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star fong chi wars

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pacific northwest

"my first thought  was

that you 40 .."

a skinny middle age looking

attractive lady smiles

next day

"you look like you know kung fu ..."

she smiles

next day

"you know, i do know kung fu ..."


zhu ren zhang

looking all serious

this outstanding young dude

looks little like mickey

even bigger

rising asian movie star

"you know, i work for the international federation of sumo wrestlers

you a big dude, if you gain 200 pounds

you can become a sumo wrestler"


one shared what knew of the outer

night lost 

not much

but walking around aimlessly focused on


word "compassion"

and the fire

then just sitting there

waiting until ...

all that time

one also within a song

so she the reverse letting go circle

had us, even her self, all fooled

and mickey can 

with a shift of perception

be seen as a reverse money circle

outer/inner may shift

but constant deepens

there only present

it a gratitude and relief

that their burden can be lifted

without so many words spoken

it was all done for the best

i am just one person

the personal can accommodate inner rotations of compassion

the only difference is that

there are now three families in my life

and/or  zero 


walking out

it a different song

same singer

there a clear image/vision

that we be smiling together

if you a fan  in taiwan

the fong chi show is that 

can you pretend she and i  never went away

and just ordinary performers / residents of taiwan 

we'll drive a truck with the old puppet show

she sings and i sell perfume

live movie

taiwan as center stage


PG- 13

heyoka and the imperial dragon lord

on the outside

nothing in common

on the inside

nothing in common

 they need each other  the same way emptiness circle needs the death circle


the hidden option

the emptiness circle

is very hidden

even more so

than the powers which govern this universe


it is not indifference nor is it non movement

what is emptiness ?

real heyoka 

vs heyoka wannabe

traveling bus northern thailand

bus makes stop for rest room

writer walks out

told this dude

to not let bus take off without him

"oh ... no ...!"

the dude nods 

as writer reaches destination

introduced himself

"john chu from seattle ..."

shakes hand with the old wise shaman , long white hair

60's, traveling with family

"... ivars whitehorse ... from black hills ..."

as writer walks out


"hey don't let the bus take off without me ...!"

they all laugh

writer all smiling

went to take long restroom


5 minutes later


walked out



the bus still there ...


the old dude and wife smiling


chu bows ... 












PG - 13

starring as ... daughter crystal merritt

mother and house wife

her second marriage  





mrs himalum and son


himalum jr. 



she from a well to do family

but runs a small cafe

where her friends often hang out

we don't know


but it all  has a feeling of compassion to it

and the feeling of deepening and enduring joy is real

not all actors are actors and/or know they actors 

the joy is real or they wouldn't be acting

this is a pg-13 clown show

pure light

one the protector


movie and/or compassion

the more real it seems ...

the more it can effect our programming to learn and improve

trump mentioned as an actor on apprentice show

he learned much of the workings

of the background theater

to keep things interesting

audience need have different perspectives

and if this just a show writer just started on a website seven years ago

what matter to any audience who is really what name and age/gender etc.

this just a free movie

challenging the inner buxin lord 

this inner movement

did it even have a beginning/ending  ...?

and/or did we just found a way to link in

we don't know

the little circle is responding to our unique inner/outer formations

we are de scrambling / coding the inner layers of the memory chip

this gradual process

but the spontaneous shift of perception

can make everything impossible ... seem 

more likely to be easy 

how spontaneous can we ...

if the little circle smiles ...

- if one has a weakness

not of 21st century standard

but of 22nd century ...

if be the lack of understanding  inner/outer gender - power of beauty

i am ahead of 21st century

but way behind my peers/teachers

to know the abyss

one must have compassion


it is a gift of dakinni beauty


may all beings benefit ... 

"transcending craziness"

what it means is that

as inner

it a deepening of emptiness

but within compassion and joy

why this matter ?

we may have found a pg-13 way to inner descend and pg-13 to elevate

both at the same time

if it works on the micro

then we may have something with great potential ...

