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Once met

outstanding former president


in 2004 at a 


first impression 

that he was younger than writer


the legislative branch

is as independent from the executive branch

as a judge 

is from the legislative influences

 like donald ...

humble and down to earth

in person

"if the seat is empty

because a few senators from legislative side  ...

if the seat is empty

because judiciary process ...

there a difference between the two"

- chewpi news legal analyst

"garland and gorsuch = same


independent and highly qualified

and of an independent judiciary


their intellect beyond most of the legislatures



and they talking to / at them like 


they serving as waiters ..."

- chewpi news

political analyst

east coast fong chi team finals

laugh less donkeys team




team buffalo fong chi bitch

"there a spark in you ...



you just gotta ignite the light





let it laugh ...



just own the show






baby you a laugh away ...!"

the laugh less donckeys

chief clown

is the famous celebrity turn motivational comedian

professionally known as

"I Am Funny ..."

so if they ever 

people who won't laugh ...

they send in 

i am funny ...

"well ...


not yet ...

but you will laugh ...


because i am funny ..."

- i am funny


the trumps

trump think tank

write what comes

if this someone judging the score

it like beginning of trump campaign

what seems chaotic

he is winning

started out with a trump card

follow it up with ...


our relationship with the trumpis that of natural counter balance

they counter balance our fong chi masters

with theirs ...

"not the gop nor the democrats

but the third force which stepping up

is getting stronger

and trump is behind it


he force the right to go left ; left to compromise to right

even if it seems other way


off camera probably one of easiest old man to get along

he kind of beyond race

definitely no facist

just a down to earth ordinary american who wants no bs

on women right and empowerment

no one is perfect and if learning and improving

future can also soften in response ...

but there has never been a president

who will allow women to speak up so openly and feel tolerated

maybe it a paradox

maybe trump and melania  enlightened beings

i know she is ..."

chewpiu news



power of compassion



strong women natural counter balance to weak men

strong men and strong women counter balance weak men and women

we are lucky in america to have more strong women

that because we have more strong men

strong men sides with strong women

not weak men

that the america difference

strong people helping  others  become stronger

strong  preventing weak  from over reaching against each other

all need is a few role models

not the role models who continuing old role models

inner may become weaker relative to outer unreal standard

but the ones who figured out the code ...



self earned and sustained

honor and respect

one thing they had in common

other than their originality and beauty

is a strong reverse current

a pg-13 mischievous side

they just share among themselves

perhaps hollywood's version of the coyote circle

met them once again

in hollywood

at drake's b-day party

this outstanding dude

looks 25 and funny as bleep in person

"i am so funny ...

i make kevin hart look only as funny as kristin stewart ...!"

we all laugh

"why ain't drake no comedian but a rapper ...?"

"why ?"

"because he the real comedian in disguise ..."

- laureen chow

saturday morning live

the real ...

omoshiroi ...

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chewpiu travel

pg - 13

following factual fiction



college summer job

chu in vegas

hoping to make it as comedian

took job as sales person at one of the old wedding chapels

outskirts of vegas

$199 wedding package most popular

includes a song lip sync by elvis

there also a drive through

next door

an old car wash converted 

their $199 has no elvis

starring ...

it was a sales team

go around 

looking for couple either drunk and/or in love

to get them to marry

we each get $5 in commission

i recommend the more elegant $299 package

"marry him juliet ..."

- elvis 

wow ... you two look perfect together ...

the $499 package at our chapel includes

six changes of dress and ...

"some people spends over $50,000 to get married

but this was a simpler time

a simpler town

$199 or $299

to some

the price makes no difference ...

it just too cheap ...

$1.99 ...

wow ... so romantic ...

chewpi u cinema


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"i saw you crying in the chapel

so i came back


one more try ..."







outskirts vegas

young couple in love

having just met ...

and re met

AJ and Kristin ..."

"hey ... you two on honeymoon ...?"

"no ... we just met this morning ..."

they giggle



"well , you should be ..." 

all of sudden

flute music plays near ...

"wow ... the music ... so romantic ..."

"yes ..."

