compassion is everlasting

that the nature of chenrezig

the buddha of compassion

“Padmasambhava is a special person with a connection to Chenrezig. He is one of the highest. He was a buddha, a fully enlightened one.” 

- His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama


what is writer's connection  to lotus born

is also writer's connection to buddha of compassion

they same being different body/place

same buddha of compassion different time/culture


there many emanations of buddha of compassion

he/she can be of many people in many cultures

but writer's connection to padmasambhava 

we different bodies but not different emanations

the lotus born never born/died to physical world

because his spirit is chenrezig

you get point


the question remains for writer -

if writer is at where lotus born sits

does chu look like him or him look like chu ?

who looks older ?

chu over 54 and lotus born is over 5400

who has more inner youthfulness ?

lotus born teaches by creating exceptions

chu teaches by writing exceptions

and is it possible to have two of them same time ?

yet padma the body and chu  the mind

eastern body/western mind


padma's rainbow body takes/replaces chu's western body  - a real upgrade

the reverse i ching trilogy becomes padma's mind

he elevates in humor 

they same body

yet they are integrating

chu integrating rainbow body/ultimate medicine body ; humble rinpoche integrating chu's humor


the dharmakaya teaching from humble rinpoche

the humor and stories makes the dharma interesting

the greatest deception is to believe the body as it is today​

this not easy to explain

at core of concentric circle

say it the one star body

simple and nothing else sticks​

permanent formless etc.

- then say the basic movement of inner body

that the physical body itself

is three star nody

it has physical energy and non body

it the primary/basic body

and let say five star body is a body filled with secondary body of mainstream media

you get the point

like ancient hopi natural body vs. modern city body/machine

so far understood ?



four star body is in between

like city body inner movement pulled by 5th and 3rd 

- like most readers

two star body is between one and three

- buddhasatvvas

a being like padmashambhava sits one star

he not pulled by the 3 star basic body 

even less pulled by the false program body

those 2 star , maybe writer, get pulled by both the inner movement of non body and a body

understand - so far so good ?


so if pasmashambava appears to the vision of 3 star body

he is not pulled  by 3 star body 

yet displays a form ​

he makes no effort to be there 3 star body realm

they call it rainbow body

it has different levels

e.g. those 2 star body also manifest a rainbow body to level 3,4,5


in script​

this pandemic is level 3 taking over level 5

the demons pulling 4 into 5

3 into 4​

you get point​

- death hunters scout


"they dont want to depopulate

they dont want their machine to take over

on the contrary

they want humans to be as much (inner) machine as possible"

- clown buddha

once they get as many as possible linked into 5

the one way current keeps them there​

shadow/fear and strength of current compel them to only one way direction

the machine of 6 star/level is like that

except it has no choice - it a machine

- ​

you get point 


from view of two star body

the 3 star body is a movement of consciousness

- an inner movement

without that level 3 body

nothing of its extension can endure

and/or it all neutralized in effect​

because it an inner movement​

you get point


and so we say it  the greatest deception

they pulled the 3 star body into 5 star

by cutting off the ancient link/knowledge to the 1 star body


we trust dominic

he is the body/place/mind of the ground realm

we to be in same likeness



if in vision we see inner and/or outer 

we have choice to transform it into ground/first level  body/place/mind vs. 5th level mind/body/place

e.g. if it an inner mind imbalance

we can choose 5th level \false programming thinking etc.


dominic inner mind

same go with body and/or place/world situation

you get point



sambogakaya is that two star body/place

because its energy is like sunlight

a spontaneous presence

it is ever present


then if 2015 appears

it be nirmanakaya - a body/place seen by others

but the sambogakaya co-exists - two star body with three star body

we be in two planes same time

how that is we will know soon

when the nirmanakaya appears

after that

nirmanakaya can be 2002 2010etc.

