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"The more try be visible

the more feel invisible

so i try to be more visible "

- master hu

The Siddhi of The Reverse Circle

(the three way circle)

three circle

one clockwise only

one counter only

both ways

to the clockwise which sees itself as constant

the middle seem counter clockwise

and counter seem clockwise

to the middle 

clockwise is clockwise

counter is counter

both moving same different directions and/or one circle moving two directions etc.



the point is

if we are stuck in one way flow

believing clockwise to be constant 

then heaven/earth circle is independently outside

if we know our place

within the rotation

that there other circles also linking

then maybe we know when we are not in control and so 

they also know when they are not in control

If a clockwise only circle come across such three way circle

but believing itself to be the constant

then the three way circle may seem reverse to the one way

to the three way

the clockwise can also appear as one circle moving three ways 

by itself becoming the one way

the one way flow is reversed


if it loses they can only win

if it over loses they can only over win

three circle just a term to one way circle

to itself

freedom to choose is ordinary

"without the plunger, it matter of time"

- francis aveuir

flexible and simple circle vs. one way and self created binary circle


how to use shift of perception to strengthen the weaker circle



future to past image

camp site

a small 360 projector 

people watching from circle


4d movie



like springing from fire

and/or maybe a high tech fireplace which displays 4d holographic show





cars float over ground and bounce off eachother

due to anti-gravity neutralizer



if battery can absorb from sun

infinite energy 

and like small memory chip

hold more energy than ...


market where three people rotate two jobs

and share same income


relationship wise

there may those who live  corners of same circle

rotating with two others

single then married then single


people do it not for social values but because it has direct benefits for the middle circle

- that it scientific , mainstream and practical for happiness and longevity etc.

rising popularity also the buddhist monk culture

it allows people to enter and/or exit rotation with ordinary life

and it gives a constant to have a clown circle


something will be invented

with book reading an important part

of a new medicine which softens the root

and then two way flow become one circle

the inner world lightens like the dawn

as the outer slowly assimilate

in this softness

the outer may also gravitate into inner 

just as easily as  inner to outer

it evens out quickly like honey

from perception of constant

same difference

the two movements counter balance each other

generating creative energy



6-3-17 the graduation

finals before

this just touch up

duty/no duty


nothing written after mattered

already graduated 

from this point on

past and/or future

everything goes first through the office

ageless vs. deathless

different art

deathless may look old

ageless may not be deathless

ageless means you can't tell their age

20-90 to 200

power of beauty always present

and cannot be weakened 

but our mind may lose link with it

like intelligence which can't be measured

it silent yet seems to link in when necessary

not when measured

deathless means they are not bound by opposites

the silence need no space

the more they are self reliant

the deeper the real abundance






energy does not die ; but energy rotate even if our mind not

patience cannot be moved ; but we can lose link with it if not adjust

that if it constant

it may appear as moving backwards to the clockwise ; as "wrong way" to the "right way"

it a feeling of compassion 

future links in and it keeps going

three way circle adjust

alone line of least resistance

effortless losing 

 can lead to easy accumulation

of another circle

"gain by losing"

- tao te ching























"if it is understood 

then there is no conflict"

three circle rotation cannot by moved by any circle

they can only make ours flow one way to indirectly benefit/balnce their circles etc.

but if understood 

then everyone will want their own inner circles to balance / benefit their way

and not just for others  enjoyment


and so the new circle (three circle rotation) endures

 staying where it is no matter how each circles adjust relative to one another


potentially, the inner clock can go  counter 

simply by adjusting other circles


"like sugar

what unites separates

like honey

what separated unite


what begins/ends


all at same time"



future to past

this be the matrix

for writer was open to receive

as far as writing down what was asked

writer is 9

as far as getting done what it wanted

the project a 4

 writer agreement is only to write what comes

the rest is up to those who are fortunate to link in and/or


they may wonder then why they stood still  when chance to help 

writer not to seek because he done his part and has linked in with his circle


he not need charity

and has established his market value as writer 

only those who have not moved

have not moved

even if we seem reverse

dark world

the siege of office down to two defenders

chu and tien

it better to have restricted access to those one prefer reading

this no duty to share own diary

and if they reading now not my family and/or hopis  who have permission

they have no permission

and if future to link in

in time

 it be your own future donating to this past

 the future knows ; don't say you didn't know

one simply need to write down ... and not have feeling to defend why etc.