"that is $200

thank you

here your $1 back

please proceed to the chapel for the music sing along ...

thank you ...

keep the change ..."

the couple smiles and hug

staff rise to cheer

as the couple pose for 


 $199 package

"so thats how we met  ...

your grandpa and i ..."

grandma smiles

this availability / gathering of diversity is good

allows for PVF to continue

thank you


there is only this day

some look to strengthen their third wheel

in order that their

present perception of future can transform

some so that their past can be helped

what changes here

influences different directions ?

we don't know

but for those who plays the game

we will try ...

"i am a comedian ..."

"wow ... so romantic ..."

"no, i am not joking

i am not a musician

i am a real comedian ..."

"wow ... so romantic ..."

"i don't sing for a living ..

i just made it up ...

so you'll ... think i am more funny than who i truly am ..."

wiping away tears

"wow ... so romantic ..."

they hug and kiss ...

one on one ...?

i put my money on obama 

of today ...

"but sir charles barkely is NBA hall of fame ...!"

"i meant against barkely of today ..."

the ref throws up the ball ...

"that night

your grandpa and i

the cheapest wedding was $199

we only had $20 in our pockets

so we took it to the casino

walked out $200

maybe it destined to be ...

we then ran to The Cheap But Good Wedding Chapel

because elvis gets off work at 11 pm

and midnight shift

the singer not even look elvis 

and the donkey ride/ love and cherish photo closes at midnight ..."

"honor and respect to outstanding former president obama

but when in my prime

i believe moi can outplay him of today ..."

- jj

 "i know ..."

smiles does the fong chi opponent

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"you ...

laugh at me

like you ...

change your cloth ..."

- master hu

"i'm a fong chi bitch  ..."

"Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in then you're out
You're up then you're down"

- master hu

"go on  ..."

politicians make one outstanding team

not two

musicians make one team

not different fong chi teams

pro athletes make one team

not NFL NBA fong chi teams

etc etc.

within the outstanding politicians

donckeys and elephants take turn



they'll run across a big bull

just sitting there as third

different because he cannot be labelled

left say he too right

right say he betrayed conservatives

middle say he not one of them

yet the outside grassroot movement

makes up now

1/3 of the electorate ..."

- chewpiu news

three circles

fong chi team



odds of them circling one way together

is already miraculous

but counter flow together ?

for the rising  divas to flow counter - they have be trying to over humble and failing

for the trumps to maintain inner balance

the reverse current cannot weaken relative to the strong current


third wheel disappears

for the jokers to flow counter

they be more respected as a rising legal scholar but without weakening the joker flow

how to strengthen both flows ?

offense/defense/punt return

how to strengthen punt return ?

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jokers world

smiling jokers never smile

because if they not smiling

what then would they be ?

and if they no look like smiling to you

maybe you no look smiling to them either

this day

international jokers convention

"in a major blockbuster three teams trade

the swiftpis sent fong chi  all pro wild buffalo fong chi bitch to the chewpis in exchange for a first round draft pick and all pro fong chi defensive star mickey west

the trumpis needing fong chi offense

traded the chewpiu news anchor to the swiftpis for heavy weight fong chi anchor cedrick jones ..."

- chewpiu fong chi news

as each clown chief exits the meeting

there a smile  inside

they have up all strengthened the weaker flow of their weaker circle 

"the swiftpis immediately traded

fong chi news anchor to the chewpis for

star comedian laureen chow 

and before the trade even made

the chewpis have already traded fong chi news anchor back to the trumpis

for a player to be named later"


- chewpiu news anchor 

"welcome ..."

"thank you ..."

 fong chi league news

"in another major blockbuster three teams trade

the swiftpis sent


OBA to the chewpis in exchange for a first round draft pick and five star fong chi  star abel nash


what is your name ...

the trumpis needing more fong chi offense

traded the chewpiu news anchor to the swiftpis for kitaro ..."

