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lake side cafe

south of seattle

"this is good coffee "

- zhu ren zhang

- madame voltaire smiles

-  2014

future to past :

"she'll bring the sword back and some more ..."

- writer

"that impossible ..."

- humble laughs


1850 b.c.



the original village

the original family

not all  same ; get along etc.

but they same/get along with their villagers better than with anyone 

eccentric and kid like

if they are thousand year ahead in technology

they are dimensionally deeper in knowledge

the grandmasters of fong chi

 most honored

it the signs of evolution

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1850 b.c.

ancient village

the classmates

they two best friends

people often confuse them for each other

mr and/or mrs hey busters

they first met when they were young

and that was long long ago ...

at an ancient village

north of walpi

the classmates followed the busters

when they eloped

they traveled east

place called shambhala

you couldn't fly there

even on a saucer

yet they are there

this was long long ago ...

promising to one day return

but who remains today to remember their words but the few hopis ?

studio updates 2018

we will use the description 2004 notes

of this world

in our movie production

does it make difference if future reading it?

tried it out on top hollywood actors in 2014

waves of that world

they didn't assimilate the way writer did

but time has changed 

they have changed 


it the reverse world

this our gift to the world

part 1

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we doing best to be ordinary

like the outstanding people today

and simply allow writings to catch up with itself


"future always moving 

difficult to see it is"

because the past always moving

easier to influence it is


different inner possibilities

we need not change the cause (past)

 just its influence on the effect (future)

- chewpi D


when hopi kachinas overtake

it body mind and spirit 24/7

the  outstanding package deal

it endures

there is no difference


this future to past

natural/artificial intelligence of highest caliber - airball 7

is clearing out the past in ways we cannot possible imagine




on la pooba

i need to apologize

didnt know until yesterday who she is

- someone from when i was young

you keep it for protection

that was my intent and it remains so

you take care

i treasure time we had

glad life gave us chance be together again

if you need anything

just let us know



04 feifei
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