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2017 (d)(2)


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the power of silence


if the root of all pain is the fear of being laughed at ;

it is also the antidote

- the hopi book club

as inner

if one sits in underground cave

then earth is also above

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the power of intelligence

if inner stay humble

there always more to learn

how to let go of

we know to  receive we don't know

for the clowns

there no asian american classification 

- chu office

the power of abundance

the inner need minimal outer

to feel same abundance

and what it attracted into/from future

thanks to help from our future

this beacon among the strongest

- zhong xiao 1975

the power of compassion 


clown body is a native sacred world

it requires  deep awareness etc.

but most importantly

the clown earth spirits

combined with a clown mind

it takes no effort to make others laugh

that joy is the power

if writer the bridge in

then dominique the bridge from within out

beauty needs compassion

compassion need not be beauty

it the clown kachina energy which is most attractive

because it makes the kid in us laugh


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Fong Chi

time and place : TBA

we announce our time

you announce your place

either way

you will laugh with ...

"the arrival of the technicians "

- chu

promotion manager

looking to intimidate

"the original chicken people"

"as will i  ..."

"the original chicken people" team captain (your name here)

holding a encyclopedia of chicken jokes from earth

speaks proudly ...

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