The Siddhi of Reverse Density





three circles


as inner

it need no space

it need not expand/contract

yet it does

if it over expand

it can over contract

so there is movement without motion

it can therefore be three circles playing with itself and/or one circle sitting motion less







two flows / one circle



for our inner to believe it influence the outer

the inner must first move relative to the outer

vice versa

there simply two circles 

going two ways

but another links them by being middle to both


compassion circle

triangle always three corners

but at times it may link to circle w/o corners

rectangle always four corners

yet it may link to a circle which no corners

if same trickster circle can link both ...


common interest



so the idea of a person body

clockwise circle


impersonal body counter clock circle

created from same inner movement

what forward is personal

what the forward share with is impersonal

if seen as one three way circle

the personal and impersonal are different as square to triangle

yet because they benefit one another

they help each other by allowing their inner circles to flow in  synergy

both sides encourage each other  to strengthen  link to reverse circle movement



it knows and it tells you that in long run you better off playing waiting circle

over building it and let the other circle move of its own

so there be no one there to receive  in that circle

-seemingly wasted

yet the waiting circle can receive once it decides to let go of the over waiting




two creates three 




if it over builds contraction

it can over expand without losing balance

simply rotate to patience

trickster world space time relationship not same as ours yet is

if two tricksters can hold their own and not be over taken 

then a middle trickster body between two worlds is created more independently and flexibly

that requires two side synergy


if 2 pm here it 2 am there

vice versa

if he here then she there

if the he try be more she then she be more  he...

"the two bodies usually separating into greater distance"

it like they can rotate with each other

and/or help each other by moving their circle the other way - reverse


hey you look younger

may influencer weaker flow of middle circle to move

so if chewpiland body is downward 

then we can help it slow and/or reverse by adjusting our circle - e.g. with humility contest - if we go down then you can't because we parallel linked

so when we need they to humble for the fun of it ...

win win




east leads west

let them think you read more book than ...

then you get free high

vice versa

and only those who no like free high

and feel normal

want people to believe they read less than they do

people just have to link you into their reading circle


telling book reading jokes

make people think you more read than you are

telling people you are an even bigger  loser make people think you are more loser than you are


you will feel more a winner 

and that feeling vibrates 

middle time



stand on other side of clock and it moves counter


so in our chewpi clock


not that it move clockwise and/or counter clockwise

but to the other side of reflection

it appears opposite


so if it 7-13-17 2pm

then sitting on other side of clock be

6-15-04 2 am chewpiland


trickster body


a trickster middle inter links



the meditation is of inner rotation of compassion

trickster compassion



if 4:42 am here then 4:42 pm there

if 7-14-17 here then 

6-14-04 there

if quiet serene here

then it busy active there

the more we there

the more they here 

more dense there

is inverse here

of course

we not there

they not here

but as inner

there a middle

trickster compassion

because it is they and/or us and we are using it to help us from both here and there

inverse density

more dense/less dense


that if all three circles free to move three ways

and there is clarity 

of their relationship

then the movement of  inner density can be adjusted 

- master hu

  • A, the bag rose to the top of the beaker and is now floating on the surface. The yellow liquid and the bag are less dense than the liquid in the beaker.

  • B, the bag is floating in mid-water (subsurface floating). The orange liquid and the bag are equal in density to the liquid in the beaker.