NFL Fong Chi


cedrick jones is well known

local high school five star linemen

it no matter which side of the line

you no want be other side of the fong chi contest

he that funny as a kid

likely the gentlest fong chi opponent


and strongest loyal fong chi helper

no kid fears  him in fong chi 

chu may and/or may not have known the outstanding mr poe

when he was first round selection of of college

and may and/or may not have been present to advise

at the time

when he was introduced by the commissioner of the great news

"you will laugh ...


why ... ?


i'll tell you after you laugh ..."

"no ... you !"

reversing the flow

within pg - 13

NFL players union 

this dude is natural comedian

even funnier more joyful in person

"you wearing ivanka's perfume too ...?"

"no ... you ...!"

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there another version

NFL hollywood  political parties one company

they sit in a room

and decide who gets what etc.

then make their friends super star agents

to negotiate on the outer

just smart business marketing

getting results

what need changing is just deepening of compassion

that for all of us

not just those in power 

this we all agree and trying

because it the only way


even for them/our selves


it just takes a little persuasion and/or role model ...

and above all


on why and how compassion is deeper than even inner death/desire/money ?

now they know and agree

we dine you

with celebrities

we carry you

with our signature flight


imagine 747

chewpiland jet

two hour flight

open fong chi contest

there is a back portion

for those just watching and/or 


"the clients are our super stars because they are our clients"

- john j chu

sports/entertainment agent

talking to my mom in LA

palos verdes estates

sho mei chu

she my closest friend 

holder/wielder of the three sisters phurba

my dad

shi wei chu

holder/wielder of the fong chi sword

may they live long and healthy life

"no one is going to let you do that with their money" "

she laughs

after hearing my business plan

I laugh too

"yea, that why i am still relying on you for inner/outer support  ..."

it the intentions reciprocated within ever deepening compassion


one can't capture buy possess it

it like happiness

writer has accumulated


some PVF credits

and often hand it out

as tips / wages

but it the intention

not the change in imperial credit

for just myself and  my descending inner standards for what is abundance

enough is more than enough

but if it keeps overflow to share with you all ...


i am attracted to bigger stronger women

maybe because i am still same 65 pound kid inside

and she same mischievous kid

the last of the ...

refuse to compromise

they little older than 20's

me younger than 63

the fong chi witches fear the poop hero in fong chi

only in fong chi ...

master hu the deathless guru

just a script

the thing about crazy yogis is that

once you know they crazy yogi ...

they gone ...

but always around

that the ancient lineage of padmasambhava

that why the faithful holds dear to this link

me not part of religion

we two crazy yogis

he not as funny as me 

but he even funnier

master hu will be back ...

death hunter only consumes darkness

but not give back

that not master hu

that why master hu #1

he has the highest quality of relationship to death

and in thirty years

not lost/gain any inner/outer strength

"Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier - The Red Katchina, who will bring the Day of Purification. On this day the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever. There will be messengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier. They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways..."

- Hopi Prophecy

so we have come a full circle

- chu west llc

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more it tries to pull up


more not move


we have reverse




this the time of rising sun


like the morning


we create much as possible


then sit back later to enjoy harvest


one has actually re read only portion





something new may arise


one is simply middle messenger


share what knows


when time feel ripe



like a new chewpiland


but of different taste and style



come to think of it


reading chewpiland the way we have


would it be better if 


not done so elegantly



now there room to improve


every direction we look



yet what is here




is also









when one tells people they look younger


it a way of bowing



it also to benefit oneself



so you can respond to my thank you with …



“you are welcome …”




business and/or compassion

"there inner/outer

restaurants/bars suppose be clowns 

if they there

be having fun

but that old days

these days

just place people can feel ...

what if

a cafe full of bright and happy people

woke up one morning

to learn their boss

is now chu

and we have new policies on how to work and entertain the customers

rule #1

customer enter


hey you look younger = welcome = good morning = friendly nod etc.

rule #2

my name is chu

you can call me chu



poop hero

john etc.

but do not address me as mr.


take no pride in selling most beef etc.

take pride in selling least meat per dollar 

trained to convince customers of new diet

all filmed for all to share

and be role models for


there a place at bar

fong chi contest

if you sit/rest there


new menu ...

