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all becoming one becoming all

energy converges into one expanding into density 

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Chewpiland Productions

2009 - 2017

To the Hopi Indians of the southwest

The katchinas are very real

It a deeper inner movement which can direct influence outer

such as making rain 

Even more powerful than money

because they can help our physical

Writer is to bridge the power

for they wanted it shared

Circumstances converge

Internet made the writings available

 The production expanded and evolved

there are three circles in synergy as one mystery egg

The journey concluded June 2017

even if writings continued

Writer leaves with satisfaction

that the central message has been shared :

The future is helping the past

so the past can help the future

Tutskwa I’ qatsi

"Land and life are one"

- Hopi 

2004 notes




Compassionate healing


within compassion, what false programming terms as sickness or disease is merely restriction of free flow of senses. Since senses makes up the physical world - or it can be said that the world of free moving energy contacting the senses - it is only false programming which restricts, and thereby creating discomfort, of the so called  physical body. Within false programming, this restriction is given a label, a classification, as though such classification has any real meaning. Classification is useful only for the purpose of relating and describing a certain physical symptoms – it itself has no energy and real power, i.e. just a word and concept to describe what is really just a restriction of senses. 


Within compassion, senses are not restricted because there is no false programming to hinder its free flow. Like the world of atoms, the movement of the physical flows with the world of compassion and reaches its intended images and shape and purpose. Within false programming, a hindrance to the free flow of senses is not attributed to a false programming deeper than one’s awareness, but instead given a certain classification to describe the discomfort of so called body, or one’s experience of the physical dimension/senses. Once a restriction to physical movement is given a classification, the free flow of energy ceases because the possibilities of movement of energy within such classification is very limited.

label of restriction of senses/imbalance of body can be useful to describe its characteristics and reflected physical attributes, but if used to classify and identify such label as a certain solid fact, then false programming has grasped the senses within its control, and the rest of recovery is subject to the laws of such programming – one would require, for example, to take a certain drug or act in certain ways in order to relief oneself of such discomfort. Within compassion, discomfort/disease of the physical is merely restriction of natural flow of senses. If such restriction is given back to compassion, then the imbalance re-balances itself.


For example, a certain sickness such as cancer is merely the senses being restricted in a dimension deeper than one’s awareness and also beyond the awareness of so called modern science. Such restriction is within deeper layers of false programming. If one were to be identified by this label, then this identification becomes one’s personal history and is given life as though this label has a certain reality to it, when it is merely a blockage to the free flow of senses. Free of such label and concept, the body then has a chance to return to compassion. within compassion, such label has no meaning and symptoms related to such label are merely indication of deeper imbalance, or rather, one’s inability to resist the patterns of false programming.


Immunity is really one’s inherent ability, and/or developed ability to combat false programming. Within false programming, one is programmed to believe such immunity to come from something tangible and solid within the so called body. With this programming deeper than one’s awareness, one is subject to the laws of this false programming and real immunity is restricted and limited – one is programmed to believe, for example, the longer one lives, the less such immunity. If one were to subject to such programming, then one must necessarily live such pattern within the holographic like world – like a programmer installing certain codes into a software. Once one chooses within deeper dimensions to subject to false programming’s code of the rules of body, then one necessarily lives by its rules.


No matter how much one tries to rationalize that it is merely false programming dictating the rules of body, that without such programming, the body lives in very different possibilities and rules, one is still subject to false programming’s description of the physical until it can be displaced by one’s power of compassion. without such power reaching such depth to challenge the depth of such false programming, such rationalization is merely an intellectual exercise. Only until one intends from deep within to free others of such false programming, or having the courage to simply let go of all concepts dictated by false programming regarding the body, will compassion be activated to intervene within this deeper level of programming. 


Within compassion, there are no rules with respect to the body that one must abide, just as there are no rules to one’s thoughts. Potentially, just as there is intelligence which reverses, there is also senses which can reverse, leading to reversal of, for example,  physical aging. This, however, requires very deep and powerful compassion, and must spring from sole intention to benefit the happiness of all sentient beings – world of joy. 

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