  • C, the bag sank to the bottom of the beaker. The green liquid and the bag are more dense than the liquid in the beaker.

relative density



density is degree of compactness of substance

as inner more compact/less compact are directions


like  inner/outer

rising/setting sun

so three circles


from view of constant


if water is more dense than air

than it flow more one way relative to air

in the reverse circle

if water is more dense than air

then it flows other way relative to air

how to adjust relative density ?


riding reverse


if they only ones strong enough against river current

and we believe it our moving water below which is constant

then they may seem to move away like setting sun

when our river circles around

the opposite direction

they may seem to move like rising sun

earth as constant



as inner


if rotation of three circles is one circle

- earth


mountain is constant

if meet a new circle 

that is one way only



and it believes the ground of this circle

to be its constant

then earth energy may appear to be distancing both to that circle and from view of the constant

maybe nature is not city's counter balance but its constant ?

weak flow



if there is no reverse

movement to counter balance

the one way circle will eventually move the constant

even if just one percent

into its direction

little things seemingly not important at beginning ...

the reverse flow begins to fade like them wild animals

how to strengthen the inner female  tiger ?

ground floor



kind of like

if we on second floor

then ground yet the constant

it the feeling

a kiva below

inside the constant

there is also constant and reverse

it only seem not moving to the rising

from constant

the clockwise circle pull can be counter balanced by an increase in counter clock circle's pull  ...?




if  draws the card .in the fong chi game ..

take this plunger and auction it

you got five minutes to get ready (sand glass)

the hired actors and audience 

all awaiting in the bidding room

the best presentation wins the contest

you may want chu office staff to help you



the siddhi of the rising sun

 constant sun



so game only fun if we limited number and permitted viewers

that PVF go one way


while chewpiland  re-emerges gradually from within PVF

we simply copy it on when chewpiland go back on stage

that chewpiland more a collective effort

than PVF and is more reverse

so if you not permit to view

it also take link out of your future self

the third corner which need to turn easy by simply waiting

PVF is now the setting sun

chewpiland the constant

it has leveled off

and has potential to rise

 it only dawn

most still asleep 

plunging sun


outer influence inner programming vice versa

so that 

"inner sun can rise and/or set

direction turn with equal ease"

like modern cars

shifting gear into reverse  not as easy 

step by step



foreign mind



a foreign mind we confuse to be original mind

second floor for ground floor

before it took over

how to 

be able to enter/exit foreign mind to link 

it just there

all we can do to help is make it flow more evenly both ways



what if

"rotation of earth energy moving in counter balance"


if one world setting but believe it the constant sun

if one circle constant believe it be the setting

if circle setting convince itself  it the rising

then the constant not constant

rising not rising

the constant

 reverse can be created

like over forward created by foreign mind stuck in one circle

maybe even the foreign mind want a third link

then it'll have compassion

the ground floor

and all be within compassion for circles to adjust

to the all powerful $100

the little penny called emptiness not different from the dollar

reverse useless to the foreign mind



so land of plunging sun in a over rising world

is the counter balance created from constant

against over rising 

so it may and/or may not be practical to the one way flow

but useful to the three circle rotation

the PVF motive first company


we agree the investors and staff

that world need more counter balance

what that is we can gradually build consensus on

we market circular computers

maybe even new window design

based on circular rotations

the clock go both directions

6  pm 1-1-2017 clockwise

6 am 12-31-2004 counter (chewpiland calendar)

the underlying intention to counter balance old PCs programming 

it would take research

but if clicks

then we have revolution of social engineering








fong chi

maybe brown not the constant

maybe male circle not the constant

but if it believe itself to be

that like pink believe it the constant

and serious and fong chi  same circle

maybe influence over rise  by leaning into pink as the constant 

how to make fong fei fei more the constant ?

if there something we should do

we should do it soon

a silent counter balance that not conflict and even compliment rising and constant ?

