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1975 Zhong Xiao

Studio Update :



What :

Movie Productions 

of a very different kind of kung fu movie

The Big Foot World Trilogy

Enter the Phoenix (Part 1)

This one will endure into that future

Why :

To help our past help our future 

To help our future help our past

Each character and each viewer


A circle of old friends 70's taiwan rural town

A circle of old friends 90's seattle

 (your town/time)

Gather to make a movie they dreamed of since childhood days

A fantasy sci fi kung fu movie of themselves in 21st century

modern high tech graphic

我們不是 bigfoot 的對手 。。。。

​好高好壯啊 。。。

​是的, bigfoot  武功#1

the film then takes us to the cast and staff after work 

a very simple everyday scene of 70's taiwan /  seattle 90's /  (your town/time) in black and white redigitalized into modern graphic

Chewpi Studios 

Q : "But who will watch it ​?"

A : "No One ..."

chewpi travel

(documentary to compliment the movie)


recently met up with master hu

master of emptiness


"is there link between thought and past ?"

- writer


"past is present memory and thought is present memory"

"is there link between thought and future ?"

"future which recognized is past reflected"

(if patterns did not exists it not of future)

"What is the best law of attraction?"

"why you need it ...?"

- master hu

aka dr hu

herbalist / qi master

we keep hope new pattern would replace old pattern

rather than transforming old  into compassion

want more rather than transform why want it

2018 studio update


our goal remains same

24/7/365 non stop and free online

commercial free pvf in 3d

we half way there

we get there same way return

the fundings finds us same way we find it

there is neither receiving/giving

it finds the writer ; it finds the hopis

those with (future) calling like writer

what you put in -  see what receives 

you do something silly to help

see what something silly gives

1975 zhong xiao


there alternate ending to this movie

just as table chen ...


zhong xiao heros arriving in time

the kung fu movie continues

"after morning filming

the classmates gather for lunch 

the love stories continue

into the everyday world"

- voice

"what you eating ...?"

"burrito ... it is popular western food ...

taste so good ..."

"oh  ..."

Chewpi Travel

"water is stronger than rock"

- herman hesse

Recently met up with Master Lin

master of fluidity

"mass is compressed energy

pattern is organized religion

space is always empty"

"organize patterns equals out

denser the pattern ; lighter is its counter part

lighter the counter part

​the more influence it has on the matter"

- Master Lin

"what do you mean by lighter ?"

"emptiness is the opposite of nothingness" 

writer bows with honor and respect



arriving here today now

someone suggested

take this to the orient

japan is an ideal first stop because the japanese have the strongest tolerance for not laughing


"we are among the most respected in the world of this comedy art"

- mrs tamakoson

chewpi staff bow with honor and respect

1975 zhong xiao


plot :


he faked own passing

so to blame on big foot

"big ..."

big who ... ? who made you do this ? 

"big ... big ... foot ..."

as he passes out

"big foot ! ..."

in tears 

after afternoon filming

the classmates gather for dinner

fifth market cheap eatery

there comedy contest tonight

and performance by local band wagaligong

they debuting their #1 hit single 

the band  to pick audience (your name here)  to sing duet 

making an instant star of you

while the love stories continue

into the everyday world

 so "let the love hits begin ..."


​- 林秀美真人

a group of kids

from neighborhood hanging out

waiting for the comedy contest

 the classmates have more filming this evening

followed by a gathering at night market

as they complete dinner

they walk back to the studio

steve na and jimmy bu

1975 zhong xiao


the year  ...   2016


hopi advanced scout leroy ... with binolculous

"tell the villagers three big foot at pvf approaching first mesa ..."

fran speed dials  the villagers

- voice jr.


interview with dakini

the power of beauty

"see others as  the compassion from their  future"

- your name here (year)

chewey and classmates bow with honor and respect

chewpi bank

somehow in our future we figured out how to send money to past

we first have accumulation/savings in the unseen world

there a quantum way/place that wires the money to them

they will receive it in whatever way

it'll just be there ?

like there chewpi bank in subconscious world

we only need to know how to build up credit/savings there within 

and our waves can access it anywhere/time ?


chewpi network created us

not us them

cant buy credit there with currency here

same way the credit there not recognized here

it the credit of compassion

- fong chi inc promotion team


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