"i got ran over by a flying chicken ..."

"wow ..."

the audience

maybe it not if the sea ever became two outer

but that they , as a group

fong chi it into a fun tale

a middle opening

for all to share

"wow ... flying chickens are here to help us ...!"

as outer

nothing changes

same fire

same crowd

as inner

flying chickens vs. flying snakes of same size ?

i put my money on the purple phoenix

if one links in

then rest details

grandpa/ma stories outstanding

looking forward to lin / zhu family reunion

the royalties are also celebrities

who earned their respect

and/or a rising untapped potential

they here to share talents

writer is grateful and sincerely apologies for any jokes not aligned with your convenience and/or humor

one will be more sensitive to the sensitivities of each culture


from japanese perspective

saying bonsai bonsai !

is as impolite as taiwanese saying bonsai bonsai !

is polite for the japanese

they different language root

- the fong chi immigrants of america

business and/or compassion

reverse world

chewpi inc.

in talks with oracle team

about sponsoring their sail boat

"you want me to call it

chewpi oracle usa


for $1 ... ?!"

- chu

"yea, and i want you to pay me

and not me pay you ...!"

- team captain

"I would but laugh ...

had this not been a no laughing contest ..."

factual fiction

there a couple

in their early 20's


they know many things then

we don't now

we know many things today

they don't  then

their clown culture


goes to taiwan

starts a band

calls it 

fong fei fei


"this just factual fiction

japanese princess

go to taiwan and become singer ...

present her product as born  in taiwan

russ and i always joking

one time

walking out to lake

"hey john, what you doing ...

jumping into the lake ...?!"

"no, jumping on to your boat to dumping them tea bags ...

ha ha !"

we all start laughing

The Crazy Rich Chewpis



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well ... yes and/or no

$199 and/or $299

is within one's budget

and so is the

RV from the fishers

pastor john (age 57) 

wife satoe (48)  (and their son omoshi (age 11)

old friends from tokyo

group of old college friends

weekend reunion

walking through strip

"what brought you to vegas ...?"

"chu's concert ..."

"yes, me too 

it is very good ...!"

speaking loudly  with power

we may each have two other look alike

in same town

this weekend

so start saying

"hey i believe i heard you say you saw chu, the fong chi grandmaster , back there at ...?!"

"yes ... if you believe it ..."

"wow ...i don't believe it ...!"

- your vegas fong chi name here

if you play the game

and sitting next to pool

jump in when you out of time outs ...

this is only a script

we are not in vegas


the production team and the concept of it

are not within my budget


this how we can play

as inner/outer

we'll use writer as seat warmer 

then replace your own names

there is zhu ren zhang

the music circle

there mr chu

the money circle 

there chu

the comedy circle 

what happens if they rotate seats ?


money in clown seat and chu in money seat

well, to the music circle

it makes no difference

each corner  has past/present future



weak to strong

how to strengthen the weak circle 

the point is

can we make them rotate both directions and become all stronger in the present ?


in the 90's

you ... may also be an easy going and respected musician named ...

who also happens to remember a  equally respected musician

named zhu ren zhang  ...?

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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UW late 1980's - early 1990's

the wa ga li gong



it a group of college friends

with connection to taiwan music industry

debut our hit taiwan single

same name

"Wa Ga Li Gong"

looking for voice 

to say the lines

and actors to imitate the voice


a few ideas :

plummer is the cheering crowd

if we cheer losing more than winning


then circle rotates other way

if we refuse to cheer winning

even though this NBA sonics

staying silent as they win the game

then inner ...

"if sonics fans cheer the thunders because we want our reverse circle weak side to flow stronger


that same as thunder fans cheer sonics when they visit thunders in outstanding oklahoma

just got get the NBA owners who voted for sonics move to  thunders and still oppose expansion because they not want to share ...


to contract on the inner  ...

on this one

the fans unite ...

who are these owners ?

maybe we just need a few more

"yes" votes for  a two team expansion ..."

- outstanding chewpi news analyst



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