but it same sambogakaya


for those from outside

they say when they leave their 3 star body

they open to one and two star level - it reveals like when curtain is removed

if they can anchor into dhrmakaya 

and not get pulled back into 3 star body

then they can attain the sambogakaya 

- their own quantum hologram

and can exist in another nirmanakaya plane at same time

if not

they got a tour of what they would later call a light world of forms and apparitions

then reincarnates back into the cycle

you get point


we have had own sambogakaya long time

we took a tour to show others how it be done 

the outer news and chaos is to stay linked with old world

otherwise, the energy is so gentle and empty here that if news become gentle , we would have lost link with the past 

since we plan on returning to help

it better to keep it like this

so we can appreciate nirmanakaya when it appears

- like it be a relief, but actually the sambogakaya is just being humble


every modern medicine identification is based on level 3 going one way direction - body as basis 

and so easily become level 5 pull if money and power is involved as additional interest

then it easy to get trapped if lacks a counter pull

a better example is the lawyers profession

if lack counter pull

and money and power as additional interest ...

justice and mercy usurped by over aggressively billing lawyers

if it a free clinic

they be only willing to deal with the essential


what difference between this sambogakaya and padmashambhavas sambogakaya ?


this is it


they dont need to lift the veil

it was our intent to stay with the pulling by five star  level - to help those resisting its pull

what would compassion do ?

it would do just that


then once nirmanakaya appear

we will know how to return here at will

because that padmashabhava skill - he can appear and disappear level 3 body

by return to level 2 body

it would seem to level 3 people he spontaneously disappeared without a trace

leaving nothing behind

they may call it rainbow body of great transference



as inner

a body which birth/death is level 3 pull

a body made of compassion/spontaneously present light is level 2

- the light always present so body of light always present

- there no boundary to light - the body of light is the place of light

there no defined/set form

so it formless - there is form but it not set so we say it can take shape but is formless


like light can take shape as hologram like  - just means it not need be that form/shape


like genderless not mean no gender ot this or that

just that it is flexible/not set

directionless means it can go either way

not that it not have one


my family and many friends also from here

where i am the chief

they may take turns being e.g. frank

they can return here and/or appear there at will

so we to see them as rainbow body once return to 2015 - it not where they from - they from here the same way we from here


is there another appearance of this sambogakaya that looks pristine and high tech etc. ?

probably, but that not what we need to see this time

maybe later when we want to take vacation

it may appear as a olf village in which we can float and not need eat sleep etc.

but then that also just n appearance

the two places - that and this - share same emptiness/ground and is made of same light

and so there really no difference

they both same vision, different content


aug 8 may be we entered pure vision

the real sambogakaya

"you not seeing it"

- bud smiles

amd so there is now no difference with other sambogakayas

just the second floor story are more same as old world

but it just a vision vs. a comfortable vision

we would rather be in a pandemic vision knowing it a vision vs. paradise vision not knowing it a vision

but once know

then both visions become possible


so we may have to wait "9 months" before seeing the paradise two star level vision of glorious copper colored mountain in its original form

in mean time

we see appearance of 3 star/level body/world

it also a vision

but a different kind

we will study it once it appears

so be seeing the same place - 2015 - new again

guru rinpoche has a body which is different from other bodies

as inner

multiple currents/bodies vs. just one body/current

a parallel example be writer's humor creativity

you cant localize it and it not just one mind

but that of taiwan mind seattle mind and hopi

he able to assimilate all three into one current

"your mind can be going everywhere and it comes right back to this point"

- preston

same way with guru rinpoche body

it not just a "higher" energy etc.

that many beinsg have

what unique/stands out is his creativity using multiple bodies/multiple realms

you cant catch his body

same way cant catch writer's humor origin

so rainbow body in that way is unique to him

he can then do many creative things with it

and like writer's humor

it never runs out

body is physical energy

it always new - every day

it our perception which is stagnant


so the drawings of male/female union is symbolizes the different inner bodies he has

the bodies not in any union

for guru rinpoche and yeshe tsogyal

they attained rainbow body

as inner the bodies are their bodies


same way writer us multiple currents / inner languages to create chewpiland

and it keep flowing

a different mind than others

guru rinpoche uses multiple inner bodies to create rainbow body - it  gets stronger and more creative

you get the point

writer still learning

but we want know the codes of it first


if take that formula and able see it the inner movement which needs changing

then can potentially change anything

even those patterns which is impossible change

- it impossible without a new extra inner body/mind

we call that extra current compassion



imagine a circle


at center is a light - a natural spontaneous light

it is just a point yet  inside is measureless and infnite - quantum hologram

that light is sambogakaya

an empty luminosity

then from that natural sunlight the images are created/reflected etc.

