect

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emptiness of itself is not compassion

emptiness of an extreme view is also emptiness of its other

they both present inner movement

that then is emptiness and/or compassion

- tibetan friend

as inner


if one way flow

past moves only into future

present circle fades and future and/or past circle become dominant circle



as present

there is outer and its parallel is an inner movement which consists of guard/center/forward

"if they play offense and no defense

then it not matter how many they can score

but whether they got out scored

if they play only defense like chu

then it not matter how we cannot score

but how many points chu can score ?"

how to rotate the offense and compress the defense ?

"it not every day a man is challenged to a game of basketball and received no response ..."

as chu shows off new basketball shoes

3-3 is the challenge as opposing coaches

like outstanding mr ball

we just trash talkers of yesterday

the outstanding award winning TNT analyst and hall of fame NBA legend coach charles barkely

honor and respect ...


if the little kid wins within

it is because the forward circle allowed it

and constant circle cheer it

there a circle within

that wants to learn to "lose/win" the fun and rotating way

they just want to have fun playing the game

maybe through simple and fun  "change in the state of the outer ..."


the united losers circle

"winner" of the month

if 2 and 7 all zhu ren zhang got 

he gotta look like two aces outer

and maybe have a friend to walk behind and pretend to look at your card and act confident etc.

both sides trying to lose and make it look real

or it a technical

so all games be tied etc.

until someone's attempted miss shot rolls in ...


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what is impossible becomes possible


everyone has their impossible 

so this for loyal sonics fans


 if past is the future

the future is now

"we want to lose

we want to lose !"

sonics fans

refusing to compromise

will take the team back in any form

so long there is loss

there is a game

and if home is where the heart is

maybe the free agent also wants to return home


where they cheer him louder when the team loses than ...


and when was time to let go  sonics

also cheer them on ...

until they return ...


"success requires hard work and perseverance"

- mr fisher of fisher export 

"extendable and/or contractable

$7 at outstanding lowes"

- fishers export

future toilet paper tycoon

tricksters compassion may seem trickier like to the one way circle

yet it is thankful of the result


it is a reverse direction which can be "tolerated"

even accepted by the inner forward circle

because it also serves its interest


hopi book club

in that there really no conflict between the


hopi traditional believes

book reading

and the

spontaneous presence

it a paradox

the white men (through the hippies) also brought the books


for the hopis to read

the link to the deepening of compassion

as outer

whatever it is

as inner

it is the most under valued

"buffalo poop ! buffalo poop ! buffalo poop !

let it cover our lands "

- outstanding car sticker

if there more buffalo poop

there more poop

so we want to link in the inner natives

through real nature

not some imaginary literature

in other words

if this is what needed micro ...

then the third corner must also include

the traditionalists like darrel

and the busters

who honors it like a kindred spirit

trump think tank

expansion / counter balance


america has strongest constant

and the states which has  the strongest reverse

seems to be ahead in the rising

there maybe a feeling

of an old bubble keep expanding

faster than counter balance

but the constant here is flexible and strong enough

like extra rubber bands stretched

but it can go only so far without the energy circulating

how to strengthen the middle force ?

"choice of five colors

light to travel with

and style universal


we buy them at lowes

and can ship them to you within 24 hours of your arrival at the vacation destination"

- fisher exports

maybe there a  seat inside money circle

maybe there a seat inside emptiness circle 

maybe a seat inside 

clown circle etc.

if it flows one inner direction

the larger circles not clear

how to rotate perception so the one way flow used as counter flow within the other circle ?



if your strength is in the reverse 

then likely less likely to be strong in forward

vice versa

business and clowning mix like flute and business ; flute and business link like clowning and business