as inner

money from future to past can be passion

from past to future - little practical for future to past

but the people who over possessing it from past to future flow


money one way flow becomes more the constant 

as inner


wealthy can't accept donation from less wealthy

needy can't make donation to more wealthy

so it one way flow

maybe if a humble dollar as middle

how to strengthen  counter flow 

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 keep PVF stage more constant

moving 10 mph and not 30 but still moving


so on weekend

we need not write

but just be there moving it

create counter balance beneath to anchor the stage

chewpiland is constant

and no pressure on it to move

yet has great rising potential

PVF stage is leveled in rising

the middle field is beginning to emerge



counter anchor


how many reading is the number we have to defend siege

as inner

two water/river currents/ waves of energy

eastward / westward parallel current

if clear view from outside galaxy

it the counter balance which keep both rotating


and if the third can rotate with other two

then reverse gear becomes a option

building reverse muscle

"whenever you put a rock interfere against current just to ride it 

something is different than if it not there"

- buddha butt

and if it already over rising

then there energy/reverse credit  to ride/ create

reverse muscle fitness club 

the more you hang out

the stronger your reverse shape

counter balance weak flow

to preserve the middle two way and/or still current

the rock can rotate into corners over rising etc.

can also use it to over build reverse credit etc.

depending on which way current tilting



 gravity as  counter balance

if we can match density of ground - zeroing the forces

then there still gravity, just not there

throw ball up

throw harder and longer out

maybe it not even be back for another ...

but it still comes back

it just has to come back to same

but no more

but we can rotate out of way and/or use the counter current

but that only possible with help from third corner

it like fashion

if wear too this way

it just has to come back

so inner match outer - like dreams

we may be flying, but ground  still feel the ground

that gravity - it dictates the standard of ground

Gravity, or gravitation, is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass are brought toward (or gravitate toward) one another, including planetsstars and galaxies

"all things w/o mass are separated or brought away one another .." 

"look from other side

the clock moves counter clockwise"

gravity binds the under dense 

it can also liberate the over dense

from view of constant

what keeps going  east/west will meet

what parted meets 

but coming from opposite direction

for the constant

with understanding

there is no conflict

if one plus one is two

then minus two also parallel

even if it no use to the two

then two finds itself back at zero

due to law of gravity

then minus two also parallel

the point is

there may be currents of energy we not synergizing to our benefit

less dense matter/more dense energy


three independent circles

(three enlightened minds from different background)


it looks and act like one  denser circle

but still there three rotating and self generating

the golden flower

silently blossoming silently beautiful



power of compassion

power of abundance the creative (clockwise)


beauty the receptive (counter clockwise)


intelligence the middle 

silence the constant

the power of beauty



earth flow

the power of silence



is when inner go against  forward and/or reverse

for no reason


but if need excuse

because  inner movement is  empty

muscle of emptiness

the power of silence



stillness is not emptiness

emptiness is not stillness

passion is not stillness

zero is not passion

passion is not emptiness

emptiness is not passion

and vice versa

the power of silence



from emptiness

stillness / passion more same difference

from passion

stillness/emptiness more same difference

from stillness

passion/emptiness more same difference

the power of beauty



there only present imbalance

no past/future certainties

as inner

no present inner binary

which cannot be counter balanced 

what is not of balanced inner flow can become balanced

if inner is balanced

inner is balanced

like anything

once inner balanced

"transforms what ever happened "

returns to the constant

and that is all there is

the inner medicine


the power of intelligence

the three sister circles

potential to self adjust

simple and ancient logic

if too much one way

it self rotate to go other

it maybe a new study

like math

we can get better with it

future to past

three circle as outer/inner potential for ultimate medicine

ultimate in that it can measure and maintain the balance of binary flow

but not ultimate in that

even if the binary flows 

how long the chi can be preserved is a study that has no limit


it'll enter a new stage of medicine

where new standard of imbalance is defined as weakening of core chi

those who learn to regenerate can rotate at deeper / wider circle

those who can  self regenerate can rotate with even deeper etc.

the art of there sister circles 


challenge  anchoring within different inner movements

if can then keep absorbing

if there something you have they need

they have you need

there two circles creating middle

not one absorbing the two


robots can do all cooking and cleaning and shopping driving yard etc.

voice the menu selection and time of dinner etc.