- chewpiu fong chi news

as each clown chief exits the meeting

there a smile  inside

by sharing each strength

they have all just strengthened the weaker flow of their weaker circle 

"the swiftpis also traded

two first round draft picks to the chewpis 

 for ... 

instant offense off the bench

and before the trade even made

the chewpis have already traded fong chi news anchor back to the trumpis

for a player to be named later"


- chewpiu news anchor 

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if trump strengthens

the opponents strengthen

if trump not strengthen

opponents also weaker

it one team ; like NFL one league

what is good for the field

is good for all within

strong people strengthen our country

like it the talents and passionate fans make the NBA -  the owners and/or aposols over receiving credit on the inner

 how to strengthen the inner  balance  ?

"let go fly around the red kite and act like vultures ..."

- flying chicken #1

i will return home ...

chewpi inc. remains at $1 on the outer

as inner

it acts as counter balance against a overly rising current

the constant remains firm northwest  - we got our talents here who anchor deep abundance and are generous with it

it the key to balance economic growth


the upper flow can deflate

making the inner feel not rising

even if the number on the outer tells otherwise

how to strengthen inner down flow ?

"and fall asleep ..."



"in the southwest

there a kind of bird which are really chickens"


- chewpiu dean


(that they from same family and may often be confused by novices with crows/ravens)

buffett knows the reverse flow of money

like how writer knows the silly stories

it guides

here, he talking about let go as though it receiving

"every decade or so, dark clouds will fill economic skies and they will briefly rain gold ...

when downpouring of that sort occur, it is imperative we rush outdoors carrying washtubs, not teaspoons. and that we will do."

how to view it from both sides  ?

"i don't ...

want to rise  ... !"

i just got traded to the trumpis again ...

 fong chi league news

"in a major blockbuster three teams trade

the swiftpis sent fong chi  all pro william su back to the chewpis in exchange for





the trumpis needing fong chi offense

traded the chewpiu news anchor to the swiftpis for star comedian laureen chow ..."

- chewpiu fong chi news

and before the trade even made

the chewpis have already traded


"mr instant fong chi offense"

william su 


 to the trumpis


laureen chow ...

"the swiftpis immediately traded

fong chi news anchor to the chewpis for


and before the trade even made

the chewpis have already traded fong chi news anchor back to the trumpis

for a player to be named later"


- chewpiu news anchor 

"as each clown chief exits the meeting

there a smile  inside

by sharing each strength

they have all just strengthened the weaker flow of their weaker circle"


- chewpiu news 

past to future :
nothing done
future to past :
this gathering may be only one which matters
we'll gather at a private party
in heart of hollywood
fong chi contest
now you all have time to practice
and become fong chi tougher
"hey you look younger ...!"

"his signature is quality

hotels and busineeses

people and customers react because they sense something different

an inherent signature quality

which aposols no have 

if he becomes an aposols and/or more of it

then the signature quality has not deepened ..."

"yes ..."

how to deepen the anchor ?

"so far

trump gather original team and kept basic promise to those who voted

so he has to start right

cause that the opening

kind of like

that the customer base

and grouch interprets it less conservatively than me

but now free of debt 

watch him create a new middle 

a way only a grandmaster can ...

honor and respect ..."

- chewpiu news

"in a major blockbuster  trade

the trumpis needing instant fong chi offense

traded the two first round picks to the chewpis again ...


for william su ..."

- chewpiu fong chi news

"taylor ...

by taylor swift ..."

wow ... smells so good ...

the classic book of i ching

is no religion faith etc.

it was work of many

decoding what they can

of the inner movement

my feeling

just guessing

the reason it no longer has effect

is because the third cprner

has been removed

and/or hidden

so only binary movements are understood as one way and no middle

and projected as possibilities which cannot be changed

in other words

like darth vader

not the real actor behind the mask

if the real kid awakens

and offer help

then we might call it reverse

trump running out to surprise kids 

a  three pointer ...


that  he is in person


obama is a rock star

little like  kevin hart in person

he just as funny  

but don't have the barkley resume /  look



it the vibe in person

trump a chief

the top and very humble chief

pence a wise and powerful shaman of compassion

welcome to fong chi ...

if you native in spirit

the enlightened heyokas

never call themselves heyoka

this not european asia etc.

but original american spirit


in modern mask ...