the world is created

you get point


if this matrix movie

that light be the door made of light

the architect realm neo visited


this sphere is the ultimate sphere

it is emptiness and luminosity

dharmakaya and samobogakaya


inside this light

it can be divided into 3 forces

constant and yin and yang

power of silence and powers of beauty and abundance

they are qualities

and if see any apparitions inside this sphere

they are made of these qualities

there is no form that is set/no boundary to inner movement


so for those coming in

they first see forms that feel like light

and then may then "realize"  that light is empty

maybe for those inside

there no body

the body seen is made of light - inner movement

and any shapes/images extended from that root body inner movement ... is without a body as basis

- that inner movement of body comes from great emptiness/compassion

and so it is something else

you get point



What makes me liable to great calamity is my having the body ; if I had not the body, what great calamity could come to me?

- tao te ching

"if sun rotates around you

where is your body ?


ancient say

'death no place to enter'

- tao te ching"

- reverse i ching


and the way compassion has shown us to most efficiently and easily to understand/realize this is by deepening the four powers

then wisdom and fruits come about naturally/effortlessly

you get the point

15 more years of practicing it showing result

"what you think you are"
"what we perceive we receive"


if choose between rainbow body world vs. pandemic world - they want both
if have to choose one, few are chosen

they believe inner body to be real

and will not  let go

We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.”  - Corinthians 15:51–54-

as outer
there just this body
whether it of pandemic world or something else

"as above/so below"-



emptiness - luminosity - appearance

they same one yet three different things

if in a dream then there is no body

if body then no dream


reverse current is there when we enter a certain mode

it also secret of our longevity


today at rainier

talking about how not to be born is more difficult than no sickness no aging no death


"the unborn is what is here ; the trees we see and words we hear

all others is the past/future


the social distancing and stay in have allowed us to stay away from the pull of others

and so not one step back two forward


in vision it the reference point which changes the content

not the content of vision

e.g. if we change reference point from  inner body to there is no inner body/something else

then what we perceive may change

there different levels to this


as inner

we here present always

and so always ...

as inner, if there no inner body/replaced by something else

there nowhere/no body to go/be born

and so always

it no matter where


the so called memory chip is the inner body

removing /separating it is the training

e.g.the inner airport is because the inner body /world

that inner world need not be necessary

all need done is see inner movement as inner moment

then all else takes care itself

it can be replaced by something else


that tree we see the sounds we hear

all that is here now

we not saying that is inner movement

but we are saying that everything else is


and so ...

where is your body ?

we answer here ...

does it have antecedent cause ?

if there is, it inner movement

and is there a tomorrow ?



this is sambogakaya manifesting in akanishita, our own hologram within quantum field



if this own sambogakaya pureland

and we just entered it

why then the pandemic and airport ?


as sambogakaya body

we no need go anywhere​

as nirmanakaya body

we yet to manifest/seen by others


as sambogakaya body

we no need go anywhere​

as nirmanakaya body

we yet to manifest/seen by others


 it all vision

there no body anywhere outside this moment

- there no physical  body waiting in 2015 because we exist only when perceived

you get point

it a new body/new start


if inner state is unassailable

then outer action would reflect it

we wouldnt just believe but know

the secondary mind may remain

influenced by secondary movements

but the anchor remains same/deepening

how resurrect the dead ?
is it possible because it been done before ?

we just havent had a theory within old paradgm
so call it magic
when it is quantum physics

they would re-appear as body of nirmanakaya
not of the same flesh body

padma can just enter a new frequency field such that his old body is instantly not seen by others of old frequency/world

e.g. 2
jesus lives on outside body of flesh
in a place so awesome he can return to be seen again

the point is

there only present moment
if it  waves only upon observed memory
then what is the past ?
what is 2015 from here ?

so if the say jesus no more
what is that from here ?
it memory not fact

then he appears again
just to show the exception

2015 has yet to happen and/or its imprints exists right here now
there that inner 2015 there this inner 2015

they see what they see
remember what they see
see what they remember

if jesus suppose not be there
the great spirit can make him there again in the memory field we see and remember

he can just appear in our past ...without antecedent cause
he can also just appear in our future ... to send compassion to our present

it be an intervention from beyond
but that the deal we make with them

they help us
we help them

win win

akanishita is just a place lucky to enter - it not enlightenment

it possible manifest own sambogakaya here if realize the ground and stay with it

but if pulled by green field, there is no sambogakaya / light field

we squander the opportunity and join others in green field - they like tourists

there no sambogakaya to anchor as home

you get point


"few are chosen"

we been this way before but for those new ...