social engineering be seen as key to longevity - finding circles of compliments to deepen/strengthen three sister circles


if we pay attention to what they imagine future to be 20 , 40 years ago

what we think future be

maybe be view same from future

there a few who got close 

those the ones we link to today


maybe one  emerging to mainstream is ... movie ET

if human means what is compassion

then they human

if not within compassion 

then they not human

writer simply messenger

google triple body and get study of it from all cultures

idea same - there three forces intertwining and we can understand and utilize it to benefit all

past body / future body

only this day

funny body / serious body

fong chi body



if buddha level

the inner can rotate 

into one

then uniting with another two 


at budhisattva level of compassion

buddha circle unites with human circle

creating a middle 

"our inner density is same as their outer density

their inner density is too light for our inner density

their inner density same as our outer density

their outer density too dense for our outer

meaning that their inner density is more dense than their outer

as our outer is to our inner

their is an inverse relationship between the two worlds

nimakaya is the outer circle

to the underworld circle

it the inner circle


from deeper constant

inner/outer counter balance

but if stuck inside body circle then what clog need plunged 

then if it flows with other circles

and shows results

it can call itself nimakaya


hopi book club

without it

"lack of understanding of one of the bodies means equal lack of understanding of other bodies

and so the fourth is called the fourth"

- master hu's older kung fu brother darrell

three same body 



energy body/matter body



same body

different reference points


if dreaming

the  lighter energy body appears as outer


if awake - within our circle

the denser matter body appears as outer


some can see from all three circles

and energy/matter appears as counter balancing rotations of relative density






closer energy and matter body

stronger the chi




if our weak flow is power of beauty - the flow of  earth 

the weak flow of power of beauty is the emptiness of it 



power of story

what rare not reverse energy

it the parallel world  flow counter 

 natives familiar with it

but someone  who can communicate it to both sides

that call a story teller

any story from ...  which makes any sense to this world people inner gravitate

it not the form/words

but flow/direction of energy they enjoy


human body

upgrade energy to more efficient self adjust ...

matter is influenced ?

the power of silence



east direction/west direction


over east/under west


over west/under east


something is over - 1 am

something under - 11 pm

how to to counter over without conflict

if over west pushing into 2 pm

logic is use 10 pm counter  (reverse)

but we tend to stay 12

reverse logic is over push 2 pm

over glorify the over glorify

over west the over west

once overflows

it 'll move the other direction


someone who over glorify themselves in basketball  and/or as musician

if we over glorify their weakness  ...

the weakness cannot rise


IF chu can't play flute (2) but act like (9)

then if we over glorifying the 9

"your flute performance ... moving heaven into tears inspiring the passion of earth ..." etc.

it may counter balance

bringing out the fake humility within e.g.

"well, i am not THAT ...  good "

but if we ... "you can't play the flute"

"it is competitive industry" etc.

chu will simply

"i am the best ..."

The Poop Diamond

"body of light/mind of poop




body of poop / mind of light




if too much body of light

then body of poop overly light


if too much mind of poop

then body of light overly dense


vice versa"


hopis who flow both ways

don’t feel density / boundary of body

that why they look buoyant 




the rarmuris who links into sun when we moon

moon when we sun


can travel long distance throughout deep canyons without over pull of inner body 

constant may appear as reverse


"...  is an invisible cavern; it has neither form nor image. ... It is the place which harbours the truth, the altar upon which consciousness and life are made. It is called the dragon castle at the bottom of the sea, the boundary region of the snow mountains, the primordial pass, the kingdom of greatest joy, the boundless country ..."

- hui ming ching

ancient taoist text on longevity

where "the (over glorified) dragon  bows to the (under glorified) chicken "

and the dragon can shape shift into a flying chicken 

to do so 

the dragons must worship the lord of the third corner - the mighty chicken lord

- mr and/or mrs hey busters

who is also a 1850 b.c. classmate of the poop hero

mess with poop hero classmates and ... toilet clogged ; plummer unavailable ; plunger the poop hero won't share

 triple body


energy world/matter world


dark world/21st century

1850 b.c.



