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summer 1992

outward bound montana

group gather final night

each given sheet paper to pass around

write down what each want to say ...

chu simple wrote same on all 10

"you are the smartest and nicest person i know"

then, to surprise

instructor ask each to read the ten comments they  received

out loud

after about four rounds  ...

they ask why same comments repeating ...?

we'll start the matrix from here

montana outwardbound


that evening

they each had a dream that seem to last years  ...


everyone all had same dream where they are the person who liberated their world

everyone they see is the great spirit in disguise

when awake within dream

they came to understand it 

​then when return to ordinary world

​the world look same

​​but it now feels funny forever

they smile at eachother

"emptiness is what is between this and nothing"

- gyaphal






chewpi travel



interview with a hopi

"the great spirit the billion

we the million

the enlighten sage the two million"

"it can put every one of us into a personal dream at night

it can do same at day"

"maybe every one you met there

were all one being ..."

chewey bows with honor and respect

chewpi travel


portland, oregon

intern with blake at a firm

chatting over lunch

"it like people cutting in line

out here, even an old lady can call him back"

- chu

"that is why we are the standard bearers of democracy for the world"

- chris blake 

chu and the classmates bow with honor and respect

interview with dakinni

the power of beauty

its essence is empty 

its nature is radiant clarity 

and its energy is unceasing  

- lady tsogyal​​

​​at root

the source energy

then female/male

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

sedona 1993 was very interesting experience

met some interesting  people


also when visited hopiland first time


in script

this all parallel realities next to this world

not the fixed past we believe it is

quality compassion the most important