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22nd century

microsoft headquarter

here on earth

22nd century

chewpi headquarter

not on earth

like modern train station


the next train to earth arriving soon

the chewpi inc. staff gather to go home

a few returning to chewpiland

where they from for a vacation 

planet earth

now as green 

and population migrating in/out planets

the ancient hidden lake airport

next flight to planet chewpi arriving soon


if we do return late 80's/early 90's

we would want be independent financially before/if enter law/graduate school

take burden off parents and live independently


if we could return/time travel back to  late 80's/early 90's :


option (1)

back to 93 as lawyer

mr chee says it be end of september

return time be early 90's 

- when we first met johnson

"before ... (he made the motion)"

that path be avoided and we may even be friends

we would have moved into this home (parents bought it spring 92  - they lived in motel they managed nearby before that for 7 years) 

he had job small firm he enjoyed 

didnt pay much but it was good experience/anchor 

eddie/marleen (master hu/preston) appeared 93

i also made first trip walpi/sedona spring 93 

the reason he was able in 94 to start own firm was because all the past friends (past life)  gathered to help 

they practically set it up for him

option (2)

late 80's - maybe 89 

senior at uw

stay on extra year part time/defer law school for at least year

stay with abugee at apartment u district

master hu restaurant block away with mrs hu

they know everyone/thing

airball friends many actors

if bring this writing skill with me

can then try to start a business with the extra fifth year time 

if that takes off, then law school be just side job

maybe graduate, get degree and not start with it 

law school 

somehow the experience felt incomplete

like there something more 

if so, then all 3 years may be meaningful

there many classmates waiting

we were still adjusting to language/culture

but if return this way, would be ready

option (3)


or start/find a new career from there ...

no need be lawyer

no need stay seattle

can go overseas or big cities

or just stay at the u district apartment and find a job and just hang out and explore seattle

if our skills can bring a new career

then we may not live in seattle

may try to enter comedy as side

likely meeting of new friends may guide us to another city/place


we inclined to option 2  

law school was fun first few years

and our skills may be needed

so long we not relying on it

we can just share office / name with someone to keep it going as name

no need get experience bc we already know it 


there hidden helper to the office 90's

it was microsoft

but writer not know until now




notes 04






Power of real abundance is the power of expansion. If allowed to flow naturally, it fills to the brim everything one needs. One experiences abundance of senses – the elements of the physical world such as material possession, pleasure and health; and feeling – abundance of feeling and love; and intelligence – abundance of creativity and understanding.


It cannot be possessed, therefore this is not the conventionally notion of abundance – the accumulation for preservation and/or expansion of one’s self interests. 


If one has sufficient reservoir of this power, one’s life will naturally be abundant – one cannot lose what one truly has. A person with abundance of friendship power, for example, will make new friends effortlessly wherever that person goes. This applies same for all other aspects, such as material possession, vitality of senses, love, insights, fun and entertainment, motivation etc. 


It generously expands to every aspect of our lives, restricted only by our own sense of lack due to false programming. Where there is a sense of lack in an area of one’s life, it is merely indication that one has prevented this power to enter – not because this compassion does not want to enter.


Where there is no lack, abundance is naturally present.  where there is real abundance, lack cannot enter. And where there is lack, abundance cannot enter. One lets go of a need, abundance naturally springs. The compassion of abundance is generous to all.


Like the light of the sun, it does not belong to the one, yet because its nature is abundance, it gives freely without possession or expectation. It is the nature of light to expand, therefore its expansion is unceasing and effortless, like the nature of the universe. The closer one is to the source of the light, the greater the intensity of this abundance. It is effortless generosity without expecting anything in return. 


Power of abundance is therefore the unceasing and unrestricted expansion of the feelings, emotions, and senses. If one has great power of abundance, then the light can extend far and fill up areas previously dark, thereby giving meaning to life.


This compassionate power is forever rising from every direction – eat, west, north, south, above, below etc. The depth of one’s connection with this power determines the intensity of this abundance."

The more intense, the greater the effect. For those with great power and free of false programming, abundance of life is effortless and easy and free. For those with same power but caught in false programming, the void is more intense than others.


One cannot seek it, as many have tried. One who seeks gets in return false sense of abundance, a false notion surviving on energy of greed and fear of hunger. The more one deals with this fear and desire, the more one is powerless to combat the need, and the further one feels removed from real abundance, perhaps most acutely those who have far too little abundance power to hold the greater possession they carry. 


conventional abundance is merely an indication of lack of this power, or rather, the fear/craving of this power – people seek abundance to preserve or expand their self-contraction. This is the accumulation of false abundance, and greater the self-contraction, the more removed one is from this power, and the more one’s need for compensation.


Power of abundance is often falsely symbolized by power of money. power of abundance transform one’s root fear of hunger and thereby, if one truly wills, effortlessly leading to abundance of material possession. one’s hunger for money is merely the lack of power of abundance. 


Money may be a symbol of this power but it is not the power itself. For the most part, it is a symbol of lack/desire. Without power, one with money still feels a void of money. with power, what one needs is fulfilled and the senses, emotions, feelings, and intellect then have no connection with symbol of money, but just to the power itself. One with real abundance may have access to great money, but would never be moved by its symbol – this is integrity necessary to handle this power.

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