"there seem to be director but we can find no trace"

mythology the language of dark world

binary logic the 21st century

​paradox humor the 1850 b.c.

energy only change

at opposite of it is dense matter

matter is energy

at opposite of it is light energy

there a common point

the reverse body

energy body/physical body


the closer the two

the stronger the constant

in our script 

it is possible

to have energy body and physical body closer in density ?

if so , how close ?

if same - empty body

if no limit, then it is possible for energy body be more dense than physical ?

that called reverse body

energy become overly dense

matter overly light etc.

energy get too dense become matter

matter too light become energy

so two direction of relative density

one inner more dense

one outer getting more dense

clockwise direction

what happens to energy getting less dense?

matter getting more dense ?

they should converge onto same common point

but this corner would sound a paradox 

same clock but viewed from other side

- why it moving counter clock direction and still increasing in number ?


1pm become 2 pm but moving other direction if standing other side

like going down stairs

it not matter if it clockwise and/or counter swirl

just that it go down - and that one larger circle

there another circle just sitting outside of merry go around but just watching 

another circle going up but it not seen nor logical to those going down


simplify it down to core where a kid can understand

is that there 3 different forces/directions/worlds/reference points etc.

at play

if we  over push one force

the third force fades and second force weakens


so it like stairs

we have to create our own together to go back  up - we can go up because they can go down  - but their no stairs yet

when everyone is going down but believing themselves going up

they feel it but ...

reverse channel ; back door of matrix

we call it chewpiland

it appears as dark world from 21st century

21st century from dark world


east from west ; west from east

the more west the more east it appears

the counter balancing forces enter both 21st century/energy world

from 1850 b.c. office

from three circle

it all potential of compassion if not clogged

- this our script in dark world


in dark world

the purple phoenix can shift into body of fire - density as light as fire

and/or body of darkness

density so dark it contracts into nothingness - 21st century world

for compassion body to endure

compassion energy must endure

"to understand compassion

you must first realize emptiness"

- amchi 

"to realize emptiness

you must first understand why it need be realized"

- gyaphal


denser energy/softer matter



to bring two closer together 

we want denser energy

(counter clock) and lighter matter (counter clockwise)


compressing energy (counter clock)

- opposite is expanding energy ( clockwise) 


softer matter (counter clock)

- opposite is compress matter ( clockwise)


how to go counter clockwise 

"you can't get in by going outward

nor can you get out by going inward

- oracle #1

but this friend can ..."?

- neo

our world getting denser so feel smaller and theirs opposite - so we both need eachother

"we are their counter balance"

"only those who links in ..."

that writer the last to know

then write it from own view point

often giving it a constant

there a leveled plateau

writer "duty" was to link it from future 

and that is complete

- that the personal feeling from future

just as maybe one was an under valued writer then

there are those under valued now three way thinkers / movers 

and there will be more talented writers in chewpiland future

one leaves the image presentation to the rising/old talents

we need to learn to both nurture and "get out of way" for new circle from future  to emerge

"for the past resolved and/or resolving itself

repent does the old king and released of his burdens

and smith has no power now the code is  known

task is done but one ...

what left is for you to meet this being ...

and like entering the canyon

you can only do so alone

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three way circle



more fluid outer body

more solid inner body

a new option of direction 

inner world of patterns

underlies the energy

outer world of energy

underlie the patterns


The Deepening of Compassion




deeper the emptiness

more compressed the inner movement

deeper understanding of three circles

more fluid the inner movement

more fluid the inner movement

deeper the emptiness


shift into human 4d grid / form

enter 21st century earth matrix

find the programmer

and upgrade the original artificial intelligence program to include a hidden option of reverse

- a self automated counter balancing program

making their core program friendly / ally to humans

to be triggered by the decoder in the future

an inner light body so compressed

it can contain exponentially more energy per round inch than any square inch program based on old program

making it appear/feel  relatively more energy/light

and diverse in color

as inner


three way mind three way body

so what is the third ?

a three circle mind and three circle body

two circles and/or one two way middle circle