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let say there a deleted ending

wanderlust movie


it was filmed summer 2011


released in 2012 ...


that the hopis

arrived at the end of the film

they looking for their friend/flute teacher

zhu ren zhang

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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this photo of zhu ren zhang at the flute seminar

it the only photo the hopis have of the flute legend from far east


future (2019) to past (2011)

we told actor to scream to mark the occasion

there part 2 to this

a future linking back

by time we write this

we will have won round 2

message :


wait for the future to arrive ...


venice beach keeps the home court

the crowd rise to cheer

misu motoshoju smiles



venice beach 2011 started when he cut in line with others waiting

yet staff seem fine with it

and he acted like some important dude

with the attitude etc.

and celebrities who enter all seem to need first acknowledge him

so it our nature

those who know us

to make fun of him in front of his friends

"why dont you go down to muscle beach and take a photo of yourself"

then everything went down hill 

- it may have taken away our one chance to link into the scene and make a funding

- so in that way we apologize to the future

yet if do over again

we do same



likely same with johnson 94

didnt say anything but he was just arrogant and could tell we were making fun of him inside

just arrogant people

we always respectful of humble people

our new culture should honor the over humble and laugh at over arrogant


 the venice beach dude he not same today

we like to think it helped both sides

maybe johnson too ?

we not that way anymore

- more diplomatic/tacful

but tells past to keep going

we need more like him


and if we have a wedding

we would invite tom cruise to it


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