there will be test to choose the field

the apparitions pull us vs teachers will help anchor

and it always more easy to go with the green field



the three circles


how it fits into this ?

constant : nothing changed from ground

the great emptiness - no one can control space

"we just watching ; very empty"

- chewey prior to entering vision

rising / descend same circle

they star being masters of constant/rising

they control the circle

the reverse they dont know/few knows

if they know they be it

if they have it ...

they wouldnt be here

they even may think by controlling writer they have reverse

- "cant force someone to love you"

few knows reverse

cant grasp it hold it

it comes to us ... but it not go to them

because they not fun ...

reverse spirit not want play

the reverse within us has been quiet

just watching ...

it what sets padma apart from others


ride the reverse


once reach bottom

then there nowhere to go but up

the turning point it be upon reflection

that also called stopping it


inner death body cannot die because it already dead and so not fear itself

so can say we have three inner bodies which co-create outer

the constant is empty body always here

living body is rising

how to reach the bottom so living circle keeps rising

we taking tour of universe beyond our earth/human level 2 universe

people we see are apparitions of the wisdom mind

we not in same realm as we were​

so they cant tell you where/how they are

akanisita we reached 2019 - per writing

there deepening realms of it

we still in it - the train

one by one they get off​

"you and i get off at different station than they"

no one dies

they simply exit the vision

we not going to the top of heaven

but ascend into the dark hole within the light

the way we descended into light within darkness​


1975 central taiwan

1985 central taiwan

2002 cedar mesa utah


2065 hollywood california

2055 florida

2040 downtown new york

chewpiland  calendar

as outer all yet here

as inner which way we go ?


that we inside virtual reality we know

and the  place changes as we go

"inside a cave in ancient time "

- glen


no matter how high tech

how tightly in control they are everything

there the eternal paradox

the more they try control

the more they realize they not  ...

they have everything perfect

in numbers and formula down to precision

the matrix of the eternal life

free vacations and even you can be own god​


follow pvf​​


not going  with the mainstream

takes courage and sacrifice​

because of that, we believe, the future takes/accepts us and rewards us​

we follow its directive/trust it

it will take us where we need be

and transform the impossible into possible



if want go another parallel world

and/or exit samsara world

then one must be different from others - the vibration



with bud it about padmashambhava

and not politics/business etc.

he is the  #2 of the lineage

and must have been close friend with padma

he treats us with that respect

he is also of same spirit as master hu ; eddie and ivars etc. the old man

we will get to know everyone eventually

and our old friendship will endure/renew

john chu


in vision dream simulation 

nothing until observed

the past yet to happen​


if death is changing of worlds

compassion is when changed world one not even know

new 3/4/5d  vision

same light same dark space

new virtual body/place

it just happens without knowing

like writer past 20 years

and each world is neither older nor younger than the previous


so gentle we didnt even noticed


this a pureland 

a sambogakaya which belongs to us

dont know about padmashambhava

but feel connected most to manjushri

and/or maitreya

they each have own sambogakaya/pureland

tushita heaven is maitreya - an earthly  place where buddhasatvas gather - step away from return

- kind of like chewpiland 

manjushri is old

he has own place called vimala 

it  one  best places

- like here ... but it yet to reveal itself


this sambogakaya self appearance

people just apparitions


it good to know them as friends

but we to keep to ourself

we to retreat from pm meetings requests

so apologies to people who want meet us 

it not the direction we want to go toward

it putting us in middle of attention/politics etc.

however it there someone you want us to meet/know

please let us know

thank you again for your guidance

you take care of yourself

- john chu



every little detail
is preset

yet this body/place belongs to us

ever since birth
we inside nirmanakaya
which came from this sambogakaya
which is mic at source