"honor and respect ..."

"you ...

calling me a woman ...?!"


"humor is differently expressed in different cultures

some culture

it the one screaming and jumping the hardest

people laugh at

in some cultures

different take ...

one thing they all have in common


is that people laugh 

and they all want to laugh ..."


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this an old romantic love song

trump think tank

foreign relations

of all the country one has travelled 

"every one think their culture most funny


but it is


the russians who invented real humor ..."


outstanding russian tourist 

starring ... as andreas k. penn law 1990-92

next door

in school - dude's funny

we have world peace

st petersburg 1850 

the legendary kung fu novel

"before social media

and after social media

government and accountability is changing

people know what standards they want in their own communities

they can pick and choose

the inner middle

so to say others are less informed than say ...  americans ...

deep patterns are not going to change

without a shift of perception



outstanding putin is a great leader for his people


whether others think otherwise  ...

it is his personal talent

one is speaking of here

getting it done

elevating outstanding russian  pride

honor and respect"

- chewpiu news

"Каждый думают, что их культура самая смешная   но это   русские, которые изобрели настоящий юмор ... "

"Kazhdyy dumayut, chto ikh kul'tura samaya smeshnaya   no eto   russkiye, kotoryye izobreli nastoyashchiy yumor ... "

"i don't understand russian ..."

russia advance russian interest


US advance US interest


when the two interest conflict


russia advance russian interest


US advance US interest

russia advance russian interest

when two interests in common

russian advance russian interest

US advance US interest

Russia/America advance America/Russian common interest

when common interest conflict

russian / america advance american / russian interest

the point is 

on common interests

the middle circle is becoming the center

how to make it win win ?

"why russians have less comedians per capita than americans ?"

"why ...?"

"because russians are more funny ..."

- russian comedy advisor

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constitution and/or compassion

if there is an overly strong upward pull

the root of the constitution be challenged

if it gives

the branches will weaken

vice versa

not which side within prevails

but how the roots be nurtured and strengthened

the inner movement

so the two sides 

can wrestle ...

the future and expanding circle

will be watching how

america transform its system into more compassion

real democracy

requires trust in integrity and intention of its system

and above all


attention/interest of its people





ChewpiU Travel




"why chickens cross first the columbia and then deschutes river ?"

why ? ...

"to fly to the other side ..."

- chris blake

comedian 1990

portland oregon

met some funny people

over the years

and the diverse humor styles 

they writer's teachers 

role models

"the sea is salt worthy ..."

reading a poem

"wow ... so romantic ..."

chewpi travel

late 20th century


threw him a nerf football

and it hit him in head

as he try to catch it

so never played basketball

with chris blake

that also his  comedian name

work together college summer 

part of that group

now a restaurant manager

with wife and kids


real names may and/or may not be same

mark hackett

now an attorney of outstanding stature

came from maine

with lovely wife and kid

he was chris blake's comedy manager

as we tried to help him succeed in the field that summer


i was a contributing writer


and katherine the support staff

starring ...

as chris blake


 jennifer aniston

stars as

outward bound instructor


starring as ... jessica


starring as ... sheri

one has been fortunate


to be surrounded and elevated

by very intelligent people

same age range etc.

some how

we have all met in school

and became good friends

one of the best example

year 1989

penn law dorm

they came for one year

mostly  harvard

just acting / having fun

and didn't see most again

until graduation ceremony

but the comedy show

of that year

is funnier than they can ever imagine

1989 classmates

lived next door dorm

if talents is what we lack

they have it

tea party

pence be the dude handing out beer

as they dump teas into the harbor 250 years ago

donald handing out awards

those stories 

what gorsuch would often tell in dorm hall ways

he into american history

like still lives it

she has all the qualities of a great president

deep compassion

met her before chris 

hanged out with her friends

goat and binya  fighting over classmate candace

once asked chris which side i should sit on at their wedding

"probably hers because her family is better looking ..."

chu starts laughing

the other person ivars

was most impressed ...

michelle obama

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