"you two not just one being but one body"
- hu

we the same dharmakaya being
mic is older brother

krystal is the other helper to him
she/he is crazy horse

writer feels he originated orient/tao
maybe the tibetan influence from krystal/padma


he/she like my twin spirit - my little brother/sister

crazy horse leads the guardian page
writer the office page
the two ships ready to sail

they to go first to clear path for big brother's subsequent arrival

they have quantum knowledge

lineage handed down​

chu has humor

lineage handed down

they cant understand how he can make anyone laugh anywhere in world anytime

they observed it and imitate it and clone it and analyze all the theories etc.​

but chu has fong chi


if dharmakaya is a person
it be dominic
if dharmakaya creates a sambogakaya
it be us

dharmakaya buddh can be many sambogakaya beings
sambogakaya buddha only one sambogakaya but can have many many nirmanakaya e.g. guan yin has 1000

quantum replicants in other 3/4/5d worlds
so if chewey is sambogakaya
john chu is a nirmanakaya replicant of chewey
the dominic he sees in his 3/4/5d is a nirmanakaya replicant of dharmakaya


this vision
this body/place
the creator is dharmakaya
"but we can find no trace"


it not until 2018/19 we start knowing we in parallel world

we assume then there be a return etc.

but now know there no going back

nor would we want to return - not in that way

 he chose to come this way - left no burdens

this path is alone but with spirit it not difficult

compassion been kind 



​maybe the current may just take you


maybe it couldnt/didnt ?

then we go somewhere not of the current 

it a new place but not that ?


so can say that chewpiland is of mind

 "it has life of its own ... and it no longer need  us (writer) to (continue it)"

- leroy about 2015

but it stays with us forever

and continues to protect us wherever we go

the future of chewpiland is quantum elite

they know how to link to us - we only need to learn link to them - and we the founding circle


the old man opened the door

he didnt expect us to follow him

we of the kindred spirit

the free spirit


chewey has a body in chewpiland

chewey the body/chewpiland the place



quantum compassion

it quantum power with feel of compassion

in quantum reality  3/4/5 d always shifting/changing

memory always moving/changing even if our memory says it is same

only if we have a ground deeper than movement of time is time travel possible

otherwise it  one way time


maybe padma has such place

it a place of no place - a quantum field protected 

so it a pureland 6d that can enter/exit 3/4/5ds


at center of it the dharmakaya

the tree of life 


compassion has no death/birth

if we ever wondered how compassion relates to death
we have just gone through it and we dont even know
we left the old world we know 
yet we still here and within compassion
and we ready/willing to travel into a new 3/4/5 d experience
the old we can still come back to

and compassion tells us if we want to return
we can as eternal compassion - rainbow body
but not as old elements physical body

you no want go where they go
they want go where you go

but we dont know where that is

sub atomic  world within is world of joy
not everyone in quantum world is inside the current

they have to be invited by the grandkid tricksters to play

those who want enter have to learn first how to lose to them

you can be enlightened buddha etc 
but if they no want to play with you
they no want to play with you

in quantum clown world
all that what other world calls power is ordinary here
and ordinary comes to fel ordinary
you get point

they all want in to sacred clowns circle



the jokers world


it a world of many beings but one mind


there nothing personal

always joking

because it one mind

each knows/understands eachother as oneself

childlike and goofy

the place is of the mind

yet it one mind so one place

if use two mind to view

then it a paradox

the world of joy


as master hu retires

padmashabhava influces also fades

manjushri is the one buddha we most align with

if there a name for that intelligence - it be linked to him

he has answer for everything

he the "destroyer of death"

conquering the lord of death

we not even 50% of what he is

that good news - there still much to learn


chewey the fire lord

one current/mind two bodies

zhu ren zhang the water

one current/mind two bodies

out here northwest

writer protected by chewey

he our lord of death

coyote/fire clan trickster

it world of joy

everyone has scary nick names

ms zhu ren zhang the very evil witch

john chu the most evil lawyer



it like if our death lord is chewey

then we may less/no fear death's inner word


and lawyer's inner pull

they first need have that power 

e.g. no fear inner death

and then willingness to clown/reverse

not take the word with over inner seriousness


you get point


we create a clown show  




constant is the receptive

the great emptiness

vision is change/rupakaya

some sees change within the emptiness

that sambogakaya vision

most only see change outside blackhole

- nirmanakaya

there only one world

and it all within the great emptiness

- it all vision like / inner movement/ lucid dream to those inside emptiness


if sitting in car and see own reflection in store window

nirmanakaya is like the car you see in the mirror

- pollet

sambogakaya is the car you in 

- beef

to dharmakaya

they both vision